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Don’t Blame “Internet Addiction” on Tech Companies

The colossal amount of time that kids spend every day on social media, gaming, and other online activities is undoubtedly a top concern and frustration of parents. Some of these parents point their finger at tech companies and their predatory marketing schemes. The narrative is simple: kids are more anxious, depressed, asocial, and unmotivated than ever before due to the deluge of smartphone apps, online networks, and addicting games that have flooded the market over the past decade, and the creators of digital content should be held responsible.

Internet Addiction

However, before you jump on this bandwagon (if you haven’t already) ask yourself: is it possible “Internet addiction” is merely a symptom masking deeper problems? Is it possible that obsessive and compulsive Internet use is simply an outlet for personal, familial, and social problems that continue to remain unaddressed?

I offer alternative explanations below.

       Back in the 1990s, 64-bit games and shoddy apps like AOL Instant Messenger dominated the landscape. There were no amazing graphics. DSL back then is the equivalent of, if not worse than, 2G. Computers were far slower than they were now, and Apple had yet to launch its first version of the iPod, let alone the iPhone. Despite the primitive technology, I found myself “hooked” to games like speed chess during my early teenage years. It became increasingly difficult for me to “quit.”

       I played obsessively for hours without end whenever my parents weren’t there. After obtaining a high ELO score, I no longer found chess appealing and moved onto other games like Age of Empires and Starcraft. I suspected that I wasn’t alone in this regard, and as it turned out, my friends spent the majority of their leisure time doing similar activities online. Playing games. Toying with their MySpace account.

Not everyone, to be sure, but certainly a sizable minority lived their lives online.

This fact didn’t bother or prick my consciousness until my grades started to suffer in college. I had extraordinary difficulty controlling my excessive Internet and gaming habits during this time. It was then that I finally began to investigate the issue in greater depth.

       As of today, matters seem to be getting worse, not better. Back in 2010, a study done by the Kaiser Family Foundation discovered that American children ages 8 – 18 spent, on average, more than 7 hours and 30 minutes online every day. This figure is similar across all other Western countries (Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc.). Although “Internet addiction” and “gaming addiction” are uncommon and not as damaging as, say, alcohol or drug addiction, it is far more likely to affect any particular individual since almost everyone uses the Internet.

Beginning in the 1980s, “helicopter parenting” became more and more popular. “Helicopter parenting” describes a parenting style where the parents oversee and preside over most aspects of their kids’ lives, as opposed to the traditional style of setting boundaries (no drugs, no gangs, etc.) and allowing kids to explore within those confines. Helicopter parenting is often rationalized by the parents based on the following mindsets:

  • “If my child gets a bad grade, everything will fall apart.”
  • “Extracurricular activities will help my child get into a good university. Therefore, we have to squeeze in as many of these activities as we can.”
  • “I don’t want to let my child play outside, because who knows what will happen.”
  • “Children don’t know any better, so of course we have to take control.”

There are countless studies showing the increased levels of anxiety and failure to cope with “real world” difficulties among children who come from helicopter families. I can certainly attest to this, as my parents took great, perhaps even neurotic, levels of interest in “making sure I would become successful.” In the end, the lack of agency and experiences with failure early on made me far more susceptible to problems in my early 20’s.

Secondly, there is a gaping lack of “community” in most Western countries. By “community,” I mean a sense of belonging and true commitment to the welfare of a group as opposed to mindless pursuit of self-interest and self-aggrandizement. Loneliness and emotional disconnect are on the rise. Friends are often heard from, but not seen. This is especially true among younger people, who prefer texting and social media posts to actual face-to-face communication.

When social values and a sense of collective duty start to disintegrate, people start to lose “meaning” or “purpose” in life. Perhaps more importantly, the individual has a much more difficult time coping with difficulty and become easy prey for all sorts of behavioral problems (including Internet addiction).

People who lack necessary foundations of healthy living will easily succumb to their temptations when the times get tough, since pursuit of pleasure becomes their #1 goal. On the other hand, someone with a powerful network and is dedicated to helping others (i.e. a strong mother or father) is far more capable of weathering difficulties or bottlenecks in life.

My job here isn’t to guilt trip parents by casting them into the fire of blame, nor am I suggesting that society itself is irredeemably corrupt. Rather, it’s to encourage a discussion and critical evaluation of why some children are behaving in ways that run contrary to what “normal humans” naturally desire: companionship, community, meaning, genuine values, and success in life.

