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Little Passports Science Expeditions – Greatest Gift for Kids

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Teaching Science for kids is really interesting if you know how to do it in fun way. There are science projects for kids which really make them eager to learn Science. Science Expeditions is such subscription which you can use to make your little explorers curious about Science!

What is Science Expeditions?

Science Expeditions is the newest subscription service of Little Passports which is great for kids to learn basic Science concepts with new science projects.

So,it is the time of the year for buying gifts! This holiday season, why not let your kids explore the world of science with Little Passports’ newest subscription, Science Expeditions.

Science Expeditions is recommended for ages 9+ and introduces kids to the exciting world of science, with a focus on STEM/STEAM principles. Each monthly package includes a comic book adventure featuring the characters Sam and Sofia, a mystery to solve – and, of course – science experiments! All of the materials are designed to help kids to build skills like problem-solving, observation and note-taking – while boosting their natural curiosity.

Little Passports Science Expeditions Reviews

To learn more, read the very first Science Expeditions reviews .So,you know how exciting these science projects for kids are!

Give the gift of adventure this holiday season with a Little Passports Science Expeditions Subscription!


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EduGuru Maths – Fun Learning Math App for Kids (#Review) + Giveaway

At our home we always love fun learning Apps for kids. It is not that I allow my kid to spend whole day on screen, but educational apps are a good way to spend time in learning activities while having fun. Usually kids get bored easily. Having few apps which are suitable for kids is a great way to keep them engaged before starting to show their unhappiness or boredom!

Recently we came across another educational app which is suitable for kids and it is mainly focus with the theme of teaching maths. With fun activities and colourful designs, it is a hit at our home and my son uses it daily when he wants a break. So, now it is the time for us to introduce the EduGuru Maths app which makes learning maths fun for toddlers and kids.

EduGuru Maths - Fun Learning Math App for Kids

EduGuru Maths is a fun learning Math Apps for Kids

EduGuru Maths – A Maths App for Kids

EduGuru Maths is an educational app which is suitable for kids who are in 3-5 years age range. The app is designed in close collaboration with UK teachers, nursery schools and parents to give the best learning time for kids. With cute animations, kids will find this app as interesting while they learn basic maths concept.As one of the best Math apps for kids,this app makes learning a fun activity for kids!

EduGuru Maths -Review of Maths App for Kids


EduGuru Maths App comes with 8 main Math concepts

This app comes with 8 main games which include below concepts. Based on below basic concepts, the EduGuru app is with total 128 fun to play games which help kids to learn maths in the best fun way.

  • Counting 1-10-20
  • Number recognition and ordering
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Matching, doubling, halving and sharing
  • UK/English coins, money and values
  • Telling the time
  • Patterns, shapes and sequences
  • Colours
  • Size, weight, distance and position

All these games are fun and with colourful animations. It also features popular nursery rhymes such as Ba Ba Black Sheep and Hickory Dickory Dock. So the learning time is really fun for kids while singing songs or moving for the rhythms!

My kid loves this Math App and he learns basic Math concepts without much efforts.

My kid loves this Math App and he learns basic Math concepts without much efforts.

My kid loves this app and he also learns the activities without my help. As all the games are with trophies and medals as rewards, he loves earning his rewards daily.

At young age,learning should be fun.With colourful animations,music and games,EduGuru Math App can win the hearts of kids!

At young age,learning should be fun.With colourful animations,music and games,EduGuru Math App can win the hearts of kids! 🙂

Overall, with our experience EduGuru Maths is a safe and educational app for kids. It can be at home, while travelling or even at the times of waiting for the doctor, this app is really helpful to keep my kid calm and concentrate on his task. And it is not active play which some time disturbing for me and others around. Parents, you know what I mean! So, other than educating kids, EduGuru Maths App is helpful for parents too to have a break!

If you are looking for best Math apps for kids then this is a suitable app for trying.You can get the app from App store or GooglePlay store. Both free and paid versions are available.

EduGuru Maths App Giveaway

Now it is time for another Giveaway. The team at EduGuru Maths App kindly sponsor 5 apps for 5 lucky winners.

