February 22, 2024

Tiny Finger Zone-Place for Best Magnetic Blocks For Kids


We as parents always like to give our kids safe and educational toys. With a simple toy, they learn so many things. If the toy is safe and if it enhances some skills of the tiny hands and mind, then sure it is a good toy to introduce to any kid.

It is same with us at home. We don’t buy lot of fancy toys. Instead we like to buy simple toys which enhance the skills of our little son.
Recently I found a new educational and safe toy which is good for kids to spend more time while experimenting with their creative ideas. What I found are magnetic blocks in different colors.

Magnetic blocks by Tiny Finger Zone are perfect to stimulate creativity of your child with lot of learning ideas. These magnetic blocks are designed to enhance the skills of kids with safe play with educational toys.

Magnetic Blocks For Kids

Anyway, if you have any doubt on why you need to introduce magnetic blocks to your child, let me share some helpful ideas.

  • Recent researches shows that children need to play in order to learn. They need to touch, see, and make in order to enhance their skills.
  • By introducing different colorful blocks it opens the door for imagination and creative ideas.
  • Using colorful magnetic blocks, you can provide your kids a learning environment to enhance their fine motor skills including stack, group and creating new patterns as they imagine.
magnetic blocks by Tiny Finger Zone

Other than above mentioned, magnetic blocks also have below features.

  • You can help them learning to count using magnetic blocks
  • These magnetic blocks help tiny minds to think more and solve problems.
  • Magnetic blocks are great to build in any direction, against gravity. That is a main feature of magnetic blocks over normal building blocks.
  • Even if you don’t have young kids, these are great as gifts for birthdays or even for no reason.

Just have a look into www.TinyFingerZone.com, you’ll find more details.

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6 thoughts on “Tiny Finger Zone-Place for Best Magnetic Blocks For Kids

  1. I hadn’t seen these before! My daughter loves magnets and blocks – putting them together just makes sense. Might have to add these to her Christmas list!

  2. Just received the 50 piece. My 3 year old loves them. He builds “soldiers” everywhere.
    Plus, they have 10% right now.

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