April 20, 2024

Early Signs of Speech Disorders in Children

signs of speech disorders in children

Every parent wants to see their children grow healthy and happy. No one wants to see their children suffer from any disorder. Among many different disorders common in children, do you have any concern about your child’s peaking skills? Do you know that there are children who undergo speech difficulties? If so what are the signs of speech disorders in children? If you know how to identify the early warning signs of speech disorders in children, then you can find ways to cure them. This post is all about the early warning signs of childhood speech disorders.

How to overcome speech disorders in children?

Before sharing the signs of speech disorders, I want to share what you can do if you find any such signs. Then you will be relieved as there are ways to overcome speech disorders.

Children will undergo hearing tests too depending on the disorder they experience. At the same time, you can help the child to undergo speech therapy by contacting an experienced and reputed speech therapist. In case if you find it difficult to reach a therapist, don’t worry there are therapists who provide their services online. You can easily arrange online speech therapy for your child if he experiences any speech disorder.

Remember, early intervention is really important. Therefore if you find any clue of speech disorder even when your child is a toddler, it is recommended to consult a doctor or a healthcare provider.

signs of speech disorders in children

What are the warning signs of speech disorders?

Child doesn’t have consistent voice quality

Some children show signs of inconsistent voice quality at their early stages of life. They may not have the skills to control their volume or they may have a hoarse voice. However, if these signs are unusual for his age, it is good to get warned.

When you see signs like below you can even try tongue twisters with your child. Tongue twisters such as Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear can be used as an exercise for children who undergo certain speech disorders.

Child doesn’t speak much

Usually, children speak a lot. They don’t need a topic to talk about. They will even do self-talking or they will talk a lot with their toys while enjoying pretend play. However, if you notice that your child doesn’t speak much or even your child speaks rarely when they reach 2 years old and above it can be an early sign of speech disorder.

signs of speech disorders in children

Child stutters

Some children stutter. If your child stutters, it is an obvious sign of a speech disorder. Usually, these children who stutter repeat the same word for few times when they talk with someone. Pay attention to these clues of speech disorders.

Child shows signs of hearing disorder

Speech disorders also connected with hearing disorders. If your child shows issues in hearing, he may have some hearing issues. If he cannot hear properly he will also not talk or respond to any question properly. Therefore check whether the child has any hearing difficulty or not.

Above are some of the early signs of speech disorders in children. If you find one or a few of these clues, don’t wait till these cause serious problems. Contact a speech therapist or a healthcare provider for advice.

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