To join with the giveaway, simply like this Facebook post. Also leave a comment.We will select 5 winners randomly. (Both IOS and android apps are available)

Giveaway will end on 4th November 2016.We will contact the winners through a Facebook message.


3D Pens For Kids – The Best Choices

Now that 3D printing pens are coming to the marketplace, drawing has been reinvented as an extraordinary new form of three-dimensional sculpture. 3D pens allow users to trace solid forms in strands of plastic. The pens are fed with plastic filaments which are heated and then deposited wherever the user guides the pen. These tremendous creative tools literally add a new dimension to the fun and imaginative process of drawing.

3D Pens For Kids

Image Credits :

3D Doodler Create & 3D Doodler Start

These are some of the best 3D drawing pens currently being sold that are specifically designed for kids’ use. They have a handy 2-speed feature that gives the user greater creative control. Warm up times on the 3D Doodler pens are very brief, and both models feature multi-color LED indicators.

Scribbler 3D Printing Pen

The Scribbler 3D Printing Pen lets children draw in the horizontal and vertical dimensions. It also has an integrated OLED control screen for finer detail management. The Scribbler pen also has an advanced filament control feature that reduces mess and waste in the drawing process.

Soyan 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing 3D

The Soyan 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing 3D is another solid, easy-to-use device that has a lot in common with the Scribbler 3D Printing Pen. It too features two-axis control that lets users draw horizontally and vertically. One of the distinctive features that kids are sure to love is the Soyan pen’s ability to use multiple filament colors simultaneously. The straightforward control panel makes it easy to switch from one color to another.

Sketchpro 3D Pen

The Sketchpro 3D Pen is a robust, full-featured device packed with a lot of features users are sure to appreciate. It has a spacious LED screen allowing access to device options like filament color, heating preferences, and more. A free e-book that introduces first-timers to the world of 3D object creation is included. The Sketchpro 3D Pen runs on non-toxic PLA filament.

Smarson 3D Printing Pen

This versatile pen is another excellent choice for kids who should be encouraged to explore their creative side. The Smarson 3D Printing Pen gives the user control over filament heating and color through an LCD screen. The tool’s total weight is light, making it easier to use without fatigue. The Smarson pen accepts ABS, LEA, and PLA filaments.

Dream Maker Pen

The Dream Maker is another featherweight 3D pen. It’s easy to handle and suitable for use by younger children. One particular feature that parents are sure to appreciate is the inclusion of a number of different templates young sculptors can use to plan out new 3D projects.


This 3D pen is built from the ground up with kids in mind. Designed for use by children as young as six, the IDO3D operates according to a different mechanism than the pens described above. It uses a specially-formulated ink that dries under UV light using the included lamp. Note that user reviews indicate this pen can get very messy in use. Here’s a list of some other 3d pens too.


Gakken Go Go Series Workbooks – Review + Giveaway

I am really happy with my experience with introducing Gakken Go Go Series Workbooks for my son. Each month his playgroup teacher gives us to check his activity books, so I found that even he is a toddler, they can do basic activities like matching and tracing other than just colouring. These activities are the foundation for their writing skills.

As I am keen on early education, I also prefer to do educational activities at home with him. So, I always try to learn and find the age appropriate activities for young kids, so I can easily follow the instructions with my kid. When I received the opportunity to try the Gakken’s Go Go series workbooks, I was really happy because these books are created by early educational professionals and experts. With the guidance given in the books, we can easily guide our kids with different activities which enhance their skills.

Gakken Go Go Series Workbooks

The Gakken Go Go Series include workbooks for 3 stages of age which are 2 – 4 year olds, 3 -5 year olds and 4 – 6 year olds. The books are filled with interesting activities and games which develop reasoning and judgment skills of young kids and the Go Go series is based on the ‘Brain Development Series’ from Japan.

As workbooks are also packed with variety of activities such as colouring, cutting and pasting, it is really easy to introduce to the young kids without any worries.

