July 19, 2024

Presidential Candidate, Hart Cunningham, Outlines His First 5 of 1k Initiatives for 2020!

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Presidential Candidate, Hart Cunningham, outlines his first 5 of 1k initiatives for 2020!

At the time I watched the YouTube video of United States Presidential Candidate, Hart Cunningham discussing his first five of 1000 issues, I decided to write this post.

In the United States, every four years the citizens who are eligible as voters are called to choose their next president. During this time voters will see campaign ads, media news and analysis together with other lot of information about each candidate. Therefore sometimes it can be difficult to decide on the candidate to vote. This is why you need to know the factors that are most important for any presidential candidate to lead the country for another 4 or more years.

Presidential Candidate, Hart Cunningham

Mainly it is important that presidential candidate is capable of bringing the light to the major issues that American citizens face. They should have a reliable and steady plan to address those issues.

While you can easily watch the video of Presidential Candidate, Hart Cunningham; here are some of the highlights of the issues he discusses.

To Watch the video of Presidential Candidate, Hart Cunningham Click here

He discusses mainly about renewable energy, equality and women’s rights-support-financial incentives for small business. I guess that you all as moms and as small business owners and as women entrepreneurs would like to know more about his plans to support financial incentives for small businesses. At the same video, he also discusses about land ownership for more Americans which can be a timely topic for the citizens.

Climate changes are global issues nowadays which need attention of every country and leaders. Presidential Candidate, Hart Cunningham discusses this climate changes issue on his first 5 of 1000 initiatives for 2020 with the suggestion of having stronger relations with China to end the climate change.

Presidential Candidate, Hart Cunningham

In another video he discusses about Nutrition Fit for a President. He identifies obesity and poverty as the biggest obstacles for a stronger nation. As both these are the obstacles for a stronger America, he suggest to educate people with many different ways that can bring healthy nutrients for the life. At the same time he believes in introducing nutrition for the life in a smart way which is cost effective and in a convenient way. This video about nutrition fit for a president is another important video that you should watch from the collection of Hart2020 campaign.

To watch the video Nutrition Fit for a President, click here

While watching this video you can easily walk through the each and every ingredient that he consumes in his morning shake making it an inspirational idea for you too!

His YouTube channel is with other videos as well, including 6-10 ideas and 11-15 ideas-issues that he discusses throughout his campaign.

You can subscribe to the Hart2020 YouTube channel and follow each of the video he shares in order to get some idea about his strategy and plans for a better America!

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