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How Does Egg Donation Work? Your Questions Answered

For those who have difficulty conceiving, egg donation may be the solution for those wishing to have a baby of their own. But how do you go about researching clinics, choosing an egg donor, or navigating the complex emotions that come with using another woman’s eggs to have a baby? This article will detail some of the most important questions women may have when using donor eggs to get pregnant.

How Does Egg Donation Work

Who needs to use an egg donor?

There are several different reasons why women are unable to get pregnant using their own eggs. One of the biggest reasons is age. Older women have older eggs, which make conceiving more difficult. Others may be relatively young, but have genetic conditions or poor egg quality that render them infertile. Women who have undergone cancer treatments or surgeries involving removal of their ovaries may mean it is physically impossible to get pregnant on their own. All of these women would be good candidates for egg donation.


What decisions do I need to make before starting?

Fertility treatments using donor eggs give women and their partners a lot to think about. There are ethical and moral considerations, and the couple will need to reach an agreement on pursuing treatment. Financing the cycle is a major point of discussion, along with the feelings and emotions that accompany third party reproduction. You or your partner may have difficulty coming to terms with donor eggs and it is wise to pursue those concerns with a neutral party, such as a therapist who specializes in infertility. You may be grieving the loss of passing on your own genetics to a future child. You may feel angry with your body, for failing to do what comes so naturally to others. It’s not uncommon to experience relief when choosing to stop treatments with your own eggs and move on to a donor. Most women will eventually feel hopeful that this will give them a baby, whether it’s upon their decision to use an egg donor, or after the embryo transfer has occurred. Know that these emotions are a normal part of the process.

How Does Egg Donation Work

Where should I go for my treatment?

Many clinics have donor egg programs, but not all. Before choosing a clinic that has one, you need to decide if you want to use fresh or frozen eggs. Fresh eggs do have a slightly better chance of resulting in pregnancy, but they cost more and cycles have a higher rate of cancellation due to unpredictable circumstances such as life events or a donor not responding well to medication. Frozen eggs are cheaper to obtain since the donor has already undergone the process to retrieve the eggs, and you know how many eggs you will receive, generally about six to eight. Due to advances in science, frozen eggs are catching up in terms of success rates. Not all clinics offer their own frozen egg banks. If you decide to use frozen eggs, you can select your donor from an outside egg bank and have the eggs shipped directly to your clinic.


How do I choose my donor?

Once you’ve settled in with a clinic, and decided which type of egg you want, the next step is picking out a donor. The process in choosing is highly individual, and how wide your pool of available donors is depends on how many requirements you have when it comes to qualities you want in a donor: physical appearances, intellectual abilities, and donor medical history. Some women choose to go with an anonymous donor, and some have friends or family who want to step in and undergo the stringent process to donate their own eggs. Once you have come to a decision, though, it’s a matter of filling out the paperwork and working with the clinic’s donor coordinator.


What happens during the donor egg cycle itself?

After the eggs are secured, you will begin a medication regimen to prepare your body for a transfer and attend monitoring appointments to make sure your uterus is ready to accept an embryo. Using your partner’s or donor sperm, the eggs are fertilized in a lab and the resulting embryos are transferred to your uterus or frozen for future use. A pregnancy test is done about two weeks later to see if the cycle was successful.

How Does Egg Donation Work


The donor egg process is fraught with many emotions and questions. It can be confusing and difficult, but with careful research and discussion, it can give women hope that their long-awaited baby will finally become a reality.

In A Committed Relationship? Prove It With These 7 Great Tips

In A Committed Relationship? Prove It With These 7 Great Tips

1) Put Away The Threat Of Leaving

It should probably be obvious that threatening to walk out is not the way to convince your partner that you’re committed. It is obvious when you consider it rationally and hypothetically. Things can get a lot different in the heat of an argument, though. Resist the temptation to play the “I would have it better if I just walked out the door” card when you’re fighting. Although everyone has thoughts like this from time to time, verbalizing them – or even implying them – will have a major negative effect on your partner’s opinion of how committed you are.

Committed Relationship tips

2) Plan For The Long Term

Don’t be afraid to start looking months or years into the future once you’re in a committed relationship. Nothing speaks to your long-term dedication like laying the groundwork for shared vacations, moving in together, or even planning out a family. You don’t necessarily have to be deadly serious about this process if it might make your partner uncomfortable, but talking about the future is a great reminder that you see a shared one in front of you.

