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TrueCare24 for Fast and Convenient Medical Care

Just imagine urgent health care need at your home. May be you are sick and it is difficult to travel to the doctors place simply because there is no other person at home, or you can’t leave home because your kids are alone. Sometimes, it is really frustrating to wait in the queues of clinics.

In such situations, a doctor at door step is really convenient for anyone. That is why a platform like TrueCare24 is really helpful, especially in any injuries or sudden illness.

What is TrueCare24?

TrueCare24 is a company based in San Francisco which provides the platform to connect with health care medical service providers. With TrueCare24 it is really convenient to consult a healthcare provider just within 60 minutes.

Features of TrueCare24

Here are some of the highlighted features of this healthcare service.

You can request urgent care from your healthcare provider and he will be at your door step within 60 minutes.


It is really convenient to consult a doctor at your home, hotel or even work place. This is one of the features to admire considering the waiting time at clinics and crowded ERs.

All the doctors and healthcare providers are qualified and with experience in working at major hospital and urgent care centers. You can assure the quality care service.

Check more details by visiting their Indiegogo campaign or by visiting

How to Create Custom Prints Using your Own Family Photography

With digital cameras and even with mobile phone cameras, taking photographs is not a big task as it was some years ago. Having a baby or kids at home means you are completely busy with capturing photos of their moments. How do you organize these photos? I usually create photo albums using the photos of the year or photos of the special moments. Other than that, I found creating custom prints is another way to use family photos as memories.

A canvas print with beautiful family photo will be a great addition to your empty wall of the home. Even you can change the photo each year and see how your family grows and how your family members change in their look each year. Well, I print family photos each year and frame those. Instead I found canvas prints as a great way to create beautiful banners.


How to create your own custom prints?

Creating custom prints are really easy with Open Prints. With their easy to use software, it only takes few minutes to create any design using your own photographs. Other than the canvas and custom posters, you can even be creative with beautiful mouse pads, metal prints and T shirts using your own photographs. Just imagine creating of T shirts for the whole family! When you wear the same custom T shirt, it is a great way to attend group events or celebrations as a whole family.


Visit and start creating your custom prints with your photographs. You can also create custom artwork using your photographs and sell those online. Simply open a store with Openprints, and sell artwork online.

Legendary Worlds: Adult Coloring Book

Coloring books are a great way to spend time concentrating on beautiful illustrations and making it a beautiful picture with so many colors as you wish. This is a great way to release your stress and to relax after a tiresome day.
I came across a new adult coloring book and hope this will be an interesting coloring book for you too.

Legendary Worlds: Adult Coloring Book

Legendary Worlds is a classic coloring book for adults which features amazing illustrations which include castles, caves and underwater realms. This beautiful book will include 85 beautiful illustrations to make you busy with coloring and viewing it again and again.

Legendary Worlds: Adult Coloring Book

A group of seven artists including Witek Radomski, Carrie Wong, Kamala Melzack, Matthew Dorad, Al Sayers, Nony Dar Sagol, and Anonymous Goat joined to create this wonderful piece of art and you can easily engage coloring it when you have free time. This is a great project for any mom after a tiresome day to make your mood.

Features of Legendary Worlds: Adult Coloring Book

Legendary Worlds is printed in Canada on high quality paper and sewn bound. With sewn-bound coloring book, you will have a great experience as it lays flat.

Check the Kickstarter campaign for more information of Legendary Worlds: Adult Coloring Book.

Legendary Worlds: Adult Coloring Book

Boost Your Child’s Ability to Read

As a mom I always concern about raising my child with enhanced skills. At age 2, he is just starting to read books. As you know, at this toddler age they tend to read books by looking at the illustrations. That is the beginning of their reading. As parents we should help them to enhance their reading skills.

How to Teach your Child to Read?

How to Boost Your Child’s Ability to Read

You can simply introduce many books for your kids with beautiful illustrations that make them attached to the books. Reading out loud is another best way to teach a child to read. Other than that I recently came across a new reading app that enhances the child’s ability to read and I hope this app will really help you too to boost your child’s ability to read. Pointer is a new app for kids that enhance their skills for reading.

Boost Your Child’s Ability to Read with Pointer – The Voice activated Reader

How to Boost Your Child's Ability to Read

Pointer is an app developed to boost children’s ability to read. This app has a unique feature. That is, it recognizes your voice when you read and highlight the word you read. That gives an idea to your kid about the word your read together with its pronunciation and they will start learning to read. Young kids and specially toddlers will learn the way we read books from word by word. Kids will feel more connected to reading with you and they will sure have enjoyable reading session.

