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An Hour Well Spent : Feet Haven Reflexology -Upper Bukit Timah

Having a foot reflexology treatment can be one of the best therapies for any mom who always run after kids and busy with other daily chaos! So, I had such opportunity recently to experience a relaxing foot massage at the Feet Haven Upper Bukit Timah Branch. Well, Feet Haven is not only for moms who run after their kids. 🙂 It is open for anyone who loves to relax and rejuvenate! It is always good to find the right physiotherapist or visit a spa for a foot massage!

Feet Haven Reflexology -Upper Bukit Timah

It was bit dark when I came out after my treatment.

Feet Haven Reflexology -Upper Bukit Timah

Nestled in a beautiful corner of Upper Bukit Timah, the newest branch of the Feet Haven is the perfect place for relax your body from all sort of aches and pains. Having a body massage or feet reflexology treatment there can make you relax and rejuvenate. As I am a satisfied customer, here is my detailed review on Feet Haven Upper Bukit Timah, so you can visit the place soon!

As always, I like to visit such places because this mommy wants some ‘me time’ too. My hubby is always helpful for me by taking care of the kid, so I have my own time at least few times a month. Although it is easy to hire a taxi, I selected to walk after alighting at Beauty World MRT. But, if you chose to walk, it is better to prepare with the directions. From the Beauty World MRT, you need to walk towards the Bukit Timah Plaza. Then walk along the Off Rifle Range Road. It is easy to find the place once you are in Off Rifle Range Road.

Feet Haven Reflexology -Upper Bukit Timah

The cozy environment at Feet Haven Reflexology -Upper Bukit Timah

So, finally I was in Feet Haven. As the name says, it is completely a Haven! It will make you to forget the hustle and bustle of the busy city. At the time I entered into the Feet haven, I was relaxed. I was not in a hurry. The people at the Feet Haven welcomed me cordially. They even asked me about having a drink, though I didn’t want at that time.

Feet Haven Reflexology -Upper Bukit Timah

Views are relaxing and beautiful!

Having Foot Reflexology Treatment at Feet Haven

After spending few minutes talking with the team at Feet Haven, I was sent to the treatment area. Earlier I was offered a complete full body massage. However, I preferred to experience foot massage. I am always with painful feet at night times, so I asked them for foot reflexology treatment as it may benefit me.

Feet Haven Reflexology -Upper Bukit Timah

I also requested a female therapist. All these were arranged as per my choices. My treatment started after soaking my feet in warm water.It was perfect to relax my tired feet.

Feet Haven Reflexology -Upper Bukit Timah

Having Foot Reflexology treatment at Feet Haven -Upper Bukit Timah

Finally the therapist started feet massage. She is a nice experienced lady who also shared some tips and advices with me on taking care of myself. She didn’t waste any second during the treatment period. Although she asked me to relax and have a nap, I spent time experiencing every bit of the treatment. Foot reflexology treatment was not uncomfortable. There were times I experienced the sensations of pressure points. It’s an hour well spent. While having the foot massage at Feet Haven, I also experienced the calm music. Don’t forget the aroma inside the treatment rooms. Finally, it is a place to treat your body and mind with five sensations. The flower tea I received after the treatment was perfect to make me warm and relax!

My Review about Feet Haven Reflexology (Upper Bukit Timah)

Feet Haven Reflexology -Upper Bukit Timah

Just after the treatment!

Well,all above are the details and my experience at the Feet Haven.After spending an hour indulging in a foot reflexology treatment,I want say that it was an hour well spent!I was totally relaxed.The sensation of pressure points were awesome.That could fade away all my tiredness.After all,I was rejuvenated.

If you want to relax your body ,mind and soul; then experience such a treatment from an well experienced therapist.You will see the difference!

Feet Haven Reflexology (Upper Bukit Timah) –Useful Information

There are different treatments available including Foot Reflexology, Acupressure Point Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Shoulder reflexology and combination of body massage and foot reflexology. You can easily select the treatment according to your condition and choices. Finally, you will never regret about the time you spend at the Feet Haven.

Visit their website for more details and for available packages.

Opening Hours : 11am to 11pm (Last appointment is at 10pm)

Do you like foot reflexology treatments? How about your experiences? Please share your thoughts below.

Disclosure: I was invited to experience this service.However,all opinions are mine.


