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3 Ideal Gifts to Give a New Mom

Being a new mom isn’t just the most important job in the world, it’s one of the most rewarding too. One of the greatest things about becoming a mom is the way that friends rally round and show us just how much we mean to them, so of course it’s important that we do exactly the same to our friends who are also experiencing the joys of becoming a mom. A baby shower is a great way to do this, and here are three ideal gifts you can give to a new mom at the shower or after they return home with their baby.

1. Organic Gift Set

Ideal Gifts to Give a New Mom

As a new mom, you’ll know that there are certain essential items that you just can’t have too much of, and a gift set is a great way to provide supplies of many of these vital items. They typically contain beautiful romper suits, a swaddling cloth, a hat and a bib and they’re guaranteed to keep baby warm, contended and looking oh so cute. When they’re organic, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit to help the planet too, which will be great news for our children’s generation. It’s a perfect baby shower gift UK and beyond, and there are lots of gorgeous styles and varieties to choose from.

2. Champagne

Ideal Gifts to Give a New Mom

We naturally think of buying a present for the newborn baby, and the gift sets above are an unbeatable purchase for that purpose, but don’t forget that mom could do with a little pampering too. The journey through pregnancy and then childbirth is an incredible, joyous, life affirming one but, let’s face it, it can also be draining physically and emotionally. Help your friend celebrate and get the fizz back in their life by buying them a fine bottle of champagne. It’s the world’s most famous and exclusive wine, and it can only be grown in a carefully specified area of France. The result is that it tastes great and it makes drinking it seem very special, so what better treat for a new mom? If you’re lucky, she might even let you have a glass of it.

3. Time

Ideal Gifts to Give a New Mom

Gifts are valuable for two reasons: they strengthen relationships, and can mark special occasions. But one of the best gifts a new mom can receive doesn’t cost a penny and is incredibly valuable: time. Moms are run off their feet, and the natural worries that come with motherhood can leave us feeling even more tired, so any help from a friend is always appreciated. When you give a new mom a card, write in it a pledge that you’ll be there whenever needed, from babysitting to simply sharing quality time with her.

With gifts for a new mom, it really is the thought that counts, and baby gift sets, champagne, and a personalized message saying that you’re there for them are all perfect presents which are sure to be appreciated. Being a new mom is an amazing experience, but it’s even better when you realize that you’ve got your best friends forever by your side.

10 Ideas for a 10th Birthday Present

Double figures! It’s a special birthday when you finally move up from 9 to 10… it felt that way for me anyway. Even though you’re still considered a child in the eyes of the law, I felt like I was walking the path to adulthood when I turned ten years old. There’s something daunting and exciting about having an extra number on your age, though I can’t really explain why.Among the many gift ideas,hoverboard can be a special gift for a boy.

I will never forget being 10, because it was the year I got to go to Disney World Florida with my family – the epitome of childhood magic. It was the greatest gift I could have ever imagined, though I genuinely would have been happy with another pair of knitted socks (thanks Grandma!) and a high street coupon. Of course, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and there are far more cost-effective ways to show your 10 year olds you love them! Now that I’m 23 I have a couple of young ones in the family who’ll be reaching that stage soon, and during my reminiscing I decided to piece together a little list of alternative, sentimental gifts to give to a 10 year old girl!

10 Ideas for a 10th Birthday Present

  1. Name a Star

“Happy Birthday – you’re officially a star” isn’t your regular birthday greeting, but it sure is a special one! I always wanted a star to be named after me, and now for around £30 you can present a loved one with a gift certificate saying their name is known up high in the night sky. What a beautifully mesmerising present that would be! Especially for a girl who perhaps isn’t interested in the materialistic things the high street has to offer.

  1. Fingerprint Charm Jewellery

Fingerprint Charm Jewellery by Hold Upon Heart is a lovely gift for a special little lady who enjoys dressing up in jewellery! The fine silver can be engraved with initials, names, dates and birthstones alongside either a hand, finger, foot or paw print of a loved one! There are loads of designs to choose from – have your print carved onto a charm bead, a necklace, ring, bracelet or leather key chain!

  1. Girls Spa Party

10 Ideas for a 10th Birthday Present

Round up the little troops and whisk them away to a day at the spa! There are lots of lovely places you can get package deals for the youngsters. Let them pamper themselves with facials, manicures and makeovers! It’s a great gift to give to your daughter or niece instead of organising a party too!

  1. Day Trip

10 Ideas for a 10th Birthday Present

Whether it’s sightseeing in the capital city or a day of shopping, treat your 10 year old to a grown up experience somewhere new and exciting. It doesn’t have to cost the world, but they’ll remember it for a lifetime! Hand them a disposable camera to get into the tourist action and then scrapbook the developed photos for the memories!