Gakken Go Go Series Workbooks Review and our experience

Our kid who likes books was really happy and excited when he saw the new books. As the books come with stickers for activities and as rewards, he was over the moon! We started with Go Go series Drawing book which is for 2-4 years old kids. This book aims to develop the fine motor skills of kids such as drawing dots, lines, curves and practicing the pencil control.

The book starts with practicing of drawing dots and improves the skills such as dotted lines, vertical lines, and diagonal lines in each page. At the end of the book, it aims developing colouring and drawing skills step by step.

We started with Gakken Go Go Drawing 2-4 yrs book and it is full of activities which improves drawing and colouring skills.

We started from this book and my idea was doing 1 or 2 activities per day. However, within a week we finished almost all activities of 64 pages book because my son loves all the activities and he wants to continue with his excitement for new activity books. 🙂

All these Go Go Series workbooks are with reward stickers and activity stickers which make the learning fun. The books also include instructions for the parents including how to use the book. This is really useful because any parent who doesn’t have special knowledge on teaching for young kids can easily learn how to guide their kids. Each lesson/activity also starts with instructions for parents. I really like that, so I can understand the aim of each activity before we do. That always give the fruitful results than just doing some workbook activities with the kid.


All the books include activity stickers,Reward stickers and a wipe clean activity board to make learning time interesting!


Cute and colourful rewards stickers

Cute and colourful rewards stickers


Some activities are with stickers.These stickers are of high quality and with attractive and colourful designs which make kids happy.

Some activities are with stickers.These stickers are of high quality and with attractive and colourful designs which make kids happy.


Each book contains the aim of the book.This clearly explain the skills that are aimd to develop through the activities of the book.The above aims are from the Gakken Go Go Drawing 2-4 yrs book.Aims are different for other workbooks.

Each book contains the aim of the book.This clearly explain the skills that are aimd to develop through the activities of the book.The above aims are from the Gakken Go Go Drawing 2-4 yrs book.Aims are different for other workbooks.


Each book comes with ‘How to use the book’ instructions.Also there are special instructions for parents with each activity which make it easier to teach.This photo is from the Gakken Go Go Mazes 3-5 yrs workbook.

Activity which improves drawing spiral lines for young kids -From the Gakken Go Go Drawing 2-4 yrs

Activity which improves drawing spiral lines for young kids -From the Gakken Go Go Drawing 2-4 yrs

After completing Gakken Go Go Drawing 2-4 yrs,then we started Gakken Go Go Life Skills for 3-5 yrs and Gakken Go Go Mazes 3-5 yrs workbooks.We also recieved Gakken Go Go Mazes 4-6 yrs workbook.As my kid is just 3 years old,I keep this book to do later once all other 3 books are completed.

Reasoning activity from Gakken Go Go Life Skills 3-5 yrs workbook


Counting activity from Gakken Go Go Life Skills 3-5 yrs workbook

Other than handwriting and drawing skills,these books also improve the decision making skills,reasoning and recognition.

Activity from Gakken Go Go Mazes 3-5 yrs workbook

Activity from Gakken Go Go Mazes 3-5 yrs workbook


These activities are really interesting.My son enjoys his time on his desk,table or even on the floor 🙂 -Activity from Gakken Go Go Life Skills 3-5 yrs workbook


Pasting the rewards sticker is always fun! 🙂 – Activity from Gakken Go Go Life Skills 3-5 yrs workbook

Overall we are really happy with our experience and I hope this review on Gakken Go Go Series Workbooks will help you to decide on purchasing for your kids.

How to Buy Gakken Go Go Series Workbooks?

If you are looking for suitable workbooks for your toddler or preschooler,Gakken Go Go Series workbooks are a really good fit.You can also download the trial version on the Apple iOS Appstore and try before buy.

Visit Gakken Asia for product enquries and details of purchasing.You can also buy these workbooks from Amazon.


Giveaway of Gakken Go Go Series Workbooks (4 Winners, 1 Book for each)

It is time for another Giveaway! Thanks to Gakken Asia, 4 lucky winners can win Gakken Go Go Series Workbooks  for their kids.(1 workbook  for 1 winner)

Here is how to enter.