Sporkstix and Siliskin Straw Cup from BabyBuys make Mealtime Enjoyable! (Review + Giveaway)

It is time to introduce another great online shop in Singapore which you can buy necessities you need when you are a new mom! As my recent experience with products received from is really awesome, I want to share this review post together with individual reviews of the products I received with you all.

Parenting is not so easy as there are many milestones to pass. From the day the infant is born, there are lot of responsibilities including feeding, diapering and of course raising them healthy and happy. What about travelling? Even If you don’t want to travel overseas trips, you still need to prepare for hospital visits and other small trips such as grocery shopping. Throughout this journey, we need many products. This is where online shops are really helpful for parents to find the necessities in just few clicks.


BabyBuys is another online shop which sells items for both moms and babies ranging from feeding, nursing, toys and diapering. There are many other products in their shop which you need to check! Other than buying for your babies, you will also find BabyBuys as a great place for find gifts for newly born babies!

Recently we received these Sporkstix and silicone straw cup which are really helpful during the meal time. So, here is our review and experience with the Sporkstix and silicone straw cup!

Fed-Fun Eating Devices (Sporkstix) Review

As the name suggests, this is a really fun eating device. Do you notice that it is a combination of spoon, fork and chopsticks? This sporkstix is great for kids to eat alone. Instead of handling both fork and spoon or fork with chopsticks, they can start with sporkstix!

Fed-Fun Eating Devices (Sporkstix) review

Mommy, you also don’t have to wash so many items after the feeding time. It is common that most of the kids drop the spoon or fork while eating. But this sporkstix is really fun and interesting to use.

Fed-Fun Eating Devices (Sporkstix) review

My kid spent time trying to use it as a fork, spoon or as chopstick. It seems meal time is interesting for him with new experiments with food.

Sporkstix and Siliskin® Straw Cup from BabyBuys make Mealtime Enjoyable! 🙂 

Other than the benefits for feeding, below are some of the features of Fed sporkstix!

-It is BPA free

-It limits the contact with germs on the surface

-Increases the fine motor skills of the child

-This item is dishwasher free.

You can buy this Sporkstix from BabyBuys Singapore. Check more details here. (Use the code 8CD5X to enjoy 5% discount from your purchases)

Siliskin Silicone Straw Cup Review

Siliskin Silicone Straw Cup review
Siliskin Silicone Straw Cup review

This Siliskin Silicone Straw cup is really awesome for kids simply because of the unique features it has. How many times you clean the floor when your kid spills water or any drink on the floor? Switching from the feeding bottle to Sippy cup needs lot of patience and care. Sometimes it is a total mess. Then, next transition is introducing the normal cups for drinking. This silicone straw cup is helpful for the transition as it ensure no more spills!

Siliskin Silicone Straw Cup review
It is easy to clean,No more spills and can be boiled to sterilize

This cup is bit heavy (not so light) and it comes with a spill proof lid. The reusable straw is soft and great for kids. Cleaning of this cup is really easy as you can remove the parts separately.

Now our mealtime is more enjoyable and less mess with these new feeding items. My kid really loves the new cup and he enjoys drinking from it.

Now you want to buy one for your kid, right? Check here for more details.(Use the code 8CD5X to enjoy 5% discount from your purchases)

BabyBuys Singapore Coupon Code for discounts

When you shop with BabyBuys Singapore, use the coupon code 8CD5X and enjoy 5% discounts from your purchases. This is exclusively for Diary of a new mom readers and the coupon code will never expires! You can use the same coupon for your 2nd purchase and then next purchases too!

BabyBuys carries many items that are essentials for moms and babies.Check their online shop at for more details of the products.

Giveaway Time

Now it is time for another giveaway. Team at BabyBuys kindly sponsor 2 prizes for 2 lucky readers of this blog.You can win either 1 set of Silikids Straw Cup or 1 set of Silikids Sippy Cup by entering into this giveaway. Here is how to do.

-Simply use the rafflecopter to enter into the giveaway.

1 set of Silikids Straw Cup or 1 set of Silikids Sippy Cup for 2 lucky winners (Check the both products by visiting here)

-By entering into the giveaway you agree to provide the mailing address if you win in order to send the prize.

-Giveaway will end on 31st March 2017, 12am.We will contact the winners through a Facebook message or email.

-In case we do not hear from you within 72 hours, we’ll select another winner.

