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Find Your Happy – A Kids Self Love Book by Patricia May

As parents we always look for ways on raising happy and healthy kids. Positive attitude and moral development are essential values that kids need to build while they grow. This is where parents have more responsibility on teaching them good values to raise the kids as more responsible adults in future. Among the different ways to develop skills of kids, books are one of the media that can easily convey messages even from the infant to toddler ages. This is why I write more posts about books and reading skills of kids on this blog as I am a mom who encourage my kid to read more children’s books daily. Other than reading books with my kid, I also learn and practice activities that are mentioned in books written for kids to improve his skills.

Find Your Happy

Recently I found another children’s book that helps kids to develop positive attitude. Find Your Happy is a kids self love book written by Patricia May which delivers important messages for kids through simple activities.

Find Your Happy – A Kids Self Love Book

Written by Patricia May, Find Your Happy is a kids self love book which offers easy and simple ways to introduce positive attitude for kids. Not only positive attitude, this book introduces simple ways on teaching the values such as be kind and be compassionate for little kids. This book includes self-esteem practices, affirmations and different mindful exercises for kids to practice together with eye-catching images.

To attract kids for the mindful exercises and self-esteem practices, the author has used different ideas throughout her book. Attractive watercolor images and short story rhymes are some of the things that keep kids love this book Find Your Happy and its content. Activities such as yoga and meditation will sure keep kids attached to the book while improving their self-esteem and qualities.

Find Your Happy is endorsed by both Mira Kelley and Anita Moorjani who are New York Times best selling authors and they found this book as a helpful guide for kids of all ages.

As a mom, I like to introduce positive attitude and good qualities for the life such as be kind and be compassionate for my kid through such fun and easy way. I am sure my kid would love to explore all the activities while reading the book with me. As a parent, this is a helpful guide for me.

Same as me, I am sure you love to raise kids with positive attitude and self esteem. So, visit and check more details on Find Your Happy – A Kids Self Love Book!

Personalized Children’s Books will Make Your Child Feel like a Star

Reading books is an essential part of the growth of a child. Children’s books play an important role in boosting language and comprehension skills. Children who read books more often are more creative and use their imagination well. Personalized children’s books can capture the attention of a child even when concentration becomes a problem.

Personalized Children’s Books

Research has shown that reading a book to your child for pleasure can increase a child’s level of happiness. Reading is very important in a child’s cognitive development process. However, the sad fact is that most children grow up without being encouraged to read and as a result miss out on the many benefits associated with the habit.

Grab Your Child’s attention through personalized children’s books.

Reading to a child can be tricky since they have a short attention span. Personalized children’s books will have a child’s name and when they hear it being repeated over and over again this can instantly pull them into the story being read. A child will feel that they are actually part of the book and thus interest is heightened. They will also become more eager to know the outcome of the story.

Personalized Children’s Books

Personalized storybook makes a child feel like he is the ‘star’ of the story. This heroic feeling can be a thrilling experience for many children. Yet, it does more. When a child is the main character the effect is that there is a temporary ego boost which is the same feeling they have during their own birthday party. Just remember to focus on the personalized story itself as you read the book in order to go beyond the temporary boost. As such, think about a positive story that will promote self-worth instead of other things.

These storybooks feature positive affirmations and such accounts can surely uplift a child. The bright and colorful illustrations engage a child more and increase concentration span. Bedtime stories are also great as they prepare a child to have a good night’s rest. The peaceful illustrations calm the mind and soothe the child to sleep.

Truly Unique Gifts

Perhaps you are thinking of gifting your friend’s child but don’t have any gift in mind. These books make truly unique gifts. With the cover having the child’s name on it you can make your present a truly memorable one. You can even add the photo of the child on each page or just at the back of the page; the choice is yours. A professional company will do the personalization for you just the way you want it.

The child will be delighted to have this personalized storybook and will feel good about themselves. So many adult gifts are being personalized today. Such products make us feel more valued and appreciated. We cherish the giver of the gift for many years since the product is specifically tailored to our unique needs. There is no reason why children should be left out in this wonderful experience.

