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Balancing Your House Cleaning With The Joys Of Being A New Parent

Once your little bundle of joy arrives home, cleaning as you knew it before is about to change for the rest of your life. You will soon see that it’s not just about figuring out when to get your cleaning done but also how you need to go about it. Parenthood is a massive new responsibility and means you need to have a lot more caution and care than before. As is the case with a lot of the changes you will be asking, it is all too easy to get yourself overwhelmed. However, with a few tips for your cleaning – as well as a little time – you will be the best parent in town, making sure that your little one is as safe as possible at home.

Balancing Your House Cleaning With The Joys Of Being A New Parent

Have A Basket In Each Room Of Your Home

A basket for your little one’s things in each room will help to speed up your cleaning and free up space. Getting things off the floor and into one designated place will allow you to quickly clean the room at the drop of a hat. This will also let you be more efficient when you are doing the full house clean.

Household Cleaning Products Should Be On Hand

Balancing Your House Cleaning With The Joys Of Being A New Parent

Be sure that all adults in the household know where to find their disinfectant and sprays to wipe down a dirty area the moment it is spotted.

Beware Allergens

A new baby can be allergic to all sorts of things and you won’t know yet. Understanding how to prevent this helps and this post on that looks at 7 common allergens that could be lurking around your home could help you identify them before there are issues.

Time To Get On Your Baby’s Level

From where us adults stand, it is all too easy to see the floor and think it is clean. However, your baby is going to be spending a fair bit of time down there and you want to make sure that they are free of bacteria and viruses which can come in from people’s feet. Dettol Pourable Disinfectant Liquid can help your floor to sparkle and show off its cleanness, without leaving a nasty residue.

Balancing Your House Cleaning With The Joys Of Being A New Parent

Baby Steps Are Vital

When you have a newborn, one of the key things to learn is that you don’t have to have an immaculate showhouse. The time you will lose in your attempts will be stolen from those precious moments to enjoy with your little one, while they are still little.



The Fantastic Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners have many benefits since they don’t use chemicals. Also, they’re safe to use on any surface, including curtains, material, and upholstery. Steam cleaners are suitable for many uses within your home and garden, including steaming creases in clothes and cleaning car upholstery. It can also kill up to 99.9 percent of the germs and bacteria.

An upright steam cleaner can sanitize flooring and freshen carpets like a vacuum cleaner. The steam cleaner is lightweight and requires very little physical effort. There’s no need to carry buckets of water or containers filled with cleaning fluids and utensils.

Most steam cleaners can be converted to a hand help unit. Some can be carried around with a shoulder strap. Attachments come with some steam cleaners and this gives the user the chance to clean surfaces that are otherwise impossible or inaccessible to clean with ordinary cleaners or by hand.

Steam Cleaners Used Around the Home

1. Stubborn grease and fat around barbecues, grills, and cookers can be difficult to clean. Great may be impossible to remove with scrubbing alone. Some chemicals may even have a hard time removing the thick build up.

There are some chemicals that are formulated to dissolve grease fast, however, these chemicals can be toxic and dangerous. This is where a steam cleaner can excel. The steam’s heat can loosen stubborn great and you can wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth.

A steam cleaner can leave your home’s surfaces looking like new and you won’t have to worry about toxic residue or poisonous vapors.

2. Steam cleaners can take some of the effort out of cleaning tiled walls and there is even a steam mop for wood floors. If you get a grout steam cleaner, you can easily get rid of the dark stains that accumulate between tiles. They remove grime from many hard to reach places, such as the areas around shower heads and taps. This cleaner can also read into the crevices around shower screens, door frames and windows.

3. If you use the proper attachments, steam cleaners are a great way to freshen and clean upholstery and curtains. Please note that steam is not suitable for draylon, velvet, and some other fabrics.

Steam is a great way to eliminate clothes odors and remove creases for drapery. There is a large range of clothes steam cleaners that can offer this feature.

4. Outside in the garden, you can use a steam cleaner to clean the grime off plastic furniture. Rather than spending time scraping grass or dirt from lawnmowers and garden tools, steam can remove it effortlessly.

Some ‘obscure’ jobs you may not think about using a steam cleaner for, include killing weeds on patios and paths, disinfect soil, and if you have a swimming pool, you can use it to clear away algae.

