July 14, 2024

Do Preschoolers Need Tuition?

Do preschoolers need tuition? This can be a scary question for any parent who has little kids. For us our little kids are still babies. That is why we don’t think of extra tuition for preschoolers.

However there are different ideas and thoughts about tuition for preschoolers. In few months ago I also was in the opinion that preschoolers do not want any tuition. At the time I was introduced for an extra English enrichment course, I refused it straight away. But after few months later I wanted the help of that enrichment course and I started sending the kid to learn English and phonics. This was due to our experience with his first preschool.

Do preschoolers need tuition?


Yes, I am a mom who believes in freedom for childhood. I always find opportunities for our kid to play actively and improve his self-confidence. However at the same time we also want him to train for future. We don’t want to see him struggling with pressure and stress once he is grown up or during his school years. This is where we need a balance between his studies and play activities from his early childhood. I believe in such pattern which he will slowly train to face the stressful future and he will know how to balance his life with lot of work load. It is true that we can’t expect a future with totally leisure activities. There will be a lot of hard work for him in office, family or with society. If the kid can get some pressure during his school days, he will know how to balance his life without failing. This is where I always want him to engage in both academic and extra activities as a kid.


Our Experience with extra enrichment class

Do preschoolers need tuition

Although my kid had learning experience during his playgroup year which included play activities, arts and crafts and basic pre-writing skills, his first months of preschool was not for our expectations. We found his behavior changes. He was more on play than onto other skills such as arts and crafts, reading and writing. I could find he was losing his interest on even holding a pencil.

I know experiences of some of my friends who have similar age kids. Now they worry about their kids who don’t have pencil control or they don’t have interest on reading or writing. Considering such I am happy that my kid has interest on reading, writing and drawing same as his interest for playing. But, all these because of the extra activities we did at home or thanks to the English enrichment class we sent him during the past few months. Till we find the new preschool, we sent him to an English program.

But now, his new preschool experience is really good and we see a balanced educational environment which includes different activities including play and at the same time writing or academic skills. So we don’t have worries about any extra lessons for him. However kid enjoys his English program. So we continue sending him once a week.

Do preschoolers need tuition?

Now, back to the topic! Do preschoolers need tuition? The answer can be both yes and no. As per my opinion this really depends on your experience with your kid. Remember, few months ago I didn’t want to send the kid to extra classes. However when we found the kid doesn’t do well in his preschool, we started sending him for an extra enrichment program. Thanks to this extra English class he could improve his writing, reading and listening skills and he could easily adjust to his new preschool. If I didn’t pay attention on his writing and reading skills during the first few months of the preschool, he may have difficulties in adjusting to the new preschool as the lesson schedule is different from the previous. So, it is always depending on your actual experiences and situations.

Also as I know nothing about Chinese language, I think of having some extra support for the kid to learn Chinese as one of his subjects in the preschool is Chinese language.I know they will study Chinese even in the Primary school. So it is better to give him extra support now than waiting for another few years till he loses his interest.

Some reasons for sending kids for tuition

Do preschoolers need tuition?
Do preschoolers need tuition?

If you consider giving some extra support for your preschooler, here are some reasons to consider as per my opinion.

If the kid is always playful and lose his interest on other skills such as drawing, arts and even writing, an extra support can be helpful for him to improve his skills. As a work from home mom I adjust my working schedule and find time to spend with my kid. So I know how he does at the school. If you are working full time and no much time for kids, having extra support can be beneficial. That will help the kids to face the future challenges.

However, I don’t want to send my kid for private tuition which need hours of travelling after his preschool. The English class I send him is less than 5 minutes walking distance which makes him so cheerful .He is always eager to attend the class. If I decide on having Chinese class for him I will find a center near to our home or I will contact a home tutor agency in Singapore such as SmileTutor to find a home tutor for him. I would like to introduce a home tutor for my kid for 1 – 1.5 hours than sending him for 2-3 hours group class which can make him tired.As a reliable home tuition agency in Singapore, SmileTutor provides recommendations of home tutors which is easier for parents to make the decision.So,I will use such service to find a suitable tutor for him.

