July 18, 2024

Learning Experience with Pingu’s English Program

Few months ago if you asked me ‘Does your preschooler need any extra support than his preschool sessions?’ I would have said a big ‘NO’! Because I believe my kid needs to learn without much stress and much force. Therefore for me it’s enough for sending him for daily preschool!

But? Now I send him for Pingu’s English program once a week. Isn’t it an extra class or tuition or enrichment program for preschooler? Yes, it is. This is because our decisions are changed lately. From the beginning of this year, we started sending our kid to Pingu’s English program. So, here is our story and the experience.

Pingu’s English Review

How we found Pingu’s English?

Last year our kid attended Apple Tree playgroup and his changes were really amazing. He improved in many skills including arts & crafts and social skills. At the same time, though we didn’t expect from him he also learned to write during the playgroup year. That was something we never expected from the playgroup age kid. But he did as the playgroup was based on Pingu’s English Level 1.At the end of Playgroup year; he completed the Pingu’s English Level 1 including the activity books.

Though the teachers introduced the Pingu’s English level 2 for the next year as an extra class, we decided not to send the kid thinking preschool is enough for him. But our first preschool experience was not up to our satisfaction! That was the time I reminded the Pingu’s English program again.

I contacted Apple Tree and registered the kid for the Pingu’s English program. Here is our experience as we are happy with the outcome!

Our Experience with Pingu’s English 

Experience with Pingu’s English
Not a beautiful photo of him,but this is how he attends the classes each week.He is really excited! 🙂

Our kid is very happy to attend the class each week and he loves talking with me the things he learned during the day. He improved his writing skills and at the same time he also learns phonics. Teacher gives him 1-2 pages homework each week and it is a good way to revise and to prepare him for the next session. As the program includes playful moments, my kid is happy to attend the classes saying he also wants to play with Pingu and the friends.

Pingu’s English Review
A page from his Pingu’s English activity book (Level 2)

Other than the child’s interest in attending the Pingu’s English class, I am also happy with the teacher parent communication. After each session, the teacher explains the things he learned during the session including the homework to do. That time is always helpful to talk with the teacher about any matters we have regarding the kid’s performances.

Overall we are happy with the Pingu’s English. As our new preschool experience is good, I asked the child if he needs to stop the Pingu’s English. But, it was a Big No!! 🙂 He says he wants to attend the Pingu’s class, play with Pingu and learn from the teacher. It seems he likes his teacher so much!! 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Learning Experience with Pingu’s English Program

  1. It is important that parents and teachers communicate well over the child’s development. Good to know your child’s school is open to such interactions. Knowing about Pingu’s English program for the first time. I am sure he will benefit.

  2. Great to know that your kid is having fun while learning. Reading how he gets excited on every session. Great beginnings will lead to great success in the future. Sure thing your child will grow up smart! 🙂

  3. Wow! I am happy for you and your cute kid! It’s rare that preschoolers enjoy English studies right away… good thing that your son found joy and interest in it! Hope he excels!!!

  4. Pingu’s English program sounds awesome! It’s always important for a child to enjoy learning and to be able to grow at their own pace. I’ll look into this program for when my son’s school age.

  5. This sounds like a great program. I’m glad you found something that worked for your family. It’s always nice to have a head start before kindergarten.

  6. Sounds like a great program. While I agree preschool is enough, I also thinks kids can never learn too much! If we can provide them with extra I don’t see why not take advantage! Sounds like you are a great mom!

  7. It’s always great when you are having fun while you learn. That’s how you remember things. And enjoy learning more!So great to know about this program! xx corinne

  8. It is a gorgeous picture of him. Bless your little man; he is adorable! I wish I had a fun program like Pingu when I first started learning English 20 years ago. Those classes were so terribly dull.

  9. This is my first time hearing of the pingu programme but I think it is great that his writing skills have improved and that he is growing in confidence. I love success stories like this x

  10. Thanks for your recommendation. I will share this post to my Momma friend for her daughter 🙂

  11. You know what.. i grew up watching Pingu series and I still remember that time I’m watching the show with my younger brother right after we took our breakfast.. it was really a great show for kids and these Pingu-inspired activity books will definitely bring the kids on glee!

  12. It looks like a lot of fun, and if learning is fun and interesting then it will never overload the child, just stimulate them. Who doesn’t love PIngu after all.

  13. Apple Tree playgroup sounds like an amazing experience for any little one. I will have to share this with my nieces for their kids and my sister for my nephew. Thanks for sharing the information and your experience.

  14. when learning is fun then be sure to have it sink and stay so well forever with kids and theygrow with it for life. nice idea.

  15. when learning is fun then be sure to have it sink and stay so well forever with kids and they grow with it for life. nice idea.

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