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5 Considerations For Buying A Family Kitchen Table

In generations gone by, the heart of the home was the hearth of your fireplace. This isn’t often the case these days since we rely on electricity and appliances to do our cooking chores. Instead, you’ll probably find your family congregating again and again around your kitchen table. Since this piece of furniture is in many ways the nerve center of your home, you should exert some careful thought when you’re in the kitchen table market for a new one.

Buying A Family Kitchen Table

Fitting Your Space

Until you take out your trusty tape measure and learn exactly how much space you have available, there’s really only so far you can go in the process of shopping for a kitchen table. You wouldn’t want to find the absolute ideal table online and then discover it’s six inches too long after you’ve bought it, would you? Bear in mind that cramming the largest possible table into your kitchen isn’t always the best idea. Your interior design choices might work better with something smaller and more intimate than you have space for. Of course, if you regularly invite guests into your kitchen then maximizing the amount of seating you have available will be important!

How High?

This is primarily an area of concern if you have a family with younger children. Standard table heights are fine for teens and adults, but they may prove challenging to youngsters. Small children and tall tables can be an irritating mixture. Not only do you need to worry about booster seats and helping children up and down, but you also increase the risk of an accidental fall. Consider buying a lower table if you’ve got younger mouths to feed.

Buying A Family Kitchen Table

Shape Choices

Square versus round is the eternal debate here. There are advantages to both sides. Square tables fit into square rooms and relate to other furnishings easily. You can also tell at a glance how many chairs you’ll need. On the other hand, a round table is often a great way to save space in a smaller kitchen.

Define Your Seating Needs

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how many chairs you’ll be using on a daily basis; just count up your family members. How often do you end up inviting others over, though? You might want to invest in a few extra chairs at the same time that you’re buying a new table. Provided you have the storage space, this can take a lot of the hassle out of entertaining.

Getting A Leaf

Here’s another choice to consider if you anticipate different numbers of people at your kitchen table. A table that’s designed to accommodate a drop-in leaf (or leaves) can be expanded with a minimum of fuss. Tables of every shape are available with leaves if you want to go this way.



The Essential Guide To Creating A Beautiful Garden

A beautiful garden can lift your home and also your soul. It’s a wonderful thing and a haven to enjoy. So, what are the essential parts of a garden to wow?

The Essential Guide To Creating A Beautiful Garden

1.  Adding Colour

While some individuals may find it delightful to have a garden of shrub sculptures ala Edward Scissorhands, a dash of colour can enhance the yard’s beauty to a greater extent.  Placing some bright flowers amidst the greenery can create a contrast and become a focal point in certain gardens.  Of course, the colour need not stem from typical flowers; in fact, vegetables, fruits and herbs present with a plethora of bright flowers.  Why not enjoy some purple chives, white spring onions, red pineapple sage, and yellow dill as a colourful addition to the garden (as well as an organic food alternative).  If you still are not sure about flowering plants, consider that beneficial insects are attracted to micro gardens gladly pollinating plants and removing unwanted pests.  A ‘win win’ factor for sure.

2. Grouping Plants With Similar Foliage Or Colour

The theme of a garden can play a large role in its aesthetic attractiveness and one trick to enhance theming is through a clever use of colour.  Take a moment to step back and view the colours of your plants and ask yourself, is it neat or all over the place?  Would a rearrangement of foliage improve the overall impact of the theme?  Let us say, for example, you choose to place several identically coloured flowers around a single different coloured flower in a ceramic pot.  By surrounding the single flower, one would create a frame or contrast enhancing the focal point of the centre plant.  The trick here is grouping and repetition to add a sense of balance.  By using the simple technique in the example and applying it to your garden you will be able to enhance garden beds with colourful borders.

The Essential Guide To Creating A Beautiful Garden

 3. Controlling Weeds

To ensure your garden continues to thrive it is important to take a positive approach to garden health care, especially in areas with smaller spaces such as pots or containers.  Adding mulch to the area will reduce the growth of life-sucking weeds and increase levels of plant attractiveness. Here are some more tips for weed control.

