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iHerb Review and My experience with iherb Singapore

iHerb is an online store based in US which sells nutritional supplements and healthy products in US ,Singapore and other countries. iherb Singapore is more popular among the residents of Singapore as the best place to buy health supplements online.They promote organic products and most of the products are really affordable.

How I became an iHerb Customer?                                

Recently I shopped with iHerb and it was my first experience although I’ve heard about this online store before. All that happened accidentally. Actually still my toddler wants me to breastfeed him and I am trying to stop it. I don’t breastfeed him during day time, but still he needs me to feed at night. Refusing this will begin unhappy and stressful moments as he starts crying. I will share my weaning experience later.

Anyway I finally decided to seek a product that can stop my milk production and came across the ‘Organic No More Milk Tea’ by Earth Mama Angel Baby. This sounds good for me and after reading some reviews I decided to buy ‘No More Milk Tea’.

Iherb review – My experience with iherb Singapore

Next is to find an online shop to buy Earth Mama No More Milk Tea. I found few online shops, but they sell the same product for different prices. When I added the shipping cost, the final amounts are really different each other. But, I found the price at iHerb is the lowest for the same Earth Mama Angel Baby, Organic No More Milk Tea. They offer shipping for really affordable rate at S$ 5.46 .I read few iHerb reviews and all were positive.This is how I became an i Herb Customer.

My shopping experience with iHerb

Shopping with iHerb is really easy and the site is easy to navigate. There are many supplements and other healthy products including healthy snacks for really cheap rates and interestingly these products are natural and organic.

Although there are many products which I like to buy, I wanted to try iHerb first. So, it is only Earth Mama Angel Baby, Organic No More Milk Tea.

Getting the discount of $5

iherb singapore review

Screen capture from my first order with iherb Singapore

As a first time customer I was eligible for getting $5 discount. When the discount converted to S$ it is a S$ 6.82 which I only had to pay for shipping fee for my No More Milk Tea order. That really sound good, isn’t it?

Anyway I added another product to the cart which is a hand and body lotion and it was just S$ 1.54,but the lotion is also natural and organic which includes Cocoa Butter.

My experience with iHerb is really good and I received my parcel within 4-5 days. Really nice experience!

Use the iHerb coupon QWN933 which you can get US $5 discount when you become a first time customer.

Products at iHerb

Here are some popular products at iHerb

Free Products – In this page, you’ll find free products which are for the first time customers. To get the product free you need to click this link.

Special Deals, Clearance Items, Limited-Time Offers!

Bath & Beauty products

Kids and babies products which include organic snacks and even toys.

Supplements –Comparatively prices of some supplements which we buy here in Singapore, rates are really cheap. I specially checked the price for MSM Glucosamine which is $75 here. It is around $25 when you buy from iHerb

There are many other products including healthy snacks.

How to save from shopping (or from iherb Singapore)

Here are few ways you can save when you shop with or with iHerb Singapore.

  • If you are a first time customer you can get USD5 discount for your first order. To get that you need to purchase through affiliate link or need to use a discount code. If you use this link to, you’ll get the $5 discount when you check out.
  • Shipping rate is really cheap to Singapore which is around S$ 5.46 for my order. When you order more than $40, you will get really good discounts on shipping. For US orders, shipping is free when you order more than $20.
  • Check the iherb trial section. There are many full size products which you can buy for really cheap rates. When you have some more weight remaining in your order, you can utilize that for buying such products and save on both product cost and shipping cost.
  • When you continue shopping with iHerb, you will get loyalty credits 10% for your each shopping experience which is another way to save when you buy healthy organic products.
  • You can also refer others to iHerb and earn $5 for your each referral. This is a pretty good way to continue with organic product shopping.

All these sounds good isn’t it? I actually placed my second order with iHerb Singapore and waiting to receive it. I specially ordered some organic snacks instead of buying potato chips from the local store.

Check .You’ll sure love to shop with them.

iHerb Coupon Code to save $5

Use the iHerb coupon code QWN933 which you can get US $5 discount when you become a first time customer.(This is valid for both and iherb Singapore)



How to Prevent Blister and Chafing on Skin?