Personalized storybooks that have captivating stories have the power to grab the attention of kids and make them feel extra special. They provide special moments for a parent to bond with their toddlers. A child even feels more comfortable to share their own fears.

Personalized Children’s Books

A page from one of our Personalized Children’s Books

Why Personalized Books?

We have all appreciated the importance of personalized gifts as adults. These may include watches, Christmas gifts, and other small items. When it comes to kids, there is a personalized product that even has more benefits. These are children’s storybooks. There are many forms of these books and the type will often depend on the child’s age.  Some will just have the name of the child on each page along with a short story. Others will have a child’s photo and the name and a parent will be expected to fill in all of the child’s information into a basic plot.

A child can be kept engaged by finding out the letters of their names or go on a world trip. If there is a new sibling in the house, this is also a perfect opportunity to welcome him through such personalized books. Such adventurous activities will not only excite the child but also the parent.


  1. Build self-esteem: when a child sees himself as a heroic character in the story it builds their self-esteem and boosts Kids feel as important people in the society especially if they are involved in a heroic act. And as they take on different adventures in the story, they are confident of doing even greater things and this prepares them to face obstacles in life.
  2. Encourages reading: reading habits are slowly fading away in society and it would be hard if this trend affected the younger generation. Children are now glued to computer or TV screens and have little interest in reading hard copy material. These storybooks encourage reading since a child will be more motivated to know what the storyline is when they see their names on the books. They bring back the joy of reading.
  3. Improves language and comprehension: there is no better time to train your child comprehension skills than when they are young. Their minds are fresh and eager to learn. Storybooks encourage the child to read more often thereby sharpening his comprehension skills. Personalization proves even more beneficial when a child has a unique name. Your child will eventually learn how to spell out his name correctly and pronounce it.
  4. Increased creativity; gone are the days when storybooks were boring and a child did not feel connected to the main character because they just view him as a fictional person. Personalized kids storybooks encourage a child to take part in the adventures and their imagination stretches thus this aids them in analytical thinking. The child is both surprised and excited to find out that his name is in the story and he is the main character.
  5. Treasured keepsake: personalized children’s books increase the connection between a child and a parent or any giver of the gift. This can be truly a memorable gift they will ever receive. They just stand out from any other gift and a child will always keep it as a memory even when they grow up since it reminds them of the special moments shared with the giver of the gifts.

The Importance Of Stories in a Child’s Life

Stories have a profound effect on the development of a child. Reading to your child a certain portion of a storybook is not just a mere tradition passed on to us. Stories evoke in us feelings, ideas, ambitions, and even revelations. We realize the potential in us we never realized we had. These little tales can have such great importance in the lives of children even though they are fictional.

The heroes in comic books have had an effect on people even long after they read them. The power that a story can have on a kid’s mind is magical. A child not only feels important when they are read a story in which they are taking part in it.

All children have an unlocked potential and this can be revealed through regular story reading. Children are never too young to be given the necessary tools to create an experience they want.

Children love to hear stories being read to them because it lets their imagination fly them away to the story’s location. The book can include several members of the family even the child’s neighbors and friends. This way they feel really part of the society.

In today’s fast-paced world it is becoming extremely hard to keep a child concentrate on reading a book. When you give your child a personalized storybook with their name and picture on the cover you might just bring back that joy of reading so missing in many children today.

Personalized Children’s Books

From one of our Personalized Children’s Books

Teach Your Kids Morale

That may sound a bit strange at this age but it is still possible to teach your kids good mannerisms. They need to appreciate the importance of lifting others up but not putting them down. Adventure stories have a powerful impact on teaching lessons to your children. They love stories and fiction so when a story revolves around him and he overcomes great moral dilemmas they are better prepared to know how to react to the same scenario while at school. Children will likely think about the effects o their action on others after reading such a story.

