June 18, 2024

7 Diaper Bag Hacks for Working Moms (#5 is the Most Important)

Diaper Bag Hacks for Working Moms
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Do you know what’s trending for new moms? The ability to take on the little things effortlessly! And this includes your baby’s diaper bag.

You think you need more time to figure diaper bag hacks for working moms. But what you need is a little help which this article offers. The following tips will give you everything you need to take care of your baby.

And you will finally know how to pack diaper bags like a pro.

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7 Diaper Bag Hacks for Working Moms

#1 Buy See-Through Pouches

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A better way to organize a diaper bag is to know where everything is kept. And to do that, you need to know what’s in each bag or pouch in the bag.

Buying see-through bags to put your supplies in is essential. So you know where the change of clothes, powder, cream or diaper wipes are kept.

#2 Keep Your Prized Possessions in a Zip-Lock Bag

Do not keep your expensive watch or phone loose in a diaper bag. A diaper bag can become a potential disaster when a bottle starts to leak. So it’s best to keep your personal essentials protected.

This could be your mobile phone, wallet, car keys, or your watch. Such personal items are best kept away from all the baby stuff.

#3 Keep the Pacifier in a Plastic Container

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You don’t want any germs sticking to the pacifier. A pacifier is the most important thing, other than diapers, in a diaper bag. By keeping it in a small plastic container, you’re saving your baby’s life.

What if you accidentally drop the pacifier on the ground? Nothing dirty or sticky would touch the pacifier if it’s in a container. This way you’re protecting your baby’s health. And prolonging the shelf life of the pacifier!

#4 Buy a Bag with Lots of Compartments

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One of the best diaper bag hacks for working moms is to find the ideal bag. One of the best purse for moms is something that offers you lots of compartments. This can help you organize all your personal items better.

Or you can keep your personal purse and diaper bag separate. This might increase the load you need to carry with you. But it helps to organize all the essentials to that you don’t miss out on anything.

#5 Always Bring a Change of Baby Clothes

Never forget this. That changing a baby’s diaper is not easy. Your baby’s clothes could get dirty at any time. By packing a clean onesie, you can avoid bad odor from spreading. Always keep an extra change of pant, shirt, socks, and shoes in handy.

#6 Always Keep an Extra Zip-Lock Bag for Garbage

Nobody likes a stinky diaper bag. A sealable zip-lock is essential to throw dirty wipes in. You can also put in soiled onesies or pants in it. At the end of the day, you can gather all the thrown-away goods. This helps to dump the garbage in a trash can without spreading a bad odor.

#7 Buy Seasonal Essentials for the Baby

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Your diaper bag should have enough space for baby care products. This includes sunblock and hat for hot summer days. Or a blanket and moisturizing cream for cold winter days.

Do you include items that go by the weather? If so, then you’re doing more than what other working moms do to make sure their baby is safe and happy.


All these diaper bag hacks for working moms save a lot of time. It helps you list down all you need to get ready for your baby’s day out. And if you’re missing out on something, you’ll know it for sure after re-checking with this article.

It’s easy to find diaper bag hacks for working moms. The things you’ll need are diaper wipes, cream, diapers, clean clothes, and a changing pad. Other also important items include baby blankets, a sippy cup, and snacks.

Not to mention you need the best purse to store all your personal items in.


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