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Having a Mom Moment? Take a Break in the Beautiful Mountains of Arkansas

They don’t call Arkansas “The Natural State” without good reason. There’s a wealth of things to do in the unspoilt outdoors to renew your spirit and boost your mood. If you’re a busy mom looking for a break, the mountains of Arkansas may be just what you need for rejuvenation.

Arkansas has two separate mountain ranges – the Ouachitas and the Ozarks which are located mainly in the west of the state. Regardless of which range you choose, there are a several activities to take part in including wildlife watching, hiking, biking, camping, fishing and boating. Check yourself into a hotel like Courtyard Little Rock North and explore all the region has to offer.

Beautiful Mountains of Arkansas

The Ozark Mountains are a series of plateaus which run south to north and reach into Missouri. They offer a number of geologic features including caves, springs and sinkholes. You can also choose from many rivers and streams.  In contrast to the rugged and remote Ozarks, the Ouachita range is well-known for its diamond lakes – Ouachita, Hamilton Catherine, Greeson and DeGray. There are several state parks from which to choose and they offer lots of options.

Camping and climbing

Tough it out in the open or take advantage of the many public and private campgrounds in the Ouachita National Forest. You can choose to erect a tent or enjoy the amenities an RV. Many campgrounds offer restrooms, showers and other comforts. You also have the option of roughing it in the Ozarks or opting for some luxury.

Camping and climbing is a great way to spend time on outdoors.Therefore don’t forget to pack the camping essentials including tents and sleeping bags. You should also pack a pair of binoculars to watch birds and animals.This will be a great experience for your kids to enjoy the wonders of nature.Check the best binoculars under 200 before you choose any Binocular,because recommendations and reviews are always helpful for making decisions.

Beautiful Mountains of Arkansas

Meanwhile, the sandstone in the Ozarks is great for climbing. Check out Sam’s Throne, Horseshoe Canyon Ranch or Red Rock Point for sport climbing and bouldering.

Hiking and biking

The Ozark Highlands Trail is 218 miles long but that is just one of the many hiking trails you will find. Get a workout and take in the amazing view from Pedestal Rocks Loop, the Lost Valley Trail or Hemmed in Hollow.

Bikers will be in their element in either range. The Ouachita mountains are home to three IMBA Epic trails and miles of forest road. The Ozarks have the IMBA Epic Upper Buffalo Headwaters Trail and Syllamo Trails well as Mount Kessler, Lake Leatherwood and Slaughter Pen. You will need to return if you want to explore them all.

Fishing and boating

The lakes are crystal clear and you can catch a variety of species. The Ouachita and Little Missouri Rivers are perfect for finding trout and walleye while you’ll take home striper and bass from Lake Ouachita and Lake Hamilton.

Do you love boating and water sports more? Choose from Lake Hamilton, Lake Ouachita, Lake Catherine or Lake Greeson. If paddling in a canoe or kayak is more your thing, then the Caddo, Cossatot, Little Missouri and Ouachita Rivers are ideal for you.You can easily find the best fishing kayak under 1000 and enjoy fishing while spending the day among the beautiful river views.

Shopping and dining

If you want to be surrounding by nature but you don’t want too much physical activity, take in the charming city of Hot Springs, the main commercial hub in Ouachita. Pop into the shops along Central Avenue, check out the art in the galleries and grab some lunch in one of the many restaurants. Hot Springs National Park is also nearby.

Get started on planning that itinerary and remember, if you can’t do it all, there’s always next time!

Road Trip Survival Guide: Kid-Friendly Tips

A road trip with toddlers sound like a nightmare, since children require constant entertainment and attention. Not only do you have to think about packing the entire family for the trip, but you also shouldn’t forget to bring every possible source of entertainment to keep your children occupied during the ride. Sitting in a car for a long time will eventually make them fussy, and crying is inevitable at some point. Therefore, it’s good to know how to keep your kids busy during the trip.

Pack on Games


These days we pack colouring books and activity books to keep our kid occupied.

Drawing boards, magnetic storyboards and sticker books can serve as a very useful distraction for your kids during the trip. If you play some music that they love, you’ll keep them occupied for hours. What’s more, bear in mind that you can bring any toy they love playing with, but make sure it doesn’t make a gooey mess, or has a billion little pieces. Also, since your children must be buckled up in their seats at all times, any toy that ends up on the floor will cause crying, and you’ll have to stop the car and give the toy back to them.