Skin irritations are more common in most families and there are times that we need to prepare for such moments specially when we are with kids. As parents we should know how to prevent blisters and chafing on little ones skin especially when we are outside. Although we cannot avoid visiting outside or spending a vacation with exciting moments and adventures for kids, we can take precautions to blister prevention and chafe prevention. So, as a mom I always concern these precautions and hope these ideas are beneficial for you too.

How to prevent Blister and chafing on skin?

First you need to stay hydrated as it helps prevent chafing. Always keep your kids hydrated during vacations, so they are in safe side. Select suitable clothing for your kids as too loose or too tight clothes can create rubbing and friction. Keep the skin dry and you can use talcum powder for this. Also there are medicine products such as ChafeZone Skin Protectant which helps to prevent chafing and skin rash. So, use such a product and don’t forget to pack in your bag when you are heading on a holiday.

ChafeZone Skin Protectant by MedZone


prevent Blister and chafing

ChafeZone is a skin protectant by MedZone which is a company that provides sports medicine products. ChafeZone helps preventing chafing and blisters and it is really useful for families to enjoy a better vacation. This water free product helps preventing chafing, irritation and rubbing on skin. Simply swipe ChafeZone® and stay comfortable while running, hiking, riding or any other active sports.


Check more details of ChafeZone® by visiting your holiday with these tips on how to prevent Blister and chafing!

Looking for a Well Run Life? The Best You is Coming Soon!

As a mom how many times did you think about your lifestyle? For me, I really don’t have enough sleep or continuous sleep. With a toddler at home my life has changed and there are times I even skip meals. But, are these good? No! We need to spend a healthy lifestyle; this is what we all know. But, how to do the changes for the lifestyle which you spend now? You need some guidance, am I right?

A Well Run Life

If there is no guidance, we even don’t pay attention to ourselves or there are situations that we have failed with many programs. Lot of sugar intake and junk food can make you fat. But, dieting is not the exact solution for lose weight fast. You are with so much emotional changes, pressure and stress, then it is difficult to sleep better.

Finally, you need a turning point. You need to change your lifestyle!

Do you know that there are lots of programs around which claim to lose weight fast or change your lifestyle? Have you tried any of those?

Here is my idea. These programs are effective. But, you need to select the best program which suits for you. Programs run by ‘A Well Run Life’ are planned for individual bio, so their programs can be helpful for you to address your problems and to change the lifestyle.

A Well Run Life with Personal Coaching

Founded by Peter M. Deeley Jr, A Well Run Life is a challenging health care system which addresses each person individually. They offer two programs namely ‘The Six Month Body Restoration Project’ and ‘Taste Bud Boot Camp’ which help you to change your life dramatically.

Peter M Deeley Jr. Founder – A Well Run Life

Peter M Deeley Jr. Founder – A Well Run Life

Once you join with any of the programs, they will guide you individually and transform your life to a healthy lifestyle. They will talk with you personally and find what program is really perfect for you.

A Well Run Life

Before starting or before taking any decision, you can contact them and get a personal consultation over the phone. You can share whatever your lifestyle problems and changes you are waiting for. After a successful consultation, your sessions will be scheduled.

Don’t worry!The Best You is Coming Soon! Check more details of these programs by visiting

How to Organize the Bath Toys – The Best Way

How do you organize your bath toys? If you have little kids at home, then it is common to have at least couple of bath toys to make their bath time happy, fun and interesting. It is same at my home too. My son has lot of bath toys ranging from rubber toys to bath time books. But, these toys look like clutter sometimes if I don’t organize and keep those properly in a place.

organize your bath toys

How do you organize bath toys? Remember, bath toys are always with water. If we don’t keep them in a proper storage which helps drain excess water that may create another problem. That is why bath toys need some special organizing method.

How do I organize bath toys?

Earlier I used a plastic container to organize bath toys. I kept all the small rubber toys in a plastic box after draining the water from toys.

But there is a downside. Although I drained water, always there is small amount water in these toys and those resulted some water to collect in the plastic container we used for keeping the toys.

