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The Nail Snail : Is It The Best Ever Baby Nail Trimmer?

Clipping baby nails is not an easy task. It needs lot of patience and even if you clip your baby’s nail they will grow fast again. I remember I had to check my son’s nails daily as those were growing fast. Although baby nails are so soft, still these can make scratches on your baby’s face. That is why it is necessary to keep baby nails trimmed all the time.

Although a traditional nail clipper can do the job, I am sure you will undergo little bit stressful time when you trim nails of your baby’s tiny fingers. But now, there is an innovative design which you can use for trimming those tiny little nails. It is The Nail Snail!


The Nail Snail combines a fingernail trimmer, toenail trimmer, nail file and also a under nail cleaner in one trimmer creating it to look like a cute snail! As a safe and health care product, The Nail Snail is suitable for newborns to toddlers and children to keep their nails short and in clean way. With such innovative nail trimmer you don’t have to worry about nail care of your new born or kid anymore!

The Nail Snail

How to trim the baby nails with The Nail Snail

As a product of Christie & Christie, an Australian based family-run business this 3-in-1 baby nail trimmer tool will be launched soon and you can preorder when they start their kickstarter campaign. Keep in touch with their website for the details. Meantime you can also check updates at Social media sites as below.

 Facebook page @nailsnailbaby

Instagram @nail_snail_baby

Isn’t this 3 in 1 baby nail trimmer too cute? I really love this cute design!


The Groovy Giraffe – Online Bookstore Singapore for Children’s Books #Review

The Groovy Giraffe is our latest finding for buying children’s books online for really affordable rates. We love our experiences. So, this is my Groovy Giraffe review which will be helpful for you to decide on your next book purchase for your kids!

We all know that reading to our kids is one of the best things which we can do from their early stages of life. I started reading books for my son when he was just few months old. Now we continue the same habit and we have established a bed time reading routine too. There are many advantages of reading books for kids including improving the communication skills, better literacy, academic skills and mastering the language. There are many more reasons to read with kids. Reading will also develop a stronger relationship between the parent and the kid. With all these reasons, we always surround our kid with age appropriate books for him to read including the books from the library.

The Groovy Giraffe Review

The Groovy Giraffe #Review

However, it is not a secret that children’s books are quiet expensive if you buy those from a local book store. This can be a reason for some parents to not to buy books for their kids. But, you can easily buy books from online bookshops as most of the bookshops sell high quality books for affordable rates. Most of the time, online bookshops sell the books for a rate lower than the local book store.

What is Groovy Giraffe?

The Groovy Giraffe review

Have you heard of The Groovy Giraffe? The Groovy Giraffe is the Singapore’s first online children’s remainder bookstore. You can find brand new, high quality books there for a really lower rate. The books are not second hand or used books. Instead, these books are directly from the publishers which are over printed or with minor shelf wear marks.

Are the books selling at the Groovy Giraffe, brand new?

The books at The Groovy Giraffe   are brand new and overprint books which may have some minor shelf wear. However, you will notice the heavy discounts which you can obtain from the remainder books.

But, I know you have doubts about the quality of the books, right? Then, see the pictures below. The books I ordered are such remainder books which are heavily discounted. Some books are of over 60% discount. However, all the books we bought are of great quality which I can’t even find any remainder mark.

The Groovy Giraffe -review

Books bought from Groovy Giraffe

I bought some of the books from the bargain collection. At first, I also had the doubt of the books from the bargain collection. But, actually I can’t find any visible difference in bargain books and normal priced books which I received from the Groovy Giraffe.


Books are of high quality and I couldn’t find any visible mark

How to save money when you buy from The Groovy Giraffe?

Well, buying children’s books from the Groovy Giraffe itself is a way of saving money as the prices of the books are heavily discounted.(sometimes over 60%). However, here are some of other ways for you to save some more money when you buy from the Groovy Giraffe!

Use the Coupon Code

Coupon codes are so much popular in saving money. Use the Groovy Giraffe discount code ‘Newmom5’ at the check out to enjoy 5% discount on your purchases. (Except bargains)

The Groovy Giraffe review

Buy in bulk

You can buy 1 or 2 books without any minimum limit to enjoy the discounted prices of kids’ books. However, you can enjoy free shipping when you order above $50.