  1. Go Ape!

If your girl’s more into action and adventure then give her the excitement of the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure. It’s a great way to get the whole family out of the house and swinging from the ropes like monkeys in a jungle! Run, climb, leap, jump, crawl…it’ll get the blood pumping in no time!

  1. Personalised Prints

These are ideal for friends or as part of a special package! Lots of gifting websites have hundreds of personalised print options including cartoon characters, song lyrics, personality traits, messages and decorative initials that you can customise specifically for your birthday girl.

  1. Personalised Notebooks and Journals

When I was a teenager I was rarely caught without a pen and notepad in my bag. I used to write down EVERYTHING and had a drawer bursting with used diaries in my bedroom. At this tender age, you’re learning and experiencing a lot – so it’s important and very healthy to get all those burning thoughts and feelings down on paper!

  1. Personalised Make-up Bags

10 Ideas for a 10th Birthday Present

These clutch bags are perfect for a woman-to-be! If she’s beginning to get interested in make-up they can double up as make-up bags, or she can take them out to parties. You can get your name or initials emblazoned on the side or on the zip for that extra special touch!

  1. The Bucket List

10 Ideas for a 10th Birthday Present

Children are growing up faster than ever, and it’s our duty to keep them clinging on to their hopes and dreams for as long as they can. So, get them to write down all their life goals in the Bucket List journal – it has questions to answer, lists to write and boxes to tick off once they’ve been achieved!

  1. Customised Beauty Products

Becoming a teenager can involve being burdened with the unwelcome gifts of low self-esteem, self consciousness and vanity. It’s an inevitable fact that we struggle to come to terms with ourselves during our youth – because there’s so much change going on! So little gestures of kindness can remind our precious children of how beautiful they really are!  These compact mirrors say ‘who’s the fairest of them all?’ with your chosen name next to it!

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5 Father’s Day Gifts for Dads who Love the Outdoors

Is your father the adventures type? Does he like to spend time outdoors? Well, show some love to your dad on this Father’s day by sending him a beautiful gift.

Unlike women, men like gifts for their usefulness. Sending a beautiful card with some flowers won’t cut it. So, you must carefully decide what type of gift to give your father. Fortunately, we have some great gift ideas for you. Whether it be for someone with outdoor hobbies like golf, running, fishing or someone who likes camping, travelling or hiking, these gifts will definitely impress any dad.Nowadays hoverboards are popular among the dads too.

Father’s Day Gifts for Dads who Love the Outdoors

1. A Large Travel Bag

Travel bags are a great companion for men who love to take frequent trips. A good quality travel bag can lighten the load on your shoulder and hips, and reduce the strain on your neck by distributing the weight more evenly. They are also designed to carry more items in less space. This is achieved by making specific compartments for common objects. Thus, it removes the need to carry multiple bags and helps to move more easily and freely.

2. A Multi-tool a.k.a Fishing Pliers

Father’s Day Gifts for Dads who Love the Outdoors

When people ask us what are the best gifts for dad, we often recommend them a multi-tool. If your dad likes fishing then he will definitely love one of these. A multi-tool houses a number of essential compact tools. The most common tools in a multi-tool include wire-cutters, exchangeable bit drivers, pliers, knife and bottle openers. So, they are not only useful as a fishing tool but can also be utilized for a number of different purposes. Also, they are easy to carry around, lightweight and will save your dad the hassle of carrying multiple tools.

3. A Digital Camera

People love to capture intense or emotional moments because it makes them feel nostalgic in the future. Gifting a personal digital camera to your father can make him feel like you really care for him. Unlike a DSLR, a digital camera is easier to carry around and is less costly. However, they can still take the perfect shots to capture some beautiful moments. Since digital cameras are more compact, they are less likely to get damaged and also take less space. In fact, most people tend to carry these on their hands as they are so lightweight.

Father’s Day Gifts for Dads who Love the Outdoors

4. A Fitness Tracker

If you dad loves exercising or is into running, he will definitely love a fitness tracker. A good fitness tracker will help your old man monitor his heartbeat, count his steps and help him analyze his daily activity. In fact, modern fitness trackers can wirelessly connect to your smartphone and help you to make calls or even send messages. They can also track sleeping schedule, sleep quality, and help you become more alert and disciplined by setting smart reminders to move. Plus, they also look cool.

5. Hiking Boots

Is there any better thing to gift someone who loves to spend their time outdoors? If your dad likes hiking or loves camping then this is the perfect gift for him. Premium hiking boots are not only comfortable to wear but are also recommended for safety purposes. The soles of a high-quality boot will provide better traction when walking on a moist or slippery surface. These are also much more durable than regular shoes and provide a better walking experience when walking on uneven surfaces or rocks.

