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9 of the Best Gift Ideas For Men for Christmas 2016

Christmas is coming and you may be wondering what would make a good gift for your significant other for Christmas? Well, there are a number of awesome things out there for 2016’s festive season and here is a pick of the best.

Anti-aging skin treatment with Narhex

Wren Sound V5 Wireless Speakers

This system delivers an impeccably crisp and natural sound. Its silicone base pad absorbs all vibration. Besides, its exquisite design in bamboo and rosewood veneer will make it the central piece of every room.

Get Lit LED Shoes

LED shoes are the next big thing and they’re not good just for kids. Aside from being ideal for things such as EDM festivals, there are also some cool practical uses. For example, they’re ideal for running in at night and make the perfect addition to a running outfit. A cool gadget idea for him.

Garmin Virb Action Camera

This is the first HD action camera made by Garmin. It can record up to three hours of HD video without needing recharge. Moreover, it can snap 16 megapixel stills while recording. Waterproof and shock resistant, this camera delivers an excellent image quality, thanks to its image stabilization systems.

Portable Cocktail Set

If you remember the “Mad Man” era, you’re going to appreciate this portable bar. It is the perfect gift for the dad who is a cocktail lover, as well as an outdoor trips aficionado. This case is compact, yet roomy enough to host two bottles of wine or liquor. In addition, it includes a stainless steel shaker, two Martini glasses, a vermouth mister and a jigger.

CamelBak Bootlegger

Coming from the leader in hands free hydration systems, this fully insulated pouch can hold up to 1.5 liters, while being slim enough to fit under a coat or a jacket. The reservoir is contained in a HydroGuard coating which prevents germs from infesting it. Whenever you feel thirsty on the road you can detach the straw from its holder and take a sip.

Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7-Year-Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The Old Scout 7-Year-Old is sold by Smooth Ambler, but it is sourced from other distillery. Nonetheless, it is a strong, yet very drinkable liquor, thanks to its high quality ingredients and patented production process. When drinking it, you’re going to feel the ginger, rye and vanilla notes on your palate, as well as on your nose. The finish is going to bring you a hint of coffee and an unbelievable warmth.

Razer Blade

This .66 inch thick device is going to redefine your idea of laptops. Available in three storage capacity options (128, 256 and 512 GB), this 14-inch clamshell is the perfect tool for gaming fans. The backlit keyboard and the advanced multi-touch trackpad can make any avid gamer happy. Besides, the battery should provide you several hours of using your device without recharging it.

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

This portable reactor doesn’t need batteries. Based on a hydrogen fuel-cell technology, it can generate its won energy, while releasing nothing else but water vapor. It is the perfect solution to power up a laptop, a smartphone or any other similar device, even in conditions of extreme cold or darkness.

LittleBits Premium Kit

These building blocks are much better than the ones we used to grow up with. They are color-coded, they have various functions such as light, sound or power, and they have the ability to snap together with the help of small magnets. This makes them very easy to assembly. You don’t need any engineering knowledge or skills to have fun with these tiny bits that an be assembled into truck cranes or anything else you may think about.

Fashion Tips for the Winter

For many people, winter is their favourite time of the year and that’s quite easy to see as the clothing options at this time of year are endless.

Looking good and also being warm should be a big concern and these tips are there to help you do just that.

Fashion Tips for the Winter

1 – Wear Bold Colors!

The summer and spring time seems to favor lighter colors, so dress with bold colors in the winter time. You’ll stand out well amidst the drearier and snowy weather. Shades such as purple, maroon, burgundy, and even brown and black are fantastic for this time of year. The deepest shades possible will work the best. You can accentuate these colors well with various shades of grey. This will offset any brighter shades perfectly. Mix and match all kinds of combinations until you find whatever style seems to look the best on you.

