June 18, 2024

Etiquette for Graduation Announcements

When it is time for your son or daughter to be graduating, as a parent you must be so proud of the achievement. After spending many years in school and after more hard work your child has graduated. It is time to send graduation announcement to your friends and relatives. It is time to share this achievement with all you know very well. However how do you choose the graduation announcement? Is there any etiquette for graduation announcements? These are some worries for parents when they prepare for this big announcement.

Etiquette for Graduation Announcements

What goes on a graduation announcement?

Before everything you need to know what to say on your graduation announcements. These are informal announcements of the achievement of your child. Therefore it should showcase your child’s personality.

Etiquette for Graduation Announcements

You can easily customize a graduation announcement using a collage of pictures, photo with graduation cap or even with pictures of first day of school to graduation day.

With these types of pictures it is easy to create unique college graduation announcements that attract the receiver’s eyes. They will sure admire the achievement of your son or daughter.

Once you select the graduation announcement design then it is also necessary to include important details such as school, date of graduation.

 Who should receive the graduation announcements?

It is also important to choose your list of receivers wisely. You are going to spread the news of your child’s achievement. Therefore you should send the graduation announcement for the relatives, friends and others who know your son or daughter. It is a good idea to include some of the friends of the graduate to this list. Your son or daughter will be happy about it.

How to word your graduation Announcements?

Etiquette for Graduation Announcements

When you want to spread the news about your child’s achievement it is also important to use the right words. You can write your own words. But there are many other ways to find wording for your announcement which can be a good way in case if you are not sure what to write and how to write. You can use customized graduation announcement cards to make yours. There are stylish and customizable senior picture announcements with wording which you can use for your announcement. The best thing is that such senior announcements are with good quality and reasonably priced.

Senior Announcements

Once you have your graduation announcement ready then it is time to mail it out. Usually it is better to send the graduation announcement 2 weeks before the actual event date. Some schools are strict with number of tickets for the graduation ceremony. Therefore you have to consider this when you send your announcement.

You can also send your graduation announcement after the ceremony. In such case there will not have any invitation to participate the ceremony. Be sure to send such graduation announcements within 6 weeks after the actual ceremony.

Above are the basic etiquette for graduation announcements which you should know.When you know these tips it is easy to send out your graduation announcements to friends and family without any issue.

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