As I often repeat on my website True Digital Detox, acquiring these values, community-oriented mindsets, and learning life skills will prove to be the best deterrents to compulsive Internet use and gaming. Parents should take this into consideration.

Common Diseases that can Risk your Pet’s Health

A pet comes in not as a guest in your house but as a new member of your family. The love and attachment that you have are like the one with your kids. The children in the family consider the pets as their younger siblings. While people are bringing in many different kinds of animals as their pets, puppies are still the favorites. There is no doubt that you would take the best care of your puppy and would always make sure that it stays healthy and hearty. You may not like to believe, but these little friends of yours can fall sick as any other member of your family. Some common diseases widely affect the puppies at some of the other points in time. These diseases could strike you suddenly. Younger dogs take longer to get well as compared to the older ones. To deal with the expenses which go in the veterinarian consultation, medication, and tests can be managed by insurance plans. It is easy reviewing and choosing pet insurance policies on the internet and finding the ideal one. However, knowing about the common diseases help you in taking better care and preventive measures for your little pal.

diseases that can risk your pet's health


Parvovirus is commonly known as parvo disease. This disease hits younger dogs most often. If your pup is yet to get all the vaccinations, it is more likely to get the parvo disease. This disease sometimes can be fatal to puppies. It is a viral disease that needs immediate vet consultation. Major symptoms are bloody vomiting, diarrhea, laziness, and loss of appetite.

diseases that can risk your pet's health


It is another common disease that can be fatal. However, the majority of infections can be prevented by vaccination. Also, pups who receive prompt care and have dedicated owners can cover. Committed nursing is a must as the pups who recover are also prone to permanent neurological damage. Symptoms are yellow diarrhea, loss of hunger, breathing trouble. Your pup may feel weak and lose coordination.

Kennel cough

It is a contagious disease that is attributed to honking aggravated cough. It is most likely to grab your pet in crowds like a kennel, pet boarding, dog shows, etc. This disease does not invoke a crisis but it is advisable to get your pet checked by the vet.


Vomiting can be a simple upset tummy or can also be a sign of a major disease. The seriousness depends on your pup’s habits and the days it lasts for. A visit to your vet is warranted if your pup continues to vomit for 2 – 3 days.

diseases that can risk your pet's health


Diarrhea is again a symptom of many diseases. To rule out the possibility of any major risk, you can examine the stool. If you see black tar-like stool or blood, etc, you should consult your vet.


Fleas are big trouble that does not go away easily. You can prevent the invasion in many ways but these ways are of no help once the infestation has already happened. The only way to combat them is to understand their life-cycle. You can examine your pup’s fur for flea’s dirt.


Ticks are petite nasty bloodsucking vampires which can also spread various diseases. They equally affect pups and grown-up dogs.

Newborn Health Care: What are the Essentials you should have?

Every pregnant mom and new moms look for the best products and tools for take caring of their newborn babies. However most of the newborn essentials are packed with baby grooming products and diaper essentials. Other than these products and items, every new mom should own some of the health measurement tools and products in order to ensure that your newborn is in good health condition.

Newborn Health Care

Below are some of the most important items that you should own in order to take good care of your newborn baby.These items are essential for proper newborn health care.

1. Baby Breathing   Monitor

Baby Breathing & Movement Monitor are latest addition to any mom’s newborn essentials list. When you use a baby breathing monitor you will ensure that your baby is in good health and breathing well. When you use such type of tool to measure the baby movement status, it will reduce the risks such as sudden dizziness or failure to breathe well. This is why most of the pregnant moms like to add a baby breathing monitor to their baby essentials list. It is also important to buy the best baby breathing monitor in order to get better results.

2. Baby Digital Thermometer

Baby thermometer is the next essential tool for keeping measurement of your newborn. Most babies are delicate and they easily get sicknesses. Fever is one of the symptoms that you can find if your newborn is not well. Therefore it is essential to buy a good quality thermometer in order to measure the temperature of your baby when necessary.

3. Baby first aid kit

Newborn Health Care

A baby first aid kit is really helpful for any mom until you get doctors’ advice. Basically your baby first aid kit should include items such as cotton balls, nasal aspirator, medicine dropper and some medicine such as baby paracetamol bought under professional advice. Other than these ,a thermometer and nail clipper should include too.

