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Pregnancy and Affordable Fertility Treatment for Everyone

There are many lucky women the world over who can get pregnant without any problems. Unfortunately, there are just as many women who struggle for many years without success to become pregnant. For those women, there are medical professionals who have perfected the science of fertility treatment using a wide range of techniques.

Pregnancy and Affordable Fertility Treatment for Everyone

First, you will need to decide where to go for affordable fertility treatment. It is suggested that you do your research and compare facilities and success rates. Most treatment centers have websites with success stories on them and informative articles about the services they offer.

At the infertility center they will discuss with you the way forward and the processes they use to treat your infertility. They will look at the following factors:

  • How long you have been infertile
  • Your Age.
  • The underlying causes of your infertility.
  • Your personal preferences.

There are a lot of different types of treatment and because everybody is different. What works for others will not necessarily work for you. You will spend a lot of time in consultation with your doctor who will suggest the best treatment for your condition and fertility success.

Pregnancy and Affordable Fertility Treatment for Everyone

One common treatment is the use of fertility drugs.

Fertility Drugs to Stimulate Ovulation

These drugs work the same as your body’s natural hormones, FSH Follicle Stimulating Hormone and LH Luteinizing Hormone, to bring about ovulation. They are used in women to stimulate a better egg and/or extra egg or eggs.

The Risks of Using Fertility Drugs

Besides the side-effects of these drugs, there is a risk of getting pregnant with twins, triplets, and beyond. Oral Fertility drugs carry a 10 % chance of twins while injectables increase your risk to between 15 and 20% of triplets and more.

Another issue that fertility drugs can cause is Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome, or OHSS, a condition where the ovaries become painful and enlarged, but it usually only lasts for a week. This can sound a bit daunting, but I am sure you would agree that fertility success will soon make a person forget the challenges.

Unfortunately, fertility drugs do not work for some women, and the time may come where you speak to your doctor about an affordable fertility treatment plan for in-vitro fertilization.

Assisted Reproduction

Assisted Reproductive Technology includes the treatment most commonly used, which also has the best success rate: IVF. In-Vitro Fertilization is a process whereby mature eggs are retrieved and remove from a woman and then fertilized in a glass dish by the man’s sperm. In-Vitro literally means “Glass.” After fertilization, the embryos are transferred into the woman’s uterus.

An IVF cycle takes several weeks and requires frequent blood tests and daily hormone injections.


Part of doing your homework about which fertility center to go to involves looking at financial counseling. A good center will have a finance consultant available to go over your options with you. There are several financing options available including Capex MD, Lending Club Patient Solutions, and Prosper Healthcare Lending.

Armed with all the information contained in this article you should be able to make the informed choice that is right for you and your family.


Benefits of Playing Sudoku

Keeping brain active is really essential with aging. That is where games like Sudoku are helpful as it helps to keep the brain active. Playing Sudoku is one of the best ways to keep brain active and function without much effort. However Sudoku is not only a brain active game for adults, it is also suitable for students.

Benefits of playing Sudoku

Sudoku Puzzles

Benefits of playing Sudoku

If you like playing Sudoku puzzles, then you can use paper version or even online Sudoku puzzles. Sometimes it is easier to play online Sudoku as it is easy to access and most of the time freely available. There are many sites which share free Sudoku puzzles online that can access easily and play whenever you want. Anyway, here are some of the benefits of playing Sudoku.

Benefits of playing Sudoku

Online sudoku

As Sudoku is helpful in making brain active, by playing Sudoku puzzles you can reduce the chances of having conditions such as Alzheimers and Dementia. Sudoku will stimulate the mind and it will also help you to improve your concentration. While it improves your memory, Sudoku will also teach you to think and get decisions fast. After all playing a brain active game is good for your health and that will keep you active with sharp and efficient thinking. Same as doing physical exercises, you also need to think of having brain exercises. Sudoku puzzles are a great way to exercise your brain.

