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Kiddie Rides with Sesame Street Characters

Kiddie rides are so much fun and my son loves to play with such when we are in any shopping mall. Whenever we are at a shopping mall I spend time with him around kiddie rides and he enjoys walking around, riding and talking with the characters.

Kiddie Rides with Sesame Street Characters

Kiddie ride with Sesame Street Big Bird Express!

When we visited AMK Hub last week to see the Balloon Candyland, we spent the day there in the shopping mall. So, my son had the chance to play with kiddie rides at AMK Hub kids play area leisurely till he gets bored. Although these kiddie rides are at a side of level 3,it is like a small indoor playground for kids which they can spend time with their favourite charactors.This time, as he is nearly 3 years old, he knows names of most of the characters in these kiddie rides. He was so happy to meet the friends in Sesame Street and talk and sit with them.These kiddie rides with Sesame Street characters are bright coloured,beautiful and cheerful!A really fun for kids!

Kiddie Rides with Sesame Street Characters

Hello Big Bird! And Elmo is talking to us 🙂

Here are some of the moments of our day at the Ang Mo Kio Hub which we spent mommy and son time while shopping, playing and eating whole day.

Big Bird is one of the popular Sesame Street Characters while Elmo is most of the time admired by moms and kids.Having a ride in Big Bird Express with Elmo and Big Bird was so much fun! 🙂

Kiddie Rides with Sesame Street Characters

There is another set of kiddie rides featuring Sesame Street characters.My son loved his time riding School bus of ‘Cookie Monster’.

Kiddie Rides with Sesame Street Characters

Fun with Sesame Street charactors kiddie rides at AMK Hub.

Do you allow kids to play with Kiddie Rides?

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Toddler Activities : Bowling with Empty Bottles

Among the toddler activities we do at our home, bowling with empty bottles is a pretty simple activity to keep a toddler cheerful!

Recently we got the semester progress report from our son’s playgroup and I found there are many activities they do at the playgroup to improve toddler skills. Among many activities that our son performs well, there was one activity which had the remark saying ‘sometimes’. It was throwing a small object to aimed direction. Although it is not a big problem for us because he does throwing objects sometimes only, I just thought of creating some activities for him to do at home to improve his skills. With that in mind, I came up with this idea of throwing a ball to empty bottles. I think this is pretty good to add to the toddler activities list.

Toddler Activities : Bowling with Empty Bottles

It was a great hit to keep our son active, cheerful and concentrate at the same time. He loved throwing balls to the line of bottles and he wanted to see when all the bottles fell down because of him. Among the activities for toddlers we tried before, throwing a ball to empty bottles was great and kept him moving and shouting!

Toddler Activities: Bowling with empty bottles

Here is what we did. It is pretty simple.

Toddler Activities : Bowling with Empty Bottles

We need few empty bottles for this activity. I found some similar size empty bottles from our DIY recycle bin.

We then arranged all the empty bottles in a row.

Toddler Activities : Bowling with Empty Bottles

For this activity we used few different sized balls, so we could also talk about balls using the terms such as ‘small, big and colours such as green, yellow etc.

Once we arranged the empty bottles, then we stayed around 4 feet away from the bottles. I asked him to throw the balls to empty bottles.

Toddler Activities : Bowling with Empty Bottles

That is really simple and we could spend around an hour playing this game.

Toddler Activities : Bowling with Empty Bottles

Toddler Activities : Bowling with Empty Bottles

Isn’t this one of the fun and best indoor toddler activities? 🙂

Toddler Activities : Bowling with Empty Bottles

Toddler Activities : Bowling with Empty Bottles

Improved Skills

Hand eye coordination.

Learning about colours,sizes.

Check some other activities for toddlers which we spent hours with cheerful play.



Fish Finger Family Fun Activity for Toddlers

Finger family nursery song is a very popular song which also makes it fun for little ones to learn new words and activities. My son watches these songs in YouTube videos and kids Apps, so he is always active with a song in his mind.

Fish Finger Family Fun Activity for Toddlers

Fish Finger Family Fun Activity for Toddlers

Daddy finger, daddy finger where are you?

Here I am. Here I am. How do you do?

Mommy finger, mommy finger where are you?

Here I am. Here I am. How do you do?

That is part of the original song. But instead of Daddy, mommy we found songs with animal characters too. Such as fish finger, monkey finger and so on.

Fish Finger Family Fun Activity for Toddlers

Fish Finger Family Fun Activity for Toddlers

As my son loves this song much, once we bought him finger Muppets to play. Later I found really easy idea to make him finger Muppets with different characters. Here is one of such ideas.