It is important to help your child think about their own actions and how to better serve people in general.  A great story that has different endings customized just fir your child can have a profound impact on him.

Books For Educational Purposes

You can help your child grasp a specific concept through amazing storybooks. Since they are personalized a parent is in control on how they intend to implant a particular lesson. You can also incorporate an educational field of study as you read the story to your child. A personalized storybook gives you the ability to place a septic topic of education that you wish to teach your child and even show them how the material applies to everyday life.

An all rounded education lesson will also help a child imagine the person they want to be. Being able to help your kid visualize the kind of person they want to be is so powerful. So often we see the idea of being the next someone being promoted. A child is encouraged to think of who they want to be in society and not just replacing another great man in society.

It is not a bad thing to teach kids that they are unique as long as it is done the right way. A book that will motivate a child to be a person they want to be in later life is truly inspiring.

Helping Your Child Become More Knowledgeable About Different Cultures and Peoples

The world is slowly turning into a small village. Interracial marriages are common and people of different cultures now easily interact. This trend is also found in schools and so the earlier you help your child learn more about these people, the better. Stories of old may have contained only one culture and personalized storybooks gives you chance to explore your imagination in regard to this. You can include characters from different backgrounds, perhaps taking into account the obstacles they face as they try to interact with people of a different culture.

When your child is involved in such a story, they become more knowledgeable about these people and they appreciate them even more.

How to Choose the Best Custom made Children’s Books

Go for recognized children’s books authors and illustrators as these are in the best position to know how to produce engaging, high caliber material. The book should also be printed of high-quality material. It is something that you will often pull out of the shelf to read to your child so you do not want the pages to fade over time and miss its purpose.

The beautiful illustrations speak a thousand words when it comes to teaching your children. That is why it is important to go for the best illustrators who will keep your child engaged throughout the story.

The age of your child will also determine how your customized book will look. If the child is still very young and just learning to read then you can opt for the ones with alphabets, lots of pictures and just a few texts. If the child is of age and can read you may want to choose a short story with a moral lesson at the end. The child should not struggle to get the point of the story so that’s why it helps when the story revolves around people he can relate with including close family members. As the main character, he will feel proud to connect in a special way with those around him.

All About Me Book for Preschool

We made this All About Me book in early January this year as a Preschool project.We were just after a long holiday in Sri Lanka to spend time with kid’s grandparents.We started this year with back to school shopping in Malaysia.We ended 2017 with happy memories and kid was eagerly waiting to start his new preschool term as a kindergartner.

My kid’s preschool teacher asked to prepare an ‘All About Me book’ as part of their learning series. Always these DIY projects are challenging for me. Once we did a paper lantern decoration project for last year Lantern Festival.It was a good DIY project for us to bond.We also made a paper plate toucan when teacher asked to create a craft using paper plates.

As a mom I try to help my kid with ideas while allowing him to do most of his projects alone. Therefore I tried finding an idea for his All About Me book with things he can do alone.

All About Me Book for Preschool

At the beginning of this year, he was 4 years old and he just started writing without help. Therefore we used pages about him with his handwriting.As he cannot write much,I used simple questions about him which answers are easy to write.

All About Me Book for Preschool

First page of our ‘All About Me Book’ for Preschool Project

I printed few headings for the book to make it easier for the kid.

Below are some pages from this All About Me booklet which was fun in making. It was a great bonding time for both of us.

All About Me Book for Preschool

He loved writing about his interests on this ‘All About Me Book’ for Preschool

All About Me Book for Preschool

One of the pages of the booklet was filled with ‘Bitter gourd stamps’ which was fun to do.

All About Me Book for Preschool

At the end of the book, we also inserted few pages to show my kid’s interest and ability to arts and crafts.

All About Me Book for Preschool

This is his handprints

If you love to do DIY and art crafts with your kids, try such All About Me book. It is interesting and exciting way to spend time together.

Do you love DIY projects?Do you love Arts and crafts?How do you spend time with your kids together?Please share your thoughts below.

