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Find Your Happy – A Kids Self Love Book by Patricia May

As parents we always look for ways on raising happy and healthy kids. Positive attitude and moral development are essential values that kids need to build while they grow. This is where parents have more responsibility on teaching them good values to raise the kids as more responsible adults in future. Among the different ways to develop skills of kids, books are one of the media that can easily convey messages even from the infant to toddler ages. This is why I write more posts about books and reading skills of kids on this blog as I am a mom who encourage my kid to read more children’s books daily. Other than reading books with my kid, I also learn and practice activities that are mentioned in books written for kids to improve his skills.

Find Your Happy

Recently I found another children’s book that helps kids to develop positive attitude. Find Your Happy is a kids self love book written by Patricia May which delivers important messages for kids through simple activities.

Find Your Happy – A Kids Self Love Book

Written by Patricia May, Find Your Happy is a kids self love book which offers easy and simple ways to introduce positive attitude for kids. Not only positive attitude, this book introduces simple ways on teaching the values such as be kind and be compassionate for little kids. This book includes self-esteem practices, affirmations and different mindful exercises for kids to practice together with eye-catching images.

To attract kids for the mindful exercises and self-esteem practices, the author has used different ideas throughout her book. Attractive watercolor images and short story rhymes are some of the things that keep kids love this book Find Your Happy and its content. Activities such as yoga and meditation will sure keep kids attached to the book while improving their self-esteem and qualities.

Find Your Happy is endorsed by both Mira Kelley and Anita Moorjani who are New York Times best selling authors and they found this book as a helpful guide for kids of all ages.

As a mom, I like to introduce positive attitude and good qualities for the life such as be kind and be compassionate for my kid through such fun and easy way. I am sure my kid would love to explore all the activities while reading the book with me. As a parent, this is a helpful guide for me.

Same as me, I am sure you love to raise kids with positive attitude and self esteem. So, visit and check more details on Find Your Happy – A Kids Self Love Book!

Take Breast Cancer off your Menu-Review

Breast cancer is one of the diseases that most of the women are suffering with. Do you know that Every ten minutes there is another woman diagnosed with breast cancer? It is really sad but true! So, next victim of breast cancer can be you or me, though I wish that not to happen. Who knows how would be the tomorrow?

Recently I got the opportunity to read the book ‘Take Breast Cancer off your Menu’ written by Hilda Glickman. Latest scientific studies show that with chemical properties of protector food we can fight or prevent cancer. In this book ‘Take Breast Cancer off your Menu’, the author Hilda Glickman explains how to use your food to prevent cancer.

Take Breast Cancer off your Menu

My overall experience and review of this book ‘Take Breast Cancer off your Menu’

First of all, it is a book with medical advice and information. So, I had some doubt of reading it because if the book is with lot of scientific details and even with lot of scientific words, I know I will get bored in half way. But it is not! The author, Hilda Glickman who is also a university lecturer has written this book in simple and easy to read way which any reader can understand well. This book flows easily. So, I read it from start to finish without having a break even. That’s because, this book aroused my curiosity. Always I wanted to read what next chapter is.

In chapter 3 of the book, the author explains how we can eat right foods which are cancer preventive. In other chapters, I could get more advice and information on different fruits and vegetables including fish and meat. In chapter 6, she explains different foods which have the power of preventing cancer. These ideas are really helpful to prepare our daily menu as a healthy diet. So, overall I really like this book and learnt lot of things for my food preparation and food habits.

You can also read more details at Hilda Glickman’s site:

Get your own copy of ‘Take Breast Cancer off your Menu’ from Amazon

Buy your copy and find how you can prevent cancer. Hope you will get more valuable information for healthy food habits!

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