Results of Improper storage of bath toys

As I stored bath toys in usual plastic containers, I found water around them and that tend to grow mold and mildew around the toys. Although I squeezed water from bath toys before storing, I couldn’t avoid mold.


Mold due to improper Bath toy storage

On the other way the little amount of water inside the plastic box is enough for breeding mosquitos if I forget to remove the water from the plastic box. So, it always has a potential of health risk.

My new solution – AGOL Bath Toy Organizer

organize your bath toys

I recently found a great way to organize bath toys. That is AGOL Bath Toy Organizer.It is not expensive too, so spending few dollars into a really functioning bath toy organizer is well worth than having a cluttered home or having some organizer which is not the perfect way to keep bath toys which contains water.

Here are the features of AGOL Bath Toy Organizer.

Features of AGOL Bath Toy Organizer

  • AGOL Bath Toy Organizer is lightweight and made of durable material and it is large enough to store a set of bath toys.
  • It is easy to install in the bath room or any wall with the suction cups. You can even use this toy organizer as a stroller basket or in car window.
  • When you buy this AGOL Bath Toy Organizer, you also will get 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. So, no need to worry about buying it.

Finally, I found this mesh bath toy organizer as a great solution to store bath toys as it helps to drain excess water. Read more details of AGOL Bath Toy Organizer before you buy, so you know this is the best solution for organizing bath toys for really affordable price!

Best Tips to find your Right Wedding DJ in NJ

Are you a NJ mom? It can be your daughter’s or son’s wedding. As a mom you also have certain responsibilities when planning a wedding. If it is your daughter’s wedding day, then you sure to have visit many places with her including bridal shops to purchase her wedding dress. You also need to give her right advice in selecting wedding vendors and entertainment although she wants her dream wedding as she wished!

Have you considered wedding entertainment as an important item for your wedding? Most brides pay attention and spend lot of time selecting wedding venue, but they don’t pay much attention for selecting the right entertainment for the wedding. That is why in this post I gathered few tips for you to help in selecting the right wedding DJ in NJ, so you can use these as helpful guidelines to select your wedding DJ.

Tips to find wedding DJ in NJ

Tips to find wedding DJ in NJ

When you look for a wedding DJ in NJ, referrals and recommendations from your friends and family members are helpful. They will tell you their experiences with recent weddings they attended. So, keep these reviews as a shortlisting point and select few NJ wedding DJs to your list.

Then you can contact each wedding DJ in Nj and check their availability, past experiences and how they provide their service once booked. Any terms, conditions are important to know before you book.

Check the music type they provide. A friendly wedding DJ NJ who has many years’ experience and established in the business is perfect for your wedding as you will find it is much easier to work with him on your wedding day.

Once you checked and talked with your NJ wedding DJ, next is to confirm him for the wedding. Check the cost of hiring. However keep in mind; you get what you pay for. A well-established wedding DJ may command higher price, but you can assure to get quality service, entertainment too. Considering all these facts, you can hire a wedding DJ NJ for your wedding without worries.

For professional and experienced wedding DJ NJ,you can also check as they are reputed as New Jersey’s Premier Wedding DJ in NJ.

I hope these tips are helpful for you to find the right entertainment provider in New Jersey.

Birthday Party Planning with Mascots

Planning a kids Birthday Party is really exciting. We as parents wants to organize the best ever birthday party for the kids. So far I’ve organized my sons first birthday and 2nd birthday party and I had great time planning the parties with my little kid.

Now he understands more than he was in his first and second birthday parties. Even he asks me to arrange his 3rd Birthday party with his favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, Spider man and so on. Although his Birthday is on October, I understand that this time we can really make him excited and surprised by organizing a super exciting party with his favorite characters.

That is why I am thinking of having Party Mascots for his next birthday. I am sure he will be super excited same as his friends. This time he has new friends too as he started his playgroup.

Planning a Birthday Party with Mascots

As there are many tips available for you to check on planning a birthday party, I decided only to share some important tips on having a party mascot or having mascot moments for your kids party.

You need to employ well experienced mascot company in order to give the kids maximum entertainment and excitement.

