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How to Prepare for Successful Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the precious things that you can give to your baby as a mother. However if you are a first time mom, you may have lot of questions and doubts in your mind when you are pregnant. It was same with me. Even I doubted about latch and I was in doubt about enough supply.

However, I am proud to say that I could breastfeed my son for 2 years. I only started weaning when he reached 2 years. However, breastfeeding is not easy if you do not get support from others. I remember there were days which I couldn’t find a nursing room when we were out. As a first time mom, I also didn’t have any idea on preparing for travelling with baby as he needed frequent nursing. It was much struggle, but with few steps you can make it really interesting and don’t forget breastfeeding will not only give your baby all the necessary nutrients, that will also enhance bond with your child. That is so precious!

How to Prepare for Successful Breastfeeding before Baby is Born

Here are steps for you to prepare for breastfeeding before your baby is born.


Get ready for breastfeeding in both physically and mentally

If you are still in doubt whether breastfeed or formula feed, you need to clear your mind. You need to remove any doubts and ready for breastfeeding with clear mind. That will help you to bond with your baby and get continuous supply.

Learn how you can boost your milk supply

There are herbs and food which helps to boost your milk supply. For example, fenugreek is one of the herbs which you can use for increased milk supply. Oatmeal is another food which you can consume for milk supply. You also need to take healthy protein and fat rich diet for better breastfeeding. Learn how to produce more breast milk before you deliver, so you will have smooth time with your baby once he is born.

Get the support from others

You need to spend time with your baby if you breastfeed. I experienced that I could not do some of the daily tasks simply because I have to nurse my child. This is where you need support, understanding and encouragement from your family members. This is where your partner can help you in raising your child. He can encourage you positively and he can help you in other household chores.

Prepare a place to Nurse

It is better to have a comfortable place for nursing your child. A comfortable chair is fine and keep a stool as a footrest if need. You can include nursing chair in your baby’s nursery and don’t forget to keep some snacks, nipple cream and even nipple pads in a reachable distance. A TV and few magazines are great to keep too.

Finally, Breastfeeding is so precious. But it needs support and help from others. You may feel stressful sometimes. But, with better preparation, you will be able to give the most precious thing to your baby once he or she is born.

How Does Egg Donation Work? Your Questions Answered

For those who have difficulty conceiving, egg donation may be the solution for those wishing to have a baby of their own. But how do you go about researching clinics, choosing an egg donor, or navigating the complex emotions that come with using another woman’s eggs to have a baby? This article will detail some of the most important questions women may have when using donor eggs to get pregnant.

How Does Egg Donation Work

Who needs to use an egg donor?

There are several different reasons why women are unable to get pregnant using their own eggs. One of the biggest reasons is age. Older women have older eggs, which make conceiving more difficult. Others may be relatively young, but have genetic conditions or poor egg quality that render them infertile. Women who have undergone cancer treatments or surgeries involving removal of their ovaries may mean it is physically impossible to get pregnant on their own. All of these women would be good candidates for egg donation.


What decisions do I need to make before starting?

Fertility treatments using donor eggs give women and their partners a lot to think about. There are ethical and moral considerations, and the couple will need to reach an agreement on pursuing treatment. Financing the cycle is a major point of discussion, along with the feelings and emotions that accompany third party reproduction. You or your partner may have difficulty coming to terms with donor eggs and it is wise to pursue those concerns with a neutral party, such as a therapist who specializes in infertility. You may be grieving the loss of passing on your own genetics to a future child. You may feel angry with your body, for failing to do what comes so naturally to others. It’s not uncommon to experience relief when choosing to stop treatments with your own eggs and move on to a donor. Most women will eventually feel hopeful that this will give them a baby, whether it’s upon their decision to use an egg donor, or after the embryo transfer has occurred. Know that these emotions are a normal part of the process.

How Does Egg Donation Work

Where should I go for my treatment?

Many clinics have donor egg programs, but not all. Before choosing a clinic that has one, you need to decide if you want to use fresh or frozen eggs. Fresh eggs do have a slightly better chance of resulting in pregnancy, but they cost more and cycles have a higher rate of cancellation due to unpredictable circumstances such as life events or a donor not responding well to medication. Frozen eggs are cheaper to obtain since the donor has already undergone the process to retrieve the eggs, and you know how many eggs you will receive, generally about six to eight. Due to advances in science, frozen eggs are catching up in terms of success rates. Not all clinics offer their own frozen egg banks. If you decide to use frozen eggs, you can select your donor from an outside egg bank and have the eggs shipped directly to your clinic.


How do I choose my donor?

Once you’ve settled in with a clinic, and decided which type of egg you want, the next step is picking out a donor. The process in choosing is highly individual, and how wide your pool of available donors is depends on how many requirements you have when it comes to qualities you want in a donor: physical appearances, intellectual abilities, and donor medical history. Some women choose to go with an anonymous donor, and some have friends or family who want to step in and undergo the stringent process to donate their own eggs. Once you have come to a decision, though, it’s a matter of filling out the paperwork and working with the clinic’s donor coordinator.