2 – Accessorize With Scarves And Other Wool Clothing

This isn’t like your school days when having to bundle up in sweaters and scarves felt like a chore. Now, you can experiment and have fun with all of the extra accessories! Wool scarves, sweaters, cardigans, ear muffs, and so on all make for gorgeous winter attire. Keep the same color palette from the first tip running and you’ll likely find yourself looking quite stylish in no time. If your main attire is fairly plain, wear accessories with patterns or prints to add a bit more visual flair and variety.

Fashion tips for winter

3 – Experiment

If you want to escape looking too drab with typical winter clothing, you can add a bit of uniqueness to your overall style by just trying random things. For instance, maybe one day you might feel like wearing two socks that are from different pairs. You can even tie a scarf made with thinner material into your hair rather than using a regular scrunchie, ribbon, bow, or hair pin. There aren’t really any rules other than the ones you set for yourself. While brown, grey, black, and deeper colors might fit the season well, there’s nothing keeping you from throwing that out the window and just trying whatever suits your fancy on a given day. There are some ideas below in the infographic from Style We

4 – The Turtleneck And Leather Jacket Combo

By itself, a turtleneck seems to have connotations of a “nerdy” or possibly even uptight look that you might not want to be associated with. A leather jacket on the other hand might make you look as if you’re trying too hard to look cool or tough. When paired together, those two extremes balance each other out. Rather than looking stuffy or like you’re trying too hard, well, you’re just going to look flat out stylish!

5 – Palazzos

The winter time is perfect for long pants. You don’t have to feel limited to jeans or dress trousers however. You can find some truly stylish looks in the realm of palazzos. When worn alongside your wool accessories and leather jacket, you’re absolutely guaranteed to turn some heads. Perhaps best of all, there will even be plenty of room on the inside of the legs to wear some leggings for extra warmth if you tend to stay on the uncomfortably chilly side in the cooler months. Palazzos also come in a wide variety of colors, so any look you’re going for will be well accommodated!

Fashion Tips for the Winter



Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask – Review

I recently tried Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask and love the experience and after results. My skin is smooth and after using the Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask, I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated!

Having a facial mask at home with own comfort is one of the best things which any busy mom likes because sometimes it is really difficult to go out for a facial or any treatment. But that doesn’t mean moms want to neglect their beauty routine. When we age,it is true our skin needs more attention and care. With such reasons, I am also into anti-aging treatments and products believing these treatments can help me to keep young look. 🙂

So,why don’t I share my experience as a review? I know you like to read more info about the product before my actual experience and Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask review.

Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask

So here are some of the details about this snail mask before I share the actual experience!

Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask

Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask is a quality beauty product originated from Taiwan and just landed to Singapore. You can expect beautiful and soothing skin with Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask as it is with most of the important ingredients which your skin loves to have.

Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask boasts to deliver best results for the following skin conditions which are major concerns of those who love anti-aging treatments.

  1. Pigmentation
  2. Wrinkles
  3. Firming
  4. Whitening

The secret behind the Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask is its main ingredients. The main ingredients of the Esiwia facial masks include Snail Secretion Filtrate and Mandelic Acid which is packed with most wanted nutrients for a healthy skin.

Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask

Benefits of Snail Secretion Filtrate and Mandelic Acid on your skin

Snail Secretion Filtrate and Mandelic Acid are the key ingredients in this Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask and you can expect below benefits as a result of using it.

  • Repair damaged skin
  • Stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin
  • Restore hydration
  • Softens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduce Hyperpigmentation and Discolouration
  • Mandelic acid is also helpful for acne treatment.

Other product features of the Esiwia Facial Sheet Masks

Esiwia Facial Sheet Masks are made of TENCEL material which comes with the best adherence which is a must for a quality sheet mask. Also Esiwia Facial Sheet Masks are packed with the highest amount of serum content in the market which is 26ml for each pack. Mask is fully saturated with the serum providing you the best results of use of it!

Esiwia Facial Sheet Masks are also PARABEN FREE which is another thing to check in your beauty products!

