May 24, 2024

Personalized Drawing Necklace from Ninetwofive Jewelry

Personalized gifts and keepsakes are always my favourites. Isn’t this Personalized Drawing Necklace from Ninetwofive Jewelry too cute? If you notice, I always share products and services that is helpful for creating personalized gifts or keepsakes that creates precious memories for the entire lifetime.

Ninetwofive Jewelry is such another online shop that you can create personalized jewelries for you or for your loved ones. It is a great place to find unique gift ideas. If you visit their online shop, you will notice a beautiful collection of stylish designs which includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and all sort of jewelries which are easy to customize as you wish.

Personalized Drawing Necklace from Ninetwofive Jewelry
Personalized Drawing Necklace from Ninetwofive Jewelry

Some of the personalized jewelry ideas include, name, foot prints, fingerprints and even handwriting. Isn’t this a cute idea to preserve one of my kid’s drawings in a customized pendant? Inspiring with all the design suggestions of Ninetwofive Jewelry, I decided to create a personalized necklace with my kid’s drawing on it. It is so precious. It is a great keepsake. It makes me proud always. Don’t forget that my kid is really proud of his artwork on a stylish pendant!

So, here is how we did!

Creating Personalized Drawing Necklace with Ninetwofive Jewelry

From birth I could spend every single minute with my kid. I could watch how he started writing. I collected all his early days’ scribbles and I always noticed the development of his drawing skills from just lines and scribbles to drawings which shows facial features. If you check this post you will see one of the early stage drawings of my kid.

Now, his drawings are more developed. Few weeks ago when he was drawing pictures I asked him to draw ‘Amma’ (mommy)

He was drawing his family and relatives. When I asked for a drawing of ‘Amma’ this is what he showed me.

preserving art work on a jewelry
This is my kid’s drawing of ‘Amma’ (Mommy) at his age of 3 yrs 5 months 🙂 This was featured on a Personalized Drawing Necklace from Ninetwofive Jewelry

Does it look like me? Absolutely it is an early stage drawing of my kid. But this drawing is bit different from his other sketches. It doesn’t close. For me it looks like a snail. 🙂  I asked again.

Is this Amma?

He said, yes this is you. This is Amma.

I asked ‘can you draw Amma again’?

He refused. No. This is you. This is your eyes, nose, mouth…He started describing the sketch. I understood that he has drawn this sketch with unique features. This drawing is different from the way he drew other members of family. I understood that he wanted to make my picture special.

So, I decided to preserve this special moment in a personalized pendant with Ninetwofive Jewelry.

Personalized Drawing Necklace from Ninetwofive Jewelry
Personalized Drawing Necklace from Ninetwofive Jewelry

Our experience with Ninetwofive Jewelry

Working with Ninetwofive Jewelry was really easy. Once I sent a photo of the drawing with name of my kid, they created this piece of jewelry. Isn’t it so cute? The design is exactly same as the drawing I sent.

Check this necklace design. I am proud to see that my little kid is capable of designing a unique necklace. 🙂 At home he is proud of having his artwork on jewelry. This jewelry could make him excited same as me. He proudly spends his time on creative artwork and as his mommy I enjoy every minute of these moments.

Isn’t this a great way to boost the confidence of any kid other than usual methods? These days as my kid is more on role playing activities and loves to pretend like his teacher or other roles, I found our jewelry designing experience was really helpful for him to expose his creativity!Isn’t it another brain boosting activity with his creativity?


Unique features of Ninetwofive Jewelry

  • It is a great place to find unique personalized gift ideas
  • Quality products and friendly customer service
  • They ship to international destinations too. Check here for shipping details.
  • You can find different keepsake ideas including Breast milk jewelry .Check here for the details and designs of DIY breastmilk jewelry kits. These are really affordable too.
  • Prices are really affordable.

I know, now you are with lot of personalized gift ideas and keepsakes. Having such keepsakes will cherish your memories. Your kid will sure appreciate these pieces of jewelries once he is grown up.

So, check for more designs and details. Don’t wait until your little kid is grown up. Preserve those beautiful memories for him to admire in future!

