May 21, 2024

Science Centre Singapore: A Science Wonderland for Children

Science Centre Singapore Blog

Have you ever been so amazed by science, surrounded by the mysteries of the universe and cool human inventions? That’s exactly how we felt on our recent trip to the Science Centre Singapore. It was like going on a super interesting adventure to learn new things and discover cool stuff. My son said that he wanted to visit the Science Centre Singapore, and I brought him on his school holidays. It was an awesome visit to spend our time in both Science and fun.

Science Centre Singapore

From the moment we stepped through the doors, it was evident that this was not your average museum visit. The Science Centre Singapore is a playground for the curious mind, offering a kaleidoscope of exhibits that spanned the vastness of time and space.


Hands-On Learning

Science Centre Singapore

One of the unique aspects of the Science Centre is its commitment to hands-on learning. It’s not just about observing; it’s about touching, experimenting, and engaging with the exhibits.

The interactive displays sparked our curiosity and encouraged us to become active participants in the learning process. Whether it was manipulating robotic arms or experimenting with optical illusions, every corner was an opportunity to explore, discover, and learn.

fun mirror activities
science through fun

Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators

Science Centre Singapore

Beyond the exhibits, the Science Centre Singapore is a hub of inspiration for the future generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators.

Science Centre Singapore

The educational programs and workshops cater to students of all ages, fostering a love for science and technology. As we witnessed young minds light up with excitement, it became evident that the Science Centre is not just a place for exploration; it’s a catalyst for nurturing the curious minds that will shape the future.

Fun and Creepy (Overcome your Fear)

There were also fun and even a bit creepy exhibits that added an extra twist to our experience! The creepy yet fun exhibits were dedicated to helping children to learn about overcoming their fears. Check our Halloween experience in Malaysia Legoland for some other not so creepy moments.


Good for Family Bonding Time

We had a great time as another ‘mom and son day out’ while enjoying every moment of science concepts. Some concepts, actually I can’t remember. Son didn’t want to read and learn either. 🙂 It was the same with most other children too who were around. But they all had great fun among the exhibits. 🙂

Science Centre Singapore

Below was one of the most attractive exhibits for many kids. I found they were playing around with the shooting game. My son too spent more time forgetting to visit other exhibits. 🙂


We also had some snacks and drinks from the cafe inside the Science Centre.

snacks at Science Centre Singapore

Finally, our trip to the Science Centre Singapore was super interesting and way cooler than regular museums. It wasn’t just about old stuff and facts; it felt like we went on a cool adventure into the world of science. Whether you love science, are curious about it, or just want a fun family day, this place is a must-visit. It’ll make you feel amazed, smart, and fascinated by the awesome things in our world.

Remember you need at least 4 hours to explore the Science Centre main exhibits. But, there are other programs as well that you can join. Here is the Singapore Science Centre website for more details to plan your visit:

Do you like to visit such places? Please share your thoughts and experiences.

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12 thoughts on “Science Centre Singapore: A Science Wonderland for Children

  1. This sounds wonderful, I would very much enjoy a visit. In a lot of the museums in England there were very good interactive museums and we loved them, too. Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. I love places like that and they are really cool for kids. We have the Exploratorium in San Francisco that is similar to your place and we went there often with our daughter. When she went to university, we even one day met in SF and visited the Exploratorium – it had moved to a different location by then and we were curious what it would be like there. I had the impression it was even bigger than before.

  3. Your son is really a great little actor. I love his expression and body language in some of these shots. And we even have a photo of you which is great. I love science museums . They are always so interesting and have such fun exhibits. Liking these types of museum makes this a fun post in my opinion. 🙂 I hope it was a great T day and that you have a great rest of the week. hugs-Erika

  4. I’m sorry to be late visiting. I have not been well today.

    I am SO jealous of your son’s adventure at the Science Center. I would love to do many of the things and experiments in which he participated. It looked like a lot of fun for your son.

    It was nice to see your drinks and your son sharing his with us for T this Tuesday, dear Amila. And thanks for sharing the Science Center, too.

  5. My girlies always loved a visit to the Museum of Science in Boston. Lots to see. Live demonstrations. Stuff to touch. Just what a kid could ask for. Your son looks like he had a wonderful time at the science museum, too. Happy T Day

  6. What a fantastic day out! It looks like a really fun place to learn. The creepy exhibits do look interesting. My girls used to love going places like this, where it was interactive when they were younger.

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