June 21, 2024

Solve Your Toddler Sleep Problems with These Tips

Parenting is not an easy task.From potty training to teaching social skills,you also need to pay attention on toddler sleep problems and issues when your little baby grows up to an active toddler.This is why nap training is really important for infants and then for toddlers.

If you have a toddler who doesn’t sleep throughout the night then that is not only your kid. It is common that many parents complain about their toddler sleep problems. Many moms wake up few times during the night as their toddler does not sleep through the night. Last year I was in this same  situation. So I know how painful the life is without a proper night sleep!

toddler sleep problems

But, finally I am happy to say that my kid sleeps throughout the night giving me too a comfortable sleep. Below are some of the things we did to help our toddler to sleep comfortably throughout the night. I hope these tips are helpful for you too if you look for ideas on getting toddler to sleep!

Night Weaning

If you are a mom who breastfeed at night or even bottle feed at night, then you know how many times your toddler wakes up during the night time. Night weaning is one of the best ways to help your toddler to sleep.

When you wean completely during the night time, your toddler will start to sleep throughout the night giving you some relax. We experienced this. When I stopped breastfeeding him completely, my kid started to develop his night sleeping habit. It took few days for him to adjust. But after the first few days, he started to sleep continuously until the next morning. This was really a relief for me as I was really tired without having a good sleep!

Establish a Bedtime Routine

We established a bedtime routine for our kid when he was just 1 year old. Before that, we had a routine for him, but he was so young to understand the routine though he followed.

Before the bed time, I help the kid to get ready with his night pajamas after brushing teeth. When we started potty training, a potty trip is added to his bedtime routine.

toddler sleeping problems
My kid loves to read a bedtime story book before going to sleep

We established the habit of reading a bedtime story before get into sleep. So after getting ready with night pajama, my kid goes to the bed with few story books which he likes to read before sleeping. Reading a book helps him to calm down forgetting all the toys and activities he did throughout the day.

Buy a good Toddler pillow

Toddler Sleep Problems

A comfortable pillow is always helpful for a good night sleep. However, if you just use any pillow that is small in size thinking that is the best pillow for your toddler, check the pillow again.

A toddler pillow is designed especially considering the toddler age and sleeping needs. Therefore invest on a good toddler pillow which is specially designed for the right age. A good toddler pillow will ensure your little one a good sleep making him comfortable. You can buy a soothing pillow such as any Organic Toddler Pillow which can help your kid to ensure a good sleep. You can even look for designs of Organic Pillow for Toddler as organic items are always a healthy solution.

Avoid distractions from the bedroom

If you have lot of toys and other distractions including a TV in your bedroom, consider removing those. These items will disturb your toddler’s sleeping pattern and will not help your kid to calm down.I always arrange his bed by removing toys.

Toddler sleep problems
We converted our baby nursery to a toddler room removing all these toys and distractions when the kid was in toddler age.

Having a dim light will also help the toddler to sleep in a better environment forgetting all the distractions.

We tried all above tips when our kid was a toddler. All these ideas helped him to sleep continuously throughout the night. When he has a good sleep during the night time, he wakes up fresh in the next morning. So, a good night sleep always makes the next day beautiful for the toddler.

As a preschooler now my kid sleeps throughout the night.I am glad we followed all above tips at the right age to establish him a good sleeping pattern.

Do you have any experience with toddler sleeping issues? If you experience,hope these tips help to solve your toddler sleep problems without much struggle.Please share your ideas below.

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15 thoughts on “Solve Your Toddler Sleep Problems with These Tips

  1. I have a year old boy and I established his bedtime routine when he was just few months old. I read that babies will know that it’s bedtime if you establish a routine to them. What I do is that I play with him every night before washing up. Then we will read and then dim the lights. I always feel that washing up makes him feel comfortable and fresh and makes him sleep soundly.

  2. I usually do night weaning but I am starting to let him sleep on his own. I fill the room with a relaxing scent from essential oils then I massage my toddler’s whole body with virgin coconut oil.

  3. It really helps a lot to remove distractions. Kids sleep faster when there is nothing in rhe room that will encourage them to get up again. My kids’ toys are in a separate room. We don’t let them keep their toys in their bedroom when it’s time to sleep.

  4. I’m taking all the tips here as I am planning to have a baby soon. Coming from a mom like you, I guess these are already proven tips. Continue sharing how you win on motherhood because it is very helpful! I might need to browse on a few more articles on your site. 🙂

  5. I’m taking all the tips here as I am planning to have a baby soon. Coming from a mom like you, I guess these are already proven tips. Continue doing how you win on motherhood because it is very helpful! I might need to browse on a few more articles on your site. 🙂

  6. Love the tips you shared. Timely that im writing the same topic for an online magazine where I regularly write. Ive finished it already and just making a few fine tuning.

  7. I’m just getting ready for a newborn so I haven’t really thought about taking care of a toddler just yet, but I can imagine that it’s just as difficult, especially when they are at an age when they’re so active! I’ll definitely be keeping these tips in mind though when my baby grows into a toddler! Very helpful!

  8. In my case, I make sure my son has regular sleeping time. I noticed that the main culprit on his disrupted sleep is when he changes his bed time. In occasions, it may be difficult to put him to bed esp when the familyembers are all awake. But as much as possible I let him stick to the scheduled bedtime

  9. Thanks for sharing great tips here. Definitely useful for new mummies. Gonna share your posting here with my sis in law as she will be delivered my niece next month. Yeah! Am learning your tips too, to help take care my niece lo 😉 cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  10. I can only imagine how hard it is to be a mom and how hard it is to adjust everything for your toddler. I’m pretty sure many mommies are getting your sentiments as well so this list is good way to start helping other moms. I love sleep so much so I know how hard it must be.

  11. I am definitely taking these tips once I plan to have kids. Well I’m still young for that but I know a lot of my friends who struggle with their kids so I would share this to them as well. Good job on this mommy! 🙂

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