Fish Finger Family

What you need

Five fish stickers (different sizes of stickers to show Daddy fish, Mommy fish etc)

Five drinking straws


How we make finger muppets

Making fish finger family is really easy and it only takes few minutes.

Take one sticker and attach a straw behind the sticker using a piece of sellotape.

Continue same for the five stickers.

It is done!

Fish Finger Family Fun Activity for Toddlers

Now sing the finger family song showing the daddy fish, mommy fish, brother fish, sister fish and baby fish.

This is always a fun activity at our home. Use different character stickers and make different finger families. So, your toddler will not get bored when there is no activity to do!

Actually, I couldn’t take photos leisurely as my son was dragging one by one when I finished making the fish family straws. He loves this activity each time!

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A Noisy DIY Balloon Drum for Kids with a Balloon Skin

Balloon drum is a fun project I do with my son. It is really easy and a great way to keep a toddler busy for few minutes. I usually use burst balloons to create drums, but a new balloons are good too. If the burst balloon is suitable and large enough to stretch over a tin or cup, then I use those to create a drum for him.

balloon drum

Balloon drum

For the balloon drums, I always use plastic cups, so I don’t have to worry about sharp edges of the tins. But, I guess it gives good sound with an empty tin than with a plastic cup.

Here is what we did to create this balloon drum.

Things that you will need:

A balloon

Empty can or a plastic cup

Elastic band/rubber band

Sticks (pencils are fine too)

How to make a balloon drum?

Making a balloon drum is really easy and it is a no brain task.

Simply cut the end of the balloon. Stretch the balloon over the tin or cup.

Use the elastic band to secure the balloon over the cup.

A balloon drum is done. Give it to your kid with a pair of sticks.

This is great as an earth day activity too as this project involve a burst balloon skin and an empty tin.


Colour Sorting Game with Toddler

This is one of the colour sorting activities I do with my toddler. It is really simple, but when we do this game, he is calm and concentrates on his activity. That is what I want and he loves to repeat the sorting game few times till he gets bored.This game makes him cheerful same as his yoga session.

Sometimes we get bored at home. Introducing a new game is one of the best methods to make him cheerful in such times, so this is one of such games we played on a lazy day.There are lot of sorting games for kids which make them active and cheerful.That’s why I wanted to try such game with my son.

Colour Sorting Game with Toddler

When I searched for colour recognition games for toddlers, I came up with lot of activities which are fun and really simple. Instead of spending more time creating crafts for the game, I simply used colourful bowls together with colourful building blocks.

Colour Sorting Game with Toddler

Here is what we do when we play this colour sorting game with my toddler.

Need: Different colour building blocks/Lego, plastic bowls with matching colours same as building blocks.

colour sorting games for toddlers

How to play:

I mix all the building blocks. Then I place the colourful bowls in a row. Then I ask my son to sort out the colours and put those in to matching colour bowl.

colour sorting games for toddlers

It is really simple. He spends time sorting colours together with naming the colours.

If you are looking for colour matching games for toddlers, then try this. It is a good way to keep toddlers calm and quiet with their activity.

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Mini Me Yoga eLearning: 15 Minutes to Happy Healthy Kids #Review

Last few weeks we had a great time at our home. We practiced yoga! Yes, we both mom and son had great and fun time practicing yoga poses. It is good for me to be cheerful and to make my son active and cheerful! So, here are some of the moments from our yoga routine. If you are looking for yoga for toddlers, you’d love to read my experience with a toddler while practicing Mini Me yoga 15 minutes session.

We received the opportunity to follow Mini Me Yoga eLearning: 15 Minutes to Happy Healthy Kids and in this post I want to share our experience and review of this kids yoga program.


What is Mini Me Yoga?

Mini Me Yoga Review

Mini Me Yoga is a kids yoga and mindfulness program which empowers parents, grandparents and caregivers to train kids in a 15 minute yoga session. Currently there are over 200 ambassadors all over the world who practice and teach yoga for kids through a 2hr workshop.

As a preschool recognized yoga and mindfulness program, Mini Me Yoga creates fun activity time for kids while learning the yoga techniques including meditation and breathing exercises.

To follow Mini Me Yoga eLearning course, you don’t need any training or previous experience. It is really fun and it is really easy to learn the yoga poses with kids!

