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Moms, It’s ok to Put Yourself First Sometimes

“Mommmmmy!” How many times do you hear your name called each day? For me, it’s about two hundred, and usually half are before 9 am. When I am home I focus all of my energy on giving everything I have to my family.  Wiping up spills, mediating fights, jetting off to activities, snuggling, reading, bathing, hugging. They need me and I’m there. And I wouldn’t trade this time for anything.

Only, it’s not just my children who need me. I’m also giving the time I have to my husband, sisters, parents, friends, and my co-workers. I’m in constant giving mode. It isn’t a burden; to give and help is part of my personality and this probably resonates true with a lot of women. We are caregivers and problem solvers: at home, work, and in our extended families. We are raised and socialized to be so and we accept the role without question. After my children were born I quietly accepted this as my life, giving to others round the clock while occasionally trying to come up for air to squeeze in a workout or some other activity I used to enjoy.

Moms, it’s ok to put yourself first sometimes

A few years in, however, I started to realize that giving all of my time to others made me feel like I was inching closer and closer to something low and dark. I was not alone. Many friends and clients have since described this feeling to me in different ways. People have told me that it feels like they are underwater, like they are drowning. What I knew was that it didn’t feel good to be absolutely exhausted all the time. And the more drained I felt, the less I had to give.

So I started to do something that felt crazy. I started finding ways to prioritize my own needs. It did not come naturally and it came with a lot of guilt attached. Any time I took for myself felt like time I took away from those I care about. But I realized that no one was going to do this for me—I had to do it for myself or it wasn’t going to happen.

Moms, it’s ok to put yourself first sometimes

I didn’t jet off to the Caribbean alone to sip mojitos on the beach (although let’s be honest, that sounds pretty fantastic). But I started making time for little things here are there: a few minutes of meditation, a yoga class, an hour to myself while on a work trip to take or walk or get coffee. I managed to carve out time that wasn’t about giving to others but time that was just for me.  And it helped. Once I gave myself permission to also focus on myself my attitude improved and I found I had more energy and patience for my job and my family.

Life Coaching for Moms

As moms, we are busy. We are overwhelmed and often drained. But as the adage goes, we have to put on our oxygen masks first. We are best for others when we are also giving to ourselves and prioritizing our needs. It makes us better parents and partners. When mom is happy it’s a win-win for everyone.

Finding time in our busy days is not easy. Coaching can help you carve out time for yourself so you have more energy to focus on others. Coaching packages for moms are available at North Shore Life Design. And a special discount is available for Diary of a New Mom readers— just mention the blog in your inquiry.

Jessica Werner lives in Minneapolis, MN and is the founder of North Shore Life Design.

5 Things to Know Before You Go For a Tarot Reading

A curious mind takes a man to explore various places and try different things in order to understand their working and their meaning. Usually, the thing that a man is most interested in is his own life, things happening in the life, its meaning and what their future holds. There are certain ways in which a man can attain the knowledge about his life and what it holds for him.

Things to Know Before You Go For a Tarot Reading

One of the ways is choosing to get a tarot reading done. A tarot reading is a spiritual process of choosing some cards out of a deck of cards owned by a professional tarot reader. A tarot reading does not specifically tell you about your future, but it indicates about that is happening, why is it happening and help you to figure out the path of your life.

To get a tarot reading done, you can go to a professional reader yourself. If you are reluctant or conscious about going to a reader, you can also opt for online or phone tarot readings, which are just as accurate and convenient. Once you have decided to get a reading, there are certain points which you should remember before getting your reading done:

Stay away from stress and doubts:

It is very important to stay positive throughout the process of tarot reading. As these readings are based on spirituality and your belief, it may not work as efficiently if you are feeling very stressful and have doubts about the reading. Before you sit for reading, it is necessary that you clear your head of any negative thought and suspicions. There are several ways you can try and clear your head:

Take a few deep breaths before you sit down for a reading.

Listen to soft and soothing music to keep yourself in a happy mood.


Try and do some positive and happy visualization.

Things to Know Before You Go For a Tarot Reading

Prepare your questions well:

It is very important to prepare your list of questions before you start your tarot reading. You may have tons of questions regarding your love life, your career or your health. But it is necessary that you have the clarity of thought and prepare questions that are very specific and to the point. You should know that if you pick a card with various questions and confusion in your mind, the answer you will get will also be a confused one and not clear. For example, if you want to get an answer on your love life, you should ask the questions which have elaborate answers, like why do I fight so much with my husband, or how soon should I and my boyfriend get married?

Prepare yourself for the answers:

Preparing the questions is not the only barrier that you may have while getting your reading done. Being strong enough to know the answers to that question is also a big task. The readings can have a major effect on the person if he/she is not prepared. Whether the person has gone personally to get his readings done or it is tarot phone readings, if the person is fully prepared, he/she will get more accurate answers and takes the readings in a positive way instead of being overwhelmed or getting stressed. The best way to prepare yourself for the answers is to be receptive and trusting the direction as guided by the spirit.      

