May 24, 2024

Super Speedy Tips For A Much Cleaner House

Cleaning your house takes time, doesn’t it. Well, it doesn’t have to take as long as you think. Check out these great tips to speed it up.

Super Speedy Tips For A Much Cleaner House

Use Baskets For A Speedy Clean (Giving You Clear Surfaces)

Designate one basket for each room. Gather all items and general clutter from table tops and place in the basket. Tackle one room at a time and make quick decisions about the items that give an untidy appearance. Do not overthink the action; if the item isn’t serving a purpose (like a candle holder on a coffee table), it’s going in the basket (that includes all those scraps of paper, tech accessories, pieces of cosmetics and so on). To get all the surfaces cleared and free of clutter can take as little as five minutes. As part of your bedtime ritual, or at a more convenient time during your day, take a few moments to go through the baskets and put the items back where they belong. With the exception of hoarders, pretty much anyone should be able to keep on top of their baskets, so long as they are clearing surfaces every day and sorting through each basket. Simple!

Super Speedy Tips For A Much Cleaner House

Next Up, Give The Surfaces A Wipe Down

There is little point in attempting to wipe down surfaces that are full of clutter. You can easily convince yourself that it’s fine to wipe the spots in between, but what you actually end up with is ugly dust lines that highlight each and every object.

Instead of this, basket-clear all of the surfaces in your home, that includes your dining table, coffee tables, and bedside lockers and so on, then once they are cleared, wipe them down with a wet cloth. A daily surface wipe like this takes only a few moments, yet the effect is more than significant, in fact it much contributes to the appearance of a squeaky-clean home, as well as putting the brakes on a build-up of dust, food particles, hair and such like.

Get Sweeping Or Vacuuming (Or Both)

Vacuuming is to your home what a band-aid is to a cut. You’ve probably seen it yourself, you haven’t done a spot of cleaning, but the moment you run the vacuum, over the dining room rug, the house looks stunningly clean. Always wipe down all surfaces first before vacuuming, otherwise you’re going to spill dust and particles onto your freshly vacuumed floor. Alternatively, for an easy life – consider a robot vacuum cleaner like these at

Each And Every Trash Can Should Be Emptied

For the fastest trick in the books for a home that appears cleaner, get into the habit of taking your trash out very regularly. For trash cans around your home that don’t have lids this is specially the case, an empty trash can always convinces our mind that the room has a clean feel.

Super Speedy Tips For A Much Cleaner House

Pillows Are For Fluffing

A quick fluff of the throw pillow in your lounge gives the room an immediate burst of care. Granted it’s simple and requires less effort, but it works. To transform your living room into a welcoming hotel-feel room, rather than a weary old-lounge, just give those pillows a good fluff. Here’s some good tips on a morning ritual.

Bed-Making Should Be Part Of Your Morning Ritual

A made-up bed makes your whole house feel cleaner. This is not just a chore that your mum used to annoy you with. The added benefit is that if you start the day making your bed, you set the tone for the rest of the day, meaning the temptation to ignore the start of a messy buildup around your home won’t be able to win out.

The Laundry Is Only For Your Eyes

A pile of dirty clothes will make any room look messy. If you have a routine of doing the laundry once weekly, then get the stockpile hidden away somewhere that only you will discover.

Fridge Doors Should Be Clutter Free

We tend to use our fridge door for far too much safe-keeping, whether it be coupons, recipes, or random notes, they all get stuck behind a fridge magnet. Clear the fridge door and your kitchen will quickly take a cleaner appearance.

Flowers For You

Granted this one doesn’t really classify as a cleaning tip, however once you have basket-cleared the surfaces, done your wipe down, finished the vacuuming, admired your fluffy pillows and of course made the bed, you deserve a nice bunch of flowers for your efforts. You may not follow all of these steps, but if you commit to just one of them you will see some improvement in the appearance of your home.




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