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Engaging The Services Of The Right Moving Company

Engaging The Services Of The Right Moving Company

There is a saying that the only constant thing in life is change and there is nothing permanent in life. So whether you are a renter or a homeowner, a time would come when you would need to move. There are many reasons why this need may arise and they include the following:-

Moving is never easy no matter the reason for it. This article is aimed at helping you make your move with as minimal stress as possible. One of the most important decisions you’ll make about moving is getting the right company to help with the move. So we’ll discuss how to get the right one.

How To Understand Quotes From Moving Companies

One of the most important factors that affect which company you would work with is the overall cost. But so many people do not understand the quotes or cost estimates that most logistics companies give.

We want to help you understand these quotes so stay with us as we explain more.

Understanding Basic Terms Used For Estimates

Every industry has its jargons or lingo as it were and the logistics and transport industry is not left out. We would give you brief explanation of some terms so that you would not totally be at loss when making enquiries and negotiation.

Binding Estimate

This is a situation where the company is obligated to abide by the cost it proffered as long as there is no change from your end. As long as you move only the items that appeared on the inventory sheet used when you were given the quote, the final price you are expected to pay is what is on the binding quote/estimate.


This type of quote is the one that just shows you the probability of what your moving expenses would look like.  The movers would give you a final price only after they have weighed the things to be moved. Additionally, they would tally up all the services they render before arriving at a final price.

Even though what the customer pay at the end may be higher than the estimate that you were given, there is a limit to the amount that they can ask for immediately after delivery. You are only required to pay about 110% of the amount; the extra bills can be paid later.

Binding But Not To Exceed Moving Quote/Estimate

This type is the same as the binding estimate but is different because a client can get to pay lower. This happens if the weight of the items to be moved is lower than expected/estimated.

Engaging The Services Of The Right Moving Company

Factors That Affect Moving Cost

There are many factors that affect moving costs. These factors include the type of move, specialized moving needs, architecture of the buildings and other things that make moving difficult.  

Types of Move

Types of moves are classified as follows:-

Move Within The Same Locality

When a move is within 50 miles from the old address to the new one, movers would usually charge an hourly rate.  They would also consider the number of movers that you need. Additionally, you should expect to pay for any specialized or extra service rendered in the course of the move.

Be that as it may, the common practise is an estimate based on an hourly rate. This therefore means that you can get an estimate of the total price that you would pay by asking them how many hours the move is likely to take.

Long Distance or Inter State Moves

These types of move would normally be quoted for based on the weight of your stuff, the distance between both addresses (old and new) and other services/ labor involved.

Things That Can Attract Additional Costs

There are many things that can make moving more difficult and they attract extra charges from movers.

These factors include the following:-



Large items

Long-carry service

Last-minute changes

Shuttle service


This list is not exhaustive therefore you need to ask the moving company you intend to hire what they have on their own list. Furthermore, you need to find out how much they charge for such extras. Ensure that these factors are included in your written quote; this would help you budget appropriately.

Tips For Choosing The Right Company

The following are tips that would help you in selecting the right company for you:-

Date Of Moving Affects Price

Seasons of the year affect how much a move can cost; it goes without saying that summer months attract higher costs.  It is a good idea to ask the company whether the quote they gave you can be lower with a change of date. If they respond in the affirmative, then it would make financial sense to adjust your dates.

Another factor to bear in mind is that most movers do not have fixed estimates. So the longer you wait after getting a quote, the higher the likelihood that you would need a new quote when you are set to book the move.

Ensure That You Do Not Sign A Blank Document

Any moving firm that requests that you sign a blank document mostly would have some tricks up their sleeves. So ensure that you see every term of reference for their service and everything you agreed upon on the document before you sign it.

If you sign a blank document, they may add extra /hidden charges after the job is done and this would cause you a lot of trouble. Politely tell them that you need to reschedule and go look for an honest company.

It Is Best To Work With Movers Who Charge By Weight

It is a normal practise among legitimate companies to charge for a move based on the weight of your stuff. There are some companies that charge based on the volume which is measured in cubic feet. This type of measurement makes it easier for them to overcharge you.

So in your best interest, work with a company that charge based on the pound weight of your stuff.


Ensure That Your List Of Inventory Is Accurate

After a moving company has checked your home and you have agreed on an estimate with them, ensure that they give you an inventory list. This list also called a table of measurements or cube sheet is what shows everything that they would move.

Crosscheck the list and be sure that it is accurate; ensure that every little bit of furniture and item is clearly written on the list. Additionally, they should give you an approximation of the number of boxes that they expect to move.

Confirm The Type Of Insurance They Have/Offer

Every moving company is expected to have insurance. This is because it makes it safer for you to entrust your property to them.

There are different types of insurances and they cover different issues. It is in your best interest to know the types of insurance that the company has and how it would work for you.

Note that when you are moving between states, there are different regulations and laws that apply. If your move is intra state, the office of your state attorney general can help you get the information you need as per insurance.  But for interstate move, you might need to check out some online sources.

Look Out For Frauds

One mistake you should never make when planning to move is to take any company at face value. Ensure that you read all paperwork that has to do with the move. Read the estimate carefully and be sure that you understand every aspect of it. Ask for clarification if there is anything that you don’t understand.

If you feel uncomfortable with the estimates and terms of service of a company, feel free to consult another company. Do not be intimidated or cajoled into hiring any company that you feel uncomfortable with.  This is actually one reason why you need to start searching long before you are due to move.

Check out this article for more insight on how to know whether a company is legitimate or not.


Moving house can be stressful but there are ways to reduce the stress. Worst of all would be to be defrauded or scammed in the process of moving. That is why we took out time to share information about moving estimates and quotes.

With the proper understanding of the different types of estimates and what to expect from them, we believe that you can get to select the best moving company for you.

We have shared also some important tips in this article and we believe that keeping them in mind would help you make a less stressful move.

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