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Boost Your Child’s Ability to Read

As a mom I always concern about raising my child with enhanced skills. At age 2, he is just starting to read books. As you know, at this toddler age they tend to read books by looking at the illustrations. That is the beginning of their reading. As parents we should help them to enhance their reading skills.

How to Boost Your Child’s Ability to Read

You can simply introduce many books for your kids with beautiful illustrations that make them attached to the books. Reading out loud is another best way to teach a child to read. Other than that I recently came across a new reading app that enhances the child’s ability to read and I hope this app will really help you too to boost your child’s ability to read. Pointer is a new app for kids that enhance their skills for reading.

Boost Your Child’s Ability to Read with Pointer – The Voice activated Reader

How to Boost Your Child's Ability to Read

Pointer is an app developed to boost children’s ability to read. This app has a unique feature. That is, it recognizes your voice when you read and highlight the word you read. That gives an idea to your kid about the word your read together with its pronunciation and they will start learning to read. Young kids and specially toddlers will learn the way we read books from word by word. Kids will feel more connected to reading with you and they will sure have enjoyable reading session.

Visit for more information. Also; signup with them for early access. It is free to sign up and I already did so!

Yarn Story Factory – Free Stories for Kids

Are you looking for a way to keep your kids engaged? Or if you are planning a long road trip or even if you want to have a short break but not sure how to keep your kids entertained and engaged, simply you can download some podcasts for kids. Even if you always check how to keep your little one with different activities, a podcast is a great way to enhance their skills of listening.

Now, with a toddler at home, I love to explore different methods to keep him entertained and to enhance his skills. Recently I found another site which is good for both young kids and grown kids to download podcasts. Actually at the age of just 2 years plus, now my son shows more interest on listening to stories. With these age and interest changes, I found as a helpful resource to download children podcasts and it is a completely free service!

What is Yarn Story Factory?

Yarn Story Factory is a kid friendly podcast which is full of free audio stories. You can easily find Yarn Story Factory podcasts on all major software and all the stories are created for kids. With them, you will find lot of stories for your kids’ bedtime stories.

Yarn Story Factory

Our review of Yarn Story Factory

Now, as I wrote at the beginning of this post, these days I am exploring new sites and new story books for my toddler. This free story site is a great finding for us. When I allowed my son to listen to some of the stories, he was so curios and he wanted to repeat the same stories again and again. I found he was repeating the ideas he grabbed from the stories to his toys. (Yes, he has this habit)So, I know that he loves the stories shared at Yarn Story factory. 🙂

We also want to thank Teacher Nina for her clear and attractive way of presenting the stories for kids.

Other than the stories for bedtime and car-rides you can also find tidbits of knowledge in their “Did you Know” segments. You will find many other things suitable for kids. Check the site , you and your little one will love it.

You can also follow them on twitter for the latest updates:

Download the App in iTunes.

Tips for Choosing Best Books for Toddlers

With a toddler at home, it is always exciting to see how he grows and how he learns the things. At the age of 2, now he starts showing interest on reading story books.(of course he cannot read alone, still he uses the illustrations to get the idea of the book)So far, we bought mainly picture books and flash cards for him to improve his vocabulary. But, now we try to buy different books to enhance his imaginations and reading skills.

But, choosing best books for toddlers must be done with good care. This is the age they are more with exploring things and they are curious with many things around them. So, if we introduce the right books for toddlers, they will grab the things fast and it is same if we give the things which are not age appropriate.

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Basically if you are looking for best books for toddlers, select books with bright and colorful illustrations. If it is a story book, short sentences with big letters are suitable for the little minds to absorb the idea. Poems and rhymes are great ways to keep them attract to the books and it is easy to develop the reading habits for toddlers.

With the above things are in mind, here are the most important Tips for choosing best books for toddlers.

Select books which are well illustrated.

Beautiful and bright illustrations are helpful to attract toddlers to read the book. Even these illustrations are helpful to develop the imaginations. If the illustrations tell the story of the book, that is a suitable book for toddlers, especially at the age of two.

best books for toddlers

My son found a new place to read a book.There is no specific place and time for them to read a book!

Select books which are well worded

Check the flow of the wording. If the story flows easily and without too many words, then it is a suitable book for toddlers. With rhythmic sentences, repeating again and again making it interesting to continue reading, a story book makes it attractive for toddlers. Even you are the one read the story book for your kid; he will listen with big curious eyes and lot of imaginations.We recently read ‘The Enormous Turnip‘ which is a book with rhythmic sentences and my son loved it.Even he wanted me to repeat the book again and again.

The Enormous Turnip

From the book ‘The Enormous Turnip’-Read the review

Select books which have great endings.

Now, with a story book you aroused the curiosity of your toddler. Your kid is waiting to hear what happened next. If the end is good, they are happy. If the end of the book keeps a smile on your toddlers face, then go for it. If the book solves a problem, that is one of the best books for toddlers.