Make Frequent Pit Stops


Our kid was very happy when we stopped at an eating place where there are animals to see during a Sri Lanka road trip.

Travelling with a toddler is nothing like travelling on your own. You’ll have to organize your trip to suit your kids, and make more frequent stops than you used to. Therefore, prepare yourself for multiple 30-minute breaks that will allow you to feed the children, stretch a bit and change diapers as well. This will mean that you won’t get to your destination as fast as you thought you would, but at least the trip will be more comfortable. The less pit stops you make the bigger the chances are that your children will become restless. It would be a good idea to make a stop at the place that has an outdoor playground or an indoor playroom, so that your kids can run around a bit. This will make them tired, so they’ll take a nap during the ride. Therefore, don’t forget to bring some of the necessary Go Travel accessories. The sleeper pillow or carry cushion will make your and your toddler’s travelling naps much more comfortable.

Keep them Company

Sometimes no toy in the world will be enough to keep your little ones down, so you’ll have to be the one who entertains them. Sit on the back seat with your kids and play games, until they calm down. They may want you to colour with them, draw them something, or maybe even tell them a story. If nothing of that works out, try reading to them or maybe describe the scenery and talk to them about the place where you’re going.

Bring Various Gadgets

Tablets, portable DVD players and music players are the travel essentials, so be sure to bring them as well. Keep the devices fully charged and bring as many cartoons, audiobooks and music as possible. Popular TV shows and kid-friendly movies are also a great way to entertain your kids, so be sure to bring them along in case they’re not in the mood for cartoons. Play them an audiobook with fairy tales, or singing games, and all the fussing will be over shortly.


Chances are, the minute you start driving, your kid will start whining that they are hungry. They won’t be actually hungry, but they’ll only need something to keep them distracted, and snacks are the perfect option. Dried and fresh fruit, raisins, granola bars, carrots, bagels, pretzels and rice cakes are perfect for road trips.

Final Thoughts

Going on a road trip with children doesn’t have to be exhausting. All you have to do is keep them entertained and you’re in for a long and calm drive. Just bring plenty of games, make regular stops, give them some snacks and they’ll enjoy the ride as much as you will.


Traveling with children for the end of the year holidays. Next stop Peru.

Almost everyone is focusing on the end of the year holidays; most people are starting to purchase presents for their family and friends. The classical euphoria of the Christmas holidays surrounds everything around us and takes over our minds, but what if people like me do not want to participate in any of that? What if I want my children to not part take of this consumerist madness?

Fortunately for us, The best present we can get to our children is a holiday spent in a different country, however choosing the right place to travel with them is always a challenge and a hard choice to make.

Peru Traveling with children

To do that, one has to consider many factors to make a wise decision. for instance, not only the attractions have to be entertaining for the kids, but the place itself has to have the necessary accommodations and infrastructure for people who travel with children.

After careful analysis and research, my recommendation for such destination for 2017 and 2018 is Peru, the land of the Inca.

Peru is a place that is located in the southern hemisphere, which means that while we are entering the cold winter, they will be entering a warm summer. Some of the best places to go with children in Peru are the Paracas National Park, and it’s Ballestas islands where one can see the large and unique wildlife of the Pacific Ocean in South America. Sea otters, Humboldt penguins, and other exotic animals can be seen from the boats touring this attraction.

Not far from there, in the Coastal desert of Peru south of Lima, it is located the Huacachina lake, which is a natural oasis of that holds beautiful and surreal sunset views. In that same area, one can take the kids on a boogie ride to the nearby dunes and practice some sand boarding which will keep the kids entertained and happy.

Traveling with children Peru

And if that is not enough, Peru is the home of the beautiful lost city of the Inca; Machu Picchu. In this place, one can perform a bunch of activities and tours ranging from visiting zoos to see the fantastic wildlife of the Andean mountains, handicraft markets and even do some camping along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, which is one of the most famous hiking routes of the world. The best part of that is that Machu Picchu is a great place for kids, they can learn many things there.

