June 15, 2024

T3 Underground Carnival at Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport is not only for flying. But there are many other attractions and activities in that families can involved. T3 Underground Carnival is an attraction for families visiting Changi Airport.

Changi-terminal 3-Underground Carnival

A few months ago when we traveled to Sri Lanka for a quick visit, we had to board our flight at terminal 3 of Changi Airport. Before boarding, we had tea and snacks at the Kopitiam there and found about this T3 Underground Carnival. Though my son said he likes to go there,we were rushing. I promised him to bring him to the carnival once we are back in Singapore.

Changi-terminal 3-Underground Carnival

Finally, we did it! Last week we went to Changi airport terminal 3, not for boarding but for playing at the carnival! 🙂

We bought a $25 pass for the child which allowed him to play 5 games. This includes train rides and carousel rides as well if you like. Below are some of the moments from the carnival.

Changi-terminal 3-Underground Carnival
Changi-terminal 3-Underground Carnival
Changi-terminal 3-Underground Carnival

There were also photo opportunities. These photo booths are good for young kids who love to pretend play.

Changi-terminal 3-Underground Carnival
Changi-terminal 3-Underground Carnival
Changi-terminal 3-Underground Carnival

T3 underground carnival consists of 3 different themes where there is one section for old-school games.

Changi-terminal 3-Underground Carnival
Changi-terminal 3-Underground Carnival

Anyway, the child soon finished 4 of his games only winning the balloon burst game. He was about to cry. Sensing what is going to happen, I encouraged him to use the remaining $5 for buying some souvenier toys at the carnival. He was happy with the idea as he could bring those back home. 🙂

Kopitiam Displays

The Kopitiam (Coffee shop) at Changi Airport Terminal 3 is an interesting place for dining. Not only because of the food but also because of the vintage items and displays surrounding it. Every time, I visit this eating place, I enjoy looking around this vintage nostalgia. This time I captured a few photos of the displays.

This display next to the coffee shop showcases tea-making utensils, a coffee grinding machine, and old Coke bottles that were in glass. Do you remember drinking Coke in glass bottles?
Other displays with vintage items include a typewriter and a radio.



Then, we went to McDonald’s at Changi airport terminal 3. It is one of his favourite places at this terminal and he loves Happy Meals.


We had Sundae while son had his favourite Happy Meal set. Simply loves the toy he receives with the Happy Meal set.


This is how we spent our week. How about you? Please share your thoughts.

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11 thoughts on “T3 Underground Carnival at Changi Airport

  1. What a wonderful way to indulge your son. It looks like he had a good time, had a great photo op, and truly enjoyed himself at the McCafe. It’s amazing what they have at that airport. I was super impressed. The drinks and old coke sign were fabulous and the old coke bottles brought back memories. Thanks so very much for sharing you and your son’s adventure at the T3 Underground Carnival and a t McDonald’s with us for T this Tuesday, dear Amila.

  2. Hi, what a fun post-sounds like a very fun day for your son, loved the coca cola display. Glad he was able to get his happy meal too. smiles
    Happy T

  3. What a fun place for the child! Sometimes, I wish I was a mother of a young child again so I could do fun things like that! Even our grandchildren are too old for things like that. Thanks for sharing. Happy T day.

  4. That’s so interesting. I have never seen an underground carnival at an airport. But what a good way to entertain kids while waiting to fly. It’s also interesting you can go there not for boarding a plane. Our airports are so strict that little of the airport is open for non-flying passengers. I enjoyed reading this Amila. It’s fun to see how the world varies from place to place. Hope it was a great T day. hugs-Erika

  5. Dear Amila,
    Singapore Changi Airport is really full of surprises. (I remember the butterfly garden!) Children can certainly have exciting experiences here, even if there are sometimes disappointments.
    How nice that you came up with an idea to make your son happy after all, when he was almost crying. Is the carnival also initiated by McDonald’s? (The clown made me think so…) Unfortunately many children like this fast food restaurant and the little gifts they get there. (I don’t like McD’s because they produce so much (plastic)-garbage…)
    All the best from Austria! 🌷☘️🌷
    Hugs, Traude 😘

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