How to learn Sudoku?

If you are a beginner or if you don’t know how to play Sudoku, then don’t worry. There are also online sites which share how to play Sudoku tutorials. You can easily find Sudoku tutorials and articles about tips and tricks to play Sudoku efficiently. Therefore you can easily learn this mind active game and make it as a way of keeping your brain active.

Don’t think that playing Sudoku is waste of time. It has benefits as explained above. After all you can keep good health and active mind with such games like Sudoku!


Spreading God’s Message

Courageous Women Ministries is an appreciated and worthwhile opportunity for women with various problems to provide support for each other in a Christian womens ministry. At the same time, they are encouraged to develop a stronger relationship with God in their daily lives and help to spread His message of understanding.

Spreading God’s Message

Finding friendship and love in a welcoming environment allows women to open up about their struggles such as abusive relationships, having to be in a shelter, and other problems and hopefully find answers to their dilemmas. This is especially carried out by having them and others attend speaking engagements, tea parties, and other events where the social atmosphere leads to being able to discuss things in a very friendly manner and without hesitation.

Vickie Hoefer, who heads the organization, speaks at women’s organizations in the Seattle, Washington, area and discusses the importance of women connecting with others similar to them and who have also endured rough times in their lives.

Vickie also hosts a support group for women with chronic illnesses and The Rain Foundation that connects handicapped and special needs children with horses. All those activities further the lives of those who need some personal encouragement from others as well as being assured that God and Jesus are watching over them and will aid them in conquering their situations and bring peace to their lives.

Tea Parties are held at various women’s groups and shelters with pertinent discussions on the problems that women face and how to deal with them.

At Speaking Engagements, Vickie discusses God’s and Jesus’ unconditional love, that their guidance can lead through suffering to a place of happiness and contentment, and that one should never give up but allow God to take over when one is sad, angry, frustrated, or desperate.

Donations to The Rain Foundation help special needs children interact with horses to gain confidence. Children are allowed to play with the horses and speak with them without any judgments. They also set up a scholarship type system that allows children to participate in the program free of charge.

The Fantastic Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners have many benefits since they don’t use chemicals. Also, they’re safe to use on any surface, including curtains, material, and upholstery. Steam cleaners are suitable for many uses within your home and garden, including steaming creases in clothes and cleaning car upholstery. It can also kill up to 99.9 percent of the germs and bacteria.

An upright steam cleaner can sanitize flooring and freshen carpets like a vacuum cleaner. The steam cleaner is lightweight and requires very little physical effort. There’s no need to carry buckets of water or containers filled with cleaning fluids and utensils.

Most steam cleaners can be converted to a hand help unit. Some can be carried around with a shoulder strap. Attachments come with some steam cleaners and this gives the user the chance to clean surfaces that are otherwise impossible or inaccessible to clean with ordinary cleaners or by hand.

Steam Cleaners Used Around the Home

1. Stubborn grease and fat around barbecues, grills, and cookers can be difficult to clean. Great may be impossible to remove with scrubbing alone. Some chemicals may even have a hard time removing the thick build up.

There are some chemicals that are formulated to dissolve grease fast, however, these chemicals can be toxic and dangerous. This is where a steam cleaner can excel. The steam’s heat can loosen stubborn great and you can wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth.

A steam cleaner can leave your home’s surfaces looking like new and you won’t have to worry about toxic residue or poisonous vapors.

2. Steam cleaners can take some of the effort out of cleaning tiled walls and there is even a steam mop for wood floors. If you get a grout steam cleaner, you can easily get rid of the dark stains that accumulate between tiles. They remove grime from many hard to reach places, such as the areas around shower heads and taps. This cleaner can also read into the crevices around shower screens, door frames and windows.

3. If you use the proper attachments, steam cleaners are a great way to freshen and clean upholstery and curtains. Please note that steam is not suitable for draylon, velvet, and some other fabrics.

