June 21, 2024

Six Tips for Finding the Ideal Office Space in Chicago

When you’re moving your business or getting your startup off the ground, one practical question that surfaces over and over again is the office space predicament.

Finding the Ideal Office Space in Chicago

You have your business idea, leads, marketing strategy, and budget all figured out, but where are you going to open your business? What is the best spot?

Finding Office Space Chicago can be hard, especially in the White City. It can be hard to come by an ideal location, and the prime real estate is often going to be fought over with tooth and nail.

What should you consider when you’re out searching for the perfect spot? Below, we have some tips that will help narrow your search and ensure you have the best office spot possible.

Consider Growth

When searching for office space, it’s essential to think of your business in a few years. Now, you may have a small team of employees, but what happens in a few years? Is your team size going to increase or maybe even double?

You must find Office space in Chicago that settles the company for the years to come. You don’t want to have to be constantly moving to accommodate your growing team.

Location is Key                                                   

Location is the most important guideline in real estate, and having a prime location can hurt or help your business.

If you’re going to be welcoming plenty of clients, then maybe a spot in the downtown would be a good idea. If you just need a space for everyone to be together, then you could look outside of popular areas to save money.

Being in The Loop, Chicago’s downtown business district, may be ideal, but is it possible for you and your employees?

Look for Recently Vacated Property

You want things to be in tip-top shape, right? You don’t want to come into work every day worrying about how the paint is peeling, and there’s an old smell you can’t seem to get rid of.

When looking at spaces, make sure it was someplace that was recently used. That means it’s desirable and likely has all the working parts you need to have a successful office.

Think About Culture

What kind of business you are is what separates you from everyone else. You want your office space to portray that culture.

First impressions are huge, and what clients and employees see when they walk through the doors is the image you’re going to project. Try and connect your office space to your overall culture.

Gauge Employee Opinions

Maybe you have the perfect office idea in your head. What does it look like?

Now, take whatever you have and run that by a few employees. Not only does this encourage employee engagement, but you’re also going to get happier employees if you’re considering their opinion.

While an open office plan may sound great, the studies tend to say otherwise.

It never helps to ask a few questions to your coworkers to see what they’re thinking may work best for them.

Remember that Everything is Negotiable

When you’re looking at office space, you might find the ideal spot that just happens to be out of your budget. Everything in this world can be negotiated, and you just have to give it a try.

Yes, the art of negotiating can be uncomfortable or even weird at some parts, but it’s a way to save on some overhead and use that money to grow your business down the road.


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