April 19, 2024

5 Tips to Choosing the Right LED Light Bulb

Whether you are renovating or building your house from scratch, spending time and attention on the lighting of your house is one of the most important steps that should not be neglected.  While the walls and ceiling provide the necessary security and privacy, it is the lighting that will give life to your home. Furthermore, it can help enhance the visual and overall style of your house. Thus, always make sure that you have already made plans and designs about your lighting before you proceed with the construction or renovation of your house. This is where we want to share the best tips for choosing the right LED light bulb.

5 Tips to choosing the right LED light bulb

Nowadays, with the help of technological breakthroughs through the decades, choices in the lighting of your homes will not just be limited to old and outdated white and yellow fluorescent bulbs. Today, one can freely choose from a wide variety of new led light bulbs which comes in different designs, colors, and even color temperature. Led light bulbs are not just more advanced compared to the old fluorescent bulbs but they are also more environmentally friendly as it consumes way less electricity compared to the latter. Furthermore, led lights are very competitively priced that one would almost not have any reason to not buy them for their house. In fact, it is safe to say that fluorescent bulbs are now a thing of the past and this era and going onwards will all belong to the Led light and bulbs.

On the other hand, people usually confuse LED bulbs and Neon signs as the same. Traditionally, neon signs used glass tubes. But, nowadays you can see beautiful neon signs that use LED bulbs which makes it a cost-effective solution for signs. LED neon signs are popular among many business owners due to their bright light and appearance. If you’re looking at purchasing a neon sign, it’s vital that you’re purchasing a high-quality sign such as those from Neon Mama to ensure the product will last and not break easily. But, it should be a cost-effective sign solution as well. This is why LED is a great choice for neon signs.

And with that being said, we have provided you with very useful tips for choosing the perfect Led bulbs to light up your homes or even your business place.

Choosing the right LED light bulb

1. Plan where you will install the led bulbs

First of all, do not forget the basics, before you get excited and rush to the stores to buy your led lights. It is very important that you have a plan and clear estimate on how many led bulbs you will need and where you will install them. Led bulbs come in different sizes and designs, thus, it is very important that you determine where a particular led bulb will go and how many you will install. This basic step should be done before anything else.

2. Know about lumens

In the past, all we know about light bulbs are their watts. We all know that the more watts a bulb has, the more light it gives. While this idea is generally correct, it isn’t actually on point. You see watts is directly proportional to the energy usage of the bulb. Meaning the more watts a bulb has, the more electricity it consumes. The correct term to describe the brightness of a bulb is actually lumens. Thus, it is very important that you get yourself familiar with lumens – the more lumens the brighter the bulb is.

5 Tips to choosing the right LED light bulb

3. Different rooms, different lumens

As stated above, the more lumens, the brighter the lighting is. And we all know that the lighting greatly affects the temperature of the room. Thus, for bathrooms, it is recommended to have led bulbs that have lesser lumens so that they can emit less brightness which will make the room cooler. Conversely, for living rooms, it is better to have led bulbs that have high lumens ratings to make the overall ambiance and feel of the room warmer and cozy.

4. Take advantage of the unique designs and color schemes

Today, led bulbs come in different colors, designs, and features. There are led bulbs that will have a series of color to add style to your lighting. If you want to have a disco party feel while taking a shower then go for those led bulbs that have multi-color schemes that will make you dance and feel the groove. There are also unique designs that will definitely improve your room’s aesthetics.

5. Warranties

When buying products for your house, always make sure that you are covered with warranties. Warranties will not only protect your money but also your beloved home. Warranties will be able to guarantee that you will be protected in case unfortunate accidents are caused by malfunctioning led bulbs.

With these tips, choosing the right LED light bulb will not be a difficult task!

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  1. Choosing the right LED matters a lot, it helps in good light and enhances the beauty of the room.

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