Steam is a great way to eliminate clothes odors and remove creases for drapery. There is a large range of clothes steam cleaners that can offer this feature.

4. Outside in the garden, you can use a steam cleaner to clean the grime off plastic furniture. Rather than spending time scraping grass or dirt from lawnmowers and garden tools, steam can remove it effortlessly.

Some ‘obscure’ jobs you may not think about using a steam cleaner for, include killing weeds on patios and paths, disinfect soil, and if you have a swimming pool, you can use it to clear away algae.

5. The steam cleaner may be used to clean upholstery, dashboards, and carpets in boats and cars. It can also be used to remove pet hair from carpets, and car seats. A steam cleaner can be used to remove dirt and mud that are trapped in the trim of a car’s wheel. The dirt can be dislodged effortlessly using steam.

6. Jewelry can be cleaned using steam, especially if there are stones set in the piece. Dirt can be impossible to clear out of jewelry, depending on where it collects in a piece. You can use a special attachment to save money on professional jewelry cleaning.

Do you Know these Benefits of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

Recently I introduced Jigsaw puzzles for my kid and he showed love in solving puzzles with me. He was just above 2 years when I introduced the first puzzle to him and with his interest to solving the puzzles, I added more to our collection. Do you know what happened? Not only my kid, I also attracted to the puzzles and we ended up having a collection of jigsaw puzzles ranging from 9 pieces to more complicated puzzles over 40 pieces. It was a fun activity which we could concentrate our time together.

With our interest to play and solve jigsaw puzzles, I also wanted to find the benefits of playing puzzles and the benefits are really amazing. After reading this post, I am sure you also will start playing jigsaw puzzles as it is a really good way to concentrate your mind!

Benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles

Well, before going for the health benefits of playing jigsaw puzzles, I just want to share my experiences at our home. The puzzles actually can connect all of us. We solve jigsaw puzzles together and it really creates family moments which I am really happy. Playing jigsaw puzzles is one of the entertainment activities which anyone spends time to release the tension of the day. Other than that, below are some of the health benefits you can expect by playing with jigsaw puzzles.

Doing jigsaw puzzles is really helpful for the brain development. Usually left brain thinks logically and right brain is responsible for creative and emotional tasks. However if you use both left brain and right brain together at the same time, your mind power will improve and it gets better day by day. As jigsaw puzzles are such activity which you need to use both left brain and right brain together, that will enhance your brain power while improving efficiency and concentration.

One of the Jigsaw Puzzles I play online.(Credits :

One of the Jigsaw Puzzles I play online.(Image Credits :

That is why even as adults, it is good to play and solve jigsaw puzzles in order to stimulate your brain power. When you play with your kids, they will also learn to concentrate and solve problems logically which are important skills for any one.

How to find Jigsaw Puzzles?

Finding jigsaw puzzles is not that difficult. You can easily buy jigsaw puzzles with different themes. However, if you don’t organize your jigsaw puzzles this will end up with a mess. You will also spend more time for finding missing puzzle pieces which can also create stressful situation.

If you dont organize properly,these jigsaw puzzles can create a mess too :)

If you don’t organize properly,these jigsaw puzzles can create a mess too 🙂

Another way of playing puzzles is by using online puzzles. With a collection of free jigsaw puzzles you can spend time concentrating on your task without worrying about organizing those after playing. Other than that, you will find new puzzles every day and this will refresh your experience and thinking style as you can find different themes and different size puzzles.

Online jigsaw puzzles (Image credit:

Online jigsaw puzzles (Image credit:

There are also apps which are full of jigsaw puzzles. You can easily download such app with jigsaw puzzles and play when you are free, even while travelling.

Playing jigsaw puzzles online or playing physical puzzles are known therapeutic exercise for brain. It is not only good for kids, but also a good activity for adults. This is what I found these days while introducing jigsaw puzzles for my kid. We enjoy playing and solving jigsaw puzzles at our home.