Sign up for the Newsletter

When you sign up with the Groovy Giraffe newsletter, you will receive a $5 coupon which you can redeem at your next check out. Isn’t this great when most of the book prices are lower than $5? 🙂 Other than the sign up bonus,you will also enjoy the exclusive offers which you receive via newsletter.

Sign up for the newsletter by visiting here.

Use the bargain section

Books at bargain collection are heavily discounted

You will find heavily discounted books under bargain section.  My experience with these bargain books is really good. I couldn’t notice any noticeable marks in these books. The price? Prices are heavily discounted and those are up to 80%. So, if you look for books for your kids to improve their interest on reading, why don’t you add few books from the bargain section too?

Groovy Giraffe discount code

My kid loves all the books we bought for him.Isn’t it what we want as parents? #GroovyGiraffeReview

Overall, the experience with Groovy Giraffe is really good and we could add few more books for our little library at home. Check Groovy Giraffe book collection here and then you can decide!

Happy Reading!

Last Minute Holiday Gift ideas with Mixbook

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over. Most probably, You may have great experience and could handle quite a bit of your holiday shopping over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, however I am sure that there are a few people in your holiday check list that have not been checked off. Time is running fast and now it is time to start your holiday shopping. Don’t worry, as always, Mixbook has covered you with some great last minute gift ideas! Here are some of the ideas!

Affiliate Exclusive-Buy More Save More 40% Off, 50% Off $100+,

Last Minute holiday Gift ideas

Wall arts are perfect as Last Minute holiday Gift ideas

Mixbook has introduced a new type of wall art – Metal, Acrylic and Poster Prints. The industrial and cool Metal Prints still have the same vibrant colors as all others but with an edge. Rugged enough for a man cave and sturdy enough to withstand kiddo-traffic heavy spaces. They come ready to hang and won’t shatter if they are dropped.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything, look no further. Mixbook’s curved Metal Prints are your answer. With a unique curved edge, this eye catching piece will add finesse to any living or office space. Impress your hard-to-shop-for friend with this unique gift, customizable with any photo and exclusive to Mixbook’s home decor collection.

Acrylic Prints have a glass-like finish with brilliant clarity. They are a sleek and contemporary eye-catching gift idea. Missing something for the friend or family member who’s basement is filled with music posters from years past? Spice up their space with another customized poster to match their collection. Select your favorite image from an old road trip and you are ready to go!

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about Mixbook’s Instagram books and photo prints. These quick to make books are bound to make a great gift, and you already have all the photo inspiration right on your Instagram account! Act fast to make sure that all your holiday shopping gets done in plenty of time so that your only remaining task is to relax and have some egg nog.

And don’t forget to create a photo book for you too. Each year I’d love to print a family photo book with all the special moments. A photo book is also a great gift for anyone who loves to keep the memories alive!


9 of the Best Gift Ideas For Men for Christmas 2016

Christmas is coming and you may be wondering what would make a good gift for your significant other for Christmas? Well, there are a number of awesome things out there for 2016’s festive season and here is a pick of the best.

Anti-aging skin treatment with Narhex

Wren Sound V5 Wireless Speakers

This system delivers an impeccably crisp and natural sound. Its silicone base pad absorbs all vibration. Besides, its exquisite design in bamboo and rosewood veneer will make it the central piece of every room.

Get Lit LED Shoes

LED shoes are the next big thing and they’re not good just for kids. Aside from being ideal for things such as EDM festivals, there are also some cool practical uses. For example, they’re ideal for running in at night and make the perfect addition to a running outfit. A cool gadget idea for him.

Garmin Virb Action Camera

This is the first HD action camera made by Garmin. It can record up to three hours of HD video without needing recharge. Moreover, it can snap 16 megapixel stills while recording. Waterproof and shock resistant, this camera delivers an excellent image quality, thanks to its image stabilization systems.

