April 20, 2024

Growth of Parenting Influencers : How to Use Them for Your Marketing Campaign

Few years ago when it comes to blogging, most of the bloggers started sharing their ideas using a free platform such as BlogSpot. I was one of such blogger who started sharing my recipes since 2011 by writing a free blog at BlogSpot. But since then blogging has changed so much. Instead of calling such individuals as a blogger, it is best identified them as influencers. Mom bloggers and dad bloggers became influencers within their niche. They were perfect for product launches and brand awareness. This is how influencer marketing became much popular among the businesses apart from their traditional advertising methods which are more expensive. As part of such parenting influencers around the world I am happy to see today’s growth and influence which parenting bloggers can make towards any campaign.

Growth of parenting influencers

What is special about parenting influencers?

Parenting influencers are everywhere. It is not all about blogging. Some of the parenting influencers use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to spread their word. Now with the Covid-19 pandemic and due to strict stay home measures, more people use platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to spend their time. This is why businesses still continue their brand campaigns to reach their end users even though business is not normal as usual. Parenting influencers are there to help brands.

Almost all these influencers are real parents with kids. They share their day to day experiences while raising happy and healthy children. They even share their life struggles along the way. With a real audience across social media and blog, these parenting influencers do a great job. For other parents they share helpful information, tips and support.

I understood this when I first became pregnant. Residing in another country apart from my parents I didn’t know how to prepare for my delivery. But there were mom bloggers who shared lot of information starting from how to prepare the hospital bag to how to do diapering which was really helpful for me. When I was feeling stressful or doubtful there were parenting influencer groups to share ideas or to talk to someone. So, I know how parenting influencers are supportive for other parents around the world.

On the other way this influence is what it requires for advertisers. They recognize such influence as worth paying for in order to share their message. This is why parenting bloggers are called as parenting influencers. This mother daughter duo is one of such great examples for the power of parenting influence.

Why parenting influencers are special? They are real parents and trusted by others. They keep themselves trustworthy by sharing only the helpful information within their network. And they are so much popular and worth to consider as brand ambassadors or product promoters.

How brands use parenting influencers for their marketing campaigns?

As I mentioned before Influencer marketing is becoming so much popular day by day. Brands use parenting influencers to leverage the reach, to crate strong brand reputation, to recommend products and as a result to drive more sales.

There are different ways that Brands use parenting influencers for their marketing campaigns.

Growth of parenting influencers
From a past campaign

 Giveaways and competitions are one of the popular strategies for such influencer campaigns. Many businesses use parenting influencers to reach new audience by arranging giveaways and competitions. Parenting influencers use their most efforts to reach their followers using the power of their word.

Product reviews are another popular strategy for marketing campaigns which most brands like to use. They use the influencer’s trustworthy words to promote product awareness which attract new sales. In a recent interview, Joe Sinkwitz, founder of Intellifluence shares his experience in reviewing a product for Chrissy’s Socks which became creative and popular. This is how the power of influencers can be used through review in order to reach the consumers.

We all love to know about any product or service before we purchase. We are curious about how it works, what are the pros and cons.

Growth of parenting influencers

Parenting influencers are really great sharing their honest idea about any product or service. Product reviews doesn’t even stop by sharing a review post. It will stay permanent on their blog or social media account and most influencers clarify any doubt which consumer has when they comment or email. That’s a plus point for advertisers to choose such influencers for their marketing campaigns. This is why parenting bloggers are considered as influencers in their niche.

There are other marketing strategies such as sponsored articles, newsletter reach, and social media sharing which parenting bloggers can help brands to promote their message.

Things worth to know before using parenting influencers for your marketing campaign

With the growth of parenting influencers advertisers and brands can easily find influencer targets for their brand campaigns. However there are things to keep in mind before choosing the right influencers. There are parenting influencer at all levels. There are influencers with high followers count while there are influencers with low follower count. With my experience, the number of followers actually doesn’t show their influence.

There influencers with lower follower count who actually create more engagement than an influencer with higher follower count can generate.

If any brand put so much pressure on the parenting influencer about the content they want, the brand will fail. Simply let influencer what you really want and allow the parenting influencer to come up with their idea. Parenting influencers are good at creating engaging content than you think about them.

Final words:

Parenting influencers are growing day by day. They are even considered as micro-influencers which brands can use for their marketing campaigns. If your parenting influencer has gain a solid reputation and trustworthiness among the followers then it is important than the number of followers.

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