June 18, 2024

Free Online Money Games for Kids: Fun & Educational

I found some free online money games for kids. Those are fun and educational. Therefore, I thought of writing this blog post to share more on teaching money concepts to children in a fun and educational way.


It is important for any parent to educate their children about money. This is in my thoughts too. But same as many other parents, I too wondered how to start teaching about money. When he was a pre-schooler, I simply introduced him to coins and notes. Later, when he was in school, there were Math lessons that taught about money. But, the child only learned how to do math calculations or connect coins with their value just for the sake of the Math lesson. I found that he doesn’t really have practical experience or knowledge of using money in real-life situations. This is why I was more concerned about teaching him about using money in real life.

To make my life easier, I found some educational money games that teach basic money concepts to children. The best about these games is they are free. Other than a phone, these games are easy to play using a laptop, tab, or desktop. I prefer this mode because I limit his mobile phone and app usage with limited screen time.

With these benefits, below are some of the educational money games we played together. I hope these are beneficial to you as well. Therefore, I am sharing the details with links to relevant pages. So that you can check as well and introduce it to your children.

Cash Back

Cash Back is a game that teaches about correct change when using money. In this game, players play the role of a shop owner. They need to give the correct balance to the customer according to the items they buy. There is a tutorial before starting this game. Therefore, it is easy to learn how to play. This game is helpful for kids to learn how to shop wisely and how to check the change they receive after paying the bills.

Free Online Money Games for Kids

Below is how my son scored in one game play round.

Free Online Money Games for Kids

Supermarket Numbers

Supermarket Numbers is a simple and fun online game that teaches children about simple arithmetic. I found this game as a game that also suits young children including pre-schoolers. The game helps learn addition easily using blocks. When the player reaches advanced levels, he will learn other concepts including subtraction, multiplication, and division. This is another fun and educational game to start learning about arithmetic which is important before learning about money.

Free Online Money Games for Kids

Idle Money Tree

Free Online Finaical Video Games For Kids

Idle Money Tree is another fun game that is suitable for introducing money concepts to children. This is a clicker game developed aiming in answering the popular question, “does money grow on trees?”. Money bags appear on the money tree and children who play the game should collect those.

Free Online Financial Video Games For Kids

Above are three educational games that we found and played recently. As a mom, I found these games to be educational and suit my child. The site is safe to navigate too. I didn’t find any unwanted or inappropriate ads or other posts on this site. Therefore, if you look for free online games that teach children about money, check these games. You can play first before introducing it to your children. And, as always, remember online games can be addictive. Therefore, make sure you have control over screen time for the sake of children’s game addiction problems.

Do you like these free online money games for kids? Or do you know other educational money games that suit young children? Please share your thoughts as a comment.

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