June 22, 2024

TrueCare24 for Fast and Convenient Medical Care

Just imagine urgent health care need at your home. May be you are sick and it is difficult to travel to the doctors place simply because there is no other person at home, or you can’t leave home because your kids are alone. Sometimes, it is really frustrating to wait in the queues of clinics.

In such situations, a doctor at door step is really convenient for anyone. That is why a platform like TrueCare24 is really helpful, especially in any injuries or sudden illness.

What is TrueCare24?

TrueCare24 is a company based in San Francisco which provides the platform to connect with health care medical service providers. With TrueCare24 it is really convenient to consult a healthcare provider just within 60 minutes.

Features of TrueCare24

Here are some of the highlighted features of this healthcare service.

You can request urgent care from your healthcare provider and he will be at your door step within 60 minutes.


It is really convenient to consult a doctor at your home, hotel or even work place. This is one of the features to admire considering the waiting time at clinics and crowded ERs.

All the doctors and healthcare providers are qualified and with experience in working at major hospital and urgent care centers. You can assure the quality care service.

Check more details by visiting their Indiegogo campaign or by visiting www.truecare24.com

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