  • Please use the rafflecopter to join this giveaway.
  • Visit Gakken Asia and check the Go Go Series workbooks here
  • Join Diary of a New Mom Facebook page
  • Like & share the facebook post related to this giveaway (public share)
  • Leave a facebook comment with age of your kid.
  • Follow rafflecopter for entries including bonus entries.

Good Luck!



















a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions

-Open to Singapore residents only.

-Giveaway will end on 01 st October 2016,12am

-You can share the age of your kid. However, the workbooks delivered will be according to the availability. Sponsor has the right to select the relevant books.

-Once 4 winners are selected, we will contact you for the delivery address.

-If we don’t hear in 72 hours, another winner will be selected.

-Winners are selected using the rafflecopter randomly and we will check the entry requirements to qualify the winners!


Disclaimer: We received above 4 workbooks from Gakken Asia for the review purpose. However all opinions and experiences are ours. Giveaway is sponsored by Gakken Asia.









Five Math Tips For Your Child

Helping your children at maths is down to some fundamentals – so here are some of the basics – take a look.

1. Time For Homework Should Be Scheduled Wisely

Especially for parents of children in elementary and middle school, time is particularly important, A regular and uninterrupted time should be regulated for maths, the time should be around half as long as the weekly class your child attends. Within one day of having learned it, most people will forget up to forty percent of the new information they acquired. When homework is done in the first or second day after class, the knowledge is reinforced and absorption is increased. For optimal learning conditions, homework should be scheduled for a time when your child is not only well fed, but also alert.

Math Tips For Your Child

2. Avoid Providing Your Child With the Solution

When helping your child with his or her homework, resist the urge of providing them with the solution. If your explanation were to differ from the teacher’s explanation, all that will come of it is a confused child. The best approach is to ask your child if they comprehend the problem. Ninety percent of the time, children are only unsure of what the question is. If you have done your best to clarify the problem yet your child still does not understand, place a question mark next to that problem or send the teacher an email. When the teacher notices this, he or she will provide an explanation during their next class.

Math Tips For Your Child

3. Place Value in the Program

It is not necessary for you to be a math professor or to have a deep understanding of math to be an excellent parent. A child is intelligent, they catch on to what is of value to you, they only want to please you. By talking about it over dinner or around your friends you can show your child that you value the program. On the way home from class, ask your child what they learned. Let them know that them being a student makes you proud. Try your best to foster a very positive atmosphere around math school. There are plenty of things that your child will always value over doing homework, however, if your child senses how important maths is you you, they too will find it important suggests James Goldsmith of

4. Have a Good Relationship With Your Child’s Teacher

Teachers are not only a great resource for your child, but also for you. Keep your child’s teacher contact information on hand just in case there are any questions during the semester. During the semester try to see your child’s teacher not only before but after class as well, this should be done at least three times. By doing this, a better classroom connection is being built for your child.

Math Tips For Your Child

5. Properly Use the Homework Help

The homework help services we offer can be an excellent resource not only to help make up any classes your child may have missed but also to help cover subjects which he or she may find more complex. However, if homework help is overused and abused, a child could become overly dependent on it or grow to resent it. We suggest that as a rule, homework help is not used anymore than three times per semester. If there is any confusion with routine homework’s, the best resource available is your child’s teacher. You can write a note on the homework or email the teacher if needed.

Make sure you help your child come up with questions for homework help. This will help the tutor be aware of any concepts which may be more difficult for your child. It also encourages students to take an active role in their learning processes.





Our First Visit to the Library with Toddler

Last week we visited the public library. It was the first library visit of our son, so he was really excited with his new experience.

At home we encourage him to read books and we always surround him with books that are good for toddlers. When he was few months old, we introduced him some baby storytime books too. However, we bought most of these books for him. Recently he received new books from Josh & Cherrie subscription box service and .So he has enough new books to read at home and he loves reading books.

First Visit to the Library

Ready to go to the library.He loves the bags received from and wanted to use one of the bags for this visit.

He also receives one book from his Playgroup library and he has some idea that he needs to return the library book after reading. Although I planned to visit the library with him from long time, it was always postponed. And finally we did it!