-Winners will be selected randomly using the rafflecopter entries.But we keep the right to disqualify the winners if they do not complete the entry requirements.

Disclosure: We received above products in order to facilitate this review. However all opinions are mine.

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LOL Playland – Indoor Playground @JCube, Jurong East (#Review + Giveaway)

Visit to the LOL Playland is our latest adventure! Located at the JCube shopping mall, Singapore; this LOL Playland is a dream for any active kid who loves to engage in both active play and pretend play activities. These days I visit many Singapore indoor playgrounds with my kid because I know the importance of actively engaging in play activities for the kids. So, here is my share with you because I know that parents around this blog are keen on raising active and happy kids!

LOL Playland-singapore-review

I am sure that you want to visit this newly opened Singapore indoor playground with your kids when you read this post about our experiences. Simply because, the experiences which my kid had are unique or not so typical!

Bit of Background Story of LOL Playland

LOL Playland is not just another typical indoor playground in Singapore. It is a dream of another mom who wished to have an indoor playground in Singapore West area which has facilities for both active play and pretend play activities. With proper planning and efforts, finally the LOL Playland is born with both active play and pretend play facilities for kids.

As LOL Playland is with many activities for kids of all ages, I think it is better to write my review post based on activities which kids can involve inside the playground.

Activities for kids in LOL Playland @JCube

Toddler’s House

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

Toddler’s house includes both active play and pretend play facilities for young kids.

The name says it all. The Toddler house is designed for toddlers. But my son who is nearly 3.5 years old now spent most of his time inside the toddler house and engaged with many activities.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

After shopping around,he is ready to pay at the cashier! 🙂

Toddler house is in pretty decent size and allow facilities for young kids to play both pretend play and active play. The first floor area is full of toys which are especially suitable for kids to engage in imaginary play activities. Some of the activities include shopping, selling ice-cream and cooking. There are also activity boards which toddlers can spend time on activities such as solving maze.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

Activities at the pantry.(at Toddler’s house of LOL Playland)

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

Activity boards are so much fun!


LOL Playland-Singapore-review

Grocery shopping is so much easier inside the Toddler’s House,LOL Playland…

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

Hair Dressers!You have facilities too!

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

At the LOL Playland!

Above the toddler house is full of active play ideas which kids can enjoy their time till they feel tired!

Role Play activities (Pretend play)

On the middle of the LOL Playland, you will find 3 rooms which are designated to role play activities for kids. Kids can dress up as a doctor, fire fighter or as a policeman and engage in role playing. The rooms are equipped with necessary toys for role playing these professions giving the kids opportunity to explore their imaginations!

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

Role Playing facilities for kids

I love this facility as not all indoor playgrounds in Singapore come with role play activities like this.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

A doctor at the LOL Playland


LOL Playland-Singapore-review

We found a fire fighter too!

Main Playground for kids

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

Active play area for kids….

On your right of the playland, you will find 3 storey main playground which is suitable for grown up kids. However, still this area is suitable for young kids too. Kids can actively play in this 3 storey playground involving activities such as climbing,jumping and sliding 🙂

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

Other activities

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

Kids can involve in colouring activities too…

Other than main activities of the playground which are active play and pretend play, this LOL Playland provides educational activities for kids making it a complete edutainment center. One side of the playground is equipped with tables for those kids who love colouring. The other side is with a table with sensory play activities. So, kids will never get bored as there are different activities which they can involve during their time in the LOL Playland.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

In this table,young kids can spend time with sensory play activities…

LOL playland has never forgotten the infants. They have dedicated a separate area for infants too.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

Designated area for infants…


LOL Playland-Singapore-review

Seating facilities for parents….

The playland comes with facilities for parents including seating areas, snacks, lockers and also with changing room facilities. Parents can watch their kids by sitting on seating area. Parents can also buy snacks from the counter during the wait.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

Mini Snack bar

Events & Party Room

LOL Playland comes with a party room which parents can arrange their kids’ birthday parties. Other than the party room facilities, LOL Playland provides enrichment courses and other events which are helpful for both parents and kids.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review

Party Room

As a newly opened indoor playground in Singapore, LOL Playland is full of activities for both young kids and grown up kids.

Our Review of LOL Playland, Jurong East

LOL Playland Jurong East-Review

So far, I’ve visited different indoor playgrounds in Singapore with my kid. Some playgrounds such as Pororo Park are large in Size. Other playgrounds such as My Little Giant are with other entertaining activities for kids.