Well, above are the details and important information about this Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask. Now it is time to share my experience of using it.

Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask

Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask Review

Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask – My experience and review

I received some packs of this Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask and I tried those during last few days. Actually the mask is with full of moisture and it is really easy to use on my face.

Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask

Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask

Before use the mask, I kept it in the refrigerator.

Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask

Once I opened the packet, I found that the mask is with full of serum. You can see that in the below images.

Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask

I removed the paper backing and apply the mask on cleansed skin for 10-15 minutes.

I found the mask is thin and easy to apply on my skin. Just after applying it on the skin, I experienced the comfort of the mask as it is really soothing. The mask is rich with the serum and you will really feel hydrated and smooth skin after using it same as I experienced.

After about 20 minutes, I removed the mask with relaxing mood as I was so happy with my experience with this facial mask.

You will notice some serum is remaining on the packet. Don’t throw it. Store in a clean container and keep in the fridge for later use.

Overall I am happy with the results.

How to Buy Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask?

If you concern about healthy and beautiful skin , I am sure you like to include Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask to your beauty routine. You can buy and connect with Esiwia as below.

Visit the Facebook shop at

Visit the Qoo10 shop

Also don’t forget to join with E’siwia Facebook page to get the latest product updates,promotions,sample information and contests!

Have you tried Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask before? Please share your experiences with facial masks.

E’siwia Facial Mask Giveaway

You will sure win a facial mask for your use.And there are few more steps to enter into grand prizes.

A) Steps to get the Free sample:

1.Join with Esiwia FB page

2.Share this blog post ( on Esiwia FB page wall

3.Send a message (PM) to E’siwia requesting your sample mentioning the steps which you followed.

It is that easy. You will sure get your free sample.

B) Steps to win over s$100 value gift

After trying the mask, you can post a review post / video on your own timeline and on E’siwia’s FB page. The best review will win E’siwia’s up and coming High Power Amped Up Mask (gift is valued over S$100)

C) Staycation Contest Promo

Esiwia is also running a 3D2N Staycation Draw. Mechanics as follows:-

1) Purchase one 5-pc pack and receive 1 piece free.

2) With each purchase, customer stands a chance to win a 3D2N Staycation at Marriott Singapore. 1 winner will be picked.

3) First 50 customers on our Qoo10 shop, will receive 2 times chance for their purchase.

Disclosure: I received samples of Esiwia 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Masks in order to facilitate this review.However all opinions and experiences are mine.If you like to work with me,please check this page and contact me for collaborations.











Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review (at Lot One – Singapore)

My experience with Jonsson protein hair treatment is really good and I am really happy with the results. Actually I am with severe hair loss after giving birth. It is seriously severe! I also didn’t have much time to give more attention to my hair till I realize my hair regrowth is really slow. However, recently I started more care on me and started checking for treatments for hair.

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review

Jonsson Protein Outlet at Lot One

So, I really like the opportunity I received for trying protein treatment with Jonsson protein as it can be a good start of treating hair loss problem. My below experience is based on the VE hair protein scalp treatment at Lot One branch which is located near Choa Chu Kang MRT. If you are looking for any hair loss treatment Singapore review, hope this is helpful on deciding.

About VE Protein Scalp Treatment by Jonsson Protein

This VE Protein scalp treatment is for those who are with hair problems such as hair loss, dandruff, oily scalp or premature white hair which can make you bother about your hair always. The treatment is according to the VE Protein® formula from the USA.

As per Jonsson Protein, here are some of the features of this protein treatment for hair loss and other such problems.

2-in-1 Solution – Formulated with botanical plant extracts to tackle your hair problems effectively while restoring your scalp health

Safe – No hair transplant surgery, no oral medication

Instant Results – *A clean scalp can be seen in just 1 session!

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review -Inside the consultation room

My experience and review of VE Protein Scalp Treatment by Jonsson Protein

I want to say my experience before the treatment was really good. The staff was really friendly and I could get some idea of the treatment before I reached on the day.