3) Remember To Reach Out

Physical intimacy is important in any relationship, but remember that this goes beyond sexuality. Make it a point to touch your partner every day. Give them a kiss or a hug when they’re not expecting it to remind them that they’re special – and so are you! Keeping your relationship intimate will remind both of you how important it is.

Committed Relationship

4) Find Out What Your Partner Appreciates

When you’re planning romantic touches to share with your partner, try to set aside your own tastes and tap into his or hers. What sort of shared activities, favors, or treats do they really appreciate? Doing something for your partner or planning a special moment can be a terrific way to show how much you care. It will be appreciated a lot more when it reflects your understanding of your partner’s enthusiasms!

 5) Bring Up The Best Of The Past

 The longer your relationship goes on, the more history you end up building with your partner. Tap into that shared story by planning future events around special moments from your past. Revisit that boardwalk where you kissed for the first time. Stop in at the restaurant where you had your first date to see if the coffee’s still terrible. Linking your present to your past will get your partner thinking about your future.

Committed Relationship

 6) Express Your Creativity

Indulge your creative talents and put together something handmade for your partner. Nothing says “I love you” like a tangible reminder of the fact that you’ve devoted your time and effort to pleasing them. Don’t worry about making something creative if your not the “arts and crafts” type. There are still things you can do – like creating a new playlist for your partner, for instance – to show that you’re thinking about them.

7) Give Meaningful Gifts

Gift-giving is always a challenge, especially during the uncertain early days of a relationship. As your commitment deepens, though, you should get a much better feel for the things your partner enjoys. Call on all the things you’ve learned about them – big and small – when it’s time to pick out gifts. Choose things that reflect what you know and appreciate about him or her. A promise ring can be a lovely gift. This demonstrates both that you’re paying attention and that you want to nurture your partner in the future.




10 Health Benefits of Sex

Having sex is not only making your relationship strong, it is also helpful for a healthy lifestyle. It can actually make you feel less stressful and look young. With relaxing and secure mind you will be able to face the life challenges easily. Another great benefit of having sex is that you will be able to have a good sleep without disturbance. Among all these benefits, it is better if you have good time with your partner and build strong relationship which give energy for your life together. To make your time together more enjoyable, you can do changes for your lifestyle. You can also look for opportunities for at least weekend getaways to romantic locations. Other than using makeup, beauty routing and other daily habits to keep you attractive and energetic, you can also wear really attractive lingerie which can keep your partner attracted to you. These tips will sure help you to have good time with your partner.

Below is a helpful infographic which explain clearly about health benefits of having sex. Read all the details and I hope these benefits will help you to have more relaxing time.


Health Benefits of Sex

Health Benefits of Sex


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Why Should Single Moms Take Advantage of Support Groups?

Single parenting can be tough as you have to raise kids and at the same time you need to take care of financial needs of your family in order to have a comfortable life. Many single parents struggle with raising children alone and most of the time they are with emotional stress. However, if you are a single mom you can always seek for the help from your family and friends. In such situations, if you receive help for baby sitting or if you receive some financial help that would ease your pain of struggling as a single mom. But, with nowadays lifestyle almost all people are busy with their own work. Your friends and relatives may not have special commitment for you. This is where you can get the help of support groups for single moms or single parents.

Why should single moms take advantage of support groups?

Why should single moms take advantage of support groups?

If you think of why should single moms take advantage of support groups, let me help you to identify some advantages you can get by joining a single parent support group.

Building a Support system

This is the first and important advantage you can get by joining a single parent support group. When you are with support group, they are ready to listen to you. They are also ready to assist you. You will feel you are not alone. Whenever you feel lonely, you have someone to talk. When you feel you need advice you can contact the members of your support group. This will improve your self-esteem and you will be stronger more than before. You’ll get courage to face the life challenges.

Why should single moms take advantage of support groups?

Facility of gaining New Child Care Options

If you are the only person to take care of your kids then you face the problem of finding some time for yourself. It is always important to have some time for yourself in order to unwind from the stressful lifestyle. When you join with a support group, you can find childcare options such as swap child care duties, new babysitter information and playdates. This can be a great benefit and release for you as a single mom when you take care of your kids alone.