Here is our experience and review on 15 Minutes Mini Me Yoga Sessions

Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler (Yoga for Toddlers)

**Disclaimer : We received Mini Me Yoga eLearning program  free to facilitate this review.However,all opinions are mine.
Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler

This is his favorite yoga pose #yogafortoddlers

It is really exciting, fun and wonderful way to keep our son calm and happy. As he is still a toddler of 2 years plus in age, at the beginning I found it is bit difficult to keep him practicing in a pose. Instead he changed yoga poses as he likes. Most of the time he uses his favorite toys in both hands saying they all are practicing yoga!

Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler

Yoga poses with toys

But, that’s fine. Mini Me Yoga is all about creating exciting and cheerful environment for kids while introducing mindfulness and yoga poses. I continued practicing yoga each day without worrying about his eagerness of practicing yoga with his friendly toys.

Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler

Meditation time was really exciting for me. As a Buddhist, I really like to introduce meditation practices for my son, but previously I thought it is still too early. Surprisingly he loved the meditation pose and Oom sound together with breathing exercise. He loves to send positive vibes to his playgroup friends while practicing yoga at home.

Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler

Practicing kindness and compassion #yogafortoddlers

Well, he first sends positive thoughts to his toys. That is how we practiced yoga at our home while teaching kindness and compassion to my toddler with easy yoga poses for kids.

Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler

He wants to teach yoga for his teddy too.(he is teaching how to sit cross legged.)  🙂

When it comes to photos, I have super shaky and not so nice photos. But with these photos you can imagine how active and cheerful my son is when we practice yoga!

Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler

I tried several days to capture some good clear photos, but those were always shaky. So, pardon me. Instead you can see how this Mini Me Yoga program makes my kid so cheerful and exciting!

Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler

He sometimes creates his own yoga poses too.

With our experience on practicing yoga with a toddler, I highly recommend Mini Me Yoga eLearning program for your kids. If you are looking for yoga for kids or yoga for toddlers, check Mini Me Yoga eLearning: 15 Minutes to Happy Healthy Kids.





Frog Life Cycle freebie + Teaching Science for a Toddler

Teaching a toddler is sometimes really fun as they like to explore new things. But, did you think of teaching Science for your toddler? I didn’t realize the value of it until I found the frog life cycle freebie created by Educents. At first I thought this would be too much for my little one. But, I am extremely wrong. He loved to learn the lifecycle of a frog. Now even he knows what happens after a mature frog lays egg. He can remember the steps of the frog life cycle and he also knows the tadpole becomes a legged tadpole because he eats well. (My son is a picky eater, so I use the chance to teach him about eating as well)


Well, this is how we learned about frog life cycle.

To make it a fun activity, we made a water pond using a plastic container.

Water play  using a water pond

For the water pond, we added some stones, a plastic tree and animals who lives in the pond. We have toy frogs, ducks and a tortoise at home. So we created a water pond. My son enjoyed his play time while talking with me about animals who live in water. He also added his toy crocodile because he knows crocodile lives in water. I explained him crocodile likes water, but he lives in river not in water pond. 🙂

teaching science to toddlers

We had great time and slowly I switched to our topic of frog life cycle.

Teaching the Frog Life Cycle for a Toddler

I showed him the freebies I downloaded from Educents. Those are colorful and my son really attracted to the illustrations. We talked lot and I explained him about the frog life cycle. It was really an exciting lesson for him together with water play.

Frog Life Cycle freebie

Frog Life Cycle freebie

Frog Life Cycle Freebie

Actually isn’t it fun to learn about slimy squishy animals? How about you?Do your preschoolers or kindergarteners know about the life cycle of one of the squishiest amphibians – the FROG? It’s a quick and easy lesson to teach.

You can easily download the free, froggy resource on Educents – just print the pages and start your lesson same as I did.

Ways to use this Frog Life Cycle freebie with a Pre-K or Kinder:(Or with a Toddler)

This frog life cycle free resource was created by The Multi Taskin’ Mom and is available to download for free on you don’t know, Educents is the best place to discover new and innovative ways to keep kids excited about learning!I usually browse this site to download resources for my little one.

Below are some pictures of this free frog life cycle printable.

Frog Life Cycle freebie

You can teach below skills for a pre-k or pre schooler.

  • Practice handwriting & copywork
  • Reading aloud
  • Sounding out the words
  • Have fun coloring
  • Just print & go


Skills to enhance for a Toddler

If you have a toddler,still you can use these printables to enhance skills of your toddler.Below are some of the identified skills which I tried to teach to my kid.