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review -Products they use

The treatment is with 3 main steps and below is my experience with each step.

Professional One-on-one Consultation with Scalp Analysis.

When I reached there, I was sent to the consultation room. It was a pretty room and I spent few minutes till the beauty consultant comes.

Then she explained me about hair and scalp. She also interviewed me regarding my hair loss problem. Finally she did the scalp analysis.

For my surprise, I am with oily scalp and I am also with dandruff!

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review

My scalp analysis before the treatment – My scalp is with full of clogs 🙁

The name dandruff made me embracing. But, I told her that I didn’t feel any itchiness or I didn’t see and dandruff on my hair.

As per her, as my scalp is oily, the dandruff particles are deposited on my scalp until the hair roots are unable to absorb most of the external treatments. It was really shocking. As per her, I need at least 10 protein treatments to get my hair back.

After the consultation, we started the treatment.

Treatment – Deep Cleansing, Replenishment of Protein.

Protein hair treatment included hair cleanse and protein treatment. I also received a collagen drink which is good for hair and skin. The consultant at the Jonsson hair explained me each steps and she also showed the products she used for the protein treatment.

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review – Treatment time while enjoying a collagen drink

I am really satisfied with the treatment.

Second Scalp Analysis

After the hair treatment, we had the second consultation. The hair consultant at the Jonsson hair did the second scalp analysis. For my surprise; I couldn’t see much clogged particles in the scan. The results were visible as per the scalp analysis.

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review

Comparison of results…   – Left side – Before the treatment (Heavily clogged)    –    Right side-After the treatment (visibly clean) 🙂

As I was happy with the results, I also bought a shampoo from them which is suitable for my scalp. I also received a travel size kit of their hair products which are suitable for all hair types.

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review -I received this travel pack free (Bonus Product kit). I also bought their Pro Hair Shampoo for oily dandruff scalp (For $37.45) which is suitable for my scalp.

Anyway, hair consultant told me that I need more treatments to get more good results and to stop hair loss.

When I reached home, at the day of hair treatment, I didn’t see any hair on my comb. Usually it is with lot of fallen hair. Although it is just one treatment, I found lesser hair strands during the first week after the treatment. So, I know I have to continue for more treatments to get back to the normal scalp condition.

Overall, I am happy and satisfied with my experience at Jonsson Protein Singapore!

Jonsson Protein Free VE Protein Scalp Treatment 

I guess you like to try FREE VE Protein Scalp Treatment at Jonsson Protein before buying any package.Use the below details to receive your free hair treatment and see the visible results!

You will get 1 FREE VE Protein Scalp Treatment (U.P.$300)

Valid for the FIRST 30 new customers only.

To redeem,SMS <Name>,JPNM to 75858


Visit website:

Disclaimer : I received this complementary treatment free.However,it doesn’t affect my review and opinion.











Find that Trendy New Bikini this Summer by Shopping Online

If you’ve ever had the terrible experience of swimsuit shopping at a mall or big box retailer, you know that finding swimsuits that look good and fit properly is still something of a nightmare, especially for those who fit in sizes larger than an 8. After decades of being ignored by designers and fashion industry leaders, the average woman is now discovering clothing that not only fits, but looks fabulous to boot. Designers are creating sexy, colorful swimsuits that celebrate a woman’s confident curves and personality. The new “it” bikinis this season are the bold waist high bikinis showing up on magazine covers and beaches worldwide — even on plus size models.

Regardless of body type or size, most women still prefer a little extra coverage in certain areas, which is why high-waisted bikinis are among the biggest trends in bikinis in 2016 and this is in part because bold waist high bikinis have that 1950s glamor, while still providing extra support. You may have seen some of your favorite body positive super heroes like Tess Holliday, Ashley Grahamor Loey Lane making waves with plus size swimwear. They’re changing the game, insisting that women no longer have to relegate themselves to the one sad, matronly swimsuit hanging in the department stores. You know what I’m talking about. It’s black, its big, it definitely doesn’t have cleavage and usually comes with a skirt, and hey, for some of us, that’s still the perfect swimsuit, but most of us have become bored, and definitely want more — more color, more variety, more sexy!