However, LOL Playland is decent in size, pretty decent in look and neatly arranged with facilities for all kids of different age groups. As there is a separate Toddler house, parents do not have to worry about their toddlers playing with active and grown up kids.(I mean the place is safe for young toddlers too)

Role playing activities are the best admirable activities for me as these days my kid shows more interest on pretend playing activities. All these activities are really worth for the entrance fee we have to pay.

If you consider raising happy and healthy kids,I am sure you love to visit such playgrounds with your kids to allow them to play till they get tired!

Important information on LOL Playland, JCube, Singapore

Location : 2 Jurong East Central 1, #03-04/05, JCube Shopping Centre, Singapore 609731

Opening Hours: Monday -to- Friday: 11 am – 09:00 pm, Saturday -to- Sunday & PH/SH : 10:30 am – 9:30 pm

Contact details:

Check more details, ticket prices and packages by visiting their website


Giveaway time

It is time for another giveaway. Managing team @LOL Playland happily sponsor 5 free entry passes to the readers of Diary of a New Mom.

Simply use the rafflecopter to enter into the giveaway.

-5 free entries for 5 lucky winners

-By entering into the giveaway you agree to provide the mailing address if you win in order to post the entry pass.

-Play passes will be mailed to winners through the normal mail. We Diary of a New Mom and LOL Playland will not be responsible for any lost mails.

-Play passes are valid till 22nd May,2017.

-Giveaway will end on 15th March 2017, 12am.We will contact the winners through a Facebook message or email.

-In case we do not hear from you within 72 hours, we’ll select another winner.

Disclosure:We received free entry for the LOL Playland in order to facilitate this review.However all opinions are mine.



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Check Tweet Paperie for Unique Personalized Gifts in Singapore

Personalized gifts are always unique and exciting. The receiver will be happy to recieve a gift which is really made just for him or her. Specially, when it is time to share gifts for kids, they would love to see their names on the gifts. This simple thing can make kids happier than giving them an expensive gift.

Tweet Paperie for Unique Personalized Gifts in Singapore

Tweet Paperie is such a place to find unique personalized gifts for kids, parents or even for teachers with cute and lovely designs. Based in Singapore,their design collection includes themed party packages, party favors, personalized stationary and many more items including gifts for newlyweds and babies. Recently I received some items which are suitable as birthday party favours for kids which could create my son and niece super excited! They loved to see their names on the favour bags!

Here are some of the items we received which are personalized with the kids names.

Half Transparent Net Pouch with Name – Party Favor / Goodie Bag

Tweet Paperie for Unique Personalized Gifts in Singapore

This pouch is suitable as a goodie bag for kids party which you can easily personalize the goodie bags with individual recipients name. These pouches are suitable for birthday goodie bags and any occasion which you need personalized gifts to give as party favours.

I requested this goodie bag with my niece’s name on it. She loved to have such a cute pouch to keep her stationary.Check more details here.

Art Case (Stationery Bag) Custom Party Favor (with Name)


This is another cute personalized gift for any kid which is also available in different designs. My kid loves his stationary bag which he uses to keep his crayons and other colour pencils inside. This cute stationary bag is suitable to keep colour pencils whenever we visit outside and I found my kid is happy with colouring during his trips.Check more designs and details here.

We also received other designs of stationary bags and pouches which are really cute and useful for kids.

Tweet Paperie –unique personalized gifts

Features of the personalized gifts from Tweet Paperie

As there are online stores for such designs, we always worry about the quality and appearance of the product before we buy. However, the products we received from Tweet Paperie are in high quality and suitable for kids. These products are suitable as party favours which can create the event fun and excited by simply mentioning the items with individual recipients names. That can be a good keepsake too.

Tweet Paperie –review

And, did you check the price? Prices are really reasonable and affordable. Also don’t forget the cute designs. I love the idea that these goodie bags are reusable as stationary bags which kids can continue using it. So, if you are planning your kids’ birthday party or any kids’ event, check for the favour bags ideas. You will not regret of your idea of sharing personalized goodie bags for cute party guests! Also check their store for other range of products!



Breastmilk Jewelry from Keepsake by Ryo

My breastfeeding journey is more than 2 years long. I am happy that I could exclusively breastfeed my kid for his first 6 months. After that he was introduced for solids, however I continued breastfeeding.

