July 20, 2024

7 Tips for a Perfect Newborn Photography Session

Your baby is here, and you want to celebrate by showing her beauty off to the whole world! The best way to capture this perfect moment – which will be gone in the blink of an eye – is to schedule a professional photography session.

With your session scheduled and your happy, healthy baby ready for his first photo shoot, you’re almost good to go. But before you leave home to go to the professional newborn photography studio, keep these top 7 tips in mind:

Tips for a Perfect Newborn Photography Session

1. Feed Your Baby First!

A well-fed baby is a tired and happy baby. The last thing anybody wants is for a poor hungry baby to be cranky during his first moment in the spotlight! Make sure to bring extra formula to the session as well, since some photo shoots can last a few hours. While most shoots can be done in 20-30 minutes, you never know if there are any last-minute needs or requests. You are welcome to breastfeed your baby at any time as well. Also, make sure you check out Rae Barnes for some more in-depth tips about newborn photography sessions.

2. Heat the Room

A professional newborn photographer already knows this, but it’s important to keep the room heated so your baby stays warm. Naturally, your baby is more prone to the cold than an adult, especially if they are having pictures taken with no clothes on.

Tips for a Perfect Newborn Photography Session

3. Put Weights in the Baskets

If you are planning on using cute props like buckets or baskets to put your baby in, make sure to put safety first. An easy way to do this is to put a weight at the bottom of the bucket. So if your baby becomes restless and tries to shift around, he won’t topple over or out of the bucket.

4. Let the Baby and the Photographer Bond

Any professional-rated newborn photographer is trained and certified in the handling of babies. You can trust them with your child. Use this as a bonding moment so your baby will be more comfortable with the photographer during the photo shoot. This will help everything go more smoothly. Your baby will remain happy, and your pictures will be beautiful.

Tips for a Perfect Newborn Photography Session

5. Bring A Pacifier

Babies are notoriously known for one thing: crying. And when they cry, it’s because they are hungry, tired, or stressed. They need lots of attention and love. Bring a pacifier to soothe your baby’s cries and make her feel comforted. Knowing you are there will help her stay calm and sleepy.

6. Don’t Put on Loose Clothes

Some parents are tempted to put their baby in loose-fitting clothing for photoshoots. When it comes to newborns under two weeks old, they are typically photographed naked. If you do want them photographed with clothes on, give them something that fits them well.

7. Add a Handmade Item

Want to give your newborn’s photos a little something extra? Handmade knit beanies or articles of clothing can really boost the cuteness factor. It will make your photos more charming and personal, and you’ll be glad you made the right decision.

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