First Visit to the Library

The excited kid wanted to walk to the library and he didn’t feel tired! 🙂

When we visited the Kids World Fair last week, we also received some brochures and a book from National Library Board Singapore which encourages young kids to read. That made us really wanting to visit the nearby library.

I always had doubt of my son’s behavior inside the library. As this is the first visit and he is too active, I prepared him along the week for the library visit. I always mentioned him that he cannot talk loud, he needs to sit and read books and finally he needs to return the books which he borrows from the library.

First Visit to the Library

Inside the library.He read many books.

It seems the little guy absorbed the all things that we told him. He behaved really well inside the library. He was so quiet and excited with lots of books to read. Finally he borrowed few books from the library and these days our home is full of reading activities! We had a great first visit to the library!

First Visit to the Library

After borrowing books and after his first library experience,he gave me some serious look for a photo! 🙂

How about you? Do you visit the library with little kids? Do they like their library experience? Please share your thoughts below.










Importance of Colouring Pages for Kids + Free Coloring Book

Do you introduce colouring pages for kids from their younger age of life? I actually introduced lot of colouring pages, coloring pictures, coloring books and even empty sheets with colours to my son when he was just few months old and able to sit on his own. At first he just drew lines with colours. And later on I could see he improved his skills on colring and he also focus and concentrate on what he does when he colour any picture. Now as a toddler and nearly 3 years old, he colors his coloring sheets with different matching colors and for me it is a great development milestone as I was watching his progress throughout the years.

Now,my toddler uses different colours to create his beautiful art pieces 🙂

If you think colouring is just a skill for kids, it is wrong. Actually when I searched for benefits of coloring for kids, I was amazed with lot of benefits to raise happy and healthy kids by using colouring activities from their early days of life. Here are some of the benefits which you can expect from such colouring activities.

Imaginations of a butterfly with different colours

It is a therapy and helpful for stress relief

It is obvious, same as for adults; colouring is a way of expression for kids too. They can calm down and express their emotions through engaging with a colouring activity.

Improves Motor Skills

Colouring can help improving fine motor skills while development of muscles of the fingers and hands with activities related to colouring.

Improve Focus, attention and Hand to Eye Coordination

Little ones are with really short attention span. They usually don’t concentrate in any work for long hours. Colouring can be a great activity to develop their attention span together with focus and hand to eye Coordination.


Colouring activities are a great way to express inner thoughts and ideas. So that it is same with young kids too. By introducing coloring pages from their early age of life, you are helping your kid to express his ideas and thoughts in way of beautiful art pieces.

Prepares kids for School

We can’t forget about the educational background we create by starting colouring pages. Young kids start their writing skills with colouring pages. When they know how to grab colour pencils, they also learn how to grab pencils to write. Colouring can be the start of writing, creativity, organizing, and use of papers, books and activities which prepares them for future education.

So don’t wait till it is late. Allow your toddler or infant to express their thoughts and enter into the world by giving beautiful and creative colouring pages with some colours. They will create beautiful pieces of art that you never think! They love colouring and you as a parent will have better time too.

Free Printable Coloring Pages

It is always easier when you have printable colouring pages, so you can print again and again when you need new colouring activity books. Collaborating with Kidloland, we have a free colouring book which you can easily print and share with your kids.

This free colouring book comes with 13 coloring pages which not only allow your kid to learn colouring, but also to improve the skills of word recognition. Each page comes with colouring object name and the illustrations are really attractive and cheerful.

free colouring book

Some sample pages from the free colouring book for kids


 So,why wait?

Download your free printable coloring book here

Also don’t forget to read our review and experience about Kidloland educational app which is really helpful for my kid to engage with activities such as singing, learning alphabet, colours, numbers and many more. It also comes with engaging activities such as puzzles, sorting and matching activities which are really beneficial for kids.










Simple Science Experiments for Toddlers

Teaching Science concepts for toddlers are easier than you think. Simple Science experiments are one of the great ways to teach the basic concepts for toddlers as they are with full of curiosity. Anyway, don’t try to be too academic. Instead play with simple Science experiments while allowing them to grab the concept.