When my kid was 2 years old, it was time to stop breastfeeding completely. But, do you know what happened? I started feeling sad. It was like I was going to miss something which I was used to. I worried about missing our bonding time. I worried about my kid who doesn’t want my milk anymore. I know this is same for most of the breastfeeding moms. I used to same routine of spending bonding time with my kid while breastfeeding him for more than 2 years and now it is time to stop. I had to accept the fact that he is a grown up child now.

With such mix of feelings, I just spent time over internet and found about breast milk jewelries. Yes, this first time mom didn’t know about such thing in this world! That’s the first time I found about breastfeeding keepsakes. So that’s my story about finding this concept of breast milk keepsakes .I was over the moon and I wanted to own a breast milk keepsake in order to keep my best memories of breastfeeding journey.

Breastmilk Keepsakes by Keepsake by Ryo

Keepsake by Ryo is an online shop which creates keepsake jewelries from breastmilk, baby’s hair & cord. If you check her creative jewelries you will know how these tiny hair pieces of baby hair and breast milk can convert into beautiful jewelry which creates best   keepsakes!

Well, finally I am an owner of beautiful breastmilk jewelry and here is my review and memories of working with Keepsake by Ryo!


How to Create Breastmilk keepsakes with Keepsake by Ryo?

Making breastmilk jewelry is not just 1 day or few days process. It needs few weeks, patience and concern. Here are the steps I went through during creating this beautiful breastmilk jewelry with Keepsake by Ryo. Although it took some time (few weeks),finally I have a piece of keepsake which can renew my memories of breastfeeding.

Step 1

Once you place the order with Keepsake by Ryo, you need to send inclusions for the selected piece of jewelry. In my case, I selected a design that only needs breast milk.



It’s time to pump some breastmilk

Now it is time to pump breastmilk. You know, I was almost breastfed for 2 years and started weaning. Even I used no more milk tea to stop my supply. Now, I want few drops to create breastmilk jewelry. For me I found I was really low in supply, so I had to wait for few days till I pump the required amount of breast milk.

keepsake by Ryo-review

The so precious sample of breastmilk for the breastmilk keepsake


Tip: Don’t throw your expired breast milk in the freezer. You can use that milk for your keepsakes. Actually I threw some packets of pumped breastmilk which was in my fridge just few days before I found about these keepsakes. Otherwise I could have used that milk for the jewelries.

Step 2

Send (by Post) the breastmilk and inclusions to Keepsake by Ryo. Address and more details are on their website.

Step 3

Wait! 🙂

Yes, you need to understand that making a breastmilk keepsake need few weeks. So, you have to wait for few weeks. Anyway, don’t worry you will get the email updates from the Keepsake by Ryo once they receive the inclusions and once they post the completed jewelry. I received the same updates!

Step 4

Admire the breastmilk jewelry keepsake that you receive.Yes,I love the jewelry keepsake I received.It is really beautiful and so precious.This breast milk jewelry keepsake reminds me all the good and hard time I underwent while breastfeeding.It can make me cry.It can make me smile and it can make me hopeful too.I hope my kid will grow very well with all benefits of breastmilk he received exclusively for the first 6 months and after that for entire 2 years!

Breastmilk Keepsakes by Keepsake by Ryo

Breastmilk Jewelry from Keepsake by Ryo

Review of Breastmilk Jewelry from Keepsake by Ryo

Well,I don’t have any negative comments.I spent more days for sending breastmilk as I didn’t have enough supply.So,I understand that affects the product making.I expect from the beginning for little bit yellowish breastmilk inclusions as I sent the last few drops of my milk supply.I also understand that colour of breast milk is different from one to another.So,overall my experience is smooth and I am happy to own this keepsake.

If you are a breastfeeding mom,don’t lose the chance of creating a beautiful breastmilk keepsake.Remember you cannot make it once you wean.Check for more details on how you can create your own precious keepsake!


Disclosure: I received this breastmilk keepsake for free.However that doesn’t affect my true opinions regarding this review.

Entertainment at Toddler Town,Phnom Penh,Cambodia

Yes, the name Toddler Town suggests what it is. Toddler Town is one of the kids friendly attractions in Kids City Asia, Phnom Penh which we visited during our last month holiday. Our Cambodia trip was really good and exciting together with kids friendly entertainment activities we participated in our visit to Kids City Asia.