5. The steam cleaner may be used to clean upholstery, dashboards, and carpets in boats and cars. It can also be used to remove pet hair from carpets, and car seats. A steam cleaner can be used to remove dirt and mud that are trapped in the trim of a car’s wheel. The dirt can be dislodged effortlessly using steam.

6. Jewelry can be cleaned using steam, especially if there are stones set in the piece. Dirt can be impossible to clear out of jewelry, depending on where it collects in a piece. You can use a special attachment to save money on professional jewelry cleaning.

Super Speedy Tips For A Much Cleaner House

Cleaning your house takes time, doesn’t it. Well, it doesn’t have to take as long as you think. Check out these great tips to speed it up.

Super Speedy Tips For A Much Cleaner House

Use Baskets For A Speedy Clean (Giving You Clear Surfaces)

Designate one basket for each room. Gather all items and general clutter from table tops and place in the basket. Tackle one room at a time and make quick decisions about the items that give an untidy appearance. Do not overthink the action; if the item isn’t serving a purpose (like a candle holder on a coffee table), it’s going in the basket (that includes all those scraps of paper, tech accessories, pieces of cosmetics and so on). To get all the surfaces cleared and free of clutter can take as little as five minutes. As part of your bedtime ritual, or at a more convenient time during your day, take a few moments to go through the baskets and put the items back where they belong. With the exception of hoarders, pretty much anyone should be able to keep on top of their baskets, so long as they are clearing surfaces every day and sorting through each basket. Simple!

Super Speedy Tips For A Much Cleaner House

Next Up, Give The Surfaces A Wipe Down

There is little point in attempting to wipe down surfaces that are full of clutter. You can easily convince yourself that it’s fine to wipe the spots in between, but what you actually end up with is ugly dust lines that highlight each and every object.

Instead of this, basket-clear all of the surfaces in your home, that includes your dining table, coffee tables, and bedside lockers and so on, then once they are cleared, wipe them down with a wet cloth. A daily surface wipe like this takes only a few moments, yet the effect is more than significant, in fact it much contributes to the appearance of a squeaky-clean home, as well as putting the brakes on a build-up of dust, food particles, hair and such like.

Get Sweeping Or Vacuuming (Or Both)

Vacuuming is to your home what a band-aid is to a cut. You’ve probably seen it yourself, you haven’t done a spot of cleaning, but the moment you run the vacuum, over the dining room rug, the house looks stunningly clean. Always wipe down all surfaces first before vacuuming, otherwise you’re going to spill dust and particles onto your freshly vacuumed floor. Alternatively, for an easy life – consider a robot vacuum cleaner like these at

Each And Every Trash Can Should Be Emptied

For the fastest trick in the books for a home that appears cleaner, get into the habit of taking your trash out very regularly. For trash cans around your home that don’t have lids this is specially the case, an empty trash can always convinces our mind that the room has a clean feel.

Super Speedy Tips For A Much Cleaner House

Pillows Are For Fluffing

A quick fluff of the throw pillow in your lounge gives the room an immediate burst of care. Granted it’s simple and requires less effort, but it works. To transform your living room into a welcoming hotel-feel room, rather than a weary old-lounge, just give those pillows a good fluff. Here’s some good tips on a morning ritual.

Bed-Making Should Be Part Of Your Morning Ritual

A made-up bed makes your whole house feel cleaner. This is not just a chore that your mum used to annoy you with. The added benefit is that if you start the day making your bed, you set the tone for the rest of the day, meaning the temptation to ignore the start of a messy buildup around your home won’t be able to win out.

The Laundry Is Only For Your Eyes

A pile of dirty clothes will make any room look messy. If you have a routine of doing the laundry once weekly, then get the stockpile hidden away somewhere that only you will discover.

Fridge Doors Should Be Clutter Free

We tend to use our fridge door for far too much safe-keeping, whether it be coupons, recipes, or random notes, they all get stuck behind a fridge magnet. Clear the fridge door and your kitchen will quickly take a cleaner appearance.

Flowers For You

Granted this one doesn’t really classify as a cleaning tip, however once you have basket-cleared the surfaces, done your wipe down, finished the vacuuming, admired your fluffy pillows and of course made the bed, you deserve a nice bunch of flowers for your efforts. You may not follow all of these steps, but if you commit to just one of them you will see some improvement in the appearance of your home.




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