Ashley Graham has recently partnered with the online retailer swimsuitsforall to bring new, body-positive styles to women everywhere. Big box and department store retailers haven’t gotten the message yet, but while those brick and mortar stores are still living in the dark ages, you have the power of the online shopping revolution. Many online retailers also cater exclusively to plus size shoppers and offer personalized body type calculators on their sites.

Find that Trendy New Bikini this Summer by Shopping Online

At the touch of your fingers, you can view hundreds of sexy swimsuits for your body. Many online retailers offer easy exchanges, so you can try it on in the privacy of your home without worry. There’s always the added benefit of not having to buy your swimsuit during the limited two-month window they are available in stores, fighting with another unfortunate woman over the last tankini in the store. Swimsuit season doesn’t have to be a chore, so take the opportunity to find something you really love, something you feel sexy and confident sporting at the beach or poolside. It’s easy to find that cute, retro-inspired waist high bikini if you know where to look.


Eyeglasses from GlassesShop Review + Coupon Code

I want to share this GlassesShop review as I really like the fashion eyeglasses I received recently.

Last year I received sunglasses from and I really love it. I still use the same pair without any problem. This year when I received the opportunity to try their fashion eyeglasses, I was really happy because I know their products are with excellent quality. is an online optical store which you can buy glasses online for really affordable rates. However, don’t measure the quality with its price. Though the eyeglasses at are really affordable, those eyewear are with high quality too. You can order prescription sunglasses, fashion eyeglasses and prescription eyeglasses online and easily when you visit Other than the quality, GlassesShop is full of stylish frames and designs which you can select easily which is matching with your face.

 GlassesShop Review

Fashion eyeglasses from

This time, I tried their fashion eyeglasses and really like the pair I received. However,with GlassesShop you can also select prescription eyeglasses according to your prescription.You can select lenses from single vision,bifocals or as progressive.Anyway, now it is time for another eyeglasses review!

Among many stylish glasses to select, I liked the design Humphrey Rectangle clip-on – Golden and actually it is really beautiful. I like this pair because it comes with a pair of removable polarized magnetic clip-on. That is really easy to use when you want to use the pair of glasses as sunglasses.

How to order eyeglasses from

The ordering procedure of GlassesShop is really easy and convenient. You only need to have an account with them to start your order. It is absolutely easy to sign up with

Once you created your account, you can easily use the try on feature which is available for any eyeglasses you buy online from GlassesShop.

I selected the pair of glasses named as Humphrey Rectangle clip-on – Golden. With virtual Try on widget, it is easy to select any pair by looking at how the eyeglasses look when someone wear it.

 GlassesShop Review

GlassesShop Review

Once you select your perfect pair, then follow the easy steps towards the order. Once you ordered, it will take few days to deliver. However it is worth the wait as the eyeglasses are with quality and worth the money you pay.

Quality and actual Product Experience with GlassesShop eyeglasses

#GlassesShop Review

 GlassesShop Review

GlassesShop Review

After few days of order, I finally received my GlassesShop fashion eyeglasses. It is absolutely beautiful and comfortable on me. The removable polarized magnetic clip on is really helpful and with that I can use this eyeglasses outside as a pair of sunglasses.

 GlassesShop Review

It is ready as sunglasses.

I selected this design because of the golden color frame and totally love the stylish design. My eyeglasses also came with a protective case and a cleaning cloth.

 GlassesShop Review

GlassesShop Review

Overall I am happy with what I received. It is really worth the money. My eyeglasses are light weight and easy to take with me anywhere.

