May 23, 2024

Spreading God’s Message

Courageous Women Ministries is an appreciated and worthwhile opportunity for women with various problems to provide support for each other in a Christian womens ministry. At the same time, they are encouraged to develop a stronger relationship with God in their daily lives and help to spread His message of understanding.

Spreading God’s Message

Finding friendship and love in a welcoming environment allows women to open up about their struggles such as abusive relationships, having to be in a shelter, and other problems and hopefully find answers to their dilemmas. This is especially carried out by having them and others attend speaking engagements, tea parties, and other events where the social atmosphere leads to being able to discuss things in a very friendly manner and without hesitation.

Vickie Hoefer, who heads the organization, speaks at women’s organizations in the Seattle, Washington, area and discusses the importance of women connecting with others similar to them and who have also endured rough times in their lives.

Vickie also hosts a support group for women with chronic illnesses and The Rain Foundation that connects handicapped and special needs children with horses. All those activities further the lives of those who need some personal encouragement from others as well as being assured that God and Jesus are watching over them and will aid them in conquering their situations and bring peace to their lives.

Tea Parties are held at various women’s groups and shelters with pertinent discussions on the problems that women face and how to deal with them.

At Speaking Engagements, Vickie discusses God’s and Jesus’ unconditional love, that their guidance can lead through suffering to a place of happiness and contentment, and that one should never give up but allow God to take over when one is sad, angry, frustrated, or desperate.

Donations to The Rain Foundation help special needs children interact with horses to gain confidence. Children are allowed to play with the horses and speak with them without any judgments. They also set up a scholarship type system that allows children to participate in the program free of charge.

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