Birthday Party planning with Mascots
Image Credits: MXC Party Mascots

Select the mascot characters according to their age and preferences. For this you can get your kid’s ideas too. For example, Mickey Mouse can be favorite for toddlers while spider man can be a favorite character for a kid around age 5.

You can discuss more details and how to organize the arrival of party mascots with the entertainment company which you are going to hire.

MXC Party Mascots for your Party entertainment needs

As a party rental company located in Fresno, CA, MXC Party Mascots provides entertainment for kids parties and any celebrations with appearance of your favorite characters. You can also rent bounce houses, tables and chairs and concession machines when you contact MXC Party Mascots.

Concession Machines
Concession Machines available at MXC Party Mascots

Check MXC Party Mascots for more details and you will see lot of photos of mascots and how they have provided entertainment for kids. Happy and exciting faces in these photos are the best reviews and recommendations for you if you are looking for Party Mascots in Fresno, CA.

Planning a Birthday Party with Mascots
These happy faces are the best recommendation for you about MXC Party Mascots 🙂

Have you ever used the service of party mascots for any of your parties? Please share your ideas.If you want more ideas,check these ideas to do for your kid’s birthday.

How to Buy Affordable Party Dresses Online

If you are looking for buying party dresses, you can easily buy Affordable party dresses online just by visiting few shops and checking their collection. However, by using the below tips, you can easily save some more money when you buy party dresses online.

For this blog post I used some affordable trendy women’s clothes from Larole which is an online fashion store for sexy trendy clothes. Hope you like these styles too.

Here are our tips on how to buy affordable party dresses online

Affordable party dresses online

Sexy Strapless Purple Studded Bandage Dress from Larole

Find online shops which offer competitive pricing

With competition available among many online fashion stores, you can easily buy latest fashion dresses for affordable and competitive rates when you buy online. Be sure to shop with an established shop to have quality shopping experience.

Search for dresses under $50

Usually most of the party dresses shops offer a collection of dresses under $50.If you search Google for ‘party dresses under $50’, you’ll find many search results. Simply check these online shops for your favorite and sexy trendy clothes.

You will not believe me.But below Off Shoulder Peekaboo Little Black Dress is really cheap and it is currently sell at $29.99 at sale section of Larole. Don’t you think this little black dress is too gorgeous for a party?

Off Shoulder Peekaboo Little Black Dress from Larole

Off Shoulder Peekaboo Little Black Dress from Larole

Find deals and coupons

Deals, coupons and offers are another great way to save money when you shop online. Once you find or once you shortlist few cocktail & party dresses, search for coupons online before confirm your purchasing. For example, once you select your trendy clothes from Larole, simply search ‘coupons Larole’.You’ll find available coupons and simply use the coupon code at the checkout to enjoy discounts.

Other than that, you can enjoy free shipping when you buy items for a mentioned amount of money. In Larole shopping store, you can enjoy free shipping on all orders over $100.Otherwise it is simply $6.95 flat rate which is also great when considering the shipping rates of most online shops.

I hope these tips are helpful for you to find latest trendy cocktail & party dresses online for affordable rates. You can also check for beautiful dresses.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes Disaster in Downriver Michigan

Have you experienced any frozen pipes disaster? Usually during cold weather, the pipes which are not insulated properly are at risk of freezing. End result of this freezing is bursting of pipes making it a disaster.

With bursting of frozen pipes, you will face water damage and leaking of water for unknown time. That’s a really huge cost and even you have to spend money on restoring water damage for your home. If you live in Michigan, then it is so common to see frozen pipes in downriver Michigan homes. However, by taking preventive measures, you can easily reduce the damages and frozen pipes at your home. Here are some tips for you to prevent frozen pipes and prepare for the cold weather.

How to prevent Frozen pipes disaster

Turn off Water if you leave home

If you leave home for few days or even for a long time, turn off your water main. This will avoid freezing in supply hose valves for items such as washing machine, dishwasher etc. By doing so, you can reduce possible damages for a great extent.

Use Heating Cables

Usually pipes that are not protected by insulation barrier are mostly like freezing in cold weather. You can avoid such freezing by installing heating cables around the pipes which are not protected.

