June 15, 2024

Cooling Bamboo Bedsheet From Granjoy

Granjoy’s bamboo bedsheet is extremely comfortable as it is made from organic soft and silky bamboo sheets which is breathable and cooling, perfect for the hot and humid weather in Singapore.

Crafted from 100% bamboo, Granjoy’s Bamboo bed sheets are softer and more absorbent than cotton. It is as silky as silk bedsheet but it is much more affordable.

What really made Granjoy bedsheet stand out is that their bedsheets feel incredibly light. So, if you prefer lightweight bed sheets that won’t weigh you down while giving you that cozy floating-on-a-cloud feeling, these are the ones to go for.

Benefits of Bamboo Bed Sheet

  1. Temperature Regulating Properties

The breathability of these sheets is outstanding. The moisture-wicking properties allow air to circulate freely, keeping you cool throughout the night while you sleep. If you have ever struggled with overheating during sleep, these sheets could become one of your favorites due to their temperature regulating properties.

These sheets are heaven sent for hot sleepers. Because of the bamboo fabric’s distinct cell structure, it can absorb three times as much moisture as cotton, keeping you comfortably dry throughout the night.

2. Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial Properties

What we particularly appreciate about these bedsheets is their natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

Made from 100% bamboo, with the porous nature of bamboo, bacteria simply cannot thrive. This means lesser odor and fresher bedding for longer periods between washes. Moreover, they dry quickly too, which is a bonus for super busy modern city dwellers.

Cooling Bamboo Bedsheet From Granjoy

‍3. Hypoallergenic

It also provides relief especially for those with sensitive skin. These bedsheets are soft and gentle on your skin and unlikely to irritate or trigger allergies because they are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

4. Durability

Granjoy bamboo sheets are sturdy, so don’t be fooled by their softness. They are an excellent investment that will last for a long time because of their three times higher tensile strength than wool and resistance to fading, shrinking, pilling, and wrinkling.

5. Environmentally Conscious

Bamboo fiber, a naturally occurring fiber derived from the bamboo plant, is used to make bamboo sheets. Bamboo is a quickly regrowing plant that can be harvested without damaging the plant or its surroundings, making it a sustainable resource.

Silkworms that reside in cocoons made of silk thread are used to make silk bed linens. The killing of these silkworms is necessary to extract their silk threads, which harms the ecosystem.

To sum up, Granjoy provides the highest quality yet super affordable bed sheet that offers a good night’s sleep.

What I love: 

  • Extremely Light
  • Exceptionally breathable
  • Antimicrobial qualities that are inherent maintain fresher, less odorous sheets in between washes
  • Soft silky and cooling which is totally perfect for Singapore hot and humid weather
  • Super affordable bedsheet

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