How about you? Do you play puzzles?

If so how do you find jigsaw puzzles? Do you like to buy puzzles or do you like online puzzles? Please share your thoughts.


EduGuru Maths – Fun Learning Math App for Kids (#Review) + Giveaway

At our home we always love fun learning Apps for kids. It is not that I allow my kid to spend whole day on screen, but educational apps are a good way to spend time in learning activities while having fun. Usually kids get bored easily. Having few apps which are suitable for kids is a great way to keep them engaged before starting to show their unhappiness or boredom!

Recently we came across another educational app which is suitable for kids and it is mainly focus with the theme of teaching maths. With fun activities and colourful designs, it is a hit at our home and my son uses it daily when he wants a break. So, now it is the time for us to introduce the EduGuru Maths app which makes learning maths fun for toddlers and kids.

EduGuru Maths - Fun Learning Math App for Kids

EduGuru Maths is a fun learning Math Apps for Kids

EduGuru Maths – A Maths App for Kids

EduGuru Maths is an educational app which is suitable for kids who are in 3-5 years age range. The app is designed in close collaboration with UK teachers, nursery schools and parents to give the best learning time for kids. With cute animations, kids will find this app as interesting while they learn basic maths concept.As one of the best Math apps for kids,this app makes learning a fun activity for kids!

EduGuru Maths -Review of Maths App for Kids


EduGuru Maths App comes with 8 main Math concepts

This app comes with 8 main games which include below concepts. Based on below basic concepts, the EduGuru app is with total 128 fun to play games which help kids to learn maths in the best fun way.

  • Counting 1-10-20
  • Number recognition and ordering
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Matching, doubling, halving and sharing
  • UK/English coins, money and values
  • Telling the time
  • Patterns, shapes and sequences
  • Colours
  • Size, weight, distance and position

All these games are fun and with colourful animations. It also features popular nursery rhymes such as Ba Ba Black Sheep and Hickory Dickory Dock. So the learning time is really fun for kids while singing songs or moving for the rhythms!

My kid loves this Math App and he learns basic Math concepts without much efforts.

My kid loves this Math App and he learns basic Math concepts without much efforts.

My kid loves this app and he also learns the activities without my help. As all the games are with trophies and medals as rewards, he loves earning his rewards daily.

At young age,learning should be fun.With colourful animations,music and games,EduGuru Math App can win the hearts of kids!

At young age,learning should be fun.With colourful animations,music and games,EduGuru Math App can win the hearts of kids! 🙂

Overall, with our experience EduGuru Maths is a safe and educational app for kids. It can be at home, while travelling or even at the times of waiting for the doctor, this app is really helpful to keep my kid calm and concentrate on his task. And it is not active play which some time disturbing for me and others around. Parents, you know what I mean! So, other than educating kids, EduGuru Maths App is helpful for parents too to have a break!

If you are looking for best Math apps for kids then this is a suitable app for trying.You can get the app from App store or GooglePlay store. Both free and paid versions are available.

EduGuru Maths App Giveaway

Now it is time for another Giveaway. The team at EduGuru Maths App kindly sponsor 5 apps for 5 lucky winners.

To join with the giveaway, simply like this Facebook post. Also leave a comment.We will select 5 winners randomly. (Both IOS and android apps are available)

Giveaway will end on 4th November 2016.We will contact the winners through a Facebook message.


My Little Giant – Singapore Indoor Playpark with Kids Entertainment Centre

Did you hear it right? There is a new indoor playground in Singapore! My Little Giant is the newly opened indoor playground for kids which has some unique features. It is not just another indoor playground in Singapore which has typical play equipment. Instead, My Little Giant includes a kids Entertainment area as well. This side of gaming area will give you a carnival feel while playing games or experiencing rides on different play equipment including a train ride.