Portable Cocktail Set

If you remember the “Mad Man” era, you’re going to appreciate this portable bar. It is the perfect gift for the dad who is a cocktail lover, as well as an outdoor trips aficionado. This case is compact, yet roomy enough to host two bottles of wine or liquor. In addition, it includes a stainless steel shaker, two Martini glasses, a vermouth mister and a jigger.

CamelBak Bootlegger

Coming from the leader in hands free hydration systems, this fully insulated pouch can hold up to 1.5 liters, while being slim enough to fit under a coat or a jacket. The reservoir is contained in a HydroGuard coating which prevents germs from infesting it. Whenever you feel thirsty on the road you can detach the straw from its holder and take a sip.

Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7-Year-Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The Old Scout 7-Year-Old is sold by Smooth Ambler, but it is sourced from other distillery. Nonetheless, it is a strong, yet very drinkable liquor, thanks to its high quality ingredients and patented production process. When drinking it, you’re going to feel the ginger, rye and vanilla notes on your palate, as well as on your nose. The finish is going to bring you a hint of coffee and an unbelievable warmth.

Razer Blade

This .66 inch thick device is going to redefine your idea of laptops. Available in three storage capacity options (128, 256 and 512 GB), this 14-inch clamshell is the perfect tool for gaming fans. The backlit keyboard and the advanced multi-touch trackpad can make any avid gamer happy. Besides, the battery should provide you several hours of using your device without recharging it.

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

This portable reactor doesn’t need batteries. Based on a hydrogen fuel-cell technology, it can generate its won energy, while releasing nothing else but water vapor. It is the perfect solution to power up a laptop, a smartphone or any other similar device, even in conditions of extreme cold or darkness.

LittleBits Premium Kit

These building blocks are much better than the ones we used to grow up with. They are color-coded, they have various functions such as light, sound or power, and they have the ability to snap together with the help of small magnets. This makes them very easy to assembly. You don’t need any engineering knowledge or skills to have fun with these tiny bits that an be assembled into truck cranes or anything else you may think about.

3D Pens For Kids – The Best Choices

Now that 3D printing pens are coming to the marketplace, drawing has been reinvented as an extraordinary new form of three-dimensional sculpture. 3D pens allow users to trace solid forms in strands of plastic. The pens are fed with plastic filaments which are heated and then deposited wherever the user guides the pen. These tremendous creative tools literally add a new dimension to the fun and imaginative process of drawing.

3D Pens For Kids

Image Credits :

3D Doodler Create & 3D Doodler Start

These are some of the best 3D drawing pens currently being sold that are specifically designed for kids’ use. They have a handy 2-speed feature that gives the user greater creative control. Warm up times on the 3D Doodler pens are very brief, and both models feature multi-color LED indicators.

Scribbler 3D Printing Pen

The Scribbler 3D Printing Pen lets children draw in the horizontal and vertical dimensions. It also has an integrated OLED control screen for finer detail management. The Scribbler pen also has an advanced filament control feature that reduces mess and waste in the drawing process.

Soyan 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing 3D

The Soyan 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing 3D is another solid, easy-to-use device that has a lot in common with the Scribbler 3D Printing Pen. It too features two-axis control that lets users draw horizontally and vertically. One of the distinctive features that kids are sure to love is the Soyan pen’s ability to use multiple filament colors simultaneously. The straightforward control panel makes it easy to switch from one color to another.

Sketchpro 3D Pen

The Sketchpro 3D Pen is a robust, full-featured device packed with a lot of features users are sure to appreciate. It has a spacious LED screen allowing access to device options like filament color, heating preferences, and more. A free e-book that introduces first-timers to the world of 3D object creation is included. The Sketchpro 3D Pen runs on non-toxic PLA filament.

Smarson 3D Printing Pen

This versatile pen is another excellent choice for kids who should be encouraged to explore their creative side. The Smarson 3D Printing Pen gives the user control over filament heating and color through an LCD screen. The tool’s total weight is light, making it easier to use without fatigue. The Smarson pen accepts ABS, LEA, and PLA filaments.

Dream Maker Pen

The Dream Maker is another featherweight 3D pen. It’s easy to handle and suitable for use by younger children. One particular feature that parents are sure to appreciate is the inclusion of a number of different templates young sculptors can use to plan out new 3D projects.


