July 15, 2024

Common Diseases that can Risk your Pet’s Health

A pet comes in not as a guest in your house but as a new member of your family. The love and attachment that you have are like the one with your kids. The children in the family consider the pets as their younger siblings. While people are bringing in many different kinds of animals as their pets, puppies are still the favorites. There is no doubt that you would take the best care of your puppy and would always make sure that it stays healthy and hearty. You may not like to believe, but these little friends of yours can fall sick as any other member of your family. Some common diseases widely affect the puppies at some of the other points in time. These diseases could strike you suddenly. Younger dogs take longer to get well as compared to the older ones. To deal with the expenses which go in the veterinarian consultation, medication, and tests can be managed by insurance plans. It is easy reviewing and choosing pet insurance policies on the internet and finding the ideal one. However, knowing about the common diseases help you in taking better care and preventive measures for your little pal.

diseases that can risk your pet's health


Parvovirus is commonly known as parvo disease. This disease hits younger dogs most often. If your pup is yet to get all the vaccinations, it is more likely to get the parvo disease. This disease sometimes can be fatal to puppies. It is a viral disease that needs immediate vet consultation. Major symptoms are bloody vomiting, diarrhea, laziness, and loss of appetite.

diseases that can risk your pet's health


It is another common disease that can be fatal. However, the majority of infections can be prevented by vaccination. Also, pups who receive prompt care and have dedicated owners can cover. Committed nursing is a must as the pups who recover are also prone to permanent neurological damage. Symptoms are yellow diarrhea, loss of hunger, breathing trouble. Your pup may feel weak and lose coordination.

Kennel cough

It is a contagious disease that is attributed to honking aggravated cough. It is most likely to grab your pet in crowds like a kennel, pet boarding, dog shows, etc. This disease does not invoke a crisis but it is advisable to get your pet checked by the vet.


Vomiting can be a simple upset tummy or can also be a sign of a major disease. The seriousness depends on your pup’s habits and the days it lasts for. A visit to your vet is warranted if your pup continues to vomit for 2 – 3 days.

diseases that can risk your pet's health


Diarrhea is again a symptom of many diseases. To rule out the possibility of any major risk, you can examine the stool. If you see black tar-like stool or blood, etc, you should consult your vet.


Fleas are big trouble that does not go away easily. You can prevent the invasion in many ways but these ways are of no help once the infestation has already happened. The only way to combat them is to understand their life-cycle. You can examine your pup’s fur for flea’s dirt.


Ticks are petite nasty bloodsucking vampires which can also spread various diseases. They equally affect pups and grown-up dogs.

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  1. These are important diseases that pet owners definitely need to be made aware of. I’m glad you reviewed them here. My dogs immediately go on the PetSmart pet plan so that they can get all their necessary shots and protections on an affordable plan. I am so grateful for that plan because otherwise, it would be quite costly to get all these preventative shots up front. But you’re right our dogs are just another child to us.

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