4. Adding Garden Art

While the garden itself can be a reflection of your personality, why not add some additional garden art to enhance the theme?  This can be especially effective in smaller spaces as it adds character and “oomph” living up the yard.

Choosing the correct art to use in the area can be complicated so take a moment and stand back to see what would be most effective.  If you have ceramic containers, it may be beneficial to add small ornaments or colour to the pot itself.  Backdrops can be improved by painting the surrounding walls or, if you are unable to paint external walls, attempt placing a bamboo partition or hang fabric behind the plants.  This portable art can be beneficial as both an accessory to highlight the area; as well as hiding any unsightly items.  Garden fountains can also be a great addition. They have a number of practical uses and also look great in the space – look at this beautiful wall fountains for outdoors It’s sure to enhance any garden.

5. Using Pots And Containers As Focal Points

It is commonly seen that ceramic pots or containers are used as part of decorative gardens.  Do you possibly have a pot which you deem particularly unique?  Perhaps this container holds a special plant or has a special memory?  In order to highlight the item, you can use the aforementioned decorative techniques.  Placing smaller ornaments or pots around this original item can create a sense of dominance contrasting the size.  Additionally, the pots may be of a different colour to further highlight the focus from the area and the surrounding garden.

Flowers in Yellow

6. Using Herbs And Flowers In Different Settings

Colour is important for the garden, but by adding multi-functional edible herbs and flowers you will increase the benefits of the flowering plants.  Herbs, such as curly-leafed parsley or lemon thyme will not only complement marigolds and violets but can also be used as organic food in the kitchen.







Super Speedy Tips For A Much Cleaner House

Cleaning your house takes time, doesn’t it. Well, it doesn’t have to take as long as you think. Check out these great tips to speed it up.

Super Speedy Tips For A Much Cleaner House

Use Baskets For A Speedy Clean (Giving You Clear Surfaces)

Designate one basket for each room. Gather all items and general clutter from table tops and place in the basket. Tackle one room at a time and make quick decisions about the items that give an untidy appearance. Do not overthink the action; if the item isn’t serving a purpose (like a candle holder on a coffee table), it’s going in the basket (that includes all those scraps of paper, tech accessories, pieces of cosmetics and so on). To get all the surfaces cleared and free of clutter can take as little as five minutes. As part of your bedtime ritual, or at a more convenient time during your day, take a few moments to go through the baskets and put the items back where they belong. With the exception of hoarders, pretty much anyone should be able to keep on top of their baskets, so long as they are clearing surfaces every day and sorting through each basket. Simple!

Super Speedy Tips For A Much Cleaner House

Next Up, Give The Surfaces A Wipe Down

There is little point in attempting to wipe down surfaces that are full of clutter. You can easily convince yourself that it’s fine to wipe the spots in between, but what you actually end up with is ugly dust lines that highlight each and every object.

Instead of this, basket-clear all of the surfaces in your home, that includes your dining table, coffee tables, and bedside lockers and so on, then once they are cleared, wipe them down with a wet cloth. A daily surface wipe like this takes only a few moments, yet the effect is more than significant, in fact it much contributes to the appearance of a squeaky-clean home, as well as putting the brakes on a build-up of dust, food particles, hair and such like.

Get Sweeping Or Vacuuming (Or Both)

Vacuuming is to your home what a band-aid is to a cut. You’ve probably seen it yourself, you haven’t done a spot of cleaning, but the moment you run the vacuum, over the dining room rug, the house looks stunningly clean. Always wipe down all surfaces first before vacuuming, otherwise you’re going to spill dust and particles onto your freshly vacuumed floor. Alternatively, for an easy life – consider a robot vacuum cleaner like these at https://www.robotvacuum.io/best-robot-vacuum/

Each And Every Trash Can Should Be Emptied

For the fastest trick in the books for a home that appears cleaner, get into the habit of taking your trash out very regularly. For trash cans around your home that don’t have lids this is specially the case, an empty trash can always convinces our mind that the room has a clean feel.