Doesn’t this sound interesting? Sometimes, indoor playgrounds can be boring for parents. I’ve seen most parents spend their time on mobile phones while kids are playing. But, the gaming area of My Little Giant is really an exciting area for both adults and kids to have fun together! And it is located in the popular shopping mall, Big Box which is easy to reach!

Early this month we spent an afternoon at the Pororo Park and had a great fun.After that, My Little Giant is entirely different experience which includes carnival experience while spending time at the indoor playpark.We spent an afternoon there and had really exciting time in both gaming area and inside the playground.

Here are some of the moments from our experience.

Kids Entertainment Centre  (Gaming and Entertainment area of My Little Giant)

This area will sure give you the feeling of carnival. Among the train rides, carousel and other kiddy rides, who can forget the carnival experience! My kid really loved the train ride. Not only him, I enjoyed the train ride too.

There are lot of games which you can play and enjoy during the time you spend in My Little Giant

There are lot of games which you can play and enjoy during the time you spend in My Little Giant

Some more games!

Some more games!

The games and entertainment area is full of activities which are also suitable for toddlers and young kids too.

The games and entertainment area is full of activities which are also suitable for toddlers and young kids too.

Having a rest after playing and running around the arcade area! :)

Having a rest after playing and running around the entertainment  area! 🙂


My favourite activity is this train ride! :)

My favourite activity is this train ride! 🙂 Isn’t this too cute?

A rocket and cars around!Perfect for kids to enjoy!

A rocket and cars around!Perfect for kids to enjoy!


Gaming time!

Other than the train rides, carousel and kid friendly rides, this area is full of different entertainment activities which both kids and adults can enjoy. There are different games which you can enjoy with kids forgetting all the stress of a hard working day!

Indoor play area of My Little Giant

Before you enter into the indoor playground area, you need to remove shoes. The facilities are there to keep the shoes.

At the entrance, the staff will do the usual procedure for any indoor playground such as measuring temperature and sanitizing the hands. They also gave us a tag to wear on hand which allow us re-entry within the day! Isn’t this a good idea?

Ball pit is really interesting and I really love the colour combination of balls. Blue and white balls give eye pleasing look and we had so much fun there.

There are activities for toddlers too

There are activities for toddlers too

For toddlers there is a play area inside My Little Giant. With play items that are suitable for young kids, the play area is really spacious!

My Little Giant -Big Box

Toddler play area is spacious and with different activities

My Little Giant -Big Box

Running,hiding,climbing…Many activities for kids..

We can’t forget the trampoline in the level 1 of the playground. My kid had lot of fun with jumping till he was tired reminding the song ‘Five little monkeys jumping on the bed’! 🙂

One Little Monkey...Jumping on the bed! :)

One Little Monkey…Jumping on the bed! 🙂

The big slide!

The big slide!

Level 2 of the playground is with the access to the giant slide and other play items. It is with lot of climbing, bending, jumping and sliding which are suitable for grown up kids to be active and shed some sweat!

Our thoughts about My Little Giant Indoor Playground @Big Box

My Little Giant -Big Box

The newly opened playground is really full of exciting activities. The staff is friendly and ready to assist. They concern the safety and hygiene first. With new and clean play area, anyone will have so much fun while spending quality family time. And don’t forget the fact, it is unlimited play! With the tag on your hand, you can also re-enter within the day!

My Little Giant -Big Box

At the entrance we received a tag which allow us to re-enter to the play area within the day.Isn’t this sounds so good?

Location of My Little Giant indoor playground

My Little Giant is located at the Big Box.

Location: BigBox, 1 Venture Avenue, Singapore 608521

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

For Ticket Price & More details,please check here.


**Disclaimer – We received free entry for the playpark.However all opinions are mine.












3D Pens For Kids – The Best Choices

Now that 3D printing pens are coming to the marketplace, drawing has been reinvented as an extraordinary new form of three-dimensional sculpture. 3D pens allow users to trace solid forms in strands of plastic. The pens are fed with plastic filaments which are heated and then deposited wherever the user guides the pen. These tremendous creative tools literally add a new dimension to the fun and imaginative process of drawing.