These easy science experiments are popular at our home and my toddler loves each and every activity while playing with fun! If you are looking for easy and simple ways to do some science experiments, try these, you also don’t need to prepare with lot of materials or equipment for these easy Science experiments.

Simple Science Experiments for Toddlers

Simple Science Experiments for Toddlers

Observe the displacement of water

Simple Science Experiments for Toddlers

This is a really simple science experiment for toddlers and kids. Use a glass full of water and ask your toddler to put stones or coins into it. Observe the water level rising. Use water up to top of the glass and also till the mid-level of the glass for different experiences. This experiment will give the basic idea of water displacement.

Add colour to water

Simple Science Experiments for Toddlers

This will be a fun activity as toddlers love to play with water. Add different colours to water and ask your toddler to mix water with colour. Observe the change of colour of water.

Melting ice

This is one of the really simple science experiments which you can do with your toddler. Add some ice cubes to a bowl of water. Observe the melting ice. Also it is good to experience the cold water while ice cubes are melting. This will be a simple and fun activity for any toddler.

Simple Science Experiments for Toddlers

Add some food colouring for water before making ice cubes.That will add more fun for your Science experiment with your toddler.Different shapes of ice is another idea!

Make ice cubes

Simple Science Experiments for Toddlers

Fill an ice cube tray with water and keep in the freezer. Show your kid what happened to water once the tray is inside the freezer for some time. He will surprise but he will also learn that water becomes the stage of ice when it is inside the freezer .It is a basic concept, but toddlers will learn that fast!

Floating rubber

Simple Science Experiments for Toddlers

Use a basket of water and add rubber toys into it. Rubber toys will float while coins and stones go to the bottom. It is a simple and fun activity to do with a toddler.

Science activity kits

If you like more organized way of doing science experiments with kids and toddlers, then it is always easy to use Science activity kits. Check this Science activity kit which comes with 25 fun simple science experiments in five key areas.

Also if you look for more Science experiments for kids, check this Science Surprises book.This book comes with more than 100 Science experiments for kids.






4 Apps Better than Pokemon Go

Sometimes parents worry about screen time of their kids. But, it is not always true. Instead of preventing or controlling screen time of your kids, you can use that time for educating them. With lot of available fun apps, you can easily teach your kids. As using games or other educational apps are really fun for kids, they will be more concentrate on what they do. That is really a pretty good chance to teach them new words, phonics or even other knowledge which are helpful for them to improve their skills.

Whether you love it or hate it – or don’t know what it is – Pokemon Go is one of the most popular apps in the world right now. Here are some alternatives created intentionally to foster learning, making them a truly worthwhile time investment. For fun, and since Pokemon’s from Japan, I’ll count the 4 apps in Japanese – Ichi, Ni, San, Go!

Ichi (One):Improve reading skills with the Hooked on Phonics App


Love Hooked on Phonics at much as I do?

They’ve really brought this time-honored system to the 21st century with this amazing app. It has educational games to keep kids engaged at home or on the phone anywhere. I love that it syncs children’s progress to all devices – so if dad is on the road he’s up to speed on the kids’ progress, and if you don’t have the iPad around, you can just download the app, sign in, and have the kids pick up right where they left off. Seamless.

Great for: Ages 2-8

Cost: For a limited time, $29.99 (Save $20)

Ni (Two):Have story time anywhere with the FarFaria App

Apps Better than Pokemon Go

Apps Better than Pokemon Go

I like this app because kids can read quietly and be entertained wherever they are. It also gives the entire family access to thousands of books on an iPad, kindle, phone, etc, so there are options for all ages! Turn screen time into story time with this “Netflix for Children’s Books” app. It’s great to be able to save books to the app so they can be read offline anywhere! For example, in a home office, at the park, in the car, and of course at bedtime.

Great for: Ages 2-9

Cost: For a limited time, $19.99 (Save $20!)

