July 14, 2024

Find that Trendy New Bikini this Summer by Shopping Online

If you’ve ever had the terrible experience of swimsuit shopping at a mall or big box retailer, you know that finding swimsuits that look good and fit properly is still something of a nightmare, especially for those who fit in sizes larger than an 8. After decades of being ignored by designers and fashion industry leaders, the average woman is now discovering clothing that not only fits, but looks fabulous to boot. Designers are creating sexy, colorful swimsuits that celebrate a woman’s confident curves and personality. The new “it” bikinis this season are the bold waist high bikinis showing up on magazine covers and beaches worldwide — even on plus size models.

Regardless of body type or size, most women still prefer a little extra coverage in certain areas, which is why high-waisted bikinis are among the biggest trends in bikinis in 2016 and this is in part because bold waist high bikinis have that 1950s glamor, while still providing extra support. You may have seen some of your favorite body positive super heroes like Tess Holliday, Ashley Grahamor Loey Lane making waves with plus size swimwear. They’re changing the game, insisting that women no longer have to relegate themselves to the one sad, matronly swimsuit hanging in the department stores. You know what I’m talking about. It’s black, its big, it definitely doesn’t have cleavage and usually comes with a skirt, and hey, for some of us, that’s still the perfect swimsuit, but most of us have become bored, and definitely want more — more color, more variety, more sexy!

Ashley Graham has recently partnered with the online retailer swimsuitsforall to bring new, body-positive styles to women everywhere. Big box and department store retailers haven’t gotten the message yet, but while those brick and mortar stores are still living in the dark ages, you have the power of the online shopping revolution. Many online retailers also cater exclusively to plus size shoppers and offer personalized body type calculators on their sites.

Find that Trendy New Bikini this Summer by Shopping Online

At the touch of your fingers, you can view hundreds of sexy swimsuits for your body. Many online retailers offer easy exchanges, so you can try it on in the privacy of your home without worry. There’s always the added benefit of not having to buy your swimsuit during the limited two-month window they are available in stores, fighting with another unfortunate woman over the last tankini in the store. Swimsuit season doesn’t have to be a chore, so take the opportunity to find something you really love, something you feel sexy and confident sporting at the beach or poolside. It’s easy to find that cute, retro-inspired waist high bikini if you know where to look.


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