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How to Prevent Blister and Chafing on Skin?

Skin irritations are more common in most families and there are times that we need to prepare for such moments specially when we are with kids. As parents we should know how to prevent blisters and chafing on little ones skin especially when we are outside. Although we cannot avoid visiting outside or spending a vacation with exciting moments and adventures for kids, we can take precautions to blister prevention and chafe prevention. So, as a mom I always concern these precautions and hope these ideas are beneficial for you too.

How to prevent Blister and chafing on skin?

First you need to stay hydrated as it helps prevent chafing. Always keep your kids hydrated during vacations, so they are in safe side. Select suitable clothing for your kids as too loose or too tight clothes can create rubbing and friction. Keep the skin dry and you can use talcum powder for this. Also there are medicine products such as ChafeZone Skin Protectant which helps to prevent chafing and skin rash. So, use such a product and don’t forget to pack in your bag when you are heading on a holiday.

ChafeZone Skin Protectant by MedZone


prevent Blister and chafing

ChafeZone is a skin protectant by MedZone which is a company that provides sports medicine products. ChafeZone helps preventing chafing and blisters and it is really useful for families to enjoy a better vacation. This water free product helps preventing chafing, irritation and rubbing on skin. Simply swipe ChafeZone® and stay comfortable while running, hiking, riding or any other active sports.


Check more details of ChafeZone® by visiting your holiday with these tips on how to prevent Blister and chafing!

Dietary Supplement Lipsomal Vitamins by Valimenta

It is not a secret that we all need vitamins and minerals for a healthy life. Specially, as moms we need to pay more attention on our daily vitamin intake, as it is always possible to not to pay more attention for ourselves among the family chaos. This is more common with moms with young kids and infants. It is same with me. There are times even I skip meals, although it is not recommended and not good for a healthy life.

How about you? Do you consider vitamins as a vital part of your daily food intake? Can we assure that we get all the required daily dose of vitamins from the food we take? That is why we need to take vitamins as a supplement together with balanced diet.

Dietary Supplement Lipsomal Vitamins

Lipsomal Vitamins

Liposomes are tiny Nano-sized bubbles with an outer shell comprised of healthy lipids and a hollow aqueous center that can be filled with a variety of substances, such as Vitamin C.

Dietary Supplement Lipsomal Vitamins by Valimenta

Heat, high pressure and solvents are not used in liposomal manufacturing technology. Valimenta is such liposomal vitamins manufacturer who only uses non GMO and natural vegetarian products to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the liposomal vitamin products. Their liposomal vitamins range from Liposomal vitamin b12, liposomal Curcumin, liposomal vitamin D3, Glutathione and liposomal Vitamin C.

Non Gmo sunflower derived phosphatidylcholine are used in liposoma contract manufacturing and that protects all the nutrients of liposomal vitamins. This feature enhances the absorption of vitamins making it more effective.

By visiting you can read more details and information about Valimenta Lipsomal Vitamin products.

Looking for a Well Run Life? The Best You is Coming Soon!

As a mom how many times did you think about your lifestyle? For me, I really don’t have enough sleep or continuous sleep. With a toddler at home my life has changed and there are times I even skip meals. But, are these good? No! We need to spend a healthy lifestyle; this is what we all know. But, how to do the changes for the lifestyle which you spend now? You need some guidance, am I right?

A Well Run Life

If there is no guidance, we even don’t pay attention to ourselves or there are situations that we have failed with many programs. Lot of sugar intake and junk food can make you fat. But, dieting is not the exact solution for lose weight fast. You are with so much emotional changes, pressure and stress, then it is difficult to sleep better.

Finally, you need a turning point. You need to change your lifestyle!

Do you know that there are lots of programs around which claim to lose weight fast or change your lifestyle? Have you tried any of those?

Here is my idea. These programs are effective. But, you need to select the best program which suits for you. Programs run by ‘A Well Run Life’ are planned for individual bio, so their programs can be helpful for you to address your problems and to change the lifestyle.

A Well Run Life with Personal Coaching

Founded by Peter M. Deeley Jr, A Well Run Life is a challenging health care system which addresses each person individually. They offer two programs namely ‘The Six Month Body Restoration Project’ and ‘Taste Bud Boot Camp’ which help you to change your life dramatically.

Peter M Deeley Jr. Founder – A Well Run Life

Peter M Deeley Jr. Founder – A Well Run Life

Once you join with any of the programs, they will guide you individually and transform your life to a healthy lifestyle. They will talk with you personally and find what program is really perfect for you.

A Well Run Life

Before starting or before taking any decision, you can contact them and get a personal consultation over the phone. You can share whatever your lifestyle problems and changes you are waiting for. After a successful consultation, your sessions will be scheduled.

Don’t worry!The Best You is Coming Soon! Check more details of these programs by visiting

Luxurious Spa Experience at Home with Serenity Now Bath Pillow

Visiting a spa and having complete relaxing time forgetting the entire world is a dream for me now. It is true, I am really unable to find time for me to visit such places as I have to take care my little one till my husband comes home. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to indulge in a luxury spa experience anymore. Having kids is not an excuse for moms to stay away from relaxing life.