This 3D pen is built from the ground up with kids in mind. Designed for use by children as young as six, the IDO3D operates according to a different mechanism than the pens described above. It uses a specially-formulated ink that dries under UV light using the included lamp. Note that user reviews indicate this pen can get very messy in use. Here’s a list of some other 3d pens too.


Chicco Opens First Concept Store for Southeast Asia in Singapore

Chicco is the largest baby brand in Europe and now there is concept store in Singapore! Isn’t this a good news, mommies and daddies? As a leading and established baby brand in Europe, Chicco opens its first Concept Store for Southeast Asia in Singapore. We also had the opportunity to join with the media preview on 12th October before its official launch on 15 October 2016.

Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

About Chicco

Founded in 1958 by Pietro Cateli, Chicco’s vision was to create a brand that meets all the needs of baby care for 0-36 months. After many years as an established business, today Chicco is a global market leader for all the baby and children’s needs. From baby feeding to sleeping, clothes to shoes and toys to skincare, Chicco is a brand name which any mom loves to use for their kids!

Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

Lot of items for babies from feeding to sleeping – At Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

The concept store in Tanglin Mall, Singapore is also the largest in Asia with total 4,400sqft.With an impressive collection of state-of-the-art products which is essential for development of newborns to children up to 8 years old, Chicco Concept Store wil be a popular shoping destination for all parents who loves to find baby essentials in one store.

Other than the product arrangements, shoppers will have fuss free experience while selecting products at the store as these are neatly packed with readable icons and images.

Traveling with babies cannot be so hard with all these new designs and ideas – Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

Chicco also aims to provide great quality products for everyone regardless the budget.

With Chicco Next To Me Crib, keep your little one as close to you as possible

Here are some of our moments at the Media Preview.

Our Experience at the Media Preview

Some moments from the Media Preview opening

Some moments from the Media Preview opening

Of course,these are the favourite items of my kid

Of course,these are the favourite items of my kid 🙂

When asked for the favourite items from the shop,this is Sanu's selection. :) He also had test rides.

When asked for the favourite items from the shop,this is Sanu’s selection. 🙂 He also had test rides.


And another ride! Other than the products for newborns,the concept store is with toys for toddlers and preschoolers too.It is not a surprise that my 3 years old kid loves active toys like these... :)

And another ride! Other than the products for newborns,the concept store is with toys for toddlers and preschoolers too.It is not a surprise that my 3 years old kid loves active toys like these… 🙂

 Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

Some details of the Sanu’s favourite tricycle from Chicco.It is suitable for 18mths to 5 yrs old kids.My kid just celebrated his 3rd year birthday last week.So I know this is an age appropriate play item for him.

 Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall , Singapore

Is there anything he loves from Chicco Concept Store?Of course,he loves anything that he can ride! When I asked the same question from him,he showed me different tricycle designs and this is the final reaction 🙂

Doesn’t this look like a great place to shop everything you need from newborn to grown up kids?

Visit Chicco Concept Store at Tanglin Mall once it is opened on this 15th! You will have many things to buy.


Chicco Singapore

#02-17/18 ,Tanglin Mall,

163 Tanglin Road

Singapore 247933

Happy shopping!








CloverSoft – Organic Bamboo Wipes and Tissues are good for Little Ones

CloverSoft natural and organic wipes could make a difference at our home. We recently shifted to organic natural wipes and love our experience. Last few weeks we used organic bamboo baby wipes from CloverSoft and now it is time to share our review. These natural and unbleached bamboo wipes are so soft on my kid’s skin. Wipes and tissues are unscented, non-toxic, alcohol free, chlorine free and paraben free. These are the things I look for any baby or kid products which use on his skin. Now it is the time for me to share our experiences with CloverSoft products as we really love their product range after using for few weeks.

CloverSoft – Organic Bamboo Wipes and Tissues
CloverSoft – Organic Bamboo Wipes and Tissues

Why Bamboo wipes are so special?

I know you consider the hygiene and safety of your family when select any product for your home. Tissues, wipes and even bathroom tissues are some of the products which we use daily. You may not care the ingredients and other factors when you buy tissues. But, just think how many times per day we use tissues and wipes on us? That is why we need to be careful and consider the safety when selecting tissues and wipes for family and specially for kids.

