July 14, 2024

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Line Repair You Need to Know

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

The most apparent benefit of trenchless sewer line repair is that it avoids the destruction of your property. Traditional repair methods require digging trenches, which can destroy your yard and landscaping. Trenchless repair only requires two small holes, allowing plumbers to access your pipes and install new ones without ruining your property. This method can also save you money.

Saves You Time

The days of massive excavation are a thing of the past with trenchless sewer line repair. With this technology, the entire process is shortened from weeks to just one or two days. Not only does this make your repair less invasive, but it also saves you time when it comes to cleaning up the mess afterward. The most common method used in trenchless repairs is pipelining, which involves inserting a thin pipe liner into the damaged line. The liner is imbued with epoxy resin that creates a water-tight seal. It can be fed into a segment of your sewer line through an access point, and then it is inflated to fill up the space inside your damaged pipe. It is a durable solution that will protect your pipe from future damage and prevent blockages. Another trenchless method is pipe bursting, which replaces your old damaged sewer line by pulling in an HDPE replacement pipe. This technique requires fewer access points than traditional digging, which makes it ideal for tight spaces and busy urban neighborhoods. However, pipe lining is still the best option for most homes. It is less invasive, faster, and more durable than pipe bursting. Also, pipe liners are much less likely to corrode than your existing pipes and will last for 50 years or more.

Saves You Money

The traditional way to fix a sewer line involves digging large trenches in your yard and possibly damaging your driveway or parking lot. This can cost you a lot regarding heavy equipment, labor, and replacing landscaping, driveways, and walkways. Plus, excavation can expose you to underground toxins that can seriously harm you. Trenchless methods don’t tell you these dangers, and they can even save you money on repairs to your driveway or sidewalk. With trenchless repair, professional plumbers only need to dig two small access holes at either end of the problem sewer line. These are then utilized to repair the pipes. The newer, more robust pipes are then put in place. With this method, you can be assured that the lines are fixed correctly and that there won’t be any re-clogging issues in the future. Other forms of trenchless repair include spray lining and brush coating. With these, no digging or destruction is required, and you can save between 30 and 40% on costs compared to traditional methods.

Saves You Energy

Trenchless sewer line repairs are done without those large trenches, so less energy is used. Two methods for trenchless sewer line repair are pipe lining and pipe bursting. Both ways use state-of-the-art equipment to repair pipes. Pipelining uses epoxy resin to cover and seal the pipes in your home. This rehabilitative method is cost-effective, durable, and lasts up to 50 years. A plumber will first clear away debris and tree roots during pipelining. They will then pull an epoxy-covered sleeve through your pipes and blow air into it, which turns the sleeve into a rigid round liner. This liner will seal any cracks or leaks in your existing pipes, preventing sewage from spilling out of your property. The other trenchless method, pipe bursting, is ideal if your pipes are old or damaged beyond repair. It is similar to the pipe lining technique but is used when your pipes are completely broken or collapsing. This method breaks your existing pipes and replaces them with environmentally-safe HDPE pipes. It is usually more expensive than traditional excavations, but the savings come from not replacing your landscaping or driveway.

Saves You Landscaping

A clogged or damaged sewer line can cause severe and dangerous problems for you, your family, and your property. Sewer issues should be addressed immediately to avoid costly damage and minimize sewage backup risk. Traditionally, a plumber would dig a large trench through your yard to access the pipes and repair or replace them. This was a long, messy process that could take days or even weeks to complete. It also caused much damage to your landscaping and lawn that had to be fixed afterward. Trenchless technology allows a plumber to repair buried pipes without digging through your property. Instead, the plumber can use pipe bursting to remove the old pipe and replace it with a new one. This saves your lawn from having to be replaced and saves you the time and money that comes with it. Another way that trenchless sewer repair saves your landscape is by avoiding damaging other utilities in your home’s area. With traditional excavation, there is a high chance that other lines like water and electricity will be disrupted during the repairs. This is not a concern with trenchless technology, as the plumber only needs to dig two small holes to get to your sewer line and replace it.

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