Super Speedy Tips For A Much Cleaner House

Pillows Are For Fluffing

A quick fluff of the throw pillow in your lounge gives the room an immediate burst of care. Granted it’s simple and requires less effort, but it works. To transform your living room into a welcoming hotel-feel room, rather than a weary old-lounge, just give those pillows a good fluff. Here’s some good tips on a morning ritual.

Bed-Making Should Be Part Of Your Morning Ritual

A made-up bed makes your whole house feel cleaner. This is not just a chore that your mum used to annoy you with. The added benefit is that if you start the day making your bed, you set the tone for the rest of the day, meaning the temptation to ignore the start of a messy buildup around your home won’t be able to win out.

The Laundry Is Only For Your Eyes

A pile of dirty clothes will make any room look messy. If you have a routine of doing the laundry once weekly, then get the stockpile hidden away somewhere that only you will discover.

Fridge Doors Should Be Clutter Free

We tend to use our fridge door for far too much safe-keeping, whether it be coupons, recipes, or random notes, they all get stuck behind a fridge magnet. Clear the fridge door and your kitchen will quickly take a cleaner appearance.

Flowers For You

Granted this one doesn’t really classify as a cleaning tip, however once you have basket-cleared the surfaces, done your wipe down, finished the vacuuming, admired your fluffy pillows and of course made the bed, you deserve a nice bunch of flowers for your efforts. You may not follow all of these steps, but if you commit to just one of them you will see some improvement in the appearance of your home.




Planting Seeds with Toddlers

Planting seeds with kids can be a great activity to teach them about nature and science about plants. However, you no need to stay till your baby is a grown up kid to show him about how seeds become plants. Instead, planting seeds can be a great activity which you can do with a toddler too. This activity will not only show how seeds become plants, it will also give the opportunity for kids to learn about loving and caring the nature. They will grow the responsibility towards take caring of the plants by watering daily and by adding fertilizers. Isn’t this a good way to impose some responsibility on toddlers?

Planting seeds with toddlers - Our experience with planting chilli seeds

Planting seeds with toddlers – Our experience with planting chilli seeds

Planting chilli seeds

Planting chilli seeds

Planting seeds with toddlers

Watering the plants is his favourite activity.Yes this is wrong to water while standing.He learned it later 🙂

Planting seeds with toddlers

Growing seeds with toddlers – Some of the chilli plants

Planting seeds with my toddler is one of the favourite activities at our home and my kid loves it. We don’t use any special methods or we even don’t buy seeds. I use seeds such as pumpkin, chilli or tomato from our weekly vegetable purchasing and dry the seeds before planting.

Planting Pumpkin seeds

Planting Pumpkin seeds – yes,this soil condition is not the best for seeds to grow 🙂

We love watching Pumpkin seeds grow to plants

We love watching Pumpkin seeds grow to plants

Our pumpkin plants

Our pumpkin plants

We love to see such plants in the morning.

We love to see such plants in the morning. 🙂

Sanu, my kid loves to rake the soil and plant the seeds. After planting the seeds, it is time to water and take care of the plants. When he sees the first signs of plants through the soil, I can see how happy he is. He starts talking with the plants and sometimes he also wants to water more than two times a day which I need to control!

Watering plants is the best activity! :)

Watering plants is the best activity! 🙂

Together with planting seeds, we also enjoy reading the book ‘Seeds Grow’ which explains about planting seeds for young kids. Really, this is a great activity to teach about plant growth for kids. It is good if I can create a garden for kids but with this simple activity we enjoy our love for gardening.

Do you have experience with planting seeds with toddlers?Please share your ideas and memories.






Trust the World’s safest Trampoline for your Backyard

When you think about any company in the world whose products you might want to buy, there are certain aspects and elements of quality that must be addressed. When a company is creating devices, products, or toys that children will be playing with, then you absolutely want to be sure they are paying attention to quality. Finally, if you are looking for a company that makes materials and products that could be considered a bit more extreme, you have to verify that company is one that doesn’t just pass standards, but actually sets new industry standards all across Canada. If you can find an organization that puts quality at the top of the list, you know you can trust their products.

