July 15, 2024

Lots of Pretend Play Activities at our Home

Suddenly,there are lot of pretend play activities at our home.Now our kid is 3.5 years old and his imaginative play activities are really interesting and fun!He started talking with an imaginary friend when he was just 2 years old.During that time he played with an imaginary friend and shared most of his thoughts after his playgroup sessions.That time I encouraged him for playing with his imaginary friend.At first I thought this can be due to his loneliness as there is no one at home during the daytime other than me.But I was wrong.After researching online,I understand these pretend playing activities and playing with imaginary friend is really normal and it is good too.

Pretend Play Activities
He is the Mr.Barber and having a Barber shop (hair salon)  for all his toy friends. 🙂

As per recent researches,those kids with imaginary friends are less shy and creative.Imaginary friend   also can be a source of comfort for them.I know it is true because I could see my kid was telling most incidents happened during his playgroup session with his imaginary friend.

Pretend Play Activities
He is the teacher.This is a session of his preschool (role playing at home)

Anyway,now he is a preschooler.Another year of his life milestones.This year,I see lot of role playing,pretend playing or imaginary playing.This year his activities are more serious or more organized.Sometimes he cooks adding many ingredients such as sauce,spices and even coconut cream!Sometime he washes clothes.Sometimes he is a teacher for his toys.

Pretend Play Activities
The explorer! He played in this indoor garden of National Museum of Phnom Penh,Cambodia pretending he is an explorer! 🙂

I really enjoy his such activities and sometimes I could photograph him.But sometimes,he stops his pretend play when he notices that I am watching him.That is why my photos are not so clear or bit shaky. 🙂

Anyway below is my favourite picture so far.Can you guess who is this charactor?

Pretend Play Activities
I thought he is role playing the super Man!But It is not.As per him,he is a Buddhist monk and he is wearing the robe.(On this day we were in Phnom Penh,Cambodia and visited few Buddhist Temples.We also talked with some Buddhist Monks)

How about your experiences?Do you experience pretend play activities of kids?Do your kids have imaginary friends?Please share your experiences and thoughts.

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