I still use the sunglasses I received last year and the pair is still in good condition. So, I am sure about the durability of these GlassesShop eyeglasses.

 GlassesShop Review

New fashion eyeglasses with the sunglasses I recieved last year from

If you look for buying eyeglasses online, then check for many stylish designs! Coupon Code

Here is a special coupon code for Diary of New Mom readers!

Use the coupon code GSHOT50 to enjoy 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded).

If you are looking for fashion eyewear discount code or prescription eyewear discount code, use GSHOT50 at the checkout to enjoy the 50% off!

Disclosure: I received this pair of eyeglasses from in order to facilitate this review. However, all opinions are mine.









Weekly Deals Starting as Low As $6.95 at GlassesShop! Promo ends 8/25/2016




Refresh your Style with Stella & Dot’s New Fall Line

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

The weather is so fine and It is still summer. For some part of the world, fall is on its way.

So it is time to shop for new accessories and prepare for the fall! If you check the Stella & Dot’s new 2016 Fall Line of accessories, I am sure you want to buy all or at least most of the new items. The latest collection of Stella & Dot’s new 2016 Fall Line of accessories is really gorgeous and can’t take the eyes away!

Their new fall collection is rich with new designs and styles that suit for fall and which can create stunning appearance on you. When I checked the Stella & Dot’s new 2016 Fall Line of accessories collection, I found many attractive items. Here are some of my favourites!

Check them, sure you’d love all these!

1.Double Horn Pendant Necklace – Gold

Stella & Dot's New Fall Line

Stella & Dot’s New Fall Line – Gold Double Horn Pendant Necklace

Check this Gold Double Horn Pendant Necklace.It really looks simple yet elegant.Don’t you love such a gorgeous design to make your outfit more gorgeous?

2.Reversible Infinity  Scarf

Stella & Dot's New Fall Line

Stella & Dot’s New Fall Line – Reversible Infinity Scarf

It is no secret that you can create stylish appearance with a stunning scarf.So,this is my favourite scarf design from the latest Stella & Dot Fall line.Check this Reversible Infinity Scarf for more photos and details.

Below are some of other new arrivals from the entire Stella & Dot Fall line.

Stella & Dot's New Fall Line

Stella & Dot’s New Fall Line

Refresh your Style with Stella & Dot’s new Fall Line!

Happy shopping!

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

Hope you like to read this Victoria Facelift Singapore Review with my actual experience. :)Victoria Facelift celebrates their 1st anniversary in Singapore and in order to celebrate their anniversary there was a giveaway of $486 Power V-Lift Facial Package. When I received the email which shares the details about this giveaway, I entered. In few days I received a phone call saying I have the opportunity for a free Victoria Facelift treatment. 🙂

Before reading further check these products for a V shape face.  Click here.

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review – The email which I received about the Giveaway information

So, I booked a date and last weekend I had experience with Victoria Facelift Singapore Power V-lift facial treatment. However, after the treatment, finally I thought of sharing my experience with others.

What is Victoria Facelift Treatment?

As described in Victoria Facelift website, this $486 Power-Lift Facial Package is able to give below results.

After this package you’ll notice,

  • Visible reduction of Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lighten and reduce the Dark circles & eye bags
  • You’ll get Firmer and tighter skin
  • Sagging contour lifted
  • Dry skin will instantly get hydrated
  • You’ll see Instant radiance and whitening

This facelift package is claimed to have 90 minutes, however together with consultation it is expected to spend 2 hours at the treatment center.

Here is my experience with recent Victoria Facelift treatment at the Plaza Singapore, Dhoby Ghaut outlet.

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review – Before the treatment day:

My experience till the treatment day was really good and smooth. I received phone calls and also reminders time to time till the actual date of facelift treatment. The staff is friendly.

On the day of actual Victoria facelift treatment

I went there sharp on time. The outlet is really a beautiful and attractive place. The staff welcomed me cordially.