CloverSoft – Organic Bamboo Wipes and Tissues

Bamboo products are safe and eco-friendly. If you don’t know, bamboo absorbs more carbon and oxygen than trees. Also bamboo grows without any pesticides or insecticides. These are some of the reasons to explain why bamboo tissues are so good.

CloverSoft Organic Bamboo Wipes and tissues

CloveSoft tissues and wipes are 100% unbleached bamboo tissues which don’t contain harmful chemicals. These tissues are not only safe for you, but also eco-friendly as production of the tissues doesn’t release any harmful chemicals into atmosphere.

Ingredients of CloverSoft Organic Wipes
Ingredients of CloverSoft Organic Wipes
Features of CloverSoft Unbleached Bamboo Cloth Wipes
Features of CloverSoft Unbleached Bamboo Cloth Wipes

Our experience with CloverSoft Organic Bamboo Wipes and tissues #Review

We used these organic wipes and tissues for few weeks. As we know the products are safe and free from harmful ingredients, we were in positive attitude even before using. Tissues are really soft on our skin and absorb more. Tissues are not pure white as of other normal tissues. That ensure we use unbleached tissues which are organic and eco-friendly.

Organic Bamboo tissues
Organic Bamboo tissues

Baby wipes are unscented and one wipe is good enough to clean the dirt when my son is in activities such as painting or even while playing outside.As a mom I always like to use natural and organic products on my son’s skin.That’s why I am happy with my new finding.

Baby wipes from CloverSoft.They come in travel sized packs too.
Baby wipes from CloverSoft.These come in travel sized packs too.

We used these wipes in most of our daily activities and happy with the results.





As per my son,it is a Polar Bear! 🙂 when I just opened the package from @cloversoft ,he found the Polar Bears on the wipes packets and drew this.He is almost 3 yrs in next month and just started drawing figures like this.So far his drawings were just scribbles…..anyway we are having good experiences with #cloversoft bamboo wipes and there will be few more shares soon! Cloversoft unbleached bamboo wipes and tissues are Eco friendly and natural,specially good for babies and kids.I will sure share our experiences soon! 🙂 Do you use natural wipes? #almostthree #twoyearsold #twoyearold #momblog #momlife #singaporebloggers #singaporebloggers #mombloglove #momblogger #singaporeblog #unbleached #ecofriendly #natural #twoyearsold #toddlerartists #toddlerart #toddlerartists #toddlerart #toddlerdrawings #earlydrawingskills #earlychildhoodeducation #earlydraw #earlydrawings #earlylearning #earlyyears #earlyyears #babywipe #babywipes #sgkids #sgmoms #cloversoftsg #sgparentbloggers

A photo posted by Amila Wickramarachchi (@leisureandme) on

Read more details of Organic baby wipes by visiting their website,you’ll sure think twice before the next purchase.

Join a good cause when you buy CloverSoft wipes and tissues

When you buy CloverSoft, you automatically help to save earth by using eco-friendly products. Other than that, do you know you also Protect Polar Bears? With every purchase of tissues and wipes, CloverSoft donates a portion of their profits to save the polar bears. Isn’t this so nice to join with such cause while buying our everyday needs?

How to Buy CloverSoft organic tissues and wipes?

In Singapore, you can easily buy CloverSoft products by visiting CleanRight. You can also read more details and information on CloverSoft organic wipes before purchasing. They also offer refer a friend program which will help you to earn credits while introducing this organic product range to your friends. Check for more details.

Disclosure: We received samples of CloverSoft tissues and wipes in order to facilitate this review.






Use Mixbook to Be Creative with your Christmas Cards and Holiday Greetings

Are you looking for ways which you can send creative Christmas cards on this holiday season?With Mixbook it is really easy!Officially September 22nd was the Autumnal Equinox for Northern Hemisphere, and the day was considered as the first day of fall. Start of fall reminds the end of 2016 and it is time to prepare for the holiday season. With the holiday season begin; we can’t forget the ways which we connect with friends and family. Other than families get reunited, it is time to prepare and create holiday greetings to send timely.