Financial assistance

As a single mom, you must have financial pressure. Although you are a single mom, you still have to take care of monthly bills, education costs for kids, food and other lifestyle costs. When you join with single parent support groups, you can seek advice on financial assistance you can get. These can be information on grants that you are eligible or these can also be in a way of advice. If you are in debt, you can get advice from other moms who overcame debt in short period of time. You also can get advice on how others live on a budget while maintaining the quality of life. You can also get the information of organizations which gives financial assistance for single parents.

Social life

As a single mom, you may not have time or opportunities to connect with the society. However as most of the single parent groups organize celebrations; you can take the opportunity to join with others and to get socialized. This will help you to relax and unwind.

These are the major reasons to clear your doubt on why should single moms take advantage of support groups. You can also join with the Single Spouse support group which is a community for single parents. By joining with Single Spouse Support group, you can freely interact with others and share encouraging true life stories.






How to Get Pregnant Fast?

A baby is a precious gift for any couple. I know how dull the life is without a baby. However, these days we hear lot of couples are suffering with infertility. Most complained reason is work stress that most ladies are undergoing. Other than that there are many causes for infertility such as smoking, food habits and conditions of your body.

Anyway, are you here to find ways to get pregnant fast? Have you tried lot of methods and spent lot of money on medical treatments? And finally fed up with no results and only remaining is the frustration and stress you have? If so, here are some tips for you to help get pregnant.

How to get pregnant fast?

Now don’t look at me. I know you want to get pregnant fast and you searched the term ‘How to get pregnant fast?’ for few years in Google and tried all what those topics discussed. You followed all the advises your doctor gave you.

You stopped smoking, turned into healthy food habits; you always checked your ovulation calendar and had frequent sex. Usually these are the tips for getting pregnant fast. But still you are searching the same term because you couldn’t get pregnant. It is so stressful.

Have you tried Pregnancy Miracle? If your answer is ‘No’, then simply read further.

How to get pregnant fast?

What is Pregnancy Miracle?

Pregnancy Miracle is the system to get pregnant fast introduced by Lisa Olson who is a Chinese Herbal Health care Researcher. In her product she discusses methods to get pregnant fast with naturally and clinically approved way.

Many women got pregnant after following her advice. For most of them it was a miracle. Now she shares her Pregnancy Miracle as a book where anyone can get benefit of it. Simply read these pregnancy miracle reviews to get more information on this pregnancy miracle guide.Hope this post and pregnancy miracle reviews will help you to get pregnant fast.

How to Prepare for a Date

You have a date and you are too nervous and excited! You don’t know how to prepare for the date or you are with mix feelings. Okay. Don’t get panic. Here are few tips for you to prepare for your date. Read on. Feel calm and relax. Follow these tips and have a good time on your date night!

Here are our tips on how to prepare for a date!

Think positively and start feeling good

How to Prepare For a Date

Before everything, you need to look fresh. If you don’t feel good inside, then you will not look good in outside too. So, start thinking positively. Be active. Eat well and have a plenty of sleep before the actual day of your date. You can also listen to music or watch some really interesting movie which will make you look cherish. Engage in active sports or do some exercise. These things will make you happy and positive. Then you are ready for a date!

Decide what you wear

Select your clothes early. If you wait till last minute, then you’ll panic thinking what the matching accessories, the right shoes are and even you’ll feel difficult to select a beautiful dress for you. So, plan ahead. Select the best dress for you with matching accessories. You can even try different outfits and select the most suitable dress which makes you really beautiful.

Clean up yourself on the day of the Date

Well, you must be a clean lady. But, still pay more attention before you go on a date. Have a bath on the day you have the date. Check your nails. Think of having a makeup that gives you a beautiful look.

Dating Advice For Women

Do your homework and prepare for the conversation

Few days before the date, take time to read about current hot topics, events and even some celebrity gossips. You may need to have some idea about current topics to start a good conversation. You can also read some Dating Advice for women which will help you to have a good and memorable date. Nowadays there are many online websites and forums which you can read more dating advice for women and there are forums which discuss the topics related to dating. With some idea on these tips and things, you’ll have some confident to continue a good conversation.

How to Prepare For a Date

Finally, on your actual date, act natural. Don’t feel nervous or don’t show that you are nervous. Have a good time with your date!

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