May 24, 2024

Five Math Tips For Your Child

Helping your children at maths is down to some fundamentals – so here are some of the basics – take a look.

1. Time For Homework Should Be Scheduled Wisely

Especially for parents of children in elementary and middle school, time is particularly important, A regular and uninterrupted time should be regulated for maths, the time should be around half as long as the weekly class your child attends. Within one day of having learned it, most people will forget up to forty percent of the new information they acquired. When homework is done in the first or second day after class, the knowledge is reinforced and absorption is increased. For optimal learning conditions, homework should be scheduled for a time when your child is not only well fed, but also alert.

Math Tips For Your Child

2. Avoid Providing Your Child With the Solution

When helping your child with his or her homework, resist the urge of providing them with the solution. If your explanation were to differ from the teacher’s explanation, all that will come of it is a confused child. The best approach is to ask your child if they comprehend the problem. Ninety percent of the time, children are only unsure of what the question is. If you have done your best to clarify the problem yet your child still does not understand, place a question mark next to that problem or send the teacher an email. When the teacher notices this, he or she will provide an explanation during their next class.

Math Tips For Your Child

3. Place Value in the Program

It is not necessary for you to be a math professor or to have a deep understanding of math to be an excellent parent. A child is intelligent, they catch on to what is of value to you, they only want to please you. By talking about it over dinner or around your friends you can show your child that you value the program. On the way home from class, ask your child what they learned. Let them know that them being a student makes you proud. Try your best to foster a very positive atmosphere around math school. There are plenty of things that your child will always value over doing homework, however, if your child senses how important maths is you you, they too will find it important suggests James Goldsmith of

4. Have a Good Relationship With Your Child’s Teacher

Teachers are not only a great resource for your child, but also for you. Keep your child’s teacher contact information on hand just in case there are any questions during the semester. During the semester try to see your child’s teacher not only before but after class as well, this should be done at least three times. By doing this, a better classroom connection is being built for your child.

Math Tips For Your Child

5. Properly Use the Homework Help

The homework help services we offer can be an excellent resource not only to help make up any classes your child may have missed but also to help cover subjects which he or she may find more complex. However, if homework help is overused and abused, a child could become overly dependent on it or grow to resent it. We suggest that as a rule, homework help is not used anymore than three times per semester. If there is any confusion with routine homework’s, the best resource available is your child’s teacher. You can write a note on the homework or email the teacher if needed.

Make sure you help your child come up with questions for homework help. This will help the tutor be aware of any concepts which may be more difficult for your child. It also encourages students to take an active role in their learning processes.





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