Analyze your reading:

The card you pick may have several answers and it can be a bit confusing for you. A good tarot reader will help you guide and understand the meaning of the tarot card and fix the puzzle. Although you may have multiple answers, the best way to understand the answer is by trusting your intuition. The first intuition you usually get is the answer to your question; you just need to have clarity and an open mind in order to recognize that answer. You should also guide your mind in such a way as to look for and trust the answers that the universe in providing to you in the form of symbols, images, dreams or memories.

Have faith:

Faith is the only answer to rest your fear in peace. Neither can stay in your mind during the presence of the other emotion. A tarot reading is a perfect way to direct your life in a positive direction, have the answers to the most confusing questions and understand what your heart wants and desires, but that can be possible if you let your faith guide you and help you believe in the message of the universe wholly.

Lifestyle Optimization 101: Strategies That Can Take Your Life To The Next Level

There’s nothing like watching yourself become a more productive, positive, progressive person. Yet in many cases, people find that they lack the skills, information, or will necessary to make behavioral changes that would lead to a healthier, happier way of living. Luckily, there are several relatively simple lifestyle changes you can implement to accomplish this objective. Here are three of them:

1. Develop A Fitness Routine.

One of the best ways to take your life to the next level is developing a fitness routine. This technique is important because it will make you look and feel better. Some of the specific benefits you’ll obtain from exercising regularly include enhanced immunity and mood stability. Note that there are several strategies you can deploy to put your fitness routine in place. One of them is joining a local gym where you’ll be able to use exercise equipment and also enroll in a variety of wonderful group fitness classes. Another option would be getting together to walk with a friend several times a week. Taking this step will empower you by making you accountable to someone else.

Lifestyle Optimization 101: Strategies


2. Avoid The Standard American Diet (SAD) At All Costs.

If you’re really serious about lifestyle optimization, be sure to avoid the Standard American Diet (SAD) at all costs. This step is important because the SAD diet is comprised of highly processed foods which are laden with chemicals, additives, and preservatives. In addition to zapping your energy, these foods are linked to weight gain and mood instability. Another issue with the SAD diet is that it does not contain the recommended amount of fiber. This is a serious problem because fiber deficiency can entail health issues such as weight gain and constipation.

Non Constipating Iron Supplements

You need Iron rich food intake together with mineral supplements

Rather than consuming the SAD diet, start experimenting with other eating modalities. One mode of eating that many people have found empowering is the vegan foodstyle. This modality involves eliminating all animal products and eating a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. There are numerous different types of veganism, one of which is raw veganism. Do some online research to find recipes that appeal to you if you’re interested in giving this foodstyle a try.

Note that trying a vegan diet is not the only way to eat more efficiently. Another option available to you is hiring a licensed, certified nutritionist. This individual should be able to put together a customized, cutting edge meal plan that empowers you to look and feel your best all day long.

3. Find The Right Property Restoration Service Provider.

Being prepared for disaster is one of the best ways to prevent irritations and unwanted expenses that could compromise or detract from your quality of life. In recognizing this reality, make sure that you take the time to find a property restoration service provider who can assist you in the event that you experience a natural disaster such as a flood or fire. Companies such as DKI Services are pleased to offer wind damage restoration services in conjunction with assistance for the following types of property damage:

• Fire Damage
• Water Damage
• Storm Damage
• Infectious Disease Control
• Mold Remediation
• Personal Property Restoration
• Catastrophe Response
• Tree Removal
• Building Restoration


People who want to lead productive, wholesome lives should know that there are many strategies they can deploy to make it happen. Three of them are outlined above. Start using them now so that you can take your life to a new level of excellence, efficacy, and exceptionalism!

Evening Walk Around the Neighborhood

Last week it was a long weekend and a holiday in Singapore as it was Chinese New Year celebrations. In an evening I went out with my son for a short walk around our neighborhood.

Evening Walk Around the Neighborhood

Evening Walk Around the Neighborhood

Suddenly we found a children’s playground with new play equipment. Actually we’ve come here before and at that time the play equipment was not so new.

Evening Walk Around the Neighborhood

Colorful seesaw at the playground

This time I found it is suitable for children over 2years old and found new play equipment such as rocking blue whale, rocking frog and a colorful seesaw.

iphone 012
Actually these new play equipment are so colorful.
My son had a great time playing there and it was same with me.

Have you ever played this sidewalk game (Hopscotch)  in your childhood?

iphone 017

Sidewalk Game for kids (Hopscotch)

I am so happy with this finding which suddenly reminded me lot if childhood memories.

I tried to teach my son how to play the game and he found it is interesting to count numbers.And jumping between squares was so much fun for him. 🙂

iphone 020

We had great time enjoying our evening walk around the neighborhood,Ang Mo Kio.I am happy to spend such evenings with my son showing and teaching the names of flowers,birds and whatever we find around us.

Have you ever played above sidewalk game (Hopscotch)  in your childhood? 🙂

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