Disconnect all outdoor water sources

You can take this preventive action just before cold weather comes in. Simply disconnect the outdoor water sources of your home. That will prevent freezing of pipes and benefit for avoiding freezing pipes. Hoses, sprinklers and pipes in your outdoor fountains are protected by this method and even you can use foam covers to cover them.

If you face any burst in frozen pipes in downriver Michigan, contact the team at They will help you to cleanup and restoration in Michigan area.

Benefits of Listening to Parenting Podcasts

Parenting and raising a child with good health and behavior is not that easy. Each and every parent undergoes the situation of mix feelings such as happy moments, sad and even full of anger and stress sometimes. From pregnancy to potty training, educating children to raise them with developed and good behavior is not so easy. Sometimes, it is like a sacrificing life to raising children.

Benefits of Listening to Parenting Podcasts

With young kids at home, even parents do not find time to read a book or share ideas with friends. Parenting podcasts are really helpful for such parents to get helpful advice from the experts. If you search ‘Parenting’ on iTunes you will find lot of podcasts that are for parenting. But, finding suitable and helpful podcasts for parenting is not that easy.

Benefits of Listening to Parenting Podcasts

You can even find helpful Podcasts on managing anger in parenting and managing conflict. These advice will help you to raise your kids without having many stressful moments in your life.

How to find Top Podcasts for Parenting

Instead of downloading lot of parenting podcasts, you can research on best podcasts for parenting and download the most helpful ones. For this, you can read reviews and experiences shared by other parents. If there are podcasts that are recommended by many parents, that can be a good selection for you too. Check these top five podcasts for parenting which are recommended by other mommies and daddies. Advice  in these podcasts will really help you to raise happy children while staying happy!

Tips for Choosing Best Books for Toddlers

With a toddler at home, it is always exciting to see how he grows and how he learns the things. At the age of 2, now he starts showing interest on reading story books.(of course he cannot read alone, still he uses the illustrations to get the idea of the book)So far, we bought mainly picture books and flash cards for him to improve his vocabulary. But, now we try to buy different books to enhance his imaginations and reading skills.

But, choosing best books for toddlers must be done with good care. This is the age they are more with exploring things and they are curious with many things around them. So, if we introduce the right books for toddlers, they will grab the things fast and it is same if we give the things which are not age appropriate.

bedtime stories online * online bedtime stories * children bedtime stories * bedtime stories for children * free bedtime stories for kids * good bedtime stories

Basically if you are looking for best books for toddlers, select books with bright and colorful illustrations. If it is a story book, short sentences with big letters are suitable for the little minds to absorb the idea. Poems and rhymes are great ways to keep them attract to the books and it is easy to develop the reading habits for toddlers.

With the above things are in mind, here are the most important Tips for choosing best books for toddlers.

Select books which are well illustrated.

Beautiful and bright illustrations are helpful to attract toddlers to read the book. Even these illustrations are helpful to develop the imaginations. If the illustrations tell the story of the book, that is a suitable book for toddlers, especially at the age of two.

best books for toddlers

My son found a new place to read a book.There is no specific place and time for them to read a book!

Select books which are well worded

Check the flow of the wording. If the story flows easily and without too many words, then it is a suitable book for toddlers. With rhythmic sentences, repeating again and again making it interesting to continue reading, a story book makes it attractive for toddlers. Even you are the one read the story book for your kid; he will listen with big curious eyes and lot of imaginations.We recently read ‘The Enormous Turnip‘ which is a book with rhythmic sentences and my son loved it.Even he wanted me to repeat the book again and again.

The Enormous Turnip

From the book ‘The Enormous Turnip’-Read the review

Select books which have great endings.

Now, with a story book you aroused the curiosity of your toddler. Your kid is waiting to hear what happened next. If the end is good, they are happy. If the end of the book keeps a smile on your toddlers face, then go for it. If the book solves a problem, that is one of the best books for toddlers.

These are my tips of choosing the books for toddlers, especially at the age of 2.You can also check for the lists of best books for toddlers. That will ease you to select recommended books from a mom who read books for her toddler.

What are your tips for selecting best books for toddlers? Do you read books for your toddler? Please comment below.

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