Improve Reading Skills of your Kids with Bookbot #Review

Reading is a very important skill to improve for any kid. As a mom I always create a reading environment for my kid from his birth. This is why this blog is full of articles which share our reading experiences, challenges and tips on teaching reading for kids with the hope of sharing my experiences with other moms. Today I want to introduce Bookbot for all moms and dads who read this blog and who are keen on improving reading skills of their kids.


What is Bookbot?

If you haven’t heard of Bookbot, it is time to check their website by visiting Bookbot is a platform that helps improving literacy of kids. They value the importance of reading skills of kids. Therefore the team behind the Bookbot created a virtual reading assistant to help your kid to improve reading skills.

Features of Bookbot App

Bookbot review

If you are a parent with a kid who struggles in reading, it is time to find ways to improve his reading skills while making him interest on reading. When the kid enjoys reading, you do not have to worry about his reading skills. Your kid will improve the reading skills automatically when he enjoys reading. He or she will read books without your interfering simply because your kid loves reading.

Bookbot is such a good App to introduce to your kid to improve his interest on reading. The virtual reading assistant will help your kid to read the books in Bookbot library. When your kid has a virtual assistant who help him or her to read, it is really exciting and fun! This is how you can improve the kid’s interest on reading.

Below are some of the highlighted features of Bookbot.

  • Appropriate books for kid’s reading level

Bookbot library is packed with age appropriate books that kids love to read. Other than the age, your kid can choose books that are right for their reading level. When the books are appropriate with your kid’s reading ability, he or she will enjoy reading without effort.

  • Immediate clarification & Feedback

The virtual reading assistant of Bookbot app responses immediately. When the kid cannot recognize a word or if the kid reads incorrectly, he will get immediate response which keeps him continuing reading.

  • Soft colours Easy on the eye

It is true that we parents try to limit screen time of kids. This is simply due to the probable health issues for eyes. However Bookbot app use soft and eye pleasing colours which are easy on eyes.

Download your free books from Bookbot

Bookbot Review

One of the Free printable books I downloaded from Bookbot

Above are some of the highlighted features of Bookbot. If your kid is struggling with reading or if you like to improve the reading skills of your kids, then Bookbot is the platform you should visit today. Do not think twice; find out more about Bookbot by visiting their website.  You can even download some free books from Bookbot.I downloaded free books from Bookbot and at home we read together!

What To Know About Tutors For Your Children

Worry about your child’s academic success is something that all parents face when the new school year starts.  Some good news is that you and your child will not have to face this alone.  A skilled tutor is able to help your child develop new skills and unlock abilities they did not know they had.  Tutors can make a world of difference in a child’s life, but you need to ensure that you choose the right tutor.  This can be a challenge, but there are some tips that can help you.

Does Your Child Really Need A Tutor?

Online Resources that Can Help Kids with their Schooling

There are many parents who find it hard to acknowledge that their child has an academic weakness, but this is not something to worry about.  Every person has their strengths as well as their weaknesses.  You should be glad that you are able to identify these trouble areas because you will be able to get your child help to overcome them.

A smart parent will not only hire a tutor to boost their child’s grades in a problem subject.  A good tutor will have the skills and ability to help your child in a range of ways.  The goal should be to boost more than grades and actually help your child achieve excellence in life and school.  This is something that a good tutor will be able to help with.

How Does A Tutor Help Your Child?

Struggling in school can be the start of a cycle.  When someone feels disappointed, they will start to feel more stress and start to lose confidence.  This will lead to a further decline in academic achievement which leads to the start of the cycle.

A good tutor will be able to break this cycle.  They will not only help with the academic problem areas, they will also teach your child how to overcome other obstacles they face.  By breaking the chain of insecurity which is created, your child will be empowered and become better equipped for lifelong success.

Tutors For Your Children

A dedicator tutor will also be able to offer more academic know-how.  This will not only help your child with the problem subjects, but will help them excel in all subjects.  This know-how could be something as simple as study tips to lifestyle changes or how to become better organized.