What happens during the donor egg cycle itself?

After the eggs are secured, you will begin a medication regimen to prepare your body for a transfer and attend monitoring appointments to make sure your uterus is ready to accept an embryo. Using your partner’s or donor sperm, the eggs are fertilized in a lab and the resulting embryos are transferred to your uterus or frozen for future use. A pregnancy test is done about two weeks later to see if the cycle was successful.

How Does Egg Donation Work


The donor egg process is fraught with many emotions and questions. It can be confusing and difficult, but with careful research and discussion, it can give women hope that their long-awaited baby will finally become a reality.

Pregnancy and Affordable Fertility Treatment for Everyone

There are many lucky women the world over who can get pregnant without any problems. Unfortunately, there are just as many women who struggle for many years without success to become pregnant. For those women, there are medical professionals who have perfected the science of fertility treatment using a wide range of techniques.

Pregnancy and Affordable Fertility Treatment for Everyone

First, you will need to decide where to go for affordable fertility treatment. It is suggested that you do your research and compare facilities and success rates. Most treatment centers have websites with success stories on them and informative articles about the services they offer.

At the infertility center they will discuss with you the way forward and the processes they use to treat your infertility. They will look at the following factors:

  • How long you have been infertile
  • Your Age.
  • The underlying causes of your infertility.
  • Your personal preferences.

There are a lot of different types of treatment and because everybody is different. What works for others will not necessarily work for you. You will spend a lot of time in consultation with your doctor who will suggest the best treatment for your condition and fertility success.

Pregnancy and Affordable Fertility Treatment for Everyone

One common treatment is the use of fertility drugs.

Fertility Drugs to Stimulate Ovulation

These drugs work the same as your body’s natural hormones, FSH Follicle Stimulating Hormone and LH Luteinizing Hormone, to bring about ovulation. They are used in women to stimulate a better egg and/or extra egg or eggs.

The Risks of Using Fertility Drugs

Besides the side-effects of these drugs, there is a risk of getting pregnant with twins, triplets, and beyond. Oral Fertility drugs carry a 10 % chance of twins while injectables increase your risk to between 15 and 20% of triplets and more.

Another issue that fertility drugs can cause is Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome, or OHSS, a condition where the ovaries become painful and enlarged, but it usually only lasts for a week. This can sound a bit daunting, but I am sure you would agree that fertility success will soon make a person forget the challenges.

Unfortunately, fertility drugs do not work for some women, and the time may come where you speak to your doctor about an affordable fertility treatment plan for in-vitro fertilization.

Assisted Reproduction

Assisted Reproductive Technology includes the treatment most commonly used, which also has the best success rate: IVF. In-Vitro Fertilization is a process whereby mature eggs are retrieved and remove from a woman and then fertilized in a glass dish by the man’s sperm. In-Vitro literally means “Glass.” After fertilization, the embryos are transferred into the woman’s uterus.

An IVF cycle takes several weeks and requires frequent blood tests and daily hormone injections.


Part of doing your homework about which fertility center to go to involves looking at financial counseling. A good center will have a finance consultant available to go over your options with you. There are several financing options available including Capex MD, Lending Club Patient Solutions, and Prosper Healthcare Lending.

Armed with all the information contained in this article you should be able to make the informed choice that is right for you and your family.


Dealing With Pain During Labor: The TENS Machine

Have you heard the term “TENS” in connection with giving birth? Want to learn more about the mysterious TENS machine and what it can do for you? You’re in the right place! Read on to find out about the potential advantages and possible drawbacks of using the TENS machine while you’re in labor.

Dealing With Pain During Labor

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It’s a technique used to deaden pain responses. Many mothers who are seeking a drug-free way to get through the delivery process rely on the TENS machines to manage the pain involved.

The TENS Machine Explained

In order to reduce the amount of pain you feel, the TENS machine sends mild pulses of electricity into electrodes on your skin. Most TENS machines use three or four adhesive pads to deliver current. The controls which dictate the intensity and frequency of electrical stimulation are in your hands while you use the machine.

The reason that the TENS machine is an effective tool for relieving pain is that it can effectively block out naturally-occurring pain signals before they reach the brain. TENS stimulation will also encourage the production of endorphins within the body.

The adhesive electrode pads of the TENS machine need to be placed with some insight in order to make the process effective. The pads are linked to the machine’s control unit by ordinary wires. Smaller TENS units are entirely portable and run off battery power.

TENS stimulation can be delivered in two different forms. Constant stimulation is designed to combat intermittent pains, while a pulse mode is usually available to help you deal with sustained pain sensations.

Switching on a TENS unit that’s connected to you properly with electrodes will result in a tingling, buzzing sensation. This is the feeling of your sensory nerves being excited by the machine’s electrical current, and it’s this sensation that produces endorphins and blocks pain signals.

Tens machines can be bought online through numerous vendors, although tens machine rental is also an option for many.