Visit for more information. Also; signup with them for early access. It is free to sign up and I already did so!


Beautiful Resume Designs that Help You to Stand Out from the Crowd

It is not a secret that a beautiful and attractive resume can catch the eye of anyone and it can create a job interview in few minutes. That is why it is essential to create beautiful and attractive resume for anyone before you apply for any job. Sad thing is that most of us are unable to create beautiful designs for the resumes. Instead we simply use MS Office word file and type the bio data and submit with our application for the job search. Can you be more creative than sending a formal resume?

Stand out Shop

Unfortunately most of us don’t own design skills or even if we own the design skills, simply we do not have much time to spend to design a stunning resume. That is where we need to seek help from a professional on designing a stunning resume for the next job search.

Stand out Shop

Stand Out Shop is a place that you can find beautiful and elegant resumes which creates your personal branding.Named “The Job Search Fairy Godmother You’ve Been Praying For!” by ,Stand out Shop helps the job seekers across the globe with their beautifully designed resumes that won’t end up in the trash of the company you send your CV, This is absolutely important, isn’t it? You need your hiring manager to read the resume not to send to the trash.

Stand out Shop

Here is how it works.
  • Simply visit the Stand out Shop at
  • Check the available resume designs. Select your perfect resume design which is gorgeous and eye catching.
  • Download it!

It is really easy.

Stand out Shop

Once you download the resume template, you can change colour of the text or even the background as you wish.

Edit the resume template as you wish and create your own personalized resume for the next job search!

Yarn Story Factory – Free Stories for Kids

Are you looking for a way to keep your kids engaged? Or if you are planning a long road trip or even if you want to have a short break but not sure how to keep your kids entertained and engaged, simply you can download some podcasts for kids. Even if you always check how to keep your little one with different activities, a podcast is a great way to enhance their skills of listening.

Now, with a toddler at home, I love to explore different methods to keep him entertained and to enhance his skills. Recently I found another site which is good for both young kids and grown kids to download podcasts. Actually at the age of just 2 years plus, now my son shows more interest on listening to stories. With these age and interest changes, I found as a helpful resource to download children podcasts and it is a completely free service!

What is Yarn Story Factory?

Yarn Story Factory is a kid friendly podcast which is full of free audio stories. You can easily find Yarn Story Factory podcasts on all major software and all the stories are created for kids. With them, you will find lot of stories for your kids’ bedtime stories.

Yarn Story Factory

Our review of Yarn Story Factory

Now, as I wrote at the beginning of this post, these days I am exploring new sites and new story books for my toddler. This free story site is a great finding for us. When I allowed my son to listen to some of the stories, he was so curios and he wanted to repeat the same stories again and again. I found he was repeating the ideas he grabbed from the stories to his toys. (Yes, he has this habit)So, I know that he loves the stories shared at Yarn Story factory. 🙂

We also want to thank Teacher Nina for her clear and attractive way of presenting the stories for kids.

Other than the stories for bedtime and car-rides you can also find tidbits of knowledge in their “Did you Know” segments. You will find many other things suitable for kids. Check the site , you and your little one will love it.

You can also follow them on twitter for the latest updates:

Download the App in iTunes.

SecretSubject – A Lifestyle Blog that you Should Read

Are you a person who likes reading a lot? Then with today’s popularity of internet and many websites, I am sure you spend lot of your free time on reading blogs, articles, news and so many exciting stories. Usually lifestyle blogs are helpful to get more tips and knowledge to our everyday life. Personally I like reading lifestyle blogs, because it is like reading a magazine. Usually lifestyle blogs are with different topics such as Travel, home & garden, food and even parenting.

SecretSubject is one of the best Lifestyle blogs I read, simply because of the variety of the topics they cover daily. Mainly they cover the topics such as Health, Education, Fashion, Travel, Home Improvement and animals. They also shares reviews of other products and services.

Usually many lifestyle blogs cover the basic and popular topics such as Home, Fashion and travel. One of the things I admire at SecretSubject is that they have gone beyond the basic lifestyle subjects. Instead they also cover the topics such as Science, Business and Tech.

Now, all above are about the topics they cover at than that here are my favourite things which I found when I visited this lifestyle blog.