What To Do If Your Child Has An Exceptionality?

There are a lot of children that have learning exceptionalities such as dyslexia and ADHD.  Fortunately, society is moving away from the stigmas which were placed on children like this in the past.  There is also a growing body of knowledge that helps parents and students get the information they need to create a path to academic excellence.

A good tutor who has a full understanding of the exceptionality your child has will also help.  They will be able to offer coping mechanisms and study skills designed to take the exceptionality into account.  These skills will not only help your child get through school, they can be transferred to other parts of life.

What Should You Look For In A Tutor

When it comes to choosing a tutor, you need to be picky.  There are times when a high school student will be able to get the job done, but there are others times when more is needed.  In these situations, you need to find a tutor with more skills in the subject.  The ideal tutor is going to be someone who understands the overlapping aspects of student life and your child’s needs.  They need to be able to help your child with more than one subject and rather help them as a person.  This will require special training and experience.

How Important Is Personality?

You should never underestimate the importance of personality.  Your child and the tutor will need to connect because this will ensure that your child is relaxed while being tutored and they will be able to concentrate better.  Good tutoring is a 2-way street and your child needs to work with the tutor as a team.

List of 10 Free Online Courses

A lot of people find it difficult to get free online typing lessons which they can make use of in educating their kids, wards or students on the basics of typing but that will be dealt with in this article. These typing courses are provided to you from kidstyping to ease your task.

This list of free typing lessons will provide you with the best courses available to beginners, amateurs, intermediate and experts. These typing courses from kidstyping will help in mastering speed and accuracy if there is already a basic knowledge in basic typing skills.

free online courses

Let’s take a look at these typing courses from kidstyping

1. Free Typing Lessons at

These courses are perfect for anyone learning to learn typing, beginners, intermediate or advanced typists. The courses are designed for kids and can even be of help to adults. It is fantastic for speed and accuracy.

2. Free Typing Lessons at Speed Typing Online

This provides fantastic courses which are made up of 17 lessons that allow adept learning of all letters on the keyboard. Advanced levels help learners string these letters into words.

3. Free Typing Lessons at Dance Mat

This helps to teach typing in a fun way. It makes use of funny animal characters and colourful games to make the lessons engaging. It is basically designed for elementary-aged children.

4. Free Typing Lessons at TypingClub

This may still be the provided of the highest number of online courses with over 100 lessons. It will help learners learn all the keys on the keyboard and help them train their speed and accuracy.

free online courses

5. Free Typing Lessons at

This course provides 16 lessons which allow you learn at your own pace. It allows learners make use of their own text in practicing. Each lesson utilizes an animated keyboard for guidance.

6. Free Typing Lessons at E-Learning for Kids

This course helps to properly incorporate fun and learning. It provides typing lessons which are centered around a nice storyline. It features games and rewards to keep learners motivated.

7. Free Typing Lessons at GCFLearnFree

The courses here are designed for adults without any form of typing skills. It teaches how to press keys and string words and allows for practice. It teaches only the basics.

free online courses

8. Free Typing Lessons at Touch Typing Study

It provides over 15 lessons which are available in different languages. The courses utilize different keyboard layouts, games and even speed tests. It helps to practice speed and accuracy.

9. Free Typing Lessons at Peter Online Typing Course

This course provides 18 lessons which are designed to teach learners how to use every key on the keyboard. It will help learners with learning exercises on how to use the fingers better.

10. Free Typing Lessons at Big Brown Bear

This course has 14 typing lessons that educate learners on how to use all keys on the key board. It makes learning easier by displaying words on a single line instead of paragraphs. This way it is able to help the learner concentrate on one word at a time. It can also allow you train for speed and accuracy.

A Guide to Starting School

Starting school is one of the most important steps for any child, but the good thing is that there are things you can do to ensure they are a little more comfortable as they start the new journey in life.