Advantages Of Using A TENS Machine In Labor:

* TENS machines are entirely non-invasive.

* TENS therapy is suitable for use in the home during the early stages of labor.

* TENS units are (usually) portable, providing constant access to pain relief.

* You have full control over the amount of pain relief provided.

* TENS machines relieve pain without restricting your movement in any way.

* TENS treatment has no adverse effects on your baby.

Dealing With Pain During Labor

Using TENS Machines Safely And Effectively

Getting the most out of TENS therapy does require you to pay attention to a few important rules. Here are some of the key points:

* Because it relies on electricity, the TENS machine does not mix well with water. It can’t be used during an immersion bath, and you’ll need to take the electrodes off if you want to apply water or wash the affected areas.

* TENS therapy is best suited to relieving pain sensations during the early stages of labor when it’s not important to concentrate on contractions.

* Research regarding the overall effects of TENS therapy is still ongoing, with no clear findings yet regarding its long-term effects and risks.

* Some users have reported that the sensations produced by the machine are unpleasant. You should experience TENS stimulation for yourself before deciding to purchase a machine.

Using a TENS machine to manage pain during labor has proven to be extremely effective when it’s integrated into a more comprehensive pain management strategy. Consult with your doctor to learn more.



How to Increase your Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Having a baby is a dream for any married couple. Some couples are fortunate to conceive easily, however there are many other couples who struggle to have a baby. Over the past years the fertility problems have increased and most of the couples face fertility problems. These can be severe fertility problems or subfertility problems which need medical treatment.

Getting Pregnant

What are the reasons for not Getting Pregnant?

There are many factors affecting for infertility including lifestyle patterns. Among the fertility problems there are causes that need medical treatment due to the conditions of reproductive system. You need to get advice of a doctor for such conditions and to treat infertility with relevant treatments. Also addictions such as alcohol and smoking can also affect fertility.

Stress, confusion with ovulation cycle, weight issues and Sleep deprivation are some other common reasons for not conceiving or not getting pregnant easily. If you suffer with trouble getting pregnant, you may also undergo stressful conditions which also affect your problem of not conceiving.

However, don’t worry. There are treatments which you can get the help to getting pregnant easily.

How to get pregnant fast?

How to Increase your Chances of Getting Pregnant?

If you follow a healthy lifestyle which you don’t have addictions such as alcohol and smoking, and you also have a regular menstrual cycle but it is difficult to getting pregnant, the first thing you have to do is to consult a doctor. Some women are with subfertility issues which cause trouble getting pregnant, but with proper treatment they can easily conceive. While you maintain healthy diet and healthy lifestyle, you can seek treatments such as IUI and IVF. Once you consult a doctor, they usually give you the best treatment advice according to your fertility problem.

Therefore, if you do not get pregnant for more than six months of trying, the best thing you have to do is to consult a doctor. With proper treatments and with proper lifestyle patterns, you can improve your chances of getting pregnant easily.


Tips for Buying Maternity Sleepwear

Become pregnant is much more exciting. You are going to be a mom! Regardless of the morning sickness, you will love all the changes of your body and the most exciting period is when your baby starts kicking you. Those are so precious moments to remind again and again.

Well, with me I hated my morning sickness period. I was counting days till I see an end for all the symptoms of the pregnancy. But, once these symptoms faded, I was missing those. I was missing those signs sent by my baby staying inside saying,’ Mom, I am well here’. If you are pregnant or if you are a mom, you will agree with me. Those moments are so precious.

You will feel uncomfortable nights and sometimes you will not like the changes of your body because you are going to look different. You will gain weight and you cannot wear those body hugging beautiful clothes. You will also feel that you are not stylish in dresses as before.

But, that’s wrong!

There are beautiful dresses which you can wear during your pregnancy. Those beautiful maternity dresses will change your look to a stylish mom.

Tips for Buying Maternity Sleepwear

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Among beautiful and stylish maternity dresses, you also need to buy Maternity Sleepwear which are pretty and comfortable for a good sleep.

Tips for Buying Maternity Sleepwear

When you select Maternity sleepwear, here are few tips which you can use to select more comfortable dresses.

Remember, you are going to gain weight and you are also not comfortable to visit lot of local stores to select dresses as before. You need much rest instead. That is why online shopping is easier for you to select maternity dresses including Maternity Sleepwear.

Tips for Buying Maternity Sleepwear

Online maternity shops such as are my favorites. To select pretty comfortable maternity dresses, first check a collection of dresses. Select stylish maternity sleepwear, so you will feel and look pretty during your pregnancy. Check size charts and product details including the material.

Affordable rates are another thing to consider when you buy. You need more money when your baby is born. Although you are capable of spending more, it is best to shop dresses for affordable rates.

Finally, start your maternity clothes shopping early. During your pregnancy, you will feel more lazy and uncomfortable days too.

With above tips, I hope you will select more comfortable and pretty stylish maternity sleepwear to wear during your pregnancy. At the same time don’t forget to shop for some breastfeeding dresses too.

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