3D Pens For Kids

Image Credits :

3D Doodler Create & 3D Doodler Start

These are some of the best 3D drawing pens currently being sold that are specifically designed for kids’ use. They have a handy 2-speed feature that gives the user greater creative control. Warm up times on the 3D Doodler pens are very brief, and both models feature multi-color LED indicators.

Scribbler 3D Printing Pen

The Scribbler 3D Printing Pen lets children draw in the horizontal and vertical dimensions. It also has an integrated OLED control screen for finer detail management. The Scribbler pen also has an advanced filament control feature that reduces mess and waste in the drawing process.

Soyan 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing 3D

The Soyan 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing 3D is another solid, easy-to-use device that has a lot in common with the Scribbler 3D Printing Pen. It too features two-axis control that lets users draw horizontally and vertically. One of the distinctive features that kids are sure to love is the Soyan pen’s ability to use multiple filament colors simultaneously. The straightforward control panel makes it easy to switch from one color to another.

Sketchpro 3D Pen

The Sketchpro 3D Pen is a robust, full-featured device packed with a lot of features users are sure to appreciate. It has a spacious LED screen allowing access to device options like filament color, heating preferences, and more. A free e-book that introduces first-timers to the world of 3D object creation is included. The Sketchpro 3D Pen runs on non-toxic PLA filament.

Smarson 3D Printing Pen

This versatile pen is another excellent choice for kids who should be encouraged to explore their creative side. The Smarson 3D Printing Pen gives the user control over filament heating and color through an LCD screen. The tool’s total weight is light, making it easier to use without fatigue. The Smarson pen accepts ABS, LEA, and PLA filaments.

Dream Maker Pen

The Dream Maker is another featherweight 3D pen. It’s easy to handle and suitable for use by younger children. One particular feature that parents are sure to appreciate is the inclusion of a number of different templates young sculptors can use to plan out new 3D projects.


This 3D pen is built from the ground up with kids in mind. Designed for use by children as young as six, the IDO3D operates according to a different mechanism than the pens described above. It uses a specially-formulated ink that dries under UV light using the included lamp. Note that user reviews indicate this pen can get very messy in use. Here’s a list of some other 3d pens too.


Fashion Tips for the Winter

For many people, winter is their favourite time of the year and that’s quite easy to see as the clothing options at this time of year are endless.

Looking good and also being warm should be a big concern and these tips are there to help you do just that.

Fashion Tips for the Winter

1 – Wear Bold Colors!

The summer and spring time seems to favor lighter colors, so dress with bold colors in the winter time. You’ll stand out well amidst the drearier and snowy weather. Shades such as purple, maroon, burgundy, and even brown and black are fantastic for this time of year. The deepest shades possible will work the best. You can accentuate these colors well with various shades of grey. This will offset any brighter shades perfectly. Mix and match all kinds of combinations until you find whatever style seems to look the best on you.

2 – Accessorize With Scarves And Other Wool Clothing

This isn’t like your school days when having to bundle up in sweaters and scarves felt like a chore. Now, you can experiment and have fun with all of the extra accessories! Wool scarves, sweaters, cardigans, ear muffs, and so on all make for gorgeous winter attire. Keep the same color palette from the first tip running and you’ll likely find yourself looking quite stylish in no time. If your main attire is fairly plain, wear accessories with patterns or prints to add a bit more visual flair and variety.