Anyway, these are my thoughts. Although I also a mom who refused extra classes for my kid, I found that his extra class could help the kid to keep his knowledge up to standards till he change the previous preschool.

However don’t forget to listen to your kid. If the kid doesn’t enjoy any extra class, it is better not to send him. Don’t overload the kids with so many homework, activities and worksheets. Instead find a suitable teacher who can teach the kid in a way he improves interest on studies.

Do preschoolers need tuition? What is your idea?Please share your thoughts and experiences.



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16 thoughts on “Do Preschoolers Need Tuition?

  1. My opinion will also be a yes or a no. It depends on the child. This is a great help since we are wondering what to do with my 3-year-old niece.

  2. Preschoolers need enrichment, but enrichment can come in many forms. We homeschool and buy materials to use. We also do paid classes at our local children’s museum. However, we also do free programs through the libraries.

  3. When my children were tiny I sent them to a preschool that was focused on socializing, play and a bit of fun learning. At home I would create fun activities that were learning based and super exciting. Childhood is fleeting and small ones need to be able to really enjoy these special times. There’s plenty of standardized learning for them just around the corner.

  4. I agree children need to experience both play (which they learn tons from) and so type of early learning skills.All my children have gone to PS and I think it benefited them. Now am I saying if your child doesn’t go to PS will they be behind no. It really just depends on the child at what you are working at home with them.

  5. I wish that I didn’t have to pay for pre-school tuitions. However, there are no public programsfor kids under the age of 4. So when when enroll my kids to the pre-school programs, it can be quite costly on a monthly basis. The cost is almost equivalent to half of a mortgage payment for one kid.

  6. Firstly, I have to say this topic surprised me a lot. I have never thought of this before.
    Secondly, my opinion is similar to you. It depends on our experience with our kid. I’m just a student so may be I can’t feel you a lot but thanks for your conscientious sharing, that makes me think a lot about my future’s children.

  7. I’ve taught school for many years, and I am firmly convinced that the best thing you can do for your little kiddos is simply Let Them Play. My sister is an early childhood education and brain development specialist. She has been heading up a large cohort program sponsored through the in Washington state for a number of years that focuses less on “traditional academic readiness” and more on integrating good old fashioned play time – both child initiated “free-play” and teacher guided, intentional play – back into kinder-programs. Following cohort groups as they advance in school, they are seeing significant, measurable improvements in academic achievement/long-term learning. Bonus: both kids and teachers are reporting less anxiety and more satisfaction/happiness in their school environment. Something to think about.

  8. Striking that balance between fun and structure I’m sure is hard. You want to inspire kids to do their best but also not stress them out.

  9. Your post is very interesting and detail. I think giving language classes to preschoolers are the great because it will help them more intellectually, and it will give them a great advantage later on in life. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hahah. First, I thought you were talking about tuition as in paying for preschool! I believe that preschool should be a mixture of hands-on learning as well as social learning.

  11. This was a great find and will definitely give parents a lot to think about. I would have never thought of preschoolers needing tuition.

  12. my children didn’t go to pre-school. They went straight to kindergarten. Public School but, if i’d had the funds, I may have put them in a pre-school that required tuition. Luckily they are smart kids so, the lack of pre-school didn’t affect them.

  13. I went to pre-school, but it was more play than education. I think I’d do the same with my kids if I ever have any. It’s also a social thing, and they learn valuable lessons about friendship.
    Katja xxx

  14. I believe that a preschool is more of developing a kid’s social skills and even kid’s adaptability to different tasks. I started going ti Nursery at 4. It is more of play and basic academics came when I was 6. Although I learned a lot at home already like learning to read in advance etc. I guess my age is enough even at present. However, here in Manila there are more kids being sent to play school at 2. I get the point of engaging kids to other kids through playing at this point but anything more than that can be learned at home. Personally, it is too young for me. As for the pre school years, still social skills should still be part of this but it is okay to start integrating basic academics. But, I also agree that other stuff can be learned and improved at home depending on the kid.

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