These are my tips of choosing the books for toddlers, especially at the age of 2.You can also check for the lists of best books for toddlers. That will ease you to select recommended books from a mom who read books for her toddler.

What are your tips for selecting best books for toddlers? Do you read books for your toddler? Please comment below.

International Books Shop and Benefits of Reading

Do you have reading habits? Or do you still a reader of your tweets and facebook updates? If you don’t read books, then I want to share some benefits of reading books.

Benefits of Reading

When you keep reading books, you stimulate your brain and concentrate on the things in your book. This will keep your brain active and prevents memory losing power which most people experience with aging.
Of course, you can improve your knowledge by reading books and you will be strong in analytical thinking. Other than that reading is a good cure for your stress. You will relax after reading a good book.

International books shop

If you love reading or if you have the habit of gifting books for your friends and family members in their special occasions, then I want to introduce an Amazon book store which you can find a variety of books for cheap price.

International books shop is an Amazon store which sells books of different categories. Their book category list includes different topics including Addiction & Recovery, Alternative Medicine, ailments, Beauty Grooming & Style and more. Most of the categories and books they share in International Book Shop are good for anyone who loves reading different subjects and topics and with curiosity of learning many things.

Below is one of the books I selected which I love to have with me and of course the price is very reasonable.

International books shop

All the products sell in this Amazon store come with product details and actual customer reviews. These actual customer reviews are really helpful to decide on any book which you are going to buy. Other than that, you will find suggestions for similar books when you look for items on sale in International Book Shop Amazon store.

Do you love reading?If so visit International Book Shop and see what are the books you love to read!


Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories for Kids

You may already established a bedtime story routine with your kid same as I do. However, you may have established a bedtime routine without knowing much about its benefit for your child. So, in this post I thought of sharing some of the benefits your kids can get when you spend time reading bedtime stories with kids.

With our personal experience, we love our reading sessions. My son loves to hear when I read bedtime story books for him. Recently I noticed his interest in reading more books, so I am happily continuing this good habit of reading good bedtime stories for him daily.

Here are some of the benefits of reading bedtime stories for your kids.

Bonding with the Child

With our personal experience, I really love this bedtime story time and it is same with my son too.Reading stories create a bond between us.

Bonding with your child is one of the most important benefits you can expect with bedtime story routines. At the end of the day you are able to sit close with your kid together and you both read the same story. You kid will listen to you paying more attention. It is a great way to describe him of the characters and even open discussions about the characters you find in the story.

Help to build your child’s vocabulary and Communication skills

You’ll notice that your child will use vocabulary which includes some advance phrases and words. They will learn how to express their feelings and emotions. By continuing this habit, kids will learn how to communicate with others in a good way including the lessons they learn from their bedtime stories.

Stimulate his imaginations

Have you ever noticed the facial expressions of your child when you read a story for him or her? For me this is the most exciting part when we read stories. Bedtime stories will stimulate kids’ imagination and even they will concentrate to a topic and make the story out of it. Logical thinking is another benefit of stories. In their mind there are different characters. Some are heroes. Some are innocent characters. He has lot of feelings and imaginations towards them. These imaginations and thinking will help your child to grow with a logical mind.

How to find bedtime stories?

If you want different story books, the first solution is buy good bedtime story books. You can buy online or from your local book shops. However, having lot of books and reading different books daily will make him more excited and your kid will not be bored with same bedtime stories every day.Other than that you can also join with a public library.

Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories for Kids

We usually buy children’s story books. Other than that we also use bedtime stories online. That is really easy to find bedtime stories online and we read free bedtime stories for kids. My son likes online bedtime stories when there are colourful illustrations. That is really a good idea to read different stories in different days.We found the free online bedtime stories shared at are interesting,because of not only the stories,but also due to the beautiful illustrations.My son loves to see those colourful illustrations while reading.

Today my son started his playgroup sessions and we found that there is a library which all the kids can borrow books and keep it for a week. So, I hope he will have great time reading bedtime story books with me both online and offline.

Do you read bedtime stories for your kids? How do you find the children bedtime stories? Please share your thoughts and ideas with us.

DIY Sticker Book for Toddlers




Fun Name Games for the First Day of School

First day of the school is exciting. Both teachers and students are excited with first day of school and other activities they have to involve. Usually in first day of school we can see teachers try to welcome their students making a warm environment for them. But, there are some students who are bit shy. Also there may have new faces who don’t want to mingle with others. This is where you want some name games to break the ice.

Back to school games are really helpful to break the ice and to create a comfortable environment for all the students. They can play the games together and feel relaxed. They will know each other and they will also make new friends.

Fun Name Games for the First Day of School

Here are few name games which you can use in the first day of school and have lot of fun.

Name Game 1: Find Objects to Describe Me

This is a fun game for students to involve. Ask students to go through their backpacks and belongings and find 2-3 objects. Then ask them to describe the selected items including why they like the selected item. This will be a fun activity to do with whole class while they enjoy listening to other students describe their objects.