When one of those companies is designing a trampoline, then there are some issues right off of the bat that come into play. Considering the troubling statistics surrounding trampoline-related injury, you will want to look into a safer trampoline alternative — one that maximizes fun while lowering risk at the same time. The safest trampoline in the world has been redesigned from the ground up by a mechanical engineer named Dr. Keith Alexander, and his design is revolutionary. Springfree Trampoline has implemented Dr. Alexander’s design and removed the risk of spring-related injury all together by replacing them with composite rods placed beneath the SoftEdge jumping surface. The metal frame has also been placed beneath the mat, meaning that jumpers have a 360 degree safety zone — where the mat ends the FlexiNet safety enclosure begins. Able to support and absorb a jumper’s weight, the net can even guide a 200 lb. man safely to the ground without tipping the trampoline itself. According to the Cleveland Clinic, trampoline injuries were in the amount of over one million between 2002 and 2011, and Springfree Trampoline Canada has removed 90% of product-related injury — which amounts to 900,000 prevented injuries.

safest Trampoline for your Backyard

The simple design of a trampoline is something you should take into consideration over all else. Believe it or not, a hidden frame is better than an exposed frame and the traditional metal-spring trampoline design is simply not safe. A Springfree trampoline is built on-site, which means each step of the construction is carefully scrutinized and tested, and this means that every trampoline lives up to Dr. Alexander’s rigorous design specifications.

At the end of the day, you have to remember that you want to work with companies that others want to work with. The best trampoline companies are backed by industry awards, and they are therefore seen as the companies that set the standards which others need to follow. When you can find an organization that is praised by companies and given awards such as the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, The US Family Choice Award, as well as the International Design Award, then you have a company that knows exactly what they are doing.






Mixbook Photo Book Review

As Mixbook is one of my favourite photo book creating companies I want to share this Mixbook Photo Book Review to help you to decide on creating your next photo albums. Actually Mixbook is not only a company which provides the facility to create photo books.They also offer wide range of products and services which are really helpful for anyone who loves creativity and who loves to organize things in a better way.

Mixbook Photo Book Review

Mixbook Photo Book Review

Things you can do with Mixbook

You can easily find beautiful themes and designs for birthday invitations and baby shower invitations. Not only for baby birthdays, you can also use photo printing service for other events such as your wedding or even for travel memories. Are your phone and computer full of digital photos? Why don’t you think of printing some of the best photos and create photo albums? With Mixbook you can also order photo prints and the rates are really affordable. Thinking of decorating your home with some beautiful wall art? I always love to create canvas prints using my travel photos which I am proud of. Printing a beautiful canvas print is really easier with Mixbook as you can do all just by staying in front of your computer within few single clicks.

Mixboo Photo Book Review

Mixbook Photo Book Review – Our Family Photo Book for 2015

What I mentioned above are some of the things which you can do with Mixbook.com. Just by visiting the site, you can find more details of their products.If you love to create a scrapbook online,their photo book making software is really fun and easy to use.

Actually in this post, I want to share about Mixbook Photo books which I always love to create. I’ve shared some Mixbook reviews before and I also plan to share a Mixbook birthday photo cards review in future. Till that, here is my review on recent photo book created with Mixbook.

Mixbook Photo Book Review

If you remember, recently I shared a post about my experience on creating a photo book with Mixbook. Now, it is time to share the actual experience and review of Mixbook photobook.

Truly I love to create photo books with Mixbook. There are many reasons for me. But, to keep the post simple and short, below are some of the reasons to choose Mixbook as my favourite photo book creating company.

  • Use of the Mixbook photo book making software is really easy and fun. I could select a beautiful design from the available designs. What I like most is that I could insert text as I want. I could also change the design and insert some custom pages to my photo book when I create it with Mixbook.
How to create a family photo book

Mixbook Photo Book Review – Easy to use photo book software

  • I could create custom  pages as I like.Use of stickers and text was really fun and it is a good way to write some memories on the photos.