  • Identifying the each stage of frog
  • Improve vocabulary
  • Reading aloud
  • Idea of water animals
  • Colouring fun


More frog-themed learning resources:

Do your kiddos LOVE frogs? Check out this animation about the Frog Life Cycle, and find more frog-themed games and lessons for all ages below.

  • All About Frogs Packet – This frog bundle includes an informational slideshow, frog-themed anchor charts, rhyming word printables, number cards, writing organizer, and more (all frog-themed!!)
  • Froggy Self-Control Boardgame – Use your frog markers to move across the board and practice relaxation, self-control, and body behavior in the classroom. Students will distinguish good choices from bad choices as they leap around the board!
  • 3-D Frog Anatomy Notebook Model for Dissection – Use this 3-d paper frog model for a dissection-free frog exploration, a pre-dissection study tool, or even as a summative assessment during comparative anatomy studies!
  • Frog Learning Pack for Middle Schoolers – A frog-eriffic packet of printable notebooking pages, activities, games and more!

Check out more frog-themed resources to integrate into your lessons!


Toddler Play Time : Five Little Ducks and Water Play

‘Five little ducks went swimming one day’ is a beautiful classic song which kids love. Instead of just singing it, we had funful toddler play time at our home.


Toddler Play Time : Five Little Ducks and Water Play

My son loves this song and recently we bought small rubber ducklings to make his play time more active. This is one of the ways we used this classic song as a wonderful toddler play activity.

Five little ducks went swimming one day
Over the hills and far away!

I used a basket with water creating a small pond for my toddler and he played the game while singing .I combined this activity with storytelling together with counting and singing.

Toddler Play Time : Five Little Ducks and Water Play

We used numbers while counting the ducks, so he practiced counting.

Toddler Play Time : Five Little Ducks and Water Play

In to the water basket, I used bubble bath which gave him fun time and also feeling of sensory.
We also had mommy duck and daddy duck.


Mummy duck said quack quack quack
None of the five little ducks came back!
Daddy duck said quack quack quack!
All the five little ducks came back!

He loved playing the game while singing and he loved the idea of hiding one duck each time.


This is a great way to teach and practice counting, singing, math skills, sensory and imaginary skills for toddlers.


Above all it is fun and keeps my child active and busy!

At the Playground – #Diaryofanewmom

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It is so amazing how kids are growing fast. Today I went through some of my old folders and found these photos when my son was around 18 months old. He looks so cute (for me) and I remember this was the time he suddenly started to run around without support. The shoes which he is wearing are now outgrown.


Now He is much taller than in this photo. And sadly, he is thinner now than in these days. Every mother worries about their kids eating patterns and it is same with me nowadays. He has become a picky eater!


These photos were captured at the playground near our home in Singapore and this is one of the best things I admire in Singapore life. We can find Children Playgrounds easily everywhere.

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Please share your week in photos or any post which is good to read.I love to read those.

And,I really like to read your comments.Have you tried any of above mentioned products or any similar products?Please share your ideas.

Benefits of Board Games for Toddlers

Having a toddler at home, it is really important to pay attention to his skills and development with different age stages. At the age 2, he easily gets bored with games we introduce to him.

Playing different game will enhance skills of your toddler and most importantly he will be happy by playing them. Board games are also a great opportunity to bring the family together.

Here are some of the top benefits you can expect by introducing board games for young children and especially for toddlers at very young age of their life.

Easy to master new skills

With age appropriate board games, you can easily introduce new concepts and skills for your toddler. Below are some of the concepts that you can teach your toddler through the board games.

  • Learning numbers, counting, shapes and grouping
  • Recognition of letters, images and colours
  • Eye-hand coordination
Taking Turns and Having Patience

It is common that toddlers are usually with less patience. They even tend to shout till they get the thing that they want. When playing board games, they have to wait for their turn. At first, toddlers will not happy with this. But a board game is an easier way to teach them about patience and taking turns. They will learn the skill with the time.

Improve Strategy Skills

Once your toddler starts enjoying board games, he will explore new ways to win the game. This will enhance his strategic thinking. When they develop their skills with time, they will be good decision makers in future.

Benefits of Board games for toddlers

Selecting Board Games for Toddlers

If you search, you’ll find that there are lots of board games available in the market. However finding age appropriate board games that enhance skills of a toddler is really important. Before choosing board games for your toddler, think of his interests and also the skill levels. Most online shops like Game Night Mania which sell board games offer lot of age appropriate games with description. So you can easily read and understand the concepts of the board game for toddler and choose accordingly.

Finally, with board games enjoy family time together and just have fun! That’s what your toddler wants!

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