June 15, 2024

How to Improve Sleep Quality

If you have sleep problems, then you sure know how much a good night’s rest is important for our overall health and everyday life. Poor sleep quality or insomnia can be caused by so many things, but there are also so many ways to relieve them, from the very basic ones, such as your sleeping schedule and environment, to other life activities which influence your night rest. But let’s start with the basics, with so many advanced methods, people often forget about the most obvious things.

How to Improve Sleep Quality

Your Bedroom

A few factors such as light and temperature can have an impact on the quality of your slumber. First of all, whenever possible, try to sleep while it’s dark outside, since that’s the natural rhythm our body follows. Also, try to block light in your bedroom as much as possible and as much as it’s convenient for you since darkness enhances the production of the so-called “sleep hormone”, melatonin.

Temperature is another important element of sleeping well. It should not be too high since it causes a restless sleep. According to some researches, ideal bedroom temperature is around 65°F or 18°C. Of course, you can check for yourself and find your ideal temperature, which is the one where you’re neither feeling hot nor cold, but just right. Yet, from my personal experience, the colder the better. Also, if the room is not well aired, you may find yourself waking up all tired and broken, regardless how long you slept, so keep that in mind too.

You should remove all the distractions from your bedroom, including your beloved pets, but also the PC, TV and other electronic devices. Furthermore, the color of your bedroom walls shouldn’t be too bright or stimulating, so opt for calmer tones.

Your Bed

So, your back pain is giving you restless nights? And you don’t know the cause. Oh, it’s not the back, it’s the neck pain, right. Well, look behind you, or under you, if you wish. The quality (and age) of your mattress and pillow are crucial for a good night’s rest. Make sure they are comfortable, anatomical, made of natural material, and ideally not worn out, so they provide good support for your body.

Also, clean, fresh sheets contribute to this comfy, cozy feeling that will relax you and help you doze off. What’s more, just like the bedroom walls, make sure the color of your bedding isn’t too stimulating or upsetting.

Food and Drinks

It’s strongly advised not eat immediately before going to bed, especially not heavy, greasy food and also, to avoid drinks that contain caffeine. That being said, there are many types of food that can help increase your sleep quality in the long run, such as fish, jasmine rice, kale, whole grains and others.

In general, your diet can very much influence your sleep. There are also drinks that will help you fall asleep faster and keep your eyes firmly shut such as yoghurt, tart cherry juice, and various herbal teas which do not contain caffeine. So keep in mind everything is connected and your sleep deprivation may be connected to your poor diet.

Daily activities

More often than not, sleeping problems are connected with our stress level, so make sure to “shake it out” before going to bed. Depending on your personality and type of lifestyle, you can take up some physical activity which will help you sweat it out, empty your mind and tire your body so you can rest well at night. It can be jogging, or gym, or any other sports activity.

On the other hand, if you’re not so much of a sports person, you can choose less dynamic (though not less physically demanding) activities, such as yoga, which will help you calm your thoughts and relax your body. If, however, even this is too much for you, try just meditation and breathing exercises which will help you silence your mind and reach inner equilibrium, and thus fall asleep lighter and sleep tighter.

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6 thoughts on “How to Improve Sleep Quality

  1. The fact that I just read this at 1am is probably an indicator that I do not sleep properly. I am surprised to see that the ideal temp is 65 as that is 10 below what experts say the ideal temp of your home should be for energy conservation.

  2. This is such a helpful post – you are totally right about the distractions. Putting the phone away WOULD help a lot with getting easier to sleep.. thank you for sharing this!

  3. Such valid suggestions. A good restful sleep is very much essential for a healthy body and mind. And these suggestions however trivial they may look are very important.

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