Mixbook Photo Book Review – Easy to use custom pages with text and stickers

  • Finally, the rates are really reasonable and shipping rates are not so high.
  • I also want to mention another feature I really like and which I use for my next photo book with Mixbook.

It is the facility of adding contributors. That’s really helpful when we need to create a photo book together with friends and other family members.

Here is how I use that feature and why I like Mixbook so much. If you heard, recently Sri Lanka faced to an unexpected severe flood situation. Our homes were flooded too till the roof top.( http://foodcnr.com/help-victims-of-sri-lanka-floods/) Can you imagine the condition of my school day photos and childhood day’s photos? All are damaged and I really feel sad. But, now I have facility of collecting the photos from my school friends who live in different countries. Using the Mixbook facility to create photo books with contributors, I started another photo book to print some memories from school days. As my other friends have their own copies; I invited them to contribute to my photo album with photos they have. It is so much fun and really helpful to collect some of my photos.

Overall I am happy with my photo books created with Mixbook and I’d like to recommend this photo book making company for anyone who likes to preserve family memories. You can easily preserve your family memories with Mixbook!

How to save money when you order your photo book?

Well, this is for those who like to save money from their shopping.

Do you know that Mixbook offers really good deals time to time?

To receive the latest updates, you need to join with their Newsletter. When you visit Mixbook.com, create an account and start creating your photo book.

While you create your Mixbook photobooks, you can keep an eye on ongoing promotions. Some promotions offer upto 50% discounts on photo book prices. Some time they also offer free shipping. They send Mixbook coupon to your inbox and when there is a great discount you can order your photo book. This is the best way to save from your photo book.

Other than using Mixbook coupon codes, you can also join with their refer friends program. That will allow you to earn $20 when your friend orders a book.

Don’t you think making photobooks are really awesome way to preserve family memories?Check Mixbook and see how amazing their photo book designs are!

Use the below banner and use the mentioned latest Mixbook Coupon to get huge discounts.

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Do you like photo books? How do you preserve family memories?


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Birthday Party Planning with Mascots

Planning a kids Birthday Party is really exciting. We as parents wants to organize the best ever birthday party for the kids. So far I’ve organized my sons first birthday and 2nd birthday party and I had great time planning the parties with my little kid.

Now he understands more than he was in his first and second birthday parties. Even he asks me to arrange his 3rd Birthday party with his favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, Spider man and so on. Although his Birthday is on October, I understand that this time we can really make him excited and surprised by organizing a super exciting party with his favorite characters.

That is why I am thinking of having Party Mascots for his next birthday. I am sure he will be super excited same as his friends. This time he has new friends too as he started his playgroup.

Planning a Birthday Party with Mascots

As there are many tips available for you to check on planning a birthday party, I decided only to share some important tips on having a party mascot or having mascot moments for your kids party.

You need to employ well experienced mascot company in order to give the kids maximum entertainment and excitement.

Birthday Party planning with Mascots

Image Credits: MXC Party Mascots

Select the mascot characters according to their age and preferences. For this you can get your kid’s ideas too. For example, Mickey Mouse can be favorite for toddlers while spider man can be a favorite character for a kid around age 5.

You can discuss more details and how to organize the arrival of party mascots with the entertainment company which you are going to hire.

MXC Party Mascots for your Party entertainment needs

As a party rental company located in Fresno, CA, MXC Party Mascots provides entertainment for kids parties and any celebrations with appearance of your favorite characters. You can also rent bounce houses, tables and chairs and concession machines when you contact MXC Party Mascots.

Concession Machines

Concession Machines available at MXC Party Mascots

Check MXC Party Mascots for more details and you will see lot of photos of mascots and how they have provided entertainment for kids. Happy and exciting faces in these photos are the best reviews and recommendations for you if you are looking for Party Mascots in Fresno, CA.