With new baseline assessments in primary schools by 2022 -2023 according to Tradewind, as well as all the old variables, there is a lot to prep for.

With September fast approaching, we have made a list of tips that will go a long way in helping your kid on his/her first day at school as they get to know the new routine.

Before school starts

Get organized: Ensure that you have everything needed in time for your first day. You should also make an effort on including them in the decision-making process – even if it is just choosing a backpack – so they can get excited about school. Show them where the label is on the clothes so they can see it for themselves.

Back To School with Bright Star Kids Name Labels

Talk about the things they can expect: You should try explaining the school rules to them, routines, and schedules so they can have a rough idea of what to expect. Give them assurance that the teacher is there to help them, and the end of the day you will be there to talk to them. You can even share a little experience of your own at school.

Become familiar with the school : Take them for a walk around the school so they get to see it when it is empty with no people around. Let them see the playground, gates, and where they are going to be on the first day.

On the first day

Guide to Starting School

Proper preparation: Make sure everything is ready the day before because this will give you enough time the next day to enjoy instead of having to rush to get out of the door. Take that time to take a photo so they can have a memory of their first day. Having the memory of their photos will also be great for you because you can always go back and see how your kid was on their first day of school. Keeping memories through photos is great.

Dealing with separation anxiety: You should give the young one assurance that you will be there to pick them in a couple of hours and hear how their day went, and also they should know that teachers are there to help if they need it.

Talk to the teacher if you have concerns about the kid settling in or you know of a problem at home that can have an effect on their behavior. Teachers are professionals who have the necessary skills needed to deal with all type of children starting out in school. They will call you in case of any problem. This means you can relax and enjoy your day without having to worry.

Home time: Ensure you aren’t late when picking the kids up. You should not make the child anxious because you have not yet arrived, and they will also be very happy to tell you how their day was. Create some time to talk with them more about their day at school.

Settling in

Ensure they have plenty of rest: School is a big step for them and changes the routine of the child. Make sure you are strict with betimes because you don’t want them to be tired and feeling grumpy the next day when in class.

Stay organized: The first couple of weeks can be hectic, so you should try your best to prepare everything you can the day before, especially at night. Kids do not have the sense of urgency as adults, making it even more important to get them up in time and prepare them without having to rush or panic around the house. Things will be smoother this way.


How I Raise a Multilingual Child?

I raise a multilingual kid. Yes, it is not something to surprise, because nowadays most parents raise bilingual or multilingual kids. As our kid also learns few languages, I want to share my story of raising a multilingual child with some of the things I follow as these tips can be helpful for other moms too.

How I raise a multilingual child

How I raise a multilingual child?

Living in Singapore, we wanted our kid to learn English as his first language. So he grew up in an English speaking environment till his playgroup age and later we started to speak with him with our native language Sinhalese. As Sri Lankans, we want him to learn both speaking and writing in Sinhala language. At the same time, in his preschool he learns Chinese as a second language.

This sounds like too much for a kid. But, surprisingly kids learn so fast. Even though we talked with him in English only, I always used Sinhala language to talk to my husband or family members in Sri Lanka. Surprisingly, when the kid started talking, he talked English. But, he could easily understand Sinhala language. So, we didn’t have any communication problem in Sri Lanka, as kid started replying in English for anyone who talks in Sinhala.

How I raise a multilingual child

Learning Sinhala language is easy through colorful story books

When he reached 4 years old last year, I started talking with him in Sinhala. I also started teaching him reading and writing in Sinhala.

At the same time, his preschool teacher conducts Chinese lessons for him. It seems like he is good with Chinese language for his age. But, at home I don’t know the language, so we face difficulties in understanding him when the kid speaks in Chinese. This is where I want to learn Chinese as a new language to help the kid to improve his language skills as a multilingual kid.

Well, above is my story on how I raise a multilingual child.

Is it difficult to raise a multilingual child?