Serenity Now Bath Pillow

That is why I always like to have such experiences at home wherever possible. So, I don’t have worries about not having time for myself.

My recent finding is Serenity Now Bath Pillow introduced by Simply Elegant. This Serenity Now Bath Pillow creates a complete luxurious spa experience at home providing you floating on Cloud 9 in no time. That sounds cool, isn’t it?

Serenity Now Bath Pillow

Here are the features of Serenity Now Bath Pillow

Features of Serenity Now Bath Pillow

  • You can comfortably rest your head, neck and shoulders on Serenity Now Bath Pillow. So, you don’t have to worry on how hard it is when resting on hard surface of the bath tub keeping your towel as a support.
  • Made of waterproof material to ensure that this bath tub pillow dries quickly.
  • This Serenity Now Bath Pillow comes with free complementary items including Cooling/Warming Gel Eye Mask & Spa music download. These complementary products will sure enhance your spa experience at home!

So, how about you? Do you feel like having luxurious spa experience right now at your home? Simply check here for more details on this Serenity Now Bath Pillow and don’t miss the chance of owning your tub pillow as there is a sale promotion going on now!

Improve your Smile with Press On Veneers

A beautiful smile is essential for anyone and when we own a beautiful smile, that gives us confident to speak with anyone without hiding the face. But, cracked teeth, a gap between teeth or any missing tooth can make us hiding face when we face others.

But nowadays there are new technology methods which can easily improve our smile better. Cosmetic dentistry has improved so much with new methods which can change and improve your smile and Press on Veneers are one of the technologies that you can use easily to improve your smile by forgetting the tooth problem you had.

Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Reasons to Choose Veneers

As Press on veneers are so much popular, here are some reasons to select it as the way of improving your smile. With veneers, you can improve your appearance and you will also feel more confident while facing others. With a beautiful smile, you will sure look younger than now.

Use of veneers doesn’t require many dental procedures. You will not feel discomfort and it is really easy to use. It is quick and you also don’t need to break the bank to correct your smile with press on veneers.

Press On Veneers™ by Brighter Image Lab

As an established company which is in the business from many years, Brighter Image Lab provides Press On Veneers for a really affordable rate. They use the state-of-the-art technology to improve the smiles of their clients by providing the removable dental veneers which you can use it without the help of a dentist.

Press On Veneers

One of the best features of Brighter Image Lab Press on Veneers is that they custom makes each veneer to fit their every client. With Brighter Image Lab veneers you don’t require visiting the dentist. There is no need for    X-rays, shots, grinding, and the procedures are   completely reversible.

So why wait? You can easily improve your smile online without fixing your teeth. Visit to read more information of Brighter Image Lab Veneers.

Why I love Having Detox in Thailand

These days I am in a mood to travel to another country and I really want to change my lifestyle a bit. Truly I spent more than 2 years raising my son sacrificing most of my time for him. Now, he started his playgroup, I can see he is becoming independent and I also thinking of becoming a full time working mom. I am missing my engineer job which I spent most of the time calculating, designing among the new constructions. Yes, my life is there and now it is time for a restart!

But, as for most of the moms, it is not easy to change from the stay at home mom life to full time working mom. There are so many challenges. That’s why I decided to find ways to retreat myself and give some more energy and life to myself. As I love to travel and as Thailand is in my bucket list, this time I am looking for having a tour to Thailand. Having detox in Thailand would be great to rejuvenate and start life with new happy and optimistic feelings.

Why I love having Detox in Thailand

While I was searching for detox programs in Thailand, I found Oreon Healing Centre as the best place for detox, healing and retreat in Koh Phangan.

Here are some of my findings and I am in love to join with one of their detox programs in Thailand.

Strategically located in the magical island of Thailand, Koh Phangan, Oreon Healing Centre offer Thailand Detox Retreat packages which can easily transform you to a new rejuvenate life. Including yoga, healing retreats and detox, I feel this is the perfect place to spend a relaxing and detoxing holiday in Thailand among the sceneries of beautiful Tropical Island.

Their programs are really well planned and ensure to give the best during the holiday we spend with them. Popular as the true “Centre of Transformation” Oreon Healing Centre has provided their detox programs for thousands of people around the world and that is one of the reasons for me to select Oreon Healing Centre for another relaxing and detox holiday in Thailand.

Detox in Thailand

I know you also like to read more about this new finding of me. For a detox holiday in Thailand, you can visit Oreon Healing Centre and check more details of their programs.

Do you like Detox programs?

Koh Phangan Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Do you like practicing yoga? There are so much Health benefits of practicing yoga including focus, flexibility of body and improvement of blood circulation. Have you ever thought of practicing yoga with help of a yoga training program?

Thailand is popular for offering yoga courses for moms and of course for the others too. Yoga is not only help you to maintain and treat your body, you can easily teach yoga for your kids family members and even you can become a yoga teacher by following a course in a yoga training center in Thailand.