If you are looking for creative Christmas cards or holiday greetings, then with Mixbook you can easily make your holiday cards and plan the delivery. Mixbook help you to come up with creative Christmas cards and holiday greetings which include Christmas card sayings which are unique and meaningful.

Why Mixbook holiday cards are special? Here are some reasons for you to consider. These are always my favorite reasons to create my greeting cards and even my photobooks with Mixbook which are always special and unique.

creative christmas cards

Use your photos and be creative with greeting cards

You can personalize your holiday greetings

With Mixbook, you can create everything personalized. Instead of sending some greeting cards bought from a local store, send personalize and creative Christmas cards for your loved ones.

As an example check this greeting card.



creative christmas cards

creative Christmas cards with photos

Easy to customize

Yes, in above I shared that you can personalize your greeting cards. But you may think that you need some knowledge on designing cards. No, it is not true.

With Mixbook’s Quick Card Editor, you can easily personalize your greeting cards in less than 10 minutes. When you visit Mixbook, you will find Christmas card ideas which you can easily personalize with your own photos and Christmas card sayings. You can choose from thousands of professionally designed Christmas card themes or you can start from scratch and create your own cards. This can be a great way to share some family moments throughout the year with your loved ones through holiday cards.



creative christmas cards

Be creative with calendars

Affordable rates

Do you know, Mixbook holiday greeting cards start from as low as just $0.69.Also there are BOGO card & calendar deals are going on time to time which is exclusive for Mixbook affiliates. Join with Mixbook and start creating your holiday cards. Before you order your cards, make sure to check the latest coupon or deal which you can save more from your holiday greetings!

Check greeting cards start from $0.69.



There are many ways to celebrate

It is not only holiday cards! Instead sending just a Christmas greeting card, send your loved ones a photo calendar. Say hello to 2017 with a beautiful photo calendar. You can even create year in review greeting cards using your most favorite photos and memories of the year.

Check Photo Calendars here!


And don’t forget to create your year in review photo book too. There are many ways to celebrate the holiday season with Mixbook with unique and creative holiday greeting ideas!

Check year in review photo book ideas.

It’s that simple. Start creating your holiday greetings and Christmas cards by visiting Mixbook.

Mixbook Coupons

It is always good to use Mixbook coupons to save money on your creations.Check below banner and click through it for the latest promotions.






**post contains affiliate links.











Deals, Cashback and Online Shopping Discounts at ShopBack!

I love online shopping. And I love my recent experience with ShopBack Singapore! Online shopping is always convenient and there are also many opportunities to save money while shop. One of the reasons I love online shopping is that I am able to check many items, designs and styles within short period of time when I shop online. But if I visit a local shop for all these things, I need many days to buy a single dress or any small item. I am sure you also have the same experience. Well, now you know why I love online shopping so much. If you notice, through this blog I always share online shopping deals and sites which you can shop products for your family. So, now it is time to share my recent experience with ShopBack Singapore!

ShopBack Singapore

ShopBack Singapore for Deals, cashback and online shopping discounts

Most probably you may have heard of ShopBack! ShopBack is a Singapore based e-commerce platform which online shoppers are able to get cashback for their shopping activities. Isn’t this good to introduce to your online shopping experience? Other than saving money on products and saving time on shopping, now you can also experience cashback savings when you shop online through ShopBack Singapore. Is this sound bit confusing? Let me explain the steps of how you can save money through cashback offers when you shop via ShopBack Singapore. It is easier than you think!

Before the steps, I want to show you the voucher I received from the UOB bank. Although I’ve heard of ShopBack before, the UOB bank voucher I received with a sign up bonus made me an actual ShopBack member. 🙂

ShopBack Singapore Review

How to use ShopBack Singapore for cashback and online shopping discounts?

First visit ShopBack Singapore and create your account. I used my UOB bank promotion link to sign up. So, I received $8 instant bonus just for signing up. Don’t worry; mostly you will also receive a sign up bonus as there are promotions for new sign ups through the direct link too. 🙂

ShopBack Singapore for cashback and online shopping discounts

Once you are a member of ShopBack, it is time to start shopping. Now, this is the trick. To get cashback, you need to shop through the links shared at ShopBack Singapore site.

