April 20, 2024

8 Luxury Amenities To Look For In Your Vacation Rental

A search on the internet can get you a long list of vacation rentals. On certain websites, you can even find filters like “mansion” and “luxe” to find comfortable and high-end vacation rentals. 

While you can find grand residences with spacious interiors, what truly sets one option apart from the rest is the presence of luxury amenities. These amenities can determine whether guests will choose the same accommodation for their next vacation, as they significantly impact the overall guest experience.

Destinations like Gatlinburg, the gateway community to the Great Smoky Mountains, attract thousands of tourists annually. The vacation rentals at these places understand the significance of luxury amenities in enticing guests. 

If you’re planning an upcoming vacation, consider the following amenities to enhance your stay at a vacation rental. 

1.   Fully Equipped Kitchen

Some vacation rentals provide the convenience of preparing meals in the property’s kitchen as part of their amenities. The ability to cook in a vacation rental’s kitchen allows you to enjoy a more personalized cooking experience during your vacation. If you want to enjoy home-cooked food during vacation, look for a vacation rental with a kitchen equipped with the necessary cooking appliances and utensils. 

2.   Indoor Pool

The guest experience extends beyond the location and the spaciousness of the vacation rental. It is often enhanced by finding things they usually don’t have at home, for instance, an indoor pool. 

Destinations like Gatlinburg offer countless ways to enjoy your vacation, which is why approximately 12 million people visit Gatlinburg every year. Even at such places, an indoor pool can be a selling point. When looking for rentals, look for Gatlinburg cabins with indoor pool.

3.   Hot Tubs 

Nothing completes a luxury vacation better than floating in your hot tub on a cold night. You can enjoy the warm waters by yourself with a glass of wine or get the whole family to join and soak in the luxury. So, keep a hot tub in mind when booking a vacation rental for an ultimate luxurious experience that you will never forget.

4.   High-Speed Wi-Fi

High-speed Wi-Fi is less of a luxury and more of a necessity in this interconnected world. A vacation rental without high-speed Wi-Fi can make you feel disconnected from your life back home. 

Beyond allowing you to stay connected, high-speed Wi-Fi offers access to streaming services and online maps for navigation. You can also research local attractions and restaurants effortlessly. Therefore, confirming that the vacation rental has high-speed and reliable Wi-Fi is necessary. 

5.   Porches With a View

Luxury is also about the serenity that will soothe your mind. So, when you are about to book a rental for your luxury vacation, make sure that the place has a comfortable, large porch with scenic views. You can enjoy your evenings or late nights there with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

6.   Large Spaces 

An accentuating aspect of vacation rentals is that they offer large spaces to spend time with your kids and family. These spaces are designed to enhance your vacation experience, allowing you to enjoy the place to the maximum. 

Look for vacation rentals with spacious living rooms, perfect for enjoying family time, playing board games, watching movies, or simply unwinding after a day of exploration. 

In addition to the above, you can choose an accommodation with private balconies offering breathtaking views—a spot to enjoy your morning coffee or evening snack.  

Some vacation rentals also feature spacious decks decorated with various seating options. Whether you plan to enjoy the scenic beauty, enjoy the morning breeze, or lounge in the sun, these decks can serve multiple purposes.

7.   Entertainment Areas And Kid’s Areas

Some vacation rentals go the extra mile by offering entertainment and play areas, which are ideal for families traveling with kids. These areas may include pool tables, a variety of toys, books, and games suitable for various age groups, ensuring that everyone has something to enjoy during their vacation. 

Be sure to inquire about these amenities with the owner of the property you are renting, especially when traveling with kids. 

8.   Home Theaters

Some vacation rentals provide home theaters with comfortable seating and state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, offering an exceptional cinematic experience. Here, you can gather with your friends and family for a movie night and enjoy your time together. So, if you want to have fun indoors, make sure to rent accommodation with a home theater. However, keep in mind these vacation rentals will be costlier than the standard ones. 


The list of luxury amenities you should look for in a vacation rental can go on and on. From high-speed Wi-Fi allowing uninterrupted connectivity to an indoor pool offering a joyous experience to the aroma of freshly baked morning bread, the options mentioned in the article above can genuinely make a difference in your accommodation experience. 

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