If you look for mother’s day gifts or any gift for a new mom, I am sure you will find lot of ideas in their website!

Discount for all readers

Use the code DIARYOFANEWMOM and enjoy 15% discount storewide when you shop personalized jewelries with Ninetwofive Jewelry.

Giveaway time (1 lucky winner)

Now its time for the giveaway. Management Team @Ninetwofive Jewelry happily sponsors 1 free personalized drawing necklace to one of the readers of Diary of a New Mom.

Simply use this facebook post to enter into the giveaway.

Giveaway will end on 4th May 2017, 12midnight.We will contact the winners through a Facebook message.

In case we do not hear from you within 72 hours, we’ll select another winner.

Giveaway is open for Singapore residents only.

Disclosure:We received above personalized drawing necklace in order to facilitate this review. However all opinions are mine.

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40 thoughts on “Personalized Drawing Necklace from Ninetwofive Jewelry

  1. wow, indeed a special sketch for a kids special love, amma:) . I guess it could be the best gift from a child & you just framed it up forever:)

  2. Oh, I ADORE this idea. I feel like my students always give me such thoughtful cards or drawings and I always want to preserve them all, but somewhere along the way – whether it be moving or decluttering – I lose them. This would be a great keepsake to have.

  3. Warm appreciations for the work. Very nice design. Real Amma. I hope you will collect a big set of these sweet jewels very soon. All the best. Dominik

  4. This is very cool. I wish I had seen something like this for when my daughter was younger. My ex and my mom would have loved something of her art in jewelry. Ah well.

  5. This is such a wonderful service! And I love that picture he drew of you, it will become a precious memory when he’s grown up.

  6. Aww that is a cute drawing from your kid and the best part is you personalized it in your jewelry collection. Awesome and this is such an unique idea. I am already checking their website. Lovely, it is. 🙂

  7. Sadly it’s not international. I would love to have my own customized jewelry. I will let my baby draw and whatever the finished product is, that’s what I would like to personalized.

  8. Wow, truly there’s really something so genuine in a personalized stuff like this one. It conveys so much thoughtfulness to what we truly believed in. I adore your child for he is able to draw, even though it wasn’t look as perfect as what an adult could draw, but that’s what your child think. I’m sure that your child will treasure the necklace and happy about it. Actually this is a good idea for a gift. Thank you so much for sharing about this one.

  9. It’s my first time to hear about personalized drawing jewelry and I like the idea. It gives everyone an opportunity to create a keepsake out a drawing with a very sentimental value. How you describe why you chose the drawing just melt my heart too. 🙂 I’ll definitely check the website out.

  10. That’s a nice business. I’m sure any kid would feel happy and proud to have their drawings immortalized in a jewelry. You’re such a sweet parent for doing that. It would truly boost your kid’s self-esteem.

  11. I like how you have involved your little kid in to making jewelry. Of course he will cherish it as he grows up. The design is really cute. And I can imagine your happiness. I will look out for this brand here.

  12. Wow, this is an interesting idea. I am a great fond of personalized and unique jewelry too. But I have never though of making some on my own and especially not with my kid. I think I will try it and let you know how it appeared in the end.

  13. This is so unique. I will remember this. Because our baby is on the way. If he draws something, that would be cool to have it in a jewelry!

  14. The idea is really unique and brilliant. The Breast Milk Jewelry collection got my interest as I am an advocate of breast feeding. This is a perfect gift for kids, it will create a lot of memories of their youth.

  15. Wow what an amazing product. This would make some perfect birthday or Christmas gifts for someone.

  16. If only the giveaway is open to international readers, I would have joined. I love everything that’s customized. I would love to have our logo made into a pendant. Anyway, I’m sure your child will treasure that necklace with her drawing. Good luck to all the Singaporeans who’ll be joining your giveaway.

  17. This is a brilliant idea! Any mums {or dads, or grandparents, too!} would appreciate receiving gifts like this for special occasion. I recently discovered a similar service locally and I am contemplating on getting my very own bracelet adorned with my little one’s drawings. He loves to draw superheroes and cartoon characters, so I thought I’d end up having a bracelet with Batman or Ironman in it! 😀

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