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

They sent me to an initial consultation room which is again interesting and relaxing. Once the beauty consultant came in, she started her consultation as a form of interview. She asked about my lifestyle habits with skincare routine and asked me my concerns.

Then she started explaining about their packages. At this point I told her that I am not willing to buy any package at this moment. I actually don’t like to buy packages on the spot without exactly knowing the treatment, its side effects and after results. I also have experience with buying packages but couldn’t redeem all simply because I couldn’t find time to attend.

But she explained all the packages including different discounts and offers. Okay, no problem. That is her job!

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

Then she scanned my skin both my face and a place on my hand. After that she explained. According to her, our hand area is with healthy skin. So we could see difference between the scanned pictures of hand and face. My facial skin needs more care and attention with proper treatment. I absolutely agree with that because during the past 2 years I couldn’t take care of my skin as I was full time taking care of my son. It is not an excuse. However, I didn’t have a good routine but I continued with daily skin care routing such as cleansing and moisturizing. The skin scan also showed black heads and uneven skin tone of my face.

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review – My Experience with the Actual Victoria Facelift Treatment

After the initial consultation, we started the facial treatment. The treatment room is bit small, however comfortable. At the time I went there, there were others who were undergoing treatments in other cubical. The beautician who did my treatment was really nice and pleasant. She did it with extreme care and I really like the treatment.

This Complete facial treatment included few items. I actually can’t remember all in order as I was relaxing.

But it included cleanse, extract, tone, moisturize and lifting. They used the machine to lift up my face skin. I also received eye massage and neck shoulder massage which I really loved.

Overall, I don’t have any negative comment for their facial treatment. For me, it is excellent! Thanks beautician!

At the time of treatment and after the treatment, they also took some facial photos of me. It is for comparison.

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review -This is me just after the facial treatment,little bit sleepy as the facial treatment was really relaxing 🙂

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review – After the treatment:

Well, this is the hard part again. It is again consultation. The beauty consultant scanned my face and compared the results. Yes, my skin has improved. I agree.

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

But, I was not ready to buy a package on the spot. That is me. I really don’t like to spend money without considering the benefits. But, I love your treatment. I may visit again for another treatment session. However, I don’t want to undergo another package introduction, discounts and offers.


  •  The actual Victoria facelift treatment I received was excellent. It included eye massage and neck massage which really made me relaxing after a busy week.
  •  I also saw the visible results. I saw the comparison of before after photos and skin analysis. However, among all I could see the difference on my face through a mirror.
  •  NO injection, NO surgery
  •  Staff didn’t disturb me for purchasing packages during the actual facial treatment.But it was different at London Weight Management.


  • Compare all above pros and the pushing staff who offers you different types of packages till you lose the relaxation you got from your treatment. So, you’ll understand the cons which I want to share here. 🙂  🙂
  • And,after coming home I checked the email again.Does  it say anything that I have to buy package or top up?With my understanding it is a giveaway in order to celebrate the 1st anniversary. 🙁

Do you see any terms that say I need to top up or I need to buy package?



Location : My this Victoria Facelift review is based on my experience at Plaza Singapura outlet.


Instead of buying expensive packages for such beauty treatments which include hard selling,I’d love to try Face Massager like this together with other facial treatments which really make me comfortable.

Check the details and specification here.

**Affiliate links included

Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion Review

When I received the sample of Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion, I really attracted to its look. The colour is so pretty. After I opened the bottle, I cannot stay away without experiencing the good fragrance of it. After using Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion, I couldn’t stop writing a blog review. So, here is Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion Review together with my experience. Although it is a small sample offered through sample store, it could convert me to writing a blog review as I love this product for different reasons.

Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion Review

Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion Review

Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion –About the Product

This multi essence lotion contains high permeability vitamin C that helps to improve the condition of the skin. It contains 2 types of EGF-like ingredients which promotes the generation of new cells while moisturizing the skin. The three types of fruity acids in this Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion help to remove the dead cells. Fullerene in the VC 100 essence absorbs free radicals making your skin smooth and radiant. Another interesting thing to know about Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion is that it is made of 100% Deep sea water of Toyama Bay. That gives the opportunity to sooth your skin with wide variety of minerals. There are more details about the ingredients of this Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion which you can read on their website.

Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion Review

Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion Review and My experience

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review post, I really attracted into the colour and sweet fragrance of this VC100 Essence lotion. It is so attractive and if you look for little bit of aromatherapy which can keep you calm and happy, this fragrance is a good therapy. It gives the aroma of Vitamin C, but soothing.

Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion Review

After cleansing my face, I used appropriate amount of Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion into my palm. Then I gently use it on my face and neck area. It is a kind of toner which soothes the skin. I am so comfortable and I feel the smoothness of the skin each time after applying this lotion.

Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion Review

Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion Review

Overall I am happy with the Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion.You can find more details of this product at their website or by visiting sample store.

Disclaimer: I received a free sample via Sample Store. All opinions are mine.










Vessel Scents of Style – Aromatherapy Jewelry Review

Vessel Scents of Style is my recent finding and I love their unique concept. It is a revolution in fashion jewelry. We all love jewelry and we all love fragrance. Then how about having jewelry with fragrance in it? This is where Vessel is different and unique from most of the fashion jewelry brands. In Vessel jewelry collection you will find both scent and style creating a beautiful piece of unique jewelry for you to wear anytime.

Vessel jewelries include beautiful lockets which are designed to hold ScentSpheres inside giving fragrance and aroma of choice. This is great as the customer can easily select their preferred essential oils or perfume for the ScentSpheres

How to create your personalized aromatherapy jewelry? (Scented jewelry)

With Vessel, it is easy to make your personalized aromatherapy jewelry. It only requires few easy steps to follow.

First visit Vessel Scents of Style and select your preferred locket. There are many different styles to select from.

The locket which I feature in this post is a Diamond Locket.

Once you selected your preferred locket, next step is to select the necklace. You can check these necklace designs and select a beautiful design with appropriate length.

After that you need to choose your ScentSpheres. You can select ScentSpheres from a range of designs and styles including various colours, patterns and shapes.

After selecting the shape and colour of your ScentSpheres, it is time to choose the fragrance. That is the interesting part of making your personalized aromatherapy jewelry as there are different fragrances available to choose. Their fragrances come as three layers and once you confirm the fragrance, the selected ScentSpheres will be scented with the selected fragrance.

That’s all. You will have a scented necklace, earrings or scented jewelry of your choice.

Isn’t this sound interesting?

Vessel Scents of Style Review (My Experience with wearing an Aromatherapy Necklace)

I received the opportunity to review a scented necklace from Vessel and I am really happy with the aromatherapy necklace I received.

The aromatherapy necklace I received includes a Diamond Locket (RP) and Alexa 30″ Chain (RP). This also include Cool Floral fragrance. I selected Cool Floral fragrance as I like the list of scents mentioned including deep sandalwood and traces of oak moss at the bottom.

The look of the necklace is classic and beautiful together with the ScentSpheres. The fragrance is not strong. So, I didn’t feel any uncomfortable feeling, instead the fragrance is smooth which keep me refreshing when I wear this aromatherapy necklace. Actually it is a healing scent and keeps me in comfort when I wear the scented necklace. Just imagine the time you spend with a healing scent around! It is really comfortable, isn’t it? So, I experience the same comfort of breathing the soft fragrance and it is really therapeutic for me.

If you look for aromatherapy necklace for you or as a gift, I think this is a perfect gift idea as you can easily customize the jewelry you buy. There are also men and women jewelry available with different designs and fragrances.

Visit Vessel Scents of Style and check all the different styles available. I am sure you will like the entire collection of aromatherapy jewelries!



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