If you ask that question, my answer is ‘No’. Kids are fast learners and they grab the words so fast. With a proper plan, you can easily raise a child who speaks few languages. However, don’t get stressed. It needs time and patience. My kid still speaks well in English, but he can understand other 2 languages. I am confident that he will learn these other languages with time. So, I don’t worry.

If you want to raise a multilingual child, below are some of the things you can do. You don’t have to teach them new languages. But, you have to talk to them. Or create an environment which your kids have exposure to the other languages.

Below are some the things I do with my kid. Hope these are helpful for you too.
How I raise a multilingual child

Things to do if you want to raise a multilingual child

1. Know when to start and what to expect

Understand the learning milestones of your child. Start talking in one language and make it his major language. When your kid starts talking, he will use that major language to communicate.

At home, I talked with him in English only. But I allowed him to hear us talking in Sinhala. When he started talking, he was good in English. But, he could communicate in Sinhala too.

2. Decide how many languages

Usually multilingualism is helpful for kids to live and communicate within his community. In Singapore, it is essential to learn English to continue education. At the same time we also want him to learn his heritage language Sinhala. As he learns Chinese as a 2nd language in his preschool, now he learns 3 languages without any pressure.

So, think of your requirements and decide on the languages that your child will learn.

3. Decide on a suitable Language System

Don’t take this serious. But, if you talk in many languages with your infant before he reaches his language milestones, he may get confused. Instead, try to have a language system.

Decide who should speak which language with baby from his newborn age. One Person One Language (OPOL) and Minority Language at Home (ML@H) are the most common language systems which are popular nowadays as successful systems.

How I raise a multilingual child

He loves reading English books

4. Get relevant materials to learn the languages

Surround your kid with books, music and movies which are suitable for his age. These language materials will make it fun to learn.

We did the same at home. Although the kid learned English as his main language, we also bought books in Sinhala and Chinese languages. So, he is familiar with letters before he starts learning. In his preschool, he gets the chance of learning Chinese.

5. Establish a proper support network

You are lucky when you are surrounded with others who speak different languages. You can get their help to talk with the child if they talk a different language that you want your kid to learn.

For our kid, he learns Chinese by talking with school teacher and friends. But, with him I face the problem of not knowing the language.

My kid likes to talk with me in Chinese and he starts conversation. But, I do not know whether he speaks correctly or even I don’t know how to reply him to keep the conversation going. This is why I decided to find a way to learn Chinese. So, I can communicate with the kids while he learns Chinese. This will also beneficial for me as I work in Singapore which Chinese is one of the languages spoken by majority of people.

I have used TUTOROO to find a private Chinese tutor in Singapore. On their website ( I have easily found a Chinese language tutor who is now helping me learn Chinese. I hope I will soon be able to communicate with the kids in Chinese. TUTOROO is not only for adult learners, it connects people to private language tutors nearby and their private tutors also offer private lessons for kids.

How I raise a multilingual child

Wish I can read these Chinese books with the kid!

A platform such as TUTOROO is helpful for arranging a proper support network when raising a multilingual or bilingual child. It is a platform that connects students with tutors nearby. Therefore lessons are in person, not online. Learning a new language from native speaker is always helpful, so I am sure that we will have good experience in learning Chinese.

You can check the language tutors available by visiting only Chinese, you will find many language tutors including English, Spanish, Japanese and many more.

Finally, don’t get too stressed about raising a multilingual child. Let it happen with time. Set your goals with kid’s language milestones, but be flexible. For example, I started reading ‘Sinhala language’ to my kid when he reached 4 years old and when he is fine with English.

It will take time to raise a multilingual child. You will need patience. But, it will be a rewarding experience. So, try all above tips if you raise a multilingual or bilingual child.

Do you have experiences in raising multilingual kids? Please share your tips and experiences below.