San (Three): Learn coding skills with the browser-based Learn to Mod program


Do your kids love video games and winning badges? Use that to get them coding! The Learn to Mod program is a browser-based software that teaches kids how to “mod” Minecraft with both Blockly and Javascript (neither of which I understand, but there you have it). The program includes hundreds of video lessons, puzzles, and quizzes that get kids learning this impressive skill while having fun. The cool badges keep them coming back for more, and even pique mom’s interest. 🙂

Great for Ages 7-13, girls too!

Cost: $29.99

Go! (Four): Need help with homework help? Use the GradeSlam app and ask a tutor!

Apps Better than Pokemon Go

Apps Better than Pokemon Go

Does your high schooler need help in a particular subject? Are you strapped for time to help with homework? There’s an app for that! GradeSlam provides 24/7 tutoring in all subjects to students in middle and high school, as well as college. With their award winning chat-based tutoring platform, your kids can access tutors anytime they (or you) need. This is a perfect supplement for subject matter beyond your scope, busy spells, and for when kids head off to college. For anyone gearing up their juniors for college entrance testing, this is a no – brainer.

Great for: upper school to college ages, tougher subjects

Cost: For a limited time, get a whole year for $99 (save $81!)

And here is the Bonus : Check this Review of Kidloland Educational App review.We love this app too.

I hope I’ve expanded your digital horizons beyond Pokemon today! What apps do you and your family use? Comment below and share the knowledge!


Kidloland – Educational App for Kids #Review

These days my son is very happy and excited because of the new app he is using. Actually most parents try to limit the screen time of their kids, but I used apps and other educational programs for kids when he was very young. Today I am happy about my decision of introducing him those educational programs when he was just few months old. Of course I always controlled his time with such programs and used such programs in positive ways. As a first time mom I also didn’t have much experience in educating kids, but the educational programs helped me to teach our son.

I am always proud to say that when my son was around 1 year old and when he just started talking, he could sing A, B, C, D song. I know I didn’t teach him or I didn’t spend my time teaching him such songs. I didn’t force him to learn anything. Instead I played educational songs during day time. Sometimes he watched those and sometimes those songs were playing in background while we were busy with activities. So, screen time is self-controlled.

This is still same at our home, only I try to find age appropriate apps and videos for him.


I received Kidloland app at the right time when I was looking for some advanced programs as my son is also bit bored with basic colours, ABCD and shapes. I understood he wants bit more advanced programs or I need to teach him considering his learning level. He also learns basic shapes and colors from his playgroup classes. So, he is little bit bored!

Kidloland App could win his heart and it is a new experience for him. Yes, the secret is; so far I used desktop for playing educational songs. This is to avoid him using my phone because you know how kids can be addicted.

Well, before going into further details of our experiences, let me introduce the Kidloland App.

Kidloland Educational App for kids

Kidloland is an educational app for toddlers and young kids below 6 years old which includes lot of nursery songs and activities. It includes over 240+ interactive nursery rhymes, songs and 100+ educational activities.

Our experience with Kidloland app (Kidloland app review)

As I said above my son loves this app. He loves most because he doesn’t want to seek my help to change the songs or activities. Instead he spends his own time changing songs and activities. It is bit relax for me too.I also happy to see when he is independent.


The colourful screens and beautiful songs are really attractive and keep him engaged. We found ABC songs, vegetables, shapes and 1-10 counting songs which are suitable for kids including very young babies who are in their early education.

Kidloland App review

For my son, he loves to watch new lessons for him such as names of insects, animals and birds. He also started watching counting songs from 10-20.Other than songs, he loves to play activities such as connecting dots and solving puzzles.These are new activities for him and I am happy to see he learns new words such as insects and birds which he didn’t know before.

Kidloland App review

I am really happy because I could introduce him some advanced educational program at the time he was bored with alphabet and basic colours. However this doesn’t mean that Kidloland is not suitable for very young children who are beginning to learn. You can easily select the songs and activities which are appropriate for your kid as there are lot of songs and activities available.

To read more details, visit

Do you use educational apps for your kids? Please share your thoughts below.

Disclosure: We received Kidloland App  subscription free in order to share our experience with that.However all opinions here are mine.

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