If you follow this blog you know that we love to visit indoor playgrounds with our kid.He simply loves being active among the colourful play area.However,after our visits to the Pororo Park and My Little Giant in Singapore,we couldn’t visit any indoor playgrounds simply because we spent few months in a Sri Lanka holiday.

 Toddler Town,Phnom Penh,Cambodia

At the Toddler Town,Phnom Penh,Cambodia

However,when we plan our Cambodia holiday,we wanted to add some kids friendly attractions in order to keep our kid happy.If you look for kids friendly activities in Phnom Penh, Cambodia,I am sure this place is the must go in your visit!

Toddler Town is specifically for the kids who are under 4 years old in age. With colourful play equipment and fun fill activities, it is a paradise for toddlers to spend time without getting bored. Our kid was really happy to spend time among the slides, ball pool and other activities forgetting the entire world.

Toddler Town,Phnom Penh,Cambodia

Ball Pool is really exciting!

One side of Toddler town is with play area suitable for small babies or young toddlers while other side is suitable for those who are more active and older in age.

Toddler Town,Phnom Penh,Cambodia

Many activities till get tired!

Toddler Town,Phnom Penh,Cambodia

Adventures too!

Toddler Town,Phnom Penh,Cambodia

My 3 year old even enjoyed his time with pretend playing activities inside the playhouse and with the ship.

Toddler Town,Phnom Penh,Cambodia

In this area,kids can spend time with pretend playing activities.This area is also suitable for young toddlers and babies.

If you visit Cambodia, Phnom Penh, don’t forget to add Kids City Asia as a kids friendly attraction. We found our visit to this place as a wise decision because our kid was with memories of Toddler Town for the entire trip and he was excited.

Toddler Town,Phnom Penh,Cambodia

This ship made our kid super excited!

Kids City Asia is not only for toddlers.Theer are many other attractions and activities such as kids playground,Science Gallery,Laser Tag,Bumper Cars,Clip N’ Climb and Go Karts which are suitable for entire family to enjoy.

For more details: Check

Also check my detailed blog post in my travel blog:

Disclosure: We received complimentary tickets for Kids City Asia.All opinions are our own.

Preserving Playgroup Memories of Our Kid in a Photo Book

It can be for a playgroup kid or a preschool kid. Preserving playgroup memories or even preschool memories is a challenge as there are lots of different ideas around. I faced the same and finally started my project with creating a photobook to preserve his playgroup memories.

Finally another year passed. Our kid is a preschooler now. In 2016 He had a great and precious year in his playgroup with different activities. Although our first intention of sending him for a playgroup was just to learn social skills and to interact with other similar aged kids, we noticed how they learn day by day with different activities such as arts and crafts, singing, reading and even writing.

Preserving Playgroup Memories of Our Kid in a Photo Book

Cover page of our photo book

Each day my kid came out with a craft or art work in hand. At first, I started collecting all such art pieces in a file folder. So, most of his art works are organized and he can see those when he is a grown up adult. (Hopefully) I also keep his workbooks and activity books safe and we still refer those time to time.

Other than that I started a big project! It is a photobook with my kid’s artworks and some special moments during his playgroup year. This is really exciting and I am working on this photobook these days.Before reading further,check this Arts & Crafts book for an inspiration!

Preserving Playgroup Memories of Our Kid in a Photo Book

Here is how I preserve our kid’s playgroup memories in a photobook!

As always I selected my favorite photobook company for this photo album too.

From the collection of photo book ideas for kids, I selected the design of Arts & Crafts photo book design as it is more suitable for my purpose of creating a photo book for playgroup memories.

Preserving Playgroup Memories of Our Kid in a Photo Book

Adding and arranging photos are really easy!

I have loads of memories and photos from his playgroup activities together with his arts and crafts. So, I selected the best photos in to one folder and started creating the book.

Creating this photobook is really easy and it only takes few minutes. However, you will not only own a printed photo book but also a digital photo book which you can print again if needed. I love this idea because of my experience of losing my childhood photos due to a recent flood.

Check: How to create a photo book

Preserving Playgroup Memories of Our Kid in a Photo Book

We celebrated his 3rd birthday with the playgroup friends

Anyway our photo book with our kid’s playgroup memories and activities are almost done. Once finalized and checked again, I can easily order it.