5 Online Resources that Can Help Kids with their Schooling

Whether you want your kid to homeschool or you just want additional schooling materials for your kids, the internet never runs dry of tools to cater for the same. There are tons of websites that provide learning platforms for kids from kindergarten to higher education, offering information for all subjects and skills. Most of these sites offer free courses and if you have to pay for them, the charges are quite affordable. Here are some of these online resources;

Online Resources that Can Help Kids with their Schooling

Writing Samurai

This site offers free online courses for creative writing for students in primary, lower secondary, as well as upper secondary. With its mission to help students learn how to write top-notch compositions, Writing Samurai makes it easy for users to learn how to write excellent content naturally without the hassle of having to memorize big words. Apart from the online course, it also offers a free E-book rich in phrases, model compositions, and free test papers. Over 1000 enrolled students get to enjoy the simple, effective and fun approach to learning, what’s more, there are insightful tips from the site’s blog. An advantage of using this site is that the student can learn at their own pace and at any chosen time. Proof of positive results by previous students is also available on the site.

Calculation Nation

Calculation Nation revolves around math curriculum for middle grades and other upper elementary content. Once you become a Calculation Nation citizen, your kid will have online access to math strategy games that will enable them to learn about symmetry, multiples, and fractions, etc. The games are fun and also aid your kid perfect basic skills such as multiplication and much more.

Online Resources that Can Help Kids with their Schooling

Khan Academy

This free online learning site consists of an assortment of subjects; physics, math, finance, history, and biology. It has adaptive assessment exercises which allow users to practice their skills at their own pace. You will always have practice material at your disposal because every single problem is randomly generated. In steps, each problem is broken down in case you are stuck and need a hint. Khan Academy also provides short videos related to each subject to help students in case they need more help.

Spelling City

Here, you find crossword puzzles, 25 games to help learn alphabetical order (can also be printed), vocabulary tests, unscramble, and word search among other features. Spelling City is basically a website that consists of spelling words exceeding 42,000 as well as sentences and definitions that can be modified. Parents and teachers can save lists from the free home pages provided in the website. Also, you can get more information from the website’s free forum not to forget the newsletter that is sent to your inbox.

Code Year

In just a year, students can learn computer programming basics through Code Year lessons. This resource tool recommends anyone to acquire more information about coding to be able to create and build their own apps. The lessons here are presented interactively to make it easy for students to understand and is far from the usual ‘dry’ programming books and lectures. Students will begin with JavaScript then progress to the other subsequent lessons.

Choosing Course Dates that Work Best for Your Schedule

Every state in the U.S. has laws that regulate the real estate industry. People who want to work as professional real estate agents cannot lawfully do so until they obtain the proper credentials as mandated by the state in which they plan to practice.

However, when you are already busy with your current career, you may not have a lot of time to pursue new credentials, refresher materials, or a new Nevada real estate license. You can pick a time and day that works for you as well as courses that suit your professional goals by using the online information today.

Choosing Course Dates that Work Best for Your Schedule

Choosing Courses that You Need for Licensing

Like most states, Nevada expects its real estate agents to know everything there is to know about the real estate selling and buying market. You cannot competently help clients buy or sell property without knowing these basics.

However, there may be hundreds or thousands of things that you need to remember at any given time. Even if you have extensive notes and can remember some of the most important topics, you still need to go back from time to time to brush up on topics that you might have forgotten.

The website shows you what courses are available to new or experienced real estate agents like you. If you are a beginner, you may need to start with the most basic of classes to learn the ins and outs of the business. However, if you are an experienced agent, you might not need to retake the basics and instead focus on learning the more complex lessons that are required for keeping your license.

Choosing Course Dates that Work Best for Your Schedule

Time and Day that Work for You

As a busy professional, you might not have a lot of time in your hectic schedule to take classes. Even so, you cannot afford to let your license lapse. The website shows you on what days the materials are offered to you. You can also sign up for a time that works with your calendar, giving you the power to train within a time frame that works best for you.

Learning to become a real estate agent and maintaining your license requires you to take classes as needed. You can choose from among the many topics and find a day and time that suit you by using the online information about Nevada real estate.

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