It is important to know that to do this hike one needs to make reservations ahead of time with a trusted tour operator. They usually provide you with all the essential gear that is necessary for this type of activities which means that one does not even need to but or take these things from home.

To sum up, this whole end of the year frenzy, traveling to Peru and enjoy the beauty of its magnificent culture will be my present and the present I will give to my children.

Playing with a Mirror (Mirror Activities for Toddlers)

It is not a secret that babies love to see their face from the mirror. Although they recognize themselves from the mirror or not, giving a small mirror to a baby is a wonderful idea to see how they stay happy with it. When it comes to a toddler, they have some understanding of the reflection and they can also recognize themselves through a mirror reflection.There are lot of mirror activities for toddlers,however this is a mirror activity which my son found himself while we were at a shopping mall. 🙂

Playing with a Mirror

Playing with a Mirror

These are some photos which I captured in end of 2015 during our Sri Lanka holiday. Our son was exactly 2 years old at that time and we were in a shopping mall. He suddenly found this mirror in the fitting rooms’ area and started exploring and experimenting. As the shop was not crowded and as he was seriously experimenting the reflections through the mirror, I didn’t bother of taking him out. Instead I used the opportunity to allow him to learn, explore and experiment.

Can you see how curious he is with the different reflections through the mirror? 🙂

Playing with a Mirror

Experimenting with a Mirror

Benefits of Playing with a mirror for Toddlers

Playing with mirrors is one of the popular toddler activities which help them to boost different skills. Some of the benefits of playing with mirrors include focusing and identifying their image. A mirror may help developing social skills at the same time emotional development. I also found in another post that a mirror can boost the development of brain of a toddler or a baby as they try to explore and experiment different reflections.

Playing with a Mirror

Playing with a Mirror

Anyway, this was a beautiful moment for us although he was sitting on the floor of the shop thinking it as his own home. There are times which we have to forget about hygiene, but be sure to clean hands after such play time with wet tissues or hand sanitizer.(if you are traveling)

Do you have any photo story to share? Please link below.

Do you allow mirrors to your kids for playing? Please share your thoughts.






Kids Friendly Excursions in Marmaris

Beautiful sandy beaches and great weather are the most interesting things that come into my mind when I think of Marmaris which is a beautiful Mediterranean port town in Turkey. Having another holiday in an attractive port city sounds really interesting. However, a holiday with a kid should be well planned. With my recent trips to few different places I experienced lot of hard moments and really exciting moments of travelling with kids.So I want to share some of the activities you can do in a family friendly holiday to Marmaris with kids.When you plan your holiday with kids friendly activities,they will enjoy their holiday,and you will too. 🙂

Kids Friendly Excursions in Marmaris

Spending time in the beach is great while you can have great fun with the kids. Recently we visited the beach and of course it was really enjoyable. There are lot of activities which you can do in the beach with kids including playing with sea waves, sand playing and kite surfing with kids. My toddler loved all these activities and I know these are worth activities to do in Marmaris beaches too.

Kids love their time in the beach

Although you can spend the whole day in a Marmaris beach with such activities, a holiday is not really complete if you don’t enjoy special activities. I mean activities really special for Marmaris and which you can’t easily experience elsewhere.

Kids love to spend time with animals too.A horse Safari in Marmaris is great to entertain them.

So, don’t ruin your time just spending at the beach with kids. Let them explore Marmaris by joining either a Marmaris Pirates Boat Trip or a horse safari.

Pirates’ boat trip is enjoyable for both adults and kids, so you will not regret booking a tour for your family. Enjoy time in the boat tour while enjoying games and fantastic views along the way.

A Day in Aqua Dream Water Park can be another great way to spend time in Marmaris which in return your kids would talk about their experience for many years. I am sure they’ll love this activity.

How to plan your Marmaris Holiday?

Sometimes it is not easy to arrange holidays on your own. This is where Marmaris excursions are helpful. With lot of available excursions in Marmaris, it is not difficult to plan your holiday arrangement in Marmaris. Only you have to do is visit a tour operating site such as and book your favorite Marmaris excursions. It is stress free and they will do the best arrangement for your holiday.

Other than that, always don’t forget sunscreen, water and a camera with extra batteries. These will make your moments in Marmaris more enjoyable!


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