ShopBack Singapore

It is nothing serious. Once you sign up with ShopBack, you will see all your favourite popular online stores are in their list. Select your preferred store and shop as usual. That is it. At the end of your transaction, you will receive a portion of the amount you shopped online.

For example, if you want to shop at Guardian or Groupon you can shop through the links shared at ShopBack site where do also provide information on promotions and deals. You can also book hotel rooms through your ShopBack account because almost all the popular online services and shops are working with ShopBack. I usually book hotel rooms through Agoda, but I never get any privelege other than competitive room rates. But, now with ShopBack, I have the opportunity to receive cashback up to $10 when I book hotel rooms. Isn’t this sound good?

ShopBack Singapore

Do you know, Honestbee is also there in ShopBack Singapore? That is something I really love! Not only online grocery shopping is easier with Honestbee, I can easily earn cashback for each my Honestbee shopping transaction when I make those through ShopBack. Isn’t this really sound good when you think of transport cost, time and sometimes frustration when we shop by one shop to other shop? Sometimes, carrying kids and feeding them on the way? Most of my favourite shops are in the ShopBack list. So, I can easily earn cashback rewards for my usual shopping when I do those through ShopBack.

My Experience with ShopBack Cashback Site

My experience with ShopBack Singapore is so far so good. At the moment I signed up using the UOB voucher I received, my account was credited with promised $8 sign up bonus. I also received the message with $5 bonus for my first purchase. 🙂 And when I shop with my favourite stores, I will receive the cashback which allow me to save from my usual expenses.


ShopBack Singapore review

Other than the signup bonus,I am also eligible for another $5 when I make my first purchase with ShopBack.


ShopBack Singapore review

It is time to shop my grocery needs with Honesebee through ShopBack,So I will get upto 4% cashback.Isn’t this some extra savings for my usual online shopping routine? 🙂

Doesn’t this sound great to save some money for our online activities? As moms, I believe in saving money in the smart ways without lowering our lifestyle. This is one of the best methods to save money without following strict budget rules which make life hard. Stay relaxed and save money when you shop online. To start click here to find some coupons so you can and sign up with ShopBack Singapore right now and start your shopping journey!

Happy shopping!














No Credit Check Catalogues

If you have had credit problems in the past it can feel as if you will never be accepted for credit again. This can be very frustrating, especially when you are in a good financial position and would be able to afford repayments on any credit that you took out. Having access to credit may be the only way you can afford to make large purchases such as household appliances. Taking out an account with a catalogue company that will give you credit and allow for you to pay for your goods in smaller chunks is often a good way to start building up your credit rating again. When you order goods from a catalogue, you will be able to demonstrate that you are making payments on time to pay for these goods.

No Credit Check Catalogues
If you manage your catalogue account well, then this can be a good place to start in rebuilding your credit rating. The catalogue company will share information about how you operate your account with credit reference agencies. As long as you are operating your account well, then these agencies will be receiving positive information which can only help to make you more attractive to lenders. This makes it more likely that you will be accepted for other forms of credit in the future. In order for this to be the case, you need to pay at least the minimum payment every month, and this payment must be made on time. By managing your account in this way, you may also be able to increase your credit limit, which will give you more money to spend in the catalogue.

If you are worried that you won’t be accepted for a catalogue, then you may want to apply for no credit check catalogues. These catalogues will look at your income and expenditure as a basis for agreeing to give you credit, and if you are able to show that you can afford any potential repayments you are very likely to be accepted. This means that you do not have to worry about any problems that you may have had in the past, as this will not be an issue. These catalogues will also carry out affordability checks so you can be confident that you will be able to afford any repayments that may be due when you start to order items. They will also give you an affordable credit limit when you first open your account so that your repayments will not be that high.

For a full list of catalogues that help people with bad credit, check out Catalogues Online before you make any application. There are many different types of catalogues that are available that all have different specialties. By looking on this site, you will be able to choose the catalogue that appeals to you the most. The site also has a range of other information that can help you to use your catalogue account to improve your credit score, including how to manage your account well.



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