There are many other essentials that you should include to your check list when you prepare for welcoming your bundle of joy. However don’t forget to include above mentioned most essential items for newborn health care in order to make a safe environment for your new born.

5 Myths about alcohol you may not know about

Alcohol is a drink, which, when used in excessive amounts can cause a lot of damage to many people’s lives.  Many people have dedicated their careers and energy to stopping drinking in order to get their lives back in order. One of the first steps to this is identifying and debunking myths about alcohol as listed below.

Myths about alcohol

1. Coffee will sober you up

A common misconception that people are often told is the fact that taking coffee the next morning will sober you up. This is not true. Coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant and is thus designed to make you alert or to jog up your senses the next morning. If you have had a night of drinking and you wake up the next day needing to go to work or school then coffee will only help in alerting your system enough to enable you to wake up and get the energy needed to go where you should. Going for a run or taking a cold shower will help you feel a bit freshened up but overall, the result of a hangover is the same the next morning.

2.    You can handle it

Often when we go out we tend to convince ourselves that we are only going out for a few drinks with friends then we will head back home. This is not often the case since we deceive ourselves and always end up drinking way much more than we had intended to. We humans often think that we have control in such situations and that we can handle ourselves. This is a lie and drinking almost always gets out of hand.

Myths about alcohol

3.    You will not get drunk if you eat before drinking

People always come up with various “tips’’ that we should use when out drinking that will apparently help to prevent us from getting drunk fast. Some of these include the fact that if we eat a heavy meal before drinking, we will stay sober for longer. This is a major myth because biologically, the food just prevents the alcohol from getting absorbed quickly into our systems. Eventually, one always gets drunk and actually ends up taking more alcohol than they would have if they hadn’t eaten since they are not immediately feeling the effect that they desired.

4.    Drinking makes you cool

This myth applies mostly to the kids in college and high school who often get pressured into drinking. Most of their peers often convince them to drink as it will make them seem cool and more mature than all the rest. This deception causes them to go down a road that most of them are unable to come back from since a certain number end up being alcoholics.

5.    It will help you handle stress

People all to often turn to the bottle to drown away their problems, for instance, after a heartbreak or when they have been laid off at work. While these are definitely difficult situations to deal with, it is recommended to use alternative means of dealing with them, for instance, by talking to a friend or a loved one. Alcohol only momentarily helps you to forget your problems but in the morning, they will still be there. In a sense, you will not have solved anything.


Is Turmeric Curcumin Really Working as a Natural Pain Reliever?

There are many reasons for us moms and even other family members at home to experience aches and pains. But, having pain killers regularly can cause side effects too. Instead, are there any natural pain killers?

Recently I found some interesting facts about turmeric. We use turmeric as an ingredient in our Sri Lankan cooking, especially in curries. As Sri Lankans, we use turmeric not only to taste and make the curry looks appealing. Instead, turmeric is widely used in Ayurveda Medicine to treat many ailments.

Did you ever think of benefits of turmeric and curcumin? Turmeric is one of the most effective nutritional supplements and it contains compounds called as Curcumin. Do you know, Curcumin is the main active ingredient found in turmeric? Curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. These results it a very strong antioxidant.

Now, how about turmeric curcumin? Is turmeric curcumin really working as a natural pain reliever? If these are the questions you are having in mind, let me explain. Here are some specific details about this product, turmeric curcumin:

What is turmeric curcumin?

Turmeric Curcumin works as the best natural remedy to help you feel better and relieve pain if you are suffering from chronic pain.
As per some scientists, turmeric curcumin is the most powerful natural pain reliever which ever discovered. This natural pain reliever able to remove chronic pain and gives your life back. It will soothe your pain naturally.
Another benefit is that you can easily buy this natural pain reliever without any prescription.

Why turmeric curcumin is recommended?

Simply, turmeric curcumin is scientifically proven as a natural pain reliever.
There are lot of testimonials and actual reviews of happy customers who used turmeric curcumin.

How does it work?

Turmeric Curcumin protects your body cells from free radical damage. Hence it improves your health with protected body cells and tissues.

Below is an interesting video I found which shares all the benefits of turmeric curcumin with interesting facts.Hope you’ll find more details of this natural pain reliever.


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