Planning a Birthday Party with Mascots

These happy faces are the best recommendation for you about MXC Party Mascots 🙂

Have you ever used the service of party mascots for any of your parties? Please share your ideas.

Interior Design – Mirror Doors

Mirror doors are more popular among lot of home owners because of their practicality. You can easily save space and make the interior look attractive by placing mirror doors in the right places of your home. With the mirror doors you can use natural light in the correct way if you place your door in the right place. That is the key to successful with any mirror door. If you do not place the mirror door in the right place, don’t expect any good results simply because the key to success is to match your door location with natural light in your house.

Interior design ideas with Mirror Doors

Here are some ideas which you can use Mirror Doors for different functions.

Interior Design – Mirror Doors

Closet doors are the best option to use mirror doors. You can easily place mirror doors in your closet and make it to reflect natural light across the room. A sliding mirror door will save space. A mirror door is also ideal for a closet in a bed room which is designed with the minimalist style. The mirror doors will highlight the spirits of the room which is neat and tidy.

Mirror doors are not only for the bed rooms. You can easily match a mirror door to your pantry or even for the bathroom. When you match your XL Joinery Doors with beautiful mirror doors, simply it is easy to create a cozy and attractive space in your home.

Need more design ideas and inspirations? Check the Doors shared at www.the-door-store.co.uk for some stylish ideas.

How to Create Custom Prints Using your Own Family Photography

With digital cameras and even with mobile phone cameras, taking photographs is not a big task as it was some years ago. Having a baby or kids at home means you are completely busy with capturing photos of their moments. How do you organize these photos? I usually create photo albums using the photos of the year or photos of the special moments. Other than that, I found creating custom prints is another way to use family photos as memories.

A canvas print with beautiful family photo will be a great addition to your empty wall of the home. Even you can change the photo each year and see how your family grows and how your family members change in their look each year. Well, I print family photos each year and frame those. Instead I found canvas prints as a great way to create beautiful banners.


How to create your own custom prints?

Creating custom prints are really easy with Open Prints. With their easy to use software, it only takes few minutes to create any design using your own photographs. Other than the canvas and custom posters, you can even be creative with beautiful mouse pads, metal prints and T shirts using your own photographs. Just imagine creating of T shirts for the whole family! When you wear the same custom T shirt, it is a great way to attend group events or celebrations as a whole family.


Visit www.openprints.com and start creating your custom prints with your photographs. You can also create custom artwork using your photographs and sell those online. Simply open a store with Openprints, and sell artwork online.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes Disaster in Downriver Michigan

Have you experienced any frozen pipes disaster? Usually during cold weather, the pipes which are not insulated properly are at risk of freezing. End result of this freezing is bursting of pipes making it a disaster.

With bursting of frozen pipes, you will face water damage and leaking of water for unknown time. That’s a really huge cost and even you have to spend money on restoring water damage for your home. If you live in Michigan, then it is so common to see frozen pipes in downriver Michigan homes. However, by taking preventive measures, you can easily reduce the damages and frozen pipes at your home. Here are some tips for you to prevent frozen pipes and prepare for the cold weather.

How to prevent Frozen pipes disaster

Turn off Water if you leave home

If you leave home for few days or even for a long time, turn off your water main. This will avoid freezing in supply hose valves for items such as washing machine, dishwasher etc. By doing so, you can reduce possible damages for a great extent.

Use Heating Cables

Usually pipes that are not protected by insulation barrier are mostly like freezing in cold weather. You can avoid such freezing by installing heating cables around the pipes which are not protected.

Disconnect all outdoor water sources

You can take this preventive action just before cold weather comes in. Simply disconnect the outdoor water sources of your home. That will prevent freezing of pipes and benefit for avoiding freezing pipes. Hoses, sprinklers and pipes in your outdoor fountains are protected by this method and even you can use foam covers to cover them.

If you face any burst in frozen pipes in downriver Michigan, contact the team at downriverrestoration.com. They will help you to cleanup and restoration in Michigan area.

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