SecretSubject - A Lifestyle Blog that you Should Read

Features of

  • The site is easy to navigate and it is really easy to find the achieved posts with a good category list.
  • Beautiful and attractive design helps you to read posts with interest.
  • Their interesting and unique way of writing is something I must admire.
  • Unlike most websites and blogs, SecretSubject use the sharp and clear fonts which anyone can easily read. Truly I don’t like to read blogs which they use very small fonts or very light font colour. Just check the site; you’ll see what I mean.
  • I must say, the site is not cluttered with advertisements and irritating popups. Do you like reading posts when there are so many pop ups when you use the site?

Anyway, above are my ideas and review of SecretSubject. Visit the site and read some posts. You’ll love the way they share the posts. They are also in popular social media such as Facebook and twitter; you can easily get the daily updates by following them on social media!



With BloomSay Find Specialty Coffee Roasters and Shops Easily

If you are a coffee lover and if you miss the aroma and taste of your cup of coffee in the morning, then sure you are a person who like to know about coffee restaurants, new brands ,coffee roasters and anything about coffee.

There are so many ways that you can enjoy your cup of coffee with delicious coffee. You can brew your coffee with different methods either brewing at home or enjoy it at a restaurant. However, the secret for a delicious coffee is the coffee itself. If you get good quality coffee, then you can easily brew delicious and aromatic coffee to make you refresh and energetic!

Usually the best coffee comes when it is freshly roasted and ground just before use. Now you can easily find fresh and quality coffee in one place.

BloomSay is a one stop place for coffee lovers where you can easily find specialty coffee roasters and shops. Once you visit this site , you can search your preferred coffee by selecting the sub categories such as wholesale roaster, sell coffee online, cold brew online, roaster, subscriptions, free shipping and café/shop. With many categories, it is really easy to navigate and find the best coffee with personal choice.


Once you select your preferred coffee service, the search engine of BloomSay will deliver its results showing all the coffee services similar to the category you were looking for. It is really easy to shortlist coffee sellers or shops, cafes in few clicks and get the contact details.

With the Mission of creating a platform to Find Specialty Coffee Roasters and Shops in one place BloomSay is also supporting community of the specialty coffee. BloomSay helps specialty coffee community to share the details of roasters and shops in BloomSay making it easier to meet both coffee lovers and coffee producers.

Visit and read more information about BloomSay and the coffee lovers’ community.

The Enormous Turnip : Kids Book Review

The Enormous Turnip is a kid’s story book which I read with my son recently. It is based on a traditional fairytale about very big turnip.

The author has written this book focusing the very young children. The writing of the book is simple and it talks to kids. With his rhythmic writing style, the author tries to improve the imaginations of kids. He talks with the kids throughout the book telling the fairy tale.

The Enormous Turnip

In this book, the illustrations are really colourful and attractive. My toddler son enjoyed reading this book with me few times again and again. It is written for preschoolers, but still good for toddlers as bedtime story book or even to keep them engaged reading.

As quoted from the book introduction,

Part of the Ladybird ‘First Favourite Tales’ series – a perfect introduction to fairy tales for preschoolers – this hardback book contains lots of funny rhythm and rhyme to delight young children. Ideal for reading aloud and sharing with 2-4 year olds

You can check more details of the book ‘The Enormous Turnip’  here

International Books Shop and Benefits of Reading

Do you have reading habits? Or do you still a reader of your tweets and facebook updates? If you don’t read books, then I want to share some benefits of reading books.

Benefits of Reading

When you keep reading books, you stimulate your brain and concentrate on the things in your book. This will keep your brain active and prevents memory losing power which most people experience with aging.
Of course, you can improve your knowledge by reading books and you will be strong in analytical thinking. Other than that reading is a good cure for your stress. You will relax after reading a good book.

International books shop

If you love reading or if you have the habit of gifting books for your friends and family members in their special occasions, then I want to introduce an Amazon book store which you can find a variety of books for cheap price.

International books shop is an Amazon store which sells books of different categories. Their book category list includes different topics including Addiction & Recovery, Alternative Medicine, ailments, Beauty Grooming & Style and more. Most of the categories and books they share in International Book Shop are good for anyone who loves reading different subjects and topics and with curiosity of learning many things.

Below is one of the books I selected which I love to have with me and of course the price is very reasonable.

International books shop

All the products sell in this Amazon store come with product details and actual customer reviews. These actual customer reviews are really helpful to decide on any book which you are going to buy. Other than that, you will find suggestions for similar books when you look for items on sale in International Book Shop Amazon store.

Do you love reading?If so visit International Book Shop and see what are the books you love to read!


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