5 Gift Ideas for Your 10-Year Old

Having kids is such a wonder. As parents, you will always have something to celebrate: their first milestones, their little and big achievements in school, their birthdays, Christmases, and many other occasions.

If there’s anything that comes out of it, is that these celebrations sometimes call for the fun of gift-giving.

5 Gift Ideas for Your 10-Year Old

For 10-year-olds, gift giving can be quite a challenge. These are the years where it gets a little tricky when it comes to choosing the right gift for their birthday or during Christmas. Good thing we have a few ideas that may help you choose which gifts to buy for your little one.

1.) Sport Squad HX40 40-Inch Electric Tabletop Air Hockey Table with 2 Pushers and 2 Pucks

Little boys and girls who like the fun that comes with this sport will definitely have a blast with this tabletop air hockey table.

It comes with an electrically powered top that keeps the airflow even for players to have a smooth gaming experience. Manual scorers are also available for players to easily keep track of the current standings of the game.

Features Include:

  • Comes with non-marking rubber pads
  • Inclusive of 2 pucks and 2 pushers
  • Easy slide scoreboards
  • Convenient Puck Return
  • AC adapter-powered fan

2.) Royal & Langnickel Premier Sketching and Drawing Deluxe Art Set, 134-Piece

Future art geniuses will surely find this gift idea the best gift to beat because as Amazon puts it, this beautiful art set comes with everything a 10-year old needs to hone his/her skills to become the next Picasso or Van Gogh.

Features include:

  • Premiere set for both drawing and sketching
  • Complete 134-piece set from colored pencils and soft pastels to graphite and charcoal pencils
  • Includes one artist drawing guide
  • All stored in a cantilevered artist chest


3.) Minecraft Mystery Boxes

This is surely a crowd-favorite among 10 year-olds around the world. The worldwide phenomenon that is Minecraft, will definitely be a delight to kids who are big fans of the game. Let the little Minecraft fan in your life carry on the excitement of finding out what’s inside the mystery box!

Features include:

  • A set of 3 mystery boxes
  • Comes in different other versions
  • 1 miniature figure for every blind pack


4.) King of Tokyo: New Edition Board Game (or any board game that your 10-year-old loves to have)

Board games are one way of shaping your child’s capability to learn, strategize, socialize, and have fun as they grow up. These fun-filled board games like King of Tokyo is also a way to strengthen your bond as a family and have more reasons to have some quality time.

Features Include:

  • Allows up to 6 players
  • Comes with a Spare Penguin!
  • Game rule or guide for a better gaming experience
  • Features artwork by Regis Torres (King of New York illustrator)


5.) Sky Viper Video Drone (V950HD) High Definition Vehicle

Inspire the future videographer or filmmaker in your 10-year-old with this high-quality video drone. Kids today are born in the golden era of technology and if your kid is the techy type, this will surely be a hit!

Features Include:

  • Takes pictures and records video in a 720p HD quality
  • Comes with a one-touch panoramic video feature
  • Guaranteed durable with a super tough duraflex body
  • Has easy one-touch stunts

Indeed, gift-giving is a way to celebrate an occasion. Keep in mind that giving gifts to your precious ones all boils down to their personalities or likes.

While these gift ideas for your 10-year-old can be quite the help for busy parents, also never hesitate to go with your gut or follow your heart when shopping for the perfect gift for them.

What to Get Kids for Christmas this Year

There are a lot of things to consider when picking out the perfect gift for kids this year. Take a look at the following considerations if you purchase anything. Kids are the most fun to buy gifts for because they get so excited. The following list should help you to find some cool Christmas presents to get kids

What do they do for fun?

Think about what the kid you’re buying a gift for likes to do for fun. Do they like building things? If so consider something like LEGOs or Lincoln logs, these are fun toys that kids can play with for hours. If they live in a neighborhood with paved streets, consider something like a scooter or roller skates. If they have a pool consider something that they can use and play with in the pool. You get the idea. Kids always like gifts that have to do with drawing or building things.

What to get kids for Christmas this year

What could they use?

Thing about what present they could actually use. If they are going back to school soon, maybe a cool backpack could be something they both want and need. Getting a gift that is both practice and fun is always the best.

Help mom and dad out

Things that keep kids busy and occupy their time in a productive way are things that their parents will appreciate. Something like a cool decoration for their room or an educational game that is interactive and helps kids learn is always a good idea.

Active Learning for Kids


Think of something they can do with their friends

Kids love anything that they can use while playing with their friends. Something like sidewalk chalk or a fort kids will give kids hours and hours of fun. But more than having fun, kids are learning to work together and communicate with others. Anything that kids can use with their friends and have a good time with will make a great gift.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review


What not to Buy

Don’t get kids cloths or worst of all… something like socks. Don’t buy something that they have to wait to use. If it’s super hot outside where they live, don’t get them something like some jacket or winter clothes.









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