I actually like to learn this spiritual training including meditation and I also want to teach my son to concentrate and focus. That is why these days I am so interested about reading and finding about yoga courses thinking knowledge of yoga will be beneficial me in parenting too.

How to find the best yoga teacher training in Thailand?

Koh Phangan Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Yoga classes in Thailand are focused on important topics and sections which any beginner should learn and Koh Phangan is popular as the best place for yoga training and practicing. Koh Phangan is a beautiful island of Thailand surrounded by lush jungles and beautiful sandy beach areas. Beautiful and peaceful location is one of the reasons to find yoga courses in koh phangan.

If you are looking for following best yoga teacher training in Thailand, then check the yoga courses offered by Yoga Thailand. With professional teachers and strategically located healing Center for practicing yoga, Yoga Thailand clams to be one of the Best yoga teacher training in Thailand. If you like to learn yoga in Thailand on the beach, then you have that facility too when you enroll with Yoga Thailand. These days, their yoga teacher training program is available for new enrollments. Have a look in to to check more details.

A Guide For Women to Protect from Zika Virus

Zika Virus is threatening people again. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has officially announced alert about this and warn people who are travelling for the countries which Zika Virus is found.

Zika is a virus which is transmitted mainly by mosquito bites. Sexual transmission is another way to get infected with Zika virus. Both adults and children are in danger with this virus; however women are neglected in many awareness programs on preventing and protection from Zika. With the risk of pregnant women passing this virus to their unborn babies, it is important to protect women from this virus in order to protect our future and babies.

Even in CDC announcement, they advise pregnant women and those who are trying to conceive to stay away visiting those alarmed countries in order to prevent infection.

A Guide For Women to Protect from Zika Virus

A Guide For Women to Protect from Zika Virus

Zika Virus: A Guide for Women is a book which attempts to educate people to prevent infection with Zika virus providing helpful information and tips. Written by James Rutherford, as a result of intense research into Zika, this book is a helpful guide for anyone. With this book, the author aims to educate people, especially women to stay away from Zika virus and hence to protect the future of babies. With the provided details on prevention and protection from Zika virus, you can take actions to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from the Zika virus.

Check more details of this book- Zika Virus: A Guide for Women

How I Achieved My Pre Pregnancy Weight in Singapore

As a first time mom, I had hard time to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. Truly I could wear any body-hugging dress before my pregnancy, but after giving birth suddenly I could only wear those big loose T shirts simply because I’ve gained weight and I’ve lost my shapes. 🙁

It was a disaster. However I tried each and every thing I can do to come back to my normal weight and I could reach it when my son celebrated his first birthday. Other than diet and having healthy meal, I also enjoyed my time in exercising. 🙂

That is why I thought of featuring BO’DI:K Singapore in this post as I really like to have their 1 month free trial.

Lose weight-1

You will get training from well qualified instructors

With BO’DI:K Singapore Achieve your Weight Loss Goals

BO’DI:K Singapore is a perfect gym for you to lose weight with the help of the trainers and guided diet plan. As a gym originated from Japan, currently it has a branch in Singapore and other Asian countries such as Bangkok and Hongkong. BO’DI:K also has their branch in New York too.

Why I recommend BO’DI:K Singapore for you as a perfect gym to lose weight? Here are few reasons.

Features of the Weight Loss Program of BO’DI:K Singapore

You can try the gym for 1 month.Although you have to signup with the Gym at first by paying,you still have the chance to withdraw at the end of one month trial period.

This is really awesome when you want to find the perfect gym for you. Sometimes, you may not like the place simply due to your personal choices. But, if you have trial period, it is always easy to select the best gym for you by having a trial.

Lose weight-1

Inside look

You have money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied after the trial period, you don’t have to worry. You are secured to get your money back. Your money will be returned with no question asked.

Lose weight-1

Personal Training

You will be trained under guidance of an instructor and you will also get meal advice every day. If required you can also have DNA test to find fastest way to lose weight.

There are many more details to share. Please visit BO’DI:K Singapore ,so you can read more details about the weight loss and actual success stories of those who achieved their goals of losing weight.

TrueCare24 for Fast and Convenient Medical Care

Just imagine urgent health care need at your home. May be you are sick and it is difficult to travel to the doctors place simply because there is no other person at home, or you can’t leave home because your kids are alone. Sometimes, it is really frustrating to wait in the queues of clinics.

In such situations, a doctor at door step is really convenient for anyone. That is why a platform like TrueCare24 is really helpful, especially in any injuries or sudden illness.

What is TrueCare24?

TrueCare24 is a company based in San Francisco which provides the platform to connect with health care medical service providers. With TrueCare24 it is really convenient to consult a healthcare provider just within 60 minutes.

Features of TrueCare24

Here are some of the highlighted features of this healthcare service.

You can request urgent care from your healthcare provider and he will be at your door step within 60 minutes.


It is really convenient to consult a doctor at your home, hotel or even work place. This is one of the features to admire considering the waiting time at clinics and crowded ERs.

All the doctors and healthcare providers are qualified and with experience in working at major hospital and urgent care centers. You can assure the quality care service.

Check more details by visiting their Indiegogo campaign or by visiting

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