Preserving Playgroup Memories of Our Kid in a Photo Book

This is one of the pages which I added his arts and crafts at the Playgroup

Isn’t it a great idea to preserve childhood memories? They will cherish and really appreciate these photo books once they are grown up!

Check the Arts and Crafts photo book just for an inspiration. You can also subscribe with Mixbook and receive the latest details including promotions up to 50% off!

The Nail Snail : Is It The Best Ever Baby Nail Trimmer?

Clipping baby nails is not an easy task. It needs lot of patience and even if you clip your baby’s nail they will grow fast again. I remember I had to check my son’s nails daily as those were growing fast. Although baby nails are so soft, still these can make scratches on your baby’s face. That is why it is necessary to keep baby nails trimmed all the time.

Although a traditional nail clipper can do the job, I am sure you will undergo little bit stressful time when you trim nails of your baby’s tiny fingers. But now, there is an innovative design which you can use for trimming those tiny little nails. It is The Nail Snail!


The Nail Snail combines a fingernail trimmer, toenail trimmer, nail file and also a under nail cleaner in one trimmer creating it to look like a cute snail! As a safe and health care product, The Nail Snail is suitable for newborns to toddlers and children to keep their nails short and in clean way. With such innovative nail trimmer you don’t have to worry about nail care of your new born or kid anymore!

The Nail Snail

How to trim the baby nails with The Nail Snail

As a product of Christie & Christie, an Australian based family-run business this 3-in-1 baby nail trimmer tool will be launched soon and you can preorder when they start their kickstarter campaign. Keep in touch with their website for the details. Meantime you can also check updates at Social media sites as below.

 Facebook page @nailsnailbaby

Instagram @nail_snail_baby

Isn’t this 3 in 1 baby nail trimmer too cute? I really love this cute design!


The Groovy Giraffe – Online Bookstore Singapore for Children’s Books #Review

The Groovy Giraffe is our latest finding for buying children’s books online for really affordable rates. We love our experiences. So, this is my Groovy Giraffe review which will be helpful for you to decide on your next book purchase for your kids!

We all know that reading to our kids is one of the best things which we can do from their early stages of life. I started reading books for my son when he was just few months old. Now we continue the same habit and we have established a bed time reading routine too. There are many advantages of reading books for kids including improving the communication skills, better literacy, academic skills and mastering the language. There are many more reasons to read with kids. Reading will also develop a stronger relationship between the parent and the kid. With all these reasons, we always surround our kid with age appropriate books for him to read including the books from the library.

The Groovy Giraffe Review

The Groovy Giraffe #Review

However, it is not a secret that children’s books are quiet expensive if you buy those from a local book store. This can be a reason for some parents to not to buy books for their kids. But, you can easily buy books from online bookshops as most of the bookshops sell high quality books for affordable rates. Most of the time, online bookshops sell the books for a rate lower than the local book store.

What is Groovy Giraffe?

The Groovy Giraffe review

Have you heard of The Groovy Giraffe? The Groovy Giraffe is the Singapore’s first online children’s remainder bookstore. You can find brand new, high quality books there for a really lower rate. The books are not second hand or used books. Instead, these books are directly from the publishers which are over printed or with minor shelf wear marks.

Are the books selling at the Groovy Giraffe, brand new?

The books at The Groovy Giraffe   are brand new and overprint books which may have some minor shelf wear. However, you will notice the heavy discounts which you can obtain from the remainder books.

But, I know you have doubts about the quality of the books, right? Then, see the pictures below. The books I ordered are such remainder books which are heavily discounted. Some books are of over 60% discount. However, all the books we bought are of great quality which I can’t even find any remainder mark.

The Groovy Giraffe -review

Books bought from Groovy Giraffe

I bought some of the books from the bargain collection. At first, I also had the doubt of the books from the bargain collection. But, actually I can’t find any visible difference in bargain books and normal priced books which I received from the Groovy Giraffe.


Books are of high quality and I couldn’t find any visible mark

How to save money when you buy from The Groovy Giraffe?

Well, buying children’s books from the Groovy Giraffe itself is a way of saving money as the prices of the books are heavily discounted.(sometimes over 60%). However, here are some of other ways for you to save some more money when you buy from the Groovy Giraffe!

Use the Coupon Code

Coupon codes are so much popular in saving money. Use the Groovy Giraffe discount code ‘Newmom5’ at the check out to enjoy 5% discount on your purchases. (Except bargains)

The Groovy Giraffe review

Buy in bulk

You can buy 1 or 2 books without any minimum limit to enjoy the discounted prices of kids’ books. However, you can enjoy free shipping when you order above $50.

