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Toys & Games Cheap Shop in Amazon to Buy Quality Toys for Absolutely Low Price

If you are looking for buying toys and games for your kids, then price matters. Most of the toys are priced high and frustration thing is that when kids are bored with their new toy or game, they don’t want to play with that again. So, you need to buy new toys again to make their life full with varieties and excitement.

The number one online place to buy toys and games is Amazon, however even in Amazon stores; you will find different prices for same toys in different amazon stores. Browsing all these stores and finding the cheapest price for the same toy or game is bit of time consuming. That’s why an amazon store with cheap selling prices is really helpful. If the shop always sells the toys and games for cheap price, then parents can use the same amazon toy store for their all toys and games purchases. That saves both money and time of parents when they buy toys and games for their kids.

Toys & Games Cheap Shop is an Amazon store which sells toys and games for really cheap prices. This store is dedicated to sell toys and games for children of all ages. As the shop features a variety of items for children including baby and toddler toys, grown up toys, puzzles, puppets and more, it is really easy for parents to select different toys and games according to their kids’ age and their interest.

By introducing different toys and games, parents can encourage their kids to develop skills in different fields such as science, technology and creativity skills.

Below are some of the toys which I found suitable for babies and toddlers to improve their mortar skills.

Toys & Games Cheap Shop

Below toys are really worth the price and those are priced around $5.


If you look for electronics for your kids,you can find a variety of items which will enhance their skills on gadgets.


Overall the toys and games which are sold on Toys & Games Cheap Shop are affordable and comes in different popular brands.Visit the Toys & Games Cheap Shop to see more items on sale.Once you visit the site,check the item categories in the side bar.


Fun Name Games for the First Day of School

First day of the school is exciting. Both teachers and students are excited with first day of school and other activities they have to involve. Usually in first day of school we can see teachers try to welcome their students making a warm environment for them. But, there are some students who are bit shy. Also there may have new faces who don’t want to mingle with others. This is where you want some name games to break the ice.

Back to school games are really helpful to break the ice and to create a comfortable environment for all the students. They can play the games together and feel relaxed. They will know each other and they will also make new friends.

Fun Name Games for the First Day of School

Here are few name games which you can use in the first day of school and have lot of fun.

Name Game 1: Find Objects to Describe Me

This is a fun game for students to involve. Ask students to go through their backpacks and belongings and find 2-3 objects. Then ask them to describe the selected items including why they like the selected item. This will be a fun activity to do with whole class while they enjoy listening to other students describe their objects.

Name Game 2: Name Line

Name line is another popular and fun name game which is suitable to break the ice of the first day of school. This is how to play. Make all students to stand in a line. Then ask them to tell their name and some of favorite things. Now it is turn for the next students. He needs to tell his name, favorite thing and also the name and favorite things of the previous student. Likewise you can continue the game till all students describe their favorite things.

Above are two most popular fun name games for the first day of school. I also found these fun name games are interesting. All these name games and activities are good for kids and make them excited in their first day of school.

Hand Prints and Play Time

we had a great time with these hand prints.Recently we experimented with leaf printing and it was such a fun activity for my son.So,this is our next experiment with hand prints.

My son loved playing with paints.We used water colours,so the prints are not so dark or sharp.

Hand Prints and Play Time

Finally,he didn’t like his dirty hands 🙂

Hand Prints and Play TimeAs we used water colours,it was easy to wash within few minutes.

Tiny Finger Zone-Place for Best Magnetic Blocks For Kids


We as parents always like to give our kids safe and educational toys. With a simple toy, they learn so many things. If the toy is safe and if it enhances some skills of the tiny hands and mind, then sure it is a good toy to introduce to any kid.

It is same with us at home. We don’t buy lot of fancy toys. Instead we like to buy simple toys which enhance the skills of our little son.
Recently I found a new educational and safe toy which is good for kids to spend more time while experimenting with their creative ideas. What I found are magnetic blocks in different colors.

Magnetic blocks by Tiny Finger Zone are perfect to stimulate creativity of your child with lot of learning ideas. These magnetic blocks are designed to enhance the skills of kids with safe play with educational toys.

Magnetic Blocks For Kids

Anyway, if you have any doubt on why you need to introduce magnetic blocks to your child, let me share some helpful ideas.

  • Recent researches shows that children need to play in order to learn. They need to touch, see, and make in order to enhance their skills.
  • By introducing different colorful blocks it opens the door for imagination and creative ideas.
  • Using colorful magnetic blocks, you can provide your kids a learning environment to enhance their fine motor skills including stack, group and creating new patterns as they imagine.
magnetic blocks by Tiny Finger Zone

Other than above mentioned, magnetic blocks also have below features.

  • You can help them learning to count using magnetic blocks
  • These magnetic blocks help tiny minds to think more and solve problems.
  • Magnetic blocks are great to build in any direction, against gravity. That is a main feature of magnetic blocks over normal building blocks.
  • Even if you don’t have young kids, these are great as gifts for birthdays or even for no reason.

Just have a look into, you’ll find more details.

Toddler Play Time:Playing with Building Blocks

Building Blocks are kind of a childhood must have toys.However, did you know that it is enhancing skills of your kid?Actually,learning to build a tower of blocks or learning to keep blocks on top of each other is a developmental milestone.In different ages,Toddlers must develop their skills to stack one block on top of another

Anyway,these are just captures of my son’s play time.He is really attached to his new building block set.Most of the time,I can see him making structures,towers and a train using the blocks.

Playing-Building-BlocksAs per him,below is a birthday cake.He was having a birthday party for his toys. 🙂


We recieved the above building blocks set as a gift from a close friend of mine.Anyway,you can find a more similar set which is suitable for toddlers  here Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag, 60-Piece (Trendy)

Leaf Printing

We had a great time with this leaf printing project.My son enjoyed his time with leaves and painting those with different colours.And finally he made prints using the painted leaves.

Here is how we did this craft project and some pictures of his drawings.

We collected some leaves.

Toddler-crafts-Leaf-printingAdd paints to the leaf.

Toddler-crafts-Leaf-printingStart making prints from the painted leaves.



Baby Treasure Baskets – Noisy

Baby Treasure Baskets - Noisy

We used this Baby Treasure Baskets – Noisy themed to experience the different sounds from different objects.

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