Fashion tips for winter

3 – Experiment

If you want to escape looking too drab with typical winter clothing, you can add a bit of uniqueness to your overall style by just trying random things. For instance, maybe one day you might feel like wearing two socks that are from different pairs. You can even tie a scarf made with thinner material into your hair rather than using a regular scrunchie, ribbon, bow, or hair pin. There aren’t really any rules other than the ones you set for yourself. While brown, grey, black, and deeper colors might fit the season well, there’s nothing keeping you from throwing that out the window and just trying whatever suits your fancy on a given day. There are some ideas below in the infographic from Style We

4 – The Turtleneck And Leather Jacket Combo

By itself, a turtleneck seems to have connotations of a “nerdy” or possibly even uptight look that you might not want to be associated with. A leather jacket on the other hand might make you look as if you’re trying too hard to look cool or tough. When paired together, those two extremes balance each other out. Rather than looking stuffy or like you’re trying too hard, well, you’re just going to look flat out stylish!

5 – Palazzos

The winter time is perfect for long pants. You don’t have to feel limited to jeans or dress trousers however. You can find some truly stylish looks in the realm of palazzos. When worn alongside your wool accessories and leather jacket, you’re absolutely guaranteed to turn some heads. Perhaps best of all, there will even be plenty of room on the inside of the legs to wear some leggings for extra warmth if you tend to stay on the uncomfortably chilly side in the cooler months. Palazzos also come in a wide variety of colors, so any look you’re going for will be well accommodated!

Fashion Tips for the Winter



Chicco Opens First Concept Store for Southeast Asia in Singapore

Chicco is the largest baby brand in Europe and now there is concept store in Singapore! Isn’t this a good news, mommies and daddies? As a leading and established baby brand in Europe, Chicco opens its first Concept Store for Southeast Asia in Singapore. We also had the opportunity to join with the media preview on 12th October before its official launch on 15 October 2016.

Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

About Chicco

Founded in 1958 by Pietro Cateli, Chicco’s vision was to create a brand that meets all the needs of baby care for 0-36 months. After many years as an established business, today Chicco is a global market leader for all the baby and children’s needs. From baby feeding to sleeping, clothes to shoes and toys to skincare, Chicco is a brand name which any mom loves to use for their kids!

Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

Lot of items for babies from feeding to sleeping – At Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

The concept store in Tanglin Mall, Singapore is also the largest in Asia with total 4,400sqft.With an impressive collection of state-of-the-art products which is essential for development of newborns to children up to 8 years old, Chicco Concept Store wil be a popular shoping destination for all parents who loves to find baby essentials in one store.

Other than the product arrangements, shoppers will have fuss free experience while selecting products at the store as these are neatly packed with readable icons and images.

Traveling with babies cannot be so hard with all these new designs and ideas – Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

Chicco also aims to provide great quality products for everyone regardless the budget.

With Chicco Next To Me Crib, keep your little one as close to you as possible

Here are some of our moments at the Media Preview.

Our Experience at the Media Preview

Some moments from the Media Preview opening

Some moments from the Media Preview opening

Of course,these are the favourite items of my kid

Of course,these are the favourite items of my kid 🙂

When asked for the favourite items from the shop,this is Sanu's selection. :) He also had test rides.

When asked for the favourite items from the shop,this is Sanu’s selection. 🙂 He also had test rides.


And another ride! Other than the products for newborns,the concept store is with toys for toddlers and preschoolers too.It is not a surprise that my 3 years old kid loves active toys like these... :)

And another ride! Other than the products for newborns,the concept store is with toys for toddlers and preschoolers too.It is not a surprise that my 3 years old kid loves active toys like these… 🙂

 Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

Some details of the Sanu’s favourite tricycle from Chicco.It is suitable for 18mths to 5 yrs old kids.My kid just celebrated his 3rd year birthday last week.So I know this is an age appropriate play item for him.

 Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

Is there anything he loves from Chicco Concept Store?Of course,he loves anything that he can ride! When I asked the same question from him,he showed me different tricycle designs and this is the final reaction 🙂

Doesn’t this look like a great place to shop everything you need from newborn to grown up kids?

Visit Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall once it is opened on this 15th! You will have many things to buy.


Chicco Singapore

#02-17/18 ,Tanglin Mall,

163 Tanglin Road

Singapore 247933

Happy shopping!








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