May 21, 2024

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review (at Lot One – Singapore)

My experience with Jonsson protein hair treatment is really good and I am really happy with the results. Actually I am with severe hair loss after giving birth. It is seriously severe! I also didn’t have much time to give more attention to my hair till I realize my hair regrowth is really slow. However, recently I started more care on me and started checking for treatments for hair.

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review
Jonsson Protein Outlet at Lot One

So, I really like the opportunity I received for trying protein treatment with Jonsson protein as it can be a good start of treating hair loss problem. My below experience is based on the VE hair protein scalp treatment at Lot One branch which is located near Choa Chu Kang MRT. If you are looking for any hair loss treatment Singapore review, hope this is helpful on deciding.

About VE Protein Scalp Treatment by Jonsson Protein

This VE Protein scalp treatment is for those who are with hair problems such as hair loss, dandruff, oily scalp or premature white hair which can make you bother about your hair always. The treatment is according to the VE Protein® formula from the USA.

As per Jonsson Protein, here are some of the features of this protein treatment for hair loss and other such problems.

2-in-1 Solution – Formulated with botanical plant extracts to tackle your hair problems effectively while restoring your scalp health

Safe – No hair transplant surgery, no oral medication

Instant Results – *A clean scalp can be seen in just 1 session!

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review
Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review -Inside the consultation room

My experience and review of VE Protein Scalp Treatment by Jonsson Protein

I want to say my experience before the treatment was really good. The staff was really friendly and I could get some idea of the treatment before I reached on the day.

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review
Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review -Products they use

The treatment is with 3 main steps and below is my experience with each step.

Professional One-on-one Consultation with Scalp Analysis.

When I reached there, I was sent to the consultation room. It was a pretty room and I spent few minutes till the beauty consultant comes.

Then she explained me about hair and scalp. She also interviewed me regarding my hair loss problem. Finally she did the scalp analysis.

For my surprise, I am with oily scalp and I am also with dandruff!

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review
My scalp analysis before the treatment – My scalp is with full of clogs 🙁

The name dandruff made me embracing. But, I told her that I didn’t feel any itchiness or I didn’t see and dandruff on my hair.

As per her, as my scalp is oily, the dandruff particles are deposited on my scalp until the hair roots are unable to absorb most of the external treatments. It was really shocking. As per her, I need at least 10 protein treatments to get my hair back.

After the consultation, we started the treatment.

Treatment – Deep Cleansing, Replenishment of Protein.

Protein hair treatment included hair cleanse and protein treatment. I also received a collagen drink which is good for hair and skin. The consultant at the Jonsson hair explained me each steps and she also showed the products she used for the protein treatment.

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review
Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review – Treatment time while enjoying a collagen drink

I am really satisfied with the treatment.

Second Scalp Analysis

After the hair treatment, we had the second consultation. The hair consultant at the Jonsson hair did the second scalp analysis. For my surprise; I couldn’t see much clogged particles in the scan. The results were visible as per the scalp analysis.

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review
Comparison of results…   – Left side – Before the treatment (Heavily clogged)    –    Right side-After the treatment (visibly clean) 🙂

As I was happy with the results, I also bought a shampoo from them which is suitable for my scalp. I also received a travel size kit of their hair products which are suitable for all hair types.

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review
Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review -I received this travel pack free (Bonus Product kit). I also bought their Pro Hair Shampoo for oily dandruff scalp (For $37.45) which is suitable for my scalp.

Anyway, hair consultant told me that I need more treatments to get more good results and to stop hair loss.

When I reached home, at the day of hair treatment, I didn’t see any hair on my comb. Usually it is with lot of fallen hair. Although it is just one treatment, I found lesser hair strands during the first week after the treatment. So, I know I have to continue for more treatments to get back to the normal scalp condition.

Overall, I am happy and satisfied with my experience at Jonsson Protein Singapore!

Jonsson Protein Free VE Protein Scalp Treatment 

I guess you like to try FREE VE Protein Scalp Treatment at Jonsson Protein before buying any package.Use the below details to receive your free hair treatment and see the visible results!

You will get 1 FREE VE Protein Scalp Treatment (U.P.$300)

Valid for the FIRST 30 new customers only.

To redeem,SMS <Name>,JPNM to 75858


Visit website:

Disclaimer : I received this complementary treatment free.However,it doesn’t affect my review and opinion.











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  1. Wow. That closeup of your scalp is pretty amazing! I bet mine looks like that too. I have major buildup and oily hair as well. I need to look into this product. Is this available in the US too? #ProductReviewParty

  2. It has been awhile since I’ve done a protein treatment with my hair. It really does make a difference, making the hair more stronger and healthier. #ProductReviewParty

  3. I agreed. You hv to be v cautious with Jonssen’s aggressive stafff. Their goal is to make you buy their package and will whip out lots of conditions n extra costs wh were not told to you initially. Bewae and insist to read the T & C befote signong anything. They will not let you read or know abt the T&C otherwise. After 9treatments they say that my scalp needed detoxing and I hv to pay 100% extra for it. I asked to show my 1st scalp scan n saw that my scalp was in gd condition compared to now (after 9 treatments). Discouraged, I refused further treatments and asked for refund. They are dodgy and will not refund you easily. Never go to Jonssen for treatments. It has become a nightmare for me after buying their package. Wished I wasnt greedy to accept their 1st complimentary treatment – its a trap!

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