Sign up for the Newsletter

When you sign up with the Groovy Giraffe newsletter, you will receive a $5 coupon which you can redeem at your next check out. Isn’t this great when most of the book prices are lower than $5? 🙂 Other than the sign up bonus,you will also enjoy the exclusive offers which you receive via newsletter.

Sign up for the newsletter by visiting here.

Use the bargain section

Books at bargain collection are heavily discounted

You will find heavily discounted books under bargain section.  My experience with these bargain books is really good. I couldn’t notice any noticeable marks in these books. The price? Prices are heavily discounted and those are up to 80%. So, if you look for books for your kids to improve their interest on reading, why don’t you add few books from the bargain section too?

Groovy Giraffe discount code

My kid loves all the books we bought for him.Isn’t it what we want as parents? #GroovyGiraffeReview

Overall, the experience with Groovy Giraffe is really good and we could add few more books for our little library at home. Check Groovy Giraffe book collection here and then you can decide!

Happy Reading!

EduGuru Maths – Fun Learning Math App for Kids (#Review) + Giveaway

At our home we always love fun learning Apps for kids. It is not that I allow my kid to spend whole day on screen, but educational apps are a good way to spend time in learning activities while having fun. Usually kids get bored easily. Having few apps which are suitable for kids is a great way to keep them engaged before starting to show their unhappiness or boredom!

Recently we came across another educational app which is suitable for kids and it is mainly focus with the theme of teaching maths. With fun activities and colourful designs, it is a hit at our home and my son uses it daily when he wants a break. So, now it is the time for us to introduce the EduGuru Maths app which makes learning maths fun for toddlers and kids.

EduGuru Maths - Fun Learning Math App for Kids

EduGuru Maths is a fun learning Math Apps for Kids

EduGuru Maths – A Maths App for Kids

EduGuru Maths is an educational app which is suitable for kids who are in 3-5 years age range. The app is designed in close collaboration with UK teachers, nursery schools and parents to give the best learning time for kids. With cute animations, kids will find this app as interesting while they learn basic maths concept.As one of the best Math apps for kids,this app makes learning a fun activity for kids!

EduGuru Maths -Review of Maths App for Kids


EduGuru Maths App comes with 8 main Math concepts

This app comes with 8 main games which include below concepts. Based on below basic concepts, the EduGuru app is with total 128 fun to play games which help kids to learn maths in the best fun way.

  • Counting 1-10-20
  • Number recognition and ordering
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Matching, doubling, halving and sharing
  • UK/English coins, money and values
  • Telling the time
  • Patterns, shapes and sequences
  • Colours
  • Size, weight, distance and position

All these games are fun and with colourful animations. It also features popular nursery rhymes such as Ba Ba Black Sheep and Hickory Dickory Dock. So the learning time is really fun for kids while singing songs or moving for the rhythms!

My kid loves this Math App and he learns basic Math concepts without much efforts.

My kid loves this Math App and he learns basic Math concepts without much efforts.

My kid loves this app and he also learns the activities without my help. As all the games are with trophies and medals as rewards, he loves earning his rewards daily.

At young age,learning should be fun.With colourful animations,music and games,EduGuru Math App can win the hearts of kids!

At young age,learning should be fun.With colourful animations,music and games,EduGuru Math App can win the hearts of kids! 🙂

Overall, with our experience EduGuru Maths is a safe and educational app for kids. It can be at home, while travelling or even at the times of waiting for the doctor, this app is really helpful to keep my kid calm and concentrate on his task. And it is not active play which some time disturbing for me and others around. Parents, you know what I mean! So, other than educating kids, EduGuru Maths App is helpful for parents too to have a break!

If you are looking for best Math apps for kids then this is a suitable app for trying.You can get the app from App store or GooglePlay store. Both free and paid versions are available.

EduGuru Maths App Giveaway

Now it is time for another Giveaway. The team at EduGuru Maths App kindly sponsor 5 apps for 5 lucky winners.

To join with the giveaway, simply like this Facebook post. Also leave a comment.We will select 5 winners randomly. (Both IOS and android apps are available)

Giveaway will end on 4th November 2016.We will contact the winners through a Facebook message.


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