Name Game 2: Name Line

Name line is another popular and fun name game which is suitable to break the ice of the first day of school. This is how to play. Make all students to stand in a line. Then ask them to tell their name and some of favorite things. Now it is turn for the next students. He needs to tell his name, favorite thing and also the name and favorite things of the previous student. Likewise you can continue the game till all students describe their favorite things.

Above are two most popular fun name games for the first day of school. I also found these fun name games are interesting. All these name games and activities are good for kids and make them excited in their first day of school.

Moms Know the Importance of Web Development Training

Nowadays, most moms are up to date on technology. Most moms use the latest phones and gadgets and they are well equipped with the knowledge of latest happenings. The others, although even if they use an old phone or even if they still use an old desktop computer, they are equipped with the latest happenings and changes on technology. Most of them know the latest iPhone release or even the latest Apps which are good for their kids. Moms always want their kids to learn these new tech items because they know the importance of knowing these for their kids in future.

That’s why most parents allow their kids to learn and have hands on experience with computers and other gadgets. Nowadays, most parents allow their babies to use phones and laptops when they are really few months old. Even I did the same and the results are amazing. They know how to play their favorite app from the phone when they are just one year old. Most kids know how to use computer, how to build a website or create apps when they are young. These all things are because parents allow them to get hands on experience with computers and other gadgets.

Importance of Web Development Training

According to The New York Times, nowadays most schools are teaching web development training to kids at younger age of five-year olds. Don’t surprise, kindergartners are now learning both their alphabet learning and design web pages at the same time. With available facilities, young kids are learning the basics of computers and gadgets from home following their parents. Even, they can follow web based programs easily.

Anyway, if you have a doubt in mind about web development training for kids, let me explain. Actually why we need to teach web development training to young children? Without doubt, computers are the future. With the demand of computer skills for today’s job openings, we can foresee the future. If your kids are not equipped with proper and advanced computer knowledge, then he will face problems in competing with others. That’s why it is advantage to teach your kids to create programs, fix some problem and totally web development training from the young age.

As a mom who wants to give the best to her kids, start teaching technology for your kids. Start it from their young age. If you are lack of knowledge on web development, then take a beginner course. You can follow a beginner web development training course online easily from a reputed course provider such as appendTo. They offer different courses on latest development tools and technologies. With appendTo, you can learn the things that you want to know in web development and you can easily train your kids with the knowledge you gained.

Finally, as a parent, our responsibility is to train our kids with all the skills and habits for a bright future. So, we need to do our maximum to shape up their future.

Top Budget Laptops for Kids

Selecting the best laptop for kids can be a difficult task.If you are in a budget,that will be difficult to find a top budget laptops with all specifications you want.You may be looking for a laptop which your kids can learn and study or you may be looking for the best laptop for colorful graphics and activities for kids. Therefore, depending on the purpose which you want your kids to use the laptop, you need to select the best laptops in the market.

Here are some things to consider before you buy a laptop for your kid.Although you are looking for top budget laptops for kids,still you need to consider these things before making a decision on a laptop.Here budget laptops for kids doesn’t mean that you want to go for a cheap quality laptop only because that laptop is the cheapest in the market.Therefore,consider these facts when you shop for a budget laptop for your kids.

Age of your child

If your child is too young, consider the size of the laptop, weight and screen size. A young child will prefer to have a light weight laptop. They can work well with a small screen, but if your kid is a grown child, then consider the screen size. Also remember, a young child will play with the laptop, so consider the durability too.

Top Budget Laptops for Kids

Purpose of the Laptop

Before purchasing a laptop for your kid, consider the purpose. You can simply ask your kid if he requested a laptop. If it is simply for studying purpose, then check if there are any recommendations from the school. If they want to play games, then check for the appropriate software,compatibility and buy a laptop accordingly.

Top Budget Laptops for Kids

Technical data of the Laptop

Once you decide the purpose of the laptop you want, then it is time to shop for a laptop.

Size: Check for the laptop size before you buy. Usually laptop size measured diagonally and across the screen. This screen size refers as the laptop size.

Memory: There are laptops with different memory (storage) capacity. However, a laptop with 320-500GB range is enough for a kid. Later if you need more storage capacity, you can simply buy a portable hard drive.

Durability: This is another important factor to consider. I don’t want to mention here. You know that kids can play with the laptop. They can be hard on it. So, consider a durable laptop when you shop around.

Price of the laptop

You can find kids laptops for different price ranges. There are cheap laptops and there are also expensive laptops. Consider your budget with other requirements such as laptop durability and technical data. Considering all these factors with the budget you have, it is easier to select the best laptop for your kids.Before buying your laptop,check for guides on how to find budget laptops for kids.Also there are various laptop reviews you can find easily.Considering all these data,finally it is easier to decide on the best budget laptop for kids.

For in-depth guides on the best laptops on